Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1)

BOOK: Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1)
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To The


By N Kuhn

I just want to thank Melody Anne for letting me be a part of this amazing Kindle World! I’ve been a fan of her stories for a long time and having a chance to write my own billionaire meant a lot. I hope you enjoy my lighthearted short story!

N Kuhn



Katherine walked regally up to the table as her friend Marcia looked on. She smiled warmly at her friend and neighbor. The women had lived close to each other for decades. Their families growing close together over the years.
“Darling, how did you do it?” Marcia Colter questioned her before she could even sit. “How did you get those boys married off so quickly?” Though her own children were a good ten years behind the Anderson offspring, she was ready for grandchildren of her own. All of her friends were already bouncing babies off their knees and she was stuck wondering if her children would even marry. Her daughter Robin had been close. But a quick call this morning before she boarded a plane, had Marcia in a tizzy. Her daughter’s boyfriend had cheated on her. Though her and her husband never liked Darren, they had wanted to be happy for their daughter, so they tried to accept him. Turning her attention back to her friend, she smiled at her.
“Oh Marcia, it was all Joseph’s doing. That man, though he blamed me, just couldn’t be patient and let it happen on its own.”
“Maybe he should have come to lunch too,” Marcia joked.
“He handpicked the women he found for the boys. Not that I’m complaining. Those girls have become like my own daughters. So,” she placed a hand over her friends warmly. “How’s Robin? You sounded upset this morning.”


“Darren cheated on her, so now she’s on her way to Vegas for a girl’s weekend.” Marcia sighed, worried about her youngest baby. Of four children, she was the only girl. The boys had babied and protected her while growing up. At times, Marcia and her husband Gio had worried that she was too sheltered. Robin was smart, but had bad luck when it came to trusting others. Being out on her own worried them.
“Well, if you’re worried about her being in Vegas alone, I could always have Justin check in on her.” Katherine raised her eyebrows and smirked at Marcia.
“Oh, and who’s Justin,” she asked her friend, suddenly less worried about her daughter. Her mind began reeling with ideas and sly actions.
“Well, Alex and Jessica’s nanny, Julia, raised these amazing young children. Justin is the oldest boy. From what Julie tells us he’s the CEO of a new casino his father built in Vegas. Last time he was home visiting, we had him join us for dinner. You know how we love our family dinners and everyone we know is close enough to be family. Joseph so does love it when our house is full. He’s a good looking boy, great manners,” Katherine sighed, looking over at Marcia. “But, you know, just to make sure poor, broken hearted Robin is ok on her own in Vegas?” Marcia grinned back at the woman sitting across the table from her, nodding excitedly. Katherine pulled out her phone, tapping her perfectly polished nails on the tablecloth as Marcia asked the waiter for a few more minutes to look at the menu.


“Jessica, darling, how is the family?” She listened for a moment. “Well then, I called to ask you a small favor. Do you think Julia could call up Justin for me? A dear friend of mine has a daughter who just spur of the moment took off to Vegas for a girl’s weekend. Her mother is just worried, poor Robin has never been off on her own like that before. We would just feel so much better if Justin could possibly look in on the young ladies?” Marcia shook her head at the obvious deception she was pulling on her daughter in law. The Andersons should certainly start teaching lessons on fixing up their kids. They were way too good at it. Hanging up, she smiled, tilting her head to the side.
“Justin will call you shortly and you can work out details of him looking in on our darling Robin. So, now, what should we order for lunch?” The women laughed and opened their menus.

