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“Jake,” I whispered, “please kiss me.
Immediately after I said it, I realized I should have called him
Master, but luckily he was too caught up in the moment to notice or

As if a little encouragement was all he needed, he crushed his mouth
to mine as his tongue teased, his mouth sucking on my lower lip and
biting hard. His hands in my hair and mine grasping his shoulders
roughly, I couldn't think about anything other than my want for him.
for him. He broke the kiss first, and smiled.

“Get on the table, Miss Wells.” He was back to being
Master, and I only hesitated briefly before crawling onto the
polished surface. Jake slid the dessert cups out of the way as I
positioned myself directly in front of him, not entirely sure of how
to pose or what to expect.

Suddenly, he hooked his hands behind my knees and tugged hard,
sliding my body closer towards him and putting my pussy near the edge
of the table. Roughly, he shoved up my skirt and grabbed the satin
straps of the panties, sliding them down far enough that they dangled
from one ankle and my legs could open freely. “Lean back on
your elbows,” he said, his eyes feasting on my wet slit.

Placing a kiss gently on the inside of my knee, he looked up. “Mags,”
he murmured, his mouth sucking gently on my inner thigh, “are
absolutely gorgeous.” Sitting back, he ran his hands through
his already-disheveled hair and just
. His eyes scanned
up my bare legs, taking a minute to look at my core, and then
trailing slowly up my clothed upper-half before finding my eyes.

When his breathing leveled, he reached for the cup of hot caramel and
winked. “Spread your legs nice and wide for me, darlin'.”

Realizing what he was intending, I panicked for a second. “Are
you sure?...Master?” I added quickly.

He pulled back a little and looked overly-puzzled. “No,”
he said finally, “you're right. How can I fully enjoy your
dripping pussy when I haven't seen the rest of you?”

We just stared at each other for a minute, until finally he raised
his eyebrows. “Well, Miss Wells?”

Giggling, I unzipped my skirt easily, wiggling it off and tossing it
aside. Sitting up, I caught the edge of my lace shirt and pulled it
overhead, then quickly followed suit with the camisole. The look of
appreciation on his face made my center throb.

“Better?” I asked, my hands cupping my breasts and
pushing them together slightly, fingers gently tugging on my hard

“Mu-” Jake cleared his throat. “Much better, yes.
Thank you, darlin'. Go ahead and lay back, now.”

I assumed the same position as before, resting on my elbows with my
auburn hair spilling behind me and fanning gently on the table. He
picked up the caramel again, his other hand spreading my pussy lips
open with his thumb and forefinger. Slowly lowering his head, his
breath got hotter and hotter against my core before his lips lightly
brushed against my swollen clit. My body jerked in response as I

He tilted the cup carefully to the side, letting a thin stream of
warm caramel drizzle over my center and run between my pussy lips. He
moaned loudly, lowering his mouth to me and licking in earnest. His
tongue dipped into my tight little hole, then dragged slowly upwards,
flicking against my clit before suckling on it gently. The entire
time he panted and moaned as my back arched and I involuntarily
ground my pussy into his eager mouth.

Sliding two fingers into me, he groaned. “Fuck, Mags. You are
so tight,” he whispered before lowering his mouth again to my
wetness. Fucking me in earnest with his fingers and openly lapping at
my clit, it wasn't long before I felt the familiar tingle of an
orgasm starting to stir in my toes. Raising his head, he looked me in
the eyes.


I groaned in frustration. “Ask what?”

“Ask to cum.”

I hesitated, his mouth blowing gently on my aching pussy, but not
giving me the warm, wet licks I so badly needed.

“Master,” I panted.

“Yes, Miss Wells?” he murmured, his lips lightly brushing
against my clit.

“Can I please cum, Master?”

I felt him smile against me. “Only because you asked so

With that, he began licking and sucking my pussy with renewed

The tingle in my toes quickly shot up my legs and into my stomach,
traveling into my shoulders and tickling my scalp. As I was poised to
orgasm, he pulled away completely.

