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Loves Deception

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Loves Deception



Nicole Y Moore


Copyright ©2015 by Nicole Y Moore

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of the Author, excepting brief quotes used in reviews.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, media, brands, places and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and registered trademark owners of all branded names referenced without TM, SM, or ®symbols due to formatting constraints, and is not claiming ownership of or collaboration with said trademark brands. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or events is purely coincidental.

This book is dedicated to my loving husband, three wonderful children, and supportive family and friends.

To you, the reader, I wanted to give you something edgy mixed with a sense of realism. My word choice was on purpose, sometimes a spade is a spade. I hope you’re not offended or find it vulgar.  You’re about to read a book of which, I deliciously agonized over. I enjoyed writing it and hope you will enjoy reading it.

Be on the lookout for its sequel. 


Table of Contents




Chapter 1. Tall Dark and Handsome

Chapter 2. Memory Lane

Chapter 3. A Night to Remember

Chapter 4. New Faces

Chapter 5. Let the games Begin

Chapter 6. Kick it Up a Notch

Chapter 7. Loves Deception

Chapter 8. The Past

Chapter 9. Ulterior Motives

Chapter 1


Gianna woke from a dream that had good potential but turned into a mix of emotions. It started with a tall dark and handsome man escorting her through a crowded restaurant. When they reached their table he pulled out her chair and helped her get seated. The waiter came to take their order and before she could speak tall dark and handsome had selected her favorite meal and choice of wine.  Gianna was so impressed that she looked up but could only see a dark shadow where his face should’ve been.

Spooked by this Gianna stood knocking over her water goblet spilling its contents all over the beautiful table. Tall dark and handsome appeared by her side to help calm her nerves. His touch on her shoulder and lower back sent electric shivers all down her spine causing her legs to weaken. The need to lean into him for support was strong. His touch felt familiar and right.

Gianna looked up at tall dark and handsome and without seeing him she felt somehow she knew him. She felt safe and protected in his arms. Swept up in the moment Gianna leaned in to kiss him but before their lips met, tall dark and handsome disappeared.

Gianna lay in bed trying to figure out how a missed kiss from a familiar stranger in a dream could cause so many emotions. Her mind drifting to what the kiss would have felt like and how the familiar stranger’s hands would have touched her body. Forgetting herself Gianna began to surrender her dream to reality. Her hands began to roam all over her body resting in the valley of her pleasure. She began to imagine her hands were his and that they were alone and ready for each other. She stroked and played with herself until she was so close to sweet release. Just as her wave of pleasure took her she heard someone call her name.

Bryan entered the house wondering what Gianna would be cooking. Every Saturday morning like clockwork Bryan would come over and they would have breakfast and swap Friday date night stories.

He put his things down by the door and put his keys in the bowl on the table. He looked around the foyer and noticed Gianna’s keys next to his and her purse on the bench. He remembered the time they made the bench from scratch. Gianna needed a distraction, Kevin had gone on another “business trip” without her. They worked on the bench all night and drank way too much wine.

He touched the side of the bench where the effects of too much alcohol began to show. Stained finger prints on the bench seemed like a brilliant idea at the time. To this day Gianna maintains that it adds character and symbolizes their longtime friendship.  Bryan looked down at his fingertips and remembered how long it took to get the stain off their hands.

Laughing to himself, Bryan left the foyer and entering the kitchen he found it empty and without the familiar smell of breakfast cooking. He figured Gianna must still be sleeping. He thought about checking in on her but decided to make her breakfast in bed. Bryan rarely got a chance to show off his cooking skills. Having spent 4 years studying under the world renowned Chef Grey, Bryan knew his way around a kitchen.

Crossing the expansive modern marble floors to the glass cabinets, he pulled out several pots and pans. He gathered the ingredients for pancakes, a Spanish style omelet, and Gianna’s favorite, pork roll. He grabbed several oranges for fresh squeezed orange juice and added a little pineapple juice to it. Finishing up the last pancake and plating the eggs he decided to make sure Gianna was still sleeping.

Bryan made his way up the back stairs and down the hall to Gianna’s room. Gianna’s door at the end of the hall was slightly ajar. He moved quietly so he didn’t wake her. As Bryan moved closer he heard rustling and noises that he couldn’t make out. Bryan began to worry that Gianna maybe having a nightmare so he walked a little faster. He wasn’t sure but the noises were getting louder and the sounds were more in line with moaning.

