Meeting My Fancy Dear - Gay Romance

BOOK: Meeting My Fancy Dear - Gay Romance
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This book contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language. It may be considered offensive to some readers. This book is for sale to adults ONLY.

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Meeting My Fancy Dear
Gay Romance
By: Amy Redek
© TTP 2013

I was smiling as I sat back sipping my bourbon and seven on the flight to Madrid. After several months of internet correspondence with Julie Scott, I had decided to fly to Spain from the United States and proclaim my love for her in person. We had spent hours on the computer teasing and playing and making nice to one another until I felt a distinct bonding between us. Having just received a significant inheritance from my Grandmother, I decided to take a break from the rat race and enjoy my life for awhile. I had closed my house and told friends I was going to Europe on an extended vacation. I was really anticipating meeting Julie in person, surprising her and, hopefully something nice would develop from there.

This was an unusual action for me to take as I have always planned my behaviour and tend to be a little on the shy side. Now, for the first time in my life, financially secure, I wanted to travel and meet some of the people I have talked to on the Internet. I could not wait to surprise Julie as she has been the subject of many of my late night fantasies over the last few months. I was ready to shed the albatross of being socially correct and get on with life with some fun that I seem to have missed by working all the time.

Many is the night I have laid in bed and thought of her after we had talked on the internet and stroked myself, thinking of how hot her mouth might be and how much she had reacted to my words on the internet. I am sure we were sexually compatible and could barely wait to see her in person.

So having made my arrangements, I left my car locked up in the garage and took the bus to Lake Charles where Pete Slinger had a private plane and had agreed to fly me to New Orleans airport. It was only a two hour ride and I was soon there at the bus station but not knowing exactly where he lived, gave him a call from a pay phone and he agreed to pick me up. Which wasn"t very long in my waiting time to have him pull into the depot and greet me with a cheerful smile as he took my bag and threw in the back of his car.

„Thanks for doing this for me Pete," I said after shaking his hand. „No problem Jerry. You"ve done enough for me in the past." That to what he was referring to was using my contacts to have him pulled out of Viet Nam before his allocated time there. I had been a military advisor at the time and said that I needed his expertise in helping me with the program that I was running at the time. „What time"s the flight?" he asked.

„Eleven," I replied. He looked at his watch.


„Eight thirty. Eight fifty," he mused. „Well we should make it with about an hour to spare if we don"t hang around."

With that, we roared out of the depot and were soon at the small airfield where there were quite a few private planes out on the hard standing. He parked up near the flight office and we soon had the flight plan recorded and we walked out to his small two passenger aircraft and were quickly in and settled down as he checked over his run through program and a few minutes later were taking off. We were still in sight of our the leaving airport and he was in radio contact with that of New Orleans asking for clearance to land for the short time it would take us to reach it. This was given and not many minutes later we had travelled the distance and approached the designated runway and landed.

We coasted up to or as close as he could get to entrance to the arrivals gate where I then gave him my thanks for the ride and disembarked with my suitcase and laptop. He kept the engine going as he was going to fly straight back home and I waved him a farewell as he moved off to leave me to enter the terminal.

I had already booked my flight so it was just to line up to get my boarding pass and have my suitcase weighed and labelled for me to move off to the lounge to wait till my flight was called. I think I must have been the last to check in for it wasn"t long before my flight was called for those wishing to board, to make their way to the departure lounge. Another short wait before we were asked to board, showing our boarding pass before walking down the short narrow passageway that ended up at the door to the aircraft that was to take us non-stop to Madrid.

Here I come Julie, I said to myself after fixing my seat belt and listening to the crash procedure given by the stewardess. Boy, are you in for a surprise, though it was me that got the surprise when all"s said and done. The microwave meal was passable in the fact that it could be eaten, washed down with my bourbon and seven. I didn"t bother watching the in-flight movie having seen it a few days before and found that I could hook up my laptop to give me power to run it. So I carried on reading one of Julie"s book from her web site that had given me the desire to get to know her further. I liked the style of writing, cutting out a lot of the blurb that most books tend to pad out the book with, and it made for easy reading, apart from the erotic scenes that were revealed in the telling. One hell of a horny bitch had been my first thoughts but had come to change my mind a little in respect of our later e-mails that we passed across the ether, but still horny was my assumption.

Time literally flew by and found that we were not far off landing and so had to close down my laptop and place it under my seat for the landing. I had to get a taxi on leaving the arrival hall to take me to the bus station where I found that it would take two different buses to get to Roquetas where I had previously booked a room, knowing that Julie lived not far from there. Now that"s not one journey that"s easily forgotten for it took us seven hours to finally arrive there it being close on ten o"clock when the bus pulled up for me and some others to get off. On asking where this hotel was, with much difficulty with the language, it was pointed out to me and could see it from where we were standing that it was up on a hill.

Some hill too, being rather steep and I was rather out of breath when I finally made it and entered and found that the guy at the desk spoke a little English which helped. Though he didn"t help by showing me to my room, just pointing along the adjoining corridor. At least the room had a mini bar though whisky and not bourbon, so I had one of those before stripping off and going for a shower.

It was in there as I was soaping myself that I thought that I was now not very far away from Julie and getting the thoughts of what might happen between us gave me the erection that had risen with my carnal thoughts, and so with this boner, I couldn"t do anything but jerk myself off and sending my seed splashing up onto the tiled wall. At least it was some relief to do this for I hadn"t had such a hard on as much as that for some time now. So relieved and tired, I quickly dried myself and had one last drink before getting into bed and drifting off to sleep thinking of the morrow.