Chapter 1

The overhead speaker crackled.
“Folks, we’re cleared for takeoff. Let’s get you in the air and on your way to Las Vegas.” The pilot announcement ended and the flight attendants began their safety instructions.
“We so need this. Thankfully this is just a short flight,” Charlene said, leaning into her friend Robin. “I’m in the mood for some margaritas and sunshine.” Robin nodded, turning her gaze back to the window as she watched the last of the luggage get loaded into the plane. She knew her friend was right. They did need a girls trip and if Robin had her own way, she would never return to Seattle. Her best friend, Charlene Dixon, thought a girl’s weekend in Vegas would cure Robin’s broken heart. Robin Colter had walked in on Darren “The Douchebag” Jordan this morning. Apparently after two years of being together, he was suddenly bored. At least, that was the explanation he gave Robin when she found Darren on top of her roommate, on her couch, missing their clothes. They now have the weekend to get their belongings out of the apartment that she paid for. Charlene elbowed her in the side, drawing her attention away from the window.
“Robin, smile. Vegas, shows, drinks, pool, warm sunshine and hot guys. Nuff said, right? There’s cold weather here at home, be happy, please.” Robin tried hard to force a smile at Charlene, to reassure her that she was ready for this. Grinning at her friend, Charlene turned to the older man on her left, leaving Robin to return to her daydreaming.


Robin, if you weren’t such a stuck up prude, maybe your boyfriend wouldn’t have been in bed with me,” her roommate had screamed at her. The girls’ blonde hair was mussed, with nothing but the back of the couch to cover her naked body. Darren had dared to just stand there, stuttering. “Tell her Darren, tell her how you said she’s cold and there’s nothing there.” The girl had prodded him until he finally shook free. Instantly, the young man had tried to beg Robin to forgive him, but she just backed up, dropping the overnight bag she had brought home. Spending two days in New York on business, she had rushed home on the red eye, hoping to surprise her boyfriend early. She had been the one surprised though. Yanking the bag back off the ground, she moved towards the door.
“You both have until Sunday night, to get out of my apartment, or I’m calling the cops and having you removed,” her voice barely above a whisper.
“Fine, I can’t stand your uptight, spoiled ass anymore anyways,” the roommate yelled, storming off in all her naked glory, obviously not embarrassed to show it all off. Darren tried once again, stepping towards Robin, only to look down at his bare body. He grabbed a pillow, covering himself. Robin just shook her head no, turning to run out the door. The slamming behind her echoed through the hallway of the high-rise building her father owned. Though the sky rise was in her family name, she still paid rent like any other tenant. On her way down in the elevator, she called Charlene and it led her to the airport.


Robin couldn’t believe that the girl she once thought of as a friend, had the nerve to blame her for what happened. She couldn’t even bear to think of the girl’s name for fear of crying again. Could it really be her fault? Self-doubt crept through her. She had spent so long, running her own business. She did online consulting and promotions for web based companies. It was nice to be able to work whenever, wherever. Unlike Darren, Robin didn’t want to live off of her family’s money. At twenty-four, she wanted to make a way for herself. She wanted to earn her own money, choosing to save her trust fund for the long term. But growing your own business is hard. No matter what, you have to put in a lot of hours and hard work. Darren never understood that. He was happy just being a banking associate, going to school with never graduating, changing his major constantly and living off of me. His parent’s wouldn’t give him his trust for another few years. He wasn’t even that good at his job either. Robin scoffed to herself, slipping her ear buds on, cranking the music up. She had high hopes that Char would let her sleep all the way to Vegas since she had a feeling they wouldn’t get much after arriving. Looking down, Robin took stock of herself. The rumpled shirt she had been traveling in since last night, her yoga pants and flats. She felt like a bum. Robins’ poor mother would have a coronary if she saw her now. That caused Robin to smile. She loved her parents, they met in college down in Alabama, her father moving them to Seattle to settle down after graduation. But they had old world views. Her mother thought that as a woman, your life couldn’t possibly be complete unless you were married and pushing out children. Not that Robin was against that, she just felt she should establish herself first.


