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Marie’s Blood Mate
By Tamsin Baker
Copyright 2013 Tamsin
Smashwords edition
Marie’s Blood Mate
Tamsin Baker

Marie is a ‘fallen lady’ of the
London ton, living her life such as it is, in a high class

When an older man she identifies
as a vampire saves her from the clutches of an abusive gentleman,
she hopes to repay his kindness with the only currency she has.

Sil is over one thousand years
old and has long ago given up the idea of finding his one true
blood mate. Meeting the beautiful young Marie in one of his
protégée’s brothels is truly the luckiest night of his life.

About the author

Tamsin Baker is an Aussie girl who only
discovered erotic romance ten months ago. Before that she read sexy
romance, skipping the plot and looking for the ‘good bits.’ Since
then she has written and obtained fourteen contracts of varying
lengths for her erotic romance and erotica novels. She absolutely
LOVES reading and writing it! She has two other jobs, kids and a
hubby too – but writing is a passion that she has to indulge for
fear of insanity.

M/M is a passion of hers so even when she writes ménage,
there is always an M/M story. She particularly enjoys writing
Female dommes, but she loves experimenting in all genres. She is
learning to write and read more, one step at a time. Soon, she’ll
have stories published in every sub-genre of erotic romance – well
that’s her aim anyway

For more information on Tamsin
Baker please find her at:



Thank you to the beautiful Khloe
Wren for making my front cover and to Juanita Kees for editing this
for me.

This story is dedicated to
Imogene Nix- who after reading First Bite, First Glance, begged me
not to leave Marie in the brothel- but to write her happily ever
after too.

Here you are my friend.


Marie is a secondary
character in the story First Bite, First Glance. She demanded her
own happily ever after and I had to write it. But if you would like
to read the story of how Lina, Benedict and Antony fell in love, it
can be found in Edible Delights Vol. 3.


London 1813

Marie lifted her hand and
knocked on the door to Lina’s private room. The men had started to
arrive and the women needed Lina there to make sure everyone
followed the rules. She tried the handle and realized it wasn’t
locked, so she took a deep breath and opened the door reluctantly,
whispering down the dark stairway.

Lina, I’m
sorry to interrupt but we need you in the front room.”

There was a time when
that sentence would have brought Lina up the stairs faster than you
could take a breath, but since Lina had found her mates, things had

Marie strained her ears
and heard sounds of love-making coming from the room forty seven
steps down.

Despite her occupation,
hearing Lina’s honest moans of pleasure and her mates enjoying each
other was enough to flush her cheeks.

She could handle the new
clients, Marie thought as she closed the door and straightened her

Marie moved into the main
sitting room and smiled at the six gentlemen standing in the centre
of it.

evening, Sirs. Please speak to which ever lady you fancy and she
will take you to her room. If you have any questions, please feel
free to come and speak to me.”

Four of the men moved
immediately to one woman, who smiled and left with them.

Marie smiled and circled
the room. A high-pitched cry sounded from a room down the hall and
she jerked her head towards Mason, their guard. He nodded and set
off at a run.

Marie sighed and went to
stand at head of the room. An occupational hazard unfortunately.
Some men were rough, more than rough. Some women could handle a
little bit more than others. The reason they’d had three new girls
start with them in the past month.

Well, if it
isn’t the Mistress’ favourite little lady.” The nasty voice and
threatening tone could only belong to one man. Lord

Marie clenched her fists
at her sides, remembering far too well the last time this man had
been in the brothel. He’d found her alone in her room and tried to
force himself on her. Only Lina’s speed and strength had saved

I believe
Lina asked you not to return.”

He leered at her, his
eyes on her covered body making her shudder with

She did, but
Lina isn’t here, is she?”

Marie trembled with fear
but bit down on her lip to stop any whimpering sounds from
escaping. The older, clearly intoxicated man stepped closer and
grabbed at her arm.

He squeezed tightly and
she gasped as he hauled her against his body.

Lina is
here! So you... have to go.” Pain seared her flesh as Marie
struggled against his arms. He held her harder.

Her heart thumped
erratically, her instincts screaming at her to run, but she

mine.” The man bent forward to lick her face.

Marie cried out, her fear
of finally being taken against her will making her legs shake so
she dropped harder against her captor. He moaned and pressed his
hardened cock against her. The already dim light within the parlour
faded as Marie swooned with fear.

Release the
girl. Now.”

Her abuser relaxed his
grip on her arms and turned towards the voice. Marie looked up at
her saviour, a man with long flowing white hair and calm blue eyes.
Lord Sommerton released her so quickly she fell forward.

The new man, now in
control of the situation, placed an arm around her and tucked her
in beside him.

He stiffened as she
touched his side. She looked up to see long, white fangs extending
down across his bottom lip.

A vampire.

Like Lina and Antony, of
course! She needed to protect him from discovery.

