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“Oh, God.”
She fought for breath, fought for strength, her breasts petted gently by Matthew as Steven placed sweet kisses on her thighs.

And then the brothers swapped positions.

“You have a juicy cunt,” Steven whispered as he snuggled close to her. “Taste.”

She tasted herself and Steven, and the combined flavor rekindled her arousal. His lips and tongue devoured her, giving and taking, and Kelsey reached up with one hand, her fingers combing through his hair, then holding him hard.

Matthew traced his finger over her pussy, then settled his open mouth there. He turned his head back and forth, and the erotic friction made her shiver with need. Kelsey lifted her hips to chase his oral possession and lifted her breasts when Steven began to caress and pinch.

“I love you, Kelsey. Now and forever,” Steven said.

“That’s what we want, sweetheart.” Matthew lifted his head, his gaze piercing hers. “We want forever. Forever and children, and someday, grandchildren.”

“I love you both. I love you so much.”

“Then say yes,” Matthew said. “Say yes so we can be naked inside you. We want to give you our child.”

Those words melted her heart and heated her blood. She never thought she’d ever want that again. She’d surrendered that dream to cruel fate.
These men had changed her mind. Their love had healed her heart, and while she knew there would always be a piece of that heart missing, the rest would be strong, and full, and treasured.

“Yes. Yes, please.”

Steven reached down and gently pulled her right leg higher, spreading her even wider. He bent down, kissed her gently, then turned his gaze on his brother.

Matthew surged up her body and thrust his cock into her. He held himself over her, his eyes closed as if savoring the sensation of being so deep inside her.

“Your cunt is hot and tight. It feels like home.”

She felt each ripple, each thrust, the heat within her incredible. She wrapped her legs around Matthew, pulling him tighter on each thrust, lifting into him to consume as much of him as she could. The slap of his balls against her ass fed the flames of her passion.

Steven kissed her again, lightly, then leaned back, away, giving her completely to his brother.

Matthew wrapped his arms around her and laid his mouth on hers. How exciting to receive his cock and his tongue at the same time in the same demanding, commanding cadence. The friction of his pubic hair against her clit sent a tingling shimmer throughout her body.

“I want to come.” Wrapping herself around him, she said, “Come inside me. Give me your child.”

“Yes.” As his words had done for her, so hers inflamed him. She saw that by the fierce rapture sweeping his face.

The instant she felt the first spurt of his semen within her she exploded in orgasm, the spasms so sweet, so exciting, she grabbed him tighter and rubbed herself against him as a keening mew rose up from her soul.

The waves buffeted her, and each convulsion of Matthew’s cock within her took her higher and higher still even as the orgasm began to ebb.

Matthew rested his forehead on hers, his breathing fast and harsh. Holding his weight on his arms, his chest just brushing against hers.

“More, oh, God, I need
.” Desperation like she’d never known swamped her. She’d just come twice, but it felt as though she’d not had an orgasm in years, decades. She hovered so close, so close, but the sensations felt suspended, just out of reach, and she shook with need.

“Here.” Matthew slid out of her and rolled to the left, making room for his brother. Steven moved quickly, coming down between her spread thighs, then plunged his cock into her.

“Oh, yes, so hot and tight and
.” Steven might have been speaking for her, too, because his sentiments so perfectly matched her own.

She grabbed on to him, twined her legs around his hips, and pushed up and into him with each of his thrusts. “Fuck me. Come inside me. Make me pregnant.” Her arousal kept climbing and climbing, soaring higher and higher until she thought she’d never reach the pinnacle, never come. “Oh, God, I need more!”

“Yeah,” Matthew said. “Flip her.”

Kelsey gasped as Steven wrapped his arms around her and rolled so that she straddled him. Oh, God, that felt so much better. But it wasn’t enough. She began to ride him. The sounds of a drawer opening just barely registered.

“Kiss me,” Steven said. “Kiss me while I fill you.”