Robin closed her eyes, leaning back. She smiled to herself thinking of how she had called Charlene crying as she stormed out of her apartment building. She simply just told her friend to meet her at the airport. Hell, Robin didn’t even have a clue where they were going until she was handed a latte and a boarding pass. That’s why they were best friends. Having met in kindergarten, they were inseparable since. Anytime they needed each other, no matter what, they were always there. Robin would have been happy just sitting on her friend’s couch drinking wine and eating ice cream. Instead she was getting all you can eat buffets, strippers, dance clubs and some poolside drinks. Deep down, Robin felt that she always knew it would never work out with Darren. It wasn’t something specific he had done, other than finding him buried in her friend. It was more the way he ate, the way he dressed and his attitude towards life. Like his parents owed him that money and he didn’t need to earn it. Maybe that was why she had never agreed on a date for their wedding. Going out, he always expected her to pay, claiming her trust was large enough and his measly earning shouldn’t have to cover it. It’s time she let go, loosened up and maybe acted a little more like Charlene. Robin was sick of being the responsible one, the motherly friend. She wanted to get drunk and do something stupid.



“Wake up bitch, we’re here!” Charlene’s voice broke through Robin’s music, rousing her from the nap she achieved. The seat belt light went on, and the pilot advised they were landing. She rolled her stiff neck, brushing her dark brown hair off her shoulders as she looked around. The suns glare through the window caused her to squint her eyes. She quickly pulled the sunglasses off her head and shoved them onto her face. She couldn’t believe at the drop of a hat, Char had dragged her to Vegas, but she should expect things like that from her best friend, who was more like a sister.
“Damn, it certainly is brighter here than home, huh?” She asked Char, licking her lips as she checked her face for drool. Since they only had carry ons, the girls didn’t need to wait for luggage and quickly deplaned, heading through the airport. At the bottom of the escalator, she saw a sign with her name on it.
“Did you set up a car for us?” She asked Charlene, who was behind her, staring at her phone. She shook her head no, blond curls bouncing on her shoulders. The man holding the sign was older, his suit nicely pressed, a cap covering salt and pepper hair. The laugh lines on his face made him look likeable, trustworthy, but Robin had heard too many stories about girls going off with people they thought they could trust.
“Nah, not yet. I thought we could get a cab from here to the casino and go from there. We really need to go shopping too, since I didn’t bring anything and you just have your clothes from that work trip. I’m trying to see if there are any good suites available at the Bellagio right now.” Char never even bothered to look up as they descended. Grabbing her arm, Robin helped her walk over the last step without getting her black stiletto stuck. Still staring at her phone, Char was oblivious. Robin dragged her over to the man.


“Hi, I’m Robin. I’m sorry though, we didn’t order a car.”
“No ma’am. My boss sent me. I was told no luggage, right? We have you set up in the pent house at the new Maddigan Hotel and Casino. A personal shopper is there ready to meet you and ensure you have all your needs met.” Charlene finally looked up, realizing something was going on.
“Rob, did you do this?” She asks as Robin shook her head no. Looking at the man in confusion, Robin starts to say no, but is quickly interrupted.
“Hell no! Don’t even think about it. I see you thinking, you want to turn it down. Screw that, the Maddigan. I’ve been dying to check out that new place. I’ve heard from Coco that they have the best spa! Lead the way Jeeves. Maybe your mom set it up Rob?” Char the optimistic and adventurous type was always up for anything. “You did tell her where we were going, so…” Char trailed off as she looked to her friend. Robin’s face expressed a disbelief at the thought.
“This way ladies, and it’s Turner,” the man said, turning to lead them away, but not before Robin caught his quick grin.
“Who’s your boss?” Robin asked him as they followed his trail out of the crowded airport.
“I work for the Maddigan ma’am. Mr. Justin Maddigan.” Robin hadn’t heard that name before, so she just nodded and followed, wondering if Char was right and her mom set this up.