It finally occurred to Bryan that maybe he was interrupting her with another man. For a brief moment he wondered if Kevin was back in the picture. For some reason this thought made Bryan angry. Kevin was Gianna’s ex-boyfriend. He was a world class narcissist and hit on everything that moved. Gianna did the right thing dumping him. She just couldn’t ever find out that Bryan kept him away. Kevin would have wormed his way in over a thousand more times if Bryan didn’t step in. The more Bryan thought about it the more Bryan wondered what could have Kevin forgetting his end of the deal. Bryan made it to the door but peaked in first, in case he was wrong. “If Kevin goes back on his end of the deal I’ll kill him”, Bryan murmured under his breath.

Gianna was on the bed. She had her eyes closed and was moaning and writhing and thrashing about the bed. One hand had a grip on the tan satin sheets while the other was playing with her clitoris. Bryan froze. Unable to move or look away he watched as his best friend, since the third grade, pleasured herself.

Bryan could see her sweet pussy lips and the fingers that pleasured her clitoris. Her legs were spread open and she was gyrating in sync with her fingers on her clit. Gianna began to violently rock against her fingers. She began to play with her ample breasts. She moaned louder and it was obvious her pleasure would be coming down any minute. Bryan watched unable to move as Gianna pushed two of her fingers into her sweet wet pussy.

Bryan was unsure of what to do. He couldn’t look away. Gianna’s curves and the rhythmic movement of her body had him paralyzed. His manhood had grown hard as a rock making him uncomfortable in his jeans. He put a hand down his jeans with the intention to adjust his cock but the very touch made it impossible to resist further contact. Bryan began to stroke himself through his boxer briefs as he watched and listened to Gianna.

The urge to go to her, remove her fingers and slide his thick and now pulsating cock in her, was slowly creeping into his mind. As Gianna’s cream drenched her fingers it made Bryan wish he did just that. Bryan couldn’t help himself, seeing Gianna move her fingers in and out of her pussy, and hearing her moan and groan he relieved his cock from his jeans and boxers and began to freely stroke himself. Gianna’s body, his thoughts and the smell of her sex in the air led to an explosive release. Caught up in the moment Bryan called out Gianna’s name.

Gianna closed her eyes tight and as she climaxed she screamed and moaned her pleasure. She climaxed harder than Kevin could have ever made her. She shook and vibrated and enjoyed the wave of pleasure that took her body. Coming down from her high, she had a strange feeling she was being watched. Regaining some composure, she looked toward her bedroom door.

Gianna sat up in her bed and looked but didn’t see anything. “Who did you think would be there?” Gianna thought out loud. She kicked the covers from around her ankles and headed toward her bathroom. She looked in the mirror and instantly felt silly. “I can’t believe that dream made feel me so, umm good,” Gianna said to her reflection.  Gianna smiled. “Well it has been awhile since you got some. I deserved that! No. I deserve tall dark and handsome from my dream.” Gianna started the shower stepped in and lost herself to her thoughts under the spray of warm water.

Bryan couldn’t believe what he’d just witnessed. He couldn’t believe that he lost all self-control and violated his best friend’s privacy like that. Bryan looked in the hall mirror steps away from Gianna’s bedroom door. “What just happened? I… what was I thinking? I’m sure she didn’t see me I moved just in time. But still that was close.” Bryan told himself.

Bryan was jarred from his thoughts by the sound of Gianna walking to the bathroom. He froze trying not to make any sounds that would draw attention to himself. Bryan stood there frozen until he heard the shower come on. He cleaned away the evidence of his explosion and hurried down the hall to the back stairs toward the kitchen.

Bryan cleaned himself up in the powder room. Trying to put what he’d just witnessed aside he began to set two place settings for the breakfast he’d made. Trying to build up a since of normalcy he retrieved the paper from the front yard and began to read it at the kitchen table.

Gianna heard the front door open and close and knew it was Bryan, her best friend. He was on-time as usual but she was unusually late. By now, breakfast would’ve been on the table and they would’ve been swapping stories. Finishing up her shower, Gianna dressed in her yoga pants and tank top and left her wet hair to air dry. “Curls today I guess, too tired to do anything else with it.”

Gianna made her bed and started down the stairs. She turned the corner and walked into the kitchen. Bryan hadn’t noticed her enter the room so she stood there awhile and watched him. She couldn’t remember the last Saturday they’d missed performing this morning ritual. Bryan would come over and they would fill their Saturday with gossip, watch movies and play games. The best games were thought up on the fly. They would spend Saturday like this until the sun was coming back up again. Gianna loved spending Saturday’s with Bryan because no Saturday was ever the same.