His mouth took hers, a ravenous plunder that demanded all and gave everything. Behind her, she felt Matthew move close, then the cool glide of lube coating her anus.

“Take us both, Kelsey. Fuck us both at the same time while we make our baby.”

Matthew leaned into her, his cock opening her rosebud, pushing hard, pushing deep. Kelsey groaned, everything in her tightening, the slight pain of Matthew’s invasion adding to the thrill of need and arousal clawing at her.

“God, yes. So much tighter. I’m going to come in you, Kelsey,” Steven said.

Matthew began to thrust, his strokes matching his brother’s. Steven held her close as Matthew pressed down on her back so she could no longer control the motions. Matthew’s low growl told her he was already close to coming.

“Now!” Steven said.

Deep inside her body, she felt his cock surge, felt the spasm and then the hot stream of his seed hitting her cervix at the same time she felt Matthew push deep and erupt inside her ass.

Her orgasm broke, the climax so fierce it set her entire body ablaze with bliss, a shivering, quivering coming of such magnitude she thought the house must be shaking with it.

Steven and Matthew both shouted their completion, holding themselves tight inside her, and it was enough, that pulsing of their ejaculations proved enough to keep her coming and coming.

She collapsed on Steven and had to blink because she could see spots and needed to get her focus back.

“Holy hell, I’m wrecked.” Steven’s words puffed against her neck. Kelsey laughed.

Matthew, lying on her back but not too heavily, said, “Pretty powerful stuff when you decide to make a baby.”

Matthew pulled out of her carefully and then helped her off Steven. He got off the bed, returning moments later with a warm, wet cloth. He tended her, stroking a hand down her back.

Afterwards, Kelsey rolled onto her back, and Matthew stretched out beside her so she was once more in the middle.

“Will you marry us, sweetheart? We were meant to be together,” Matthew said.

“Yes,” Steven said. “We were meant to be together. Marry us, please.”

Kelsey looked from one to the other. “How is that done, exactly?”

“The Benedict way,” Steven said.

“Isn’t everything?” Kelsey asked. She hoped her smile told them she was teasing.

“Of course,” Matthew said.

Kelsey thought he sounded rather smug about that.

“You’ll be legally married to Matthew,” Steven said, “because he’s the oldest of the two of us. That can be done anywhere. But then there’ll be a family ceremony, where we’ll speak vows and pledge ourselves to each other. That will be our real wedding ceremony.”

Kelsey smiled. “The Benedict way. I like the sound of that.”
She lay content between her two future husbands.

“You are the heart of us, of our family,” Matthew said. “Knowing that you love us both, that we’re a unit, together—hell, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. We’d do anything for you. Never doubt it.”

“I told myself that it would only be physical between us,” Kelsey said, “and I used the excuse of the shooting. And while that was a part of it, the biggest part was what happened just
the shooting. I’d suppressed it, I guess. But when Connors was holding the gun on me, telling me it was
my fault
he had to kill me, it brought back the fight Philip and I had. I’d caught him cheating on me, you see.”

“And he blamed
for his infidelity?” Steven asked incredulously.

“Yes, and a part of me believed it. That’s natural, I think. And why I really didn’t want to get involved, seriously, again. Because I’d never resolved that.”

“You’ll never have to worry about either of us cheating on you,” Matthew said.

“Absolutely not. That’s not the Benedict way,” Steven confirmed.

Kelsey grinned. “Well, you sure as hell won’t ever have to worry about me, either. I’ve found love under two Benedicts. Once you have the best, you don’t have to look any further.”

“Oh, darlin’, we’re not worried about that even one little bit,” Matthew said.

“We’re going to keep you so busy and so exhausted you’ll never even know there
other men.”

“Pretty big words there, cowboy. Why don’t you show me?” Kelsey said.

“Why don’t we both show you?” Steven said.

Kelsey shrieked with laugher when Steven jumped up, scooped her into his arms and headed, with Matthew right beside them, for the hot tub.














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BOOK: Love Under Two Benedicts
6.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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