The black stretch limo that awaited them was stocked with champagne to Char’s elation. She quickly poured them each a glass.
“Cheers baby, drink up and let’s enjoy this,” Robin couldn’t help but smile as the bubbles slipped past her lips. The quick ride to the casino had the girls laughing and staring out the windows, chatting about what they should do while there. Pulling up to the Maddigan, they stared in awe. Robin’s excitement was beginning to build. She was used to staying in nice places, but this new casino was gorgeous. The silver building shone in the sun. Large Grecian pillars encased the entrance. Turner let them out, tipping his hat to the ladies as they climbed out.
“Ladies, I’m sure I’ll see you again this weekend.” As they moved towards the building, they were met by a woman, her perfectly pressed red dress suit and blonde hair pulled into a neat bun, not a lock out of place. She gave off an air of importance.
“Ms. Colter, it’s wonderful to have you join us. I’m Jolene, and I’m here to personally ensure you have anything you need. Mr. Maddigan has asked that we take good care of you during your stay. If you will come this way, we already have you checked in. Your personal shopper is setting up in the pent house. You can let her know anything you’ll need for your stay. She will ensure you get it. Your mother has given you a line of credit for the shopping as well as food and casino play. All the info is in your room.” The girls struggled to keep up with her efficient pace. Quick strides have her heels clipping along the marble floor in the lobby. Greek statues decorated the room, paintings on the wall. Robin made a note to move through here slower at some point during her trip. She had always loved art and she was interested in getting a better look.


“See,” Char leaned into Robin, whispering as they followed quickly behind Jolene. “I told you that your mother probably set it up. Awesome.” Char’s glee was infectious and Robin couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face.
“Mr. Maddigan would love to have you join him for dinner tonight as his personal guests. The reservation information is also in your room. You’ll be eating at our restaurant here, The Seared Shark.” The girls just smiled at each other as the elevator lifted them to the top of the breathtaking building. As the doors slid open, the white marble theme continued. The elevator let the women out right into the middle of the penthouse suite. The black leather couch and furniture created a sleek design in the room, the tall windows providing a view of Vegas that would steal anyone’s breath. Thankfully the tint kept most of the sunny glare out of the bright room, yet leaving it bright enough to cheer anyone up. Robin couldn’t help the grin the spread across her face. As Jolene rambled on with introductions to Susie, the personal shopper, Robin dropped her bag to the floor and strode towards the window. With her palms on the cool glass, she took in the view, the casinos brightly lit, the sun and desert in the distance. Sighing, she closed her eyes and relished the warmth of the sun’s rays.
“Rob,” Char’s voice broke through.
“Yea?” she asked, turning back around. Char raised her eyebrows, her lips turned up like a Chesire cat. She knew her friend was ready for the fun. Rubbing her hands together, she looked away from Robin.
“So, Susie, what sexy number do you have for my friend Robin here to wear to dinner?” Robin looked wide eyed as if just noticing the other woman in the room.


The short pixie with pink hair looked so bubbly Robin was afraid she would pop. She bounced back and forth between the balls of her feet. The woman quickly picked up a golden dress and a pair of glittered golden stilettos.
“This is perfect for you. When your mother sent me a picture of you, your long dark hair just spoke to me. It’s a Chanel dress, Loubatian heels and I think if you pulled your hair up off your neck, with these diamond tear drop earrings, you’re going to make men fall to their knees with lust.” Her cute little voice and enthusiasm had Robin laughing. She took the material that was handed to her, running her fingers over the soft material. It was cream silk and gold lace, with golden thread throughout the lace. The light hit the dress just right, casting off shiny spots on the floor and walls.
“Thank you Susie, this looks great.”
“No problem. Here,” she handed a blue dress to Char. “Mrs. Colter told me that you like bright colors.” The shoes she gave her were bright yellow and Char’s eyes widened with excitement as she took them. Bouncing up and down, she giggled.
“Rob, this is gonna rock,” she took off, shouting over her shoulder. “I call this bedroom.” She ran to the room to the left of the living room area. The right side had another bedroom door past the bar and what looked like a mini kitchen. Not that she thought they would ever use it, but it looked nice. This hotel room was more of an apartment than the one she lived in back home.
“Ms. Colter?” Jolene looked at Robin as if waiting for an answer.
“I’m so sorry. What was that?”

BOOK: Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Going to the Chapel (Kindle Worlds Novella) (The Colter Family Book 1)
12.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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