He was usually busy during the week but he always managed to sneak in a few emails or text messages to Gianna throughout the day. He always read her blog and made sure to comment and share it on his social media pages. If she really felt he needed to slow down she would pop in and take him out to lunch. Saturdays were the catch up days, where the hustle and bustle was on hold.

Bryan continued to stare at the paper unable to concentrate. He couldn’t get the image of Gianna on her bed completely naked and finger fucking herself off of his mind. Bryan had to get it together. He could feel his manhood stirring to life with every thought. He could hear every moan and see every curve stored in his memory.  Knowing that Gianna would be down soon he didn’t want to greet her with a hard dick in his jeans. He just couldn’t quite shake the image of Gianna’s curves and her wet fingers in her pussy. Bryan brought the paper into focus and started reading the sports page but felt himself slip off into a daydream.

Bryan and Gianna had been friends for as long as he could remember. This wasn’t the first time he had seen her naked but most the recent time was at Lake Tigan. They went skinny dipping on a couples camping trip a few years back with a group of friends. Gianna and Kevin, Tracy and Bryan left the other couples at the cabin and went to the lake. They played a made up game where everyone had to jump into the lake or they would have to walk back to the cabin in the dark without a flash light. Lake Tigan’s woods were scary at night so everyone knew they had to jump in. The catch was that they had to strip naked before they jumped in.

Bryan went first he wasn’t shy. He took every stitch of his clothes off and paraded around the rim of the cliff before he jumped in Olympic style and transformed it into a cannon ball dive. The splash from his dive wet everyone’s clothes making it harder to get off. The water was surprisingly warm so he invited everyone to jump in and get it over with.

Tracy was next to jump in. Tracy was Bryan’s girlfriend at the time. They had been dating for 6 months and they were already having problems.  Bryan was a good guy and he treated her like a queen but she was spoiled and needy. Bryan wasn’t sure how he missed the signs, but by the end of this camping trip they would break up and make up over the course of a year and a half.

Tracy was scared. She didn’t want to be seen naked and she didn’t want to jump. She made every excuse not to do it. Bryan knew a full melt down was coming so he reasoned with her. He offered to have every one turn around so she felt more comfortable. This worked and scored Bryan points he cashed in when they were alone.

Tracy peeled off her wet clothes revealing her black string bikini with a little slit that barely covered her nipples. Her smooth complexion and deep brown eyes drove Bryan crazy. She worked as a designer for a major magazine and had a trained eye for fashion. Her swim suit was to be featured in the upcoming issue of her magazine.  Bryan enjoyed seeing every inch of her, including the sugar and spice wrapped in diamonds tattoo on the small of her back. She jumped but it seemed like she was moving in slow motion, she perfectly breached the surface of the lake. When she came up out of the water she looked like an angel with the moonlight glistening on her skin and her wet curls framing her face.

Next up was Kevin and he went quickly thank God.  He mumbled and grumbled the whole time but he did jump in. Gianna was up next and she hesitated a little. She had a polka dot pink and purple bikini underneath her cut off shorts and her tank top she folded up to show off her abs.

Gianna was proud of her six pack. Bryan and Gianna went to the gym six days a week for 3 months to prepare for this trip. We went to the lake every year around the same time but that year she brought along Kevin and Bryan brought Tracy.

Gianna began to slowly remove her tank top showing her Polka dot top and next removed her cutoffs. She created a slow tease for Kevin not caring that they weren’t alone. When she got down to her bathing suit she must have remembered she had an audience because she tried to jump in with her suit on.

Tracy, a little bitter that she had to strip all the way down, reminded her of how dark the woods were at night. Kevin who was red in the face looked over at Bryan. He was a little ticked that his private strip show wasn’t so private. Gianna got Tracy’s hint and peeled her bikini top off. Bryan could swear her breasts bounced happy to be free. Next she took off her bikini bottoms and wiggled her booty in Kevin’s direction then quickly dove in.

The water was clear and the moon beamed on the surface. Each couple spent time kissing and enjoying the mood. Tracy was a little miffed that she had to play this game with other people. Bryan tried to console her but wasn’t winning the battle. He overheard Kevin telling Gianna that her body should only be for his eyes to see. Bryan looked over at Gianna in time to see her roll her eyes at Kevin. Bryan laughed which Tracy mistook for him laughing at her. She narrowly missed punching Bryan in the shoulder. Bryan sighed and locked eyes with Gianna as their respective dates nagged them endlessly. That wasn’t the first time Bryan had seen Gianna naked but unlike those times, something was different.

BOOK: Loves Deception
12.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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