She stepped a little away
from him, but his hand stayed on her waist. The pressure of his
touch gave her the confidence to do what needed to be done. She
lifted her arm and pointed to the front door, feeling strong and
protected now.

If you leave
now, I won’t tell Madame Lina you were here.”

Lord Sommerton glared at
her for a moment then slunk away. Marie turned to the vampire,
tears of gratitude springing to her eyes as curiosity stirred her
mind. He had turned his head away whilst she dealt with the other
man, but when he looked back at her, his fangs were still

Marie knew what Lina was,
had cleaned her room often enough to know perhaps too much about

Would you
like to choose someone also, Sir?”

The vampire assessed her,
his deep blue eyes flickering over her face while she focused on
the white gleam of his fangs.


Marie swallowed and
bobbed a curtsey in acceptance.

Yes, Sir. I
need to wait for Lina to arrive and then I can take you to my

He frowned.

Where is

Marie smiled as the heat
rose to her cheeks again. She should be over such silly responses,
but born a lady, always a lady. Or so it would seem.

In her room
with Antony and Lord Benedict.”

The vampire closed his
ancient eyes and spoke Lina’s name.

Not two moments later,
Lina walked into the room, her warm brown hair dishevelled. Her
gown was not yet laced up, but she was there.

Maker, you
have very bad timing.”

The vampire tilted his
head towards Marie but didn’t apologise for disturbing Lina. Maker?
He was Lina’s maker?

I want her
and she said you must come first.”

Shock didn’t cover the
look on Lina’s face. She looked between Marie and the old

Marie is
amenable to this?”

Marie nodded. Lina was
very protective of her which she would always be very grateful for.
Lina had taken her in when she was thrown out of her home and would
otherwise have starved on the streets. Her mistress never gave her
to anyone whom she believed to be dangerous.

However, as she gazed
upon the vampire who had protected her tonight, lust and gratitude
beat through her. Lina’s eyes widened but she smiled as she began
to tidy her appearance.

This was it. She would go
with him. Marie indicated the stairs and turned to walk that way.
“This way please, Sir.”

Her voice trembled as she
spoke and her breath hitched in her throat. She picked up her
skirts, her heart beating harder and faster as she took each step
up to the first floor.

She pushed open the door
to her bedroom, moved close to the bed and turned back to the
entrance. The vampire followed her into the room and closed the
door. He sat, fully clothed, on the chair against the

You may call
me Sil.”

A shiver vibrated down
Marie’s spine at the sound of his voice. She loosened her dress and
smiled at him. An action she had done so many time before, yet
tonight felt special.

I am

Her body had heated in a
way foreign to her, responding to her need to please the man in
front of her. The place between her legs ached, throbbing with
want. She glanced across at the bottle of oil next to her bed that
kept her from being damaged. Perhaps this would be the only night
she would not have to use it? Marie dropped her dress and stood in
her chemise and bloomers.

How would
you like me, Sir?’

Sil smiled at her, his
face crinkling and his eyes alight with pleasure while he looked at
her. His fangs had retracted and he looked to the world like any
other man.

Marie, I
have no wish to force sex on you but I would like to feed on you,
if you will allow me.”

Marie’s belly fluttered.
Lina and Benedict’s relationship intrigued her. She knew Lina fed
on Benedict, and he often floated about the house, looking like he
was on a constant blissful high. That look had inspired a yearning
in Marie, and now she had the chance to experience it

Yes, Sil, I
would love that. How would you like me?”

He indicated his lap and
sat a little straighter in the chair. “Sit across my lap,

She saw him inhale deeply
as she moved closer, his fangs extending again in a way that made
Marie hurry. She felt special that he had chosen her and she didn’t
want him changing his mind.

She lifted her legs and
slowly straddled him, keeping her pelvis away from his and resting
her hands on his cool, hard chest.

Marie wasn’t sure which
he’d prefer, so decided to ask. “Wrist or neck Sil?”

Sil wrapped his strong
hands around her hips and pulled her closer. She gasped and watched
his full lips as he moved closer and tilted his head.


His calm voice and slow movements were at odds
with the hardness swelling between her legs. He leaned closer and
Marie pressed her breasts against his chest, exposing her

A sharp pinch, then the
most amazing rush of pleasure as her blood flowed out of her body
and into his.


Flashes of people
penetrated her mind as he fed on her. Sil standing with Lina,
another woman with beautiful eyes, then a young man with almost
black skin.

Sil moaned as he fed,
causing Marie’s nipples to peak beneath her dress. She couldn’t
stop herself from responding, so she began moving. Rolling her hips
and rubbing her now wet body against his hard cock.

Sil broke off from her
neck and ran his tongue over the puncture wounds, the feeling wet,
healing and sweet.

BOOK: Marie's Blood Mate
5.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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