I whimpered and looked down, ready to do whatever it took to have
part of him inside me again; ready to do whatever it took to release.

“I said you could cum, darlin'. I just didn't say when.”
He bent down to bury his tongue one more time inside me before again
hooking his hands behind my knees and tugging. This time, he pulled
me the entire way off the table, and I ended up straddling his lap,
my hips automatically grinding against his hardness.

His lips immediately latched onto my right nipple and sucked hard as
I screamed out in appreciation. Releasing my breast with a light
sucking noise, he looked up. “Well, I don't know about you, but
I'm full.” Lowering his head to my left breast, the flicked my
nipple a few times with his tongue before biting hard, then sucking
softly on the hardened peak. “Or, on second thought...”
he began.

“No! No, Master. I...I just can't take anymore. Please.”

“Alright, darlin,” he said, reluctantly pulling away from
my breasts, hanging at eye level and begging to be sucked.

“In that case,” he continued, “I think it's time we
retire to the VIP lounge, don't you?” Looking down at the silk
panties still dangling from my ankle, he grinned. “Though you
might need to reconsider your outfit, Miss Wells. You're severely

Chapter 9

on cue, Michael entered with one luxurious silk robe in his hands,
the same deep plum as the panties Jake had given me. He stood
respectfully at the end of his table, his eyes lingering over my
body. My first instinct was to cover up, but looking at my clothes
scattered across the floor, leaping off the table and bending to
scoop them up felt much more compromising than staying in Jake's lap.

I began, attempting to sound unfazed by the fact that I hanging out
in a restaurant completely naked, “how on earth do you know
when to come in? You're like a...wizard. A waiter wizard.” I
looked at Jake for confirmation. “A wizard waiter?” He
bopped me lightly on the end of my nose in response.

bugged, darlin',” Jake said simply, looking to the small vase
poised on the edge of the table.


keep small video cameras and mic's in the flower arrangements to
provide better service, but also to make sure that
playing fair
. We want people to enjoy themselves,
not get creepy and end up making little darlin's like yourself cry,”
he joked, but I could tell it must have been an issue in the past.
Jake wasn't serious about many things, but keeping women safe was
absolutely one of them.

Wells?” Michael offered, holding the robe out to me. Hesitating
briefly, I finally climbed off Jake as gracefully as I could and
slipped my arms into the holes. Michael reached around my waist, his
body pressing gently against mine while he tied the satin robe to
keep it closed.

unfolded himself from the booth and came to take my hand. “Thank
you, Michael. I'll take Miss Wells from here.” Michael bowed
quickly and excused himself.

spun me towards him and kissed me lightly on the lips. “You
ready, Mags?” he whispered, his hand running gently through my

to cum, you mean?” I teased. Jake laughed and swatted my ass.

on, you little spitfire. The VIP lounge is waiting.”

he walked towards the big doors we entered through, my heels dug into
the ground.

I nearly hissed, “I am not walking through that dining room in
a robe.”

Wells,” he chided, “you told me you trust me.” And
with that the doors opened wide, (no doubt Michael's doing), and Jake
was pushing me through.

my great relief, a set of long curtains had been pulled together,
making a private passageway between the dining room and another set
of equally large doors, these ones manned on each side by large men
in all-black uniforms.

speaking, they both leaned in, scanned their key-cards, and held open
the doors. After walking through a small sitting area, complete with
plush velvet settees in deep purples, magentas, and turquoise, Jake
paused before a simple entryway and held out his hands.

immediately what he wanted, I sighed and reached down, untying the
satin rope of my robe and sliding the garment off my shoulders. I
handed it to Jake, who hung it on a coat rack by the entrance.

I began, before he reached around and swatted my ass again. I looked
at him curiously, not entirely sure what I'd done to deserve a

leaned in and touched his forehead to mine. “
he whispered with a wink.