I woke up in the morning feeling as though I was once again a youngster about to go out on a first date. I had a quick shower and was soon dressed and down for a good breakfast. They had quite a choice though you get a far better meal back in the States was my opinion, so it was soon over for me to return to my room and connect up my laptop.

It was with some trepidation after plugging into an electric socket that I sent an email off to Julie. It read, “Surprise! I"m here in Roquetas at the hotel La Cristal. Can we meet? Jerry”. I sent this off and hoped that it wouldn"t be long before I received a reply, hoping that she was on the computer and checked for incoming mail.

It was an agonizing hour and a half in trying to read one of Julie"s books, keep flipping the cursor to look for incoming mail before switching back to the book with not having a response until it was suddenly there. My finger quivered when I pressed the button to open the reply for it to then appear in front of me.

“One hell of a Surprise” it began. “And the answer is yes. Give me an hour and we"ll meet though you will have a surprise too. Julie.”

“What surprise will you have for me? An hour is fine. I"ll be in the bar of the hotel waiting for you. Hugs, Jerry” I sent back only to get another one by return.

“I"ll be there within the hour. The surprise can wait till then. See you soon. Hugs and kisses too this time. Julie”.

That was it. Contact had been made and the offer accepted so now it was just a matter of waiting. I closed down my laptop and found that I was in need of a drink and so after having a pee, went down to the bar and had a large scotch and soda.

After half an hour had passed I began to get butterflies in my stomach, wondering what Julie would look like? Would she accept me, being just over sixty years of age, though not really past it. I was still virile and hoped that she would accept me as I am and that we might gel together.

There would be no mistake in the knowing of me as the hour approached for I was the only person there in the bar of the hotel and I kept watching the door, watching, waiting and hoping. Hoping for what? I asked myself. That I wouldn"t be disappointed on seeing her for the first time.

I watched and waited and saw this man come into the bar and come up and order a drink.

„A vodka and coke. Normal coke, no ice no lemon senor. Oh and a drink for Jerry," he said turning to me. My mouth dropped. I couldn"t believe it! He knew my name and ergo, that meant that this was Julie.

„Now that"s a surprise for you," he grinned, seeing the expression on my face. „Gracias," he said to the bartender as our drinks were placed before us. „I"m Julie, though it is my pen name. It really being James," he said, extending his hand which I couldn"t help but raise mine and take his to shake. „A hug too," he said, moving in close and actually hugging me and giving me a typical Spanish welcome by pressing his cheek against both sides of my face. „Salud," he said, raising his glass to me before taking a sip.

„Er, er, salud," I replied, stuttering a little, cursing myself for doing so, but it was within reason at finding out that Julie was in fact a man. I inwardly cursed myself for not having twigged this in the way that the books had been written.

„Sorry to spring this on you like this, but if you had let me know beforehand that you would be coming out here, I would have let my true self be known then. It might have saved you the trip." My left hand was now on the bar that I had used to steady myself and his hand came onto mine as he spoke again in a soft voice. „Why did you come out here? Was it to really meet up with a woman with the hope of having sex or just to meet the author of the books you liked?"

„Er, dammit! Both!" I finally blurted out, feeling rather uncomfortable and at a disadvantage in having to admit this so quickly at this meeting. His eyes were blue and had a sparkle to them that belied his age for he looked to be a few years older than me. He also sported a moustache, one which no woman could ever grow. About the same height as me which is close on six foot and he had as much hair on his head as I did. Thinning, but still there without a bald patch showing. I also noticed that he had a paunch which was a bit bigger than mine which made me think that mine would be like his in a few years time. His teeth were too bright to be his own and guessed that they were dentures which he later admitted that they were and didn"t really use them as they were most uncomfortable. He also spoke with a lisp but then most Spaniards had lisps. He"s bloody English my mind shouted out at me, not Spanish, but it was there nonetheless.

He at the same time was studying me and I wondered what his thoughts were at seeing me after our many e-mail letters that we had sent back and forth. He wouldn"t have been surprised as I was, him already knowing that I was a male, and yet, he still had come out to meet me. This gave me food for thought.

„Are you married?" I asked. The question coming out really before my brain was in gear.


„Yes. My wife is at home now and was surprised as I was at you saying that you were out here," he replied.


„You told her then?"

„Yes. Only that you were a fan of my writing and happened to be out here and thought of meeting me. So I said that I would see you and be away for a few hours and to get her own dinner as I might just stay and have dinner with you. That is, if you would like me to stay, me being a man and not a woman as you expected?"

Again I was wrong footed with this.


„I…I…don"t really know what to say," I stammered.

„Look," he said, moving a little closer on his stool. „I must admit that I have had sex after a fashion with other men, though that being many years ago, but I've never sucked on a man or had one fuck me and it"s something that I"m willing to try. That is if you want to have me in bed."

Wrong footed again for I expected that it would be me to try and have Julie. Julie? It"s a man for Christ"s sake and now it was me that was being offered sex in bed and if I read him right, it was me that would be the giver. I wondered then if it would be on a quid pro quo status.

„I…I…" stuttering again. „I wouldn"t say no but I"m not prepared to be a recipient or…or give out a blow job." There! I"d laid down my rules and it was now up to Julie, er, him, to answer. He gave out a chuckle.

„I now and then get a full erection but it never stays up long enough for me to use it properly," he said with a smile on his face. „So have no fears that I would expect you to do what I"ve always wanted to try, for I think it is something that I have missed in my life and it is one that I would like to try at least once."

I was sitting there talking like this as if we were discussing the weather and I now had an erection at the very thought of having sex with the man beside me, it being my first time too, and, I must admit, one that I would like to experience in the fucking of a male and have him sucking on my cock. So I took a deep breath before speaking again.

BOOK: Meeting My Fancy Dear - Gay Romance
2.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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