I started again. “Can we please talk about the fact that this
morning I walked naked through my house for the first time, and now
I'm about to walk naked into who-knows-
staring at me?”

Miss Wells. We certainly can talk about it. And how awesome it is,”
he said teasingly, his lips briefly brushing against mine. “But
for now, I have some people I'd like you to meet.”

Chapter 10

disappeared into the entryway. Taking a deep breath, I slowly
followed suit, promising myself that no matter what, I wasn't going
to panic.

my eyes adjust to the dim light, I realized that the décor was
much like the rest of the restaurant; deep woods, polished surfaces,
low-hanging chandeliers sparkling gently, and Jake's signature music
humming softly in the background.

main difference though was the tables. Instead of round dining tables
and circular booths, there were...stations. Beautiful, round
platforms rose from the ground, small shelves underneath holding
various kinds of condoms, lubes, and sex toys. There were plush
cushions built into the tops, and it dawned on me that those
platforms were designed specifically for fucking.

around, I easily verified my assumption. While I hadn't noticed at
first, about twenty or thirty people were scattered around the large
room, some standing in clusters to watch a couple having sex while
others simply lounged on a platform playing with themselves, their
eyes closed, moaning openly.

shit,” I whispered. Jake just laughed.

stood there and watched for a moment before Jake laced his fingers
with mine.

to make the rounds?” he asked.

entirely sure what exactly “making the rounds” entailed,
I simply nodded and squeezed his hand.

silently by his side, Jake wandered from station to station, taking a
minute or two at each one just to observe. After weaving through the
couples, we came to a woman spread eagle on a platform, her body
completely naked except for one small, silver nipple clamp hanging
delicately from her left breast. Her finger flicked quickly against
her slit, her head resting against the platform as her hips rose and
fell slightly while she touched herself. Sensing a close presence,
she opened her eyes lazily, flying into a sitting position when she
realized it was Jake.

Master!” she gasped. “I didn't know you were coming in

smiled and walked over to her, brushing her hair out of her forehead.
“Lie down, Miss Jones,” he said authoritatively. Miss
Jones complied quickly.

came back to me, leaning down to kiss me lightly, before whispering
in my ear. “Is this okay?” I nodded automatically,
already feeling my body tingle from watching this woman play.

bent to the open shelving on the front of the platform, and
encouraged me to do the same. Selecting a thick, magenta dildo, he
held it up for my inspection.

didn't understand. “It's fine?” I hedged hesitantly.
“Very pink.”

chuckled. Placing it in my hand, he selected a bottle of organic lube
and liberally dripped the slickness along the head and shaft of the
dildo. Instinctively, I reached up and grasped the toy, my hand
spreading the lubrication generously up and down the length. Jake
stared at my hand intently, shifting almost uncomfortably as I ran my
thumb over the head before sliding my fist all the way to the base.

he said, finally. “You're a natural.” He nodded towards
Miss Jones. “So, Miss Wells?”


swatted my ass, harder this time. I rolled my eyes, and he swatted me
again, raising his eyebrows before turning his head away from Miss
Jones and winking at me.


looks to me like Miss Jones needs to have her pussy fucked. Isn't
that right, Miss Jones?”

girl on the platform whimpered and nodded, her finger flicking
against her clit with surprising speed. Glancing at the woman's
swollen pussy lips, I had to admit that watching her hand glide
effortlessly over her swollen nub sent undeniable tingles to my core.
I'd watched girl-on-girl films once or twice, but it was never
something I'd been particularly interested in.

standing there and hearing her moans, smelling her sweet center, I
realized with mild shock that I
want to slip the dildo
inside of her. Stepping closer, I positioned myself between her legs
and ran the tip of the wet toy from back to front on her slit. She
sighed contentedly and dropped her hands to the side, letting me take
over the control of her pussy.

BOOK: Mastered
8.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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