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Authors: Crystal G. Smith,Elizabeth A. Veatch

Men of Firehouse 44: Colby and Bianca's Story

BOOK: Men of Firehouse 44: Colby and Bianca's Story
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Men of Firehouse 44

Colby and Bianca’s Story


Crystal G. Smith and Elizabeth A. Veatch

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Chapter One




     “Come here, little, kitty.”  The little red haired woman kneeled down and coaxed what looked like a white drowned rat out from behind the bushes of her apartment building.  Carefully reaching out she picked it up and tenderly snuggled it against her as it shivered and meowed.

“I know how you feel little one.  Alone in a strange place.  But not to worry I will find your home and if I don’t, I can find you a new one.  Hopefully.” Holding the kitten close, she opened the secured door and went up the stairs to her apartment.


TWO WEEKS LATER, Bianca had decided she had a new roommate.  She had asked the other tenants but no one was missing a cat. Secretly, she kinda was glad.  She really enjoyed having someone else to talk to. Even if it was an animal.  Surprisingly, the kitten seemed to know what she was talking about.  It was a long lonely evening when she came home from the pre-school where she had begun work at the beginning of the year.  Despite finding her in a rainstorm, she named her roommate, Sunshine because just looking into her little eyes, they seemed to brighten up Bianca’s day.

     They quickly fell into a routine.  Sunshine would wake
Bianca up early to eat, than Bianca would try to make it out the door for a morning run without Sunshine sneaking around her feet and making a get-away.  More than once, she had come home only to find the kitten waiting patiently to be let back in the building.

     “Okay little one
, I’m going for my run and you are going to be a good little kitty and watch mommy from the window. Okay? Is that a deal?” Bianca softly spoke to her as her fingertips caressed over Sunshine’s now fluffy white fur.  Sunshine meowed, rubbing up against Bianca’s leg before turning and jumping onto the bench under the window. 

Bianca had learned that it had come to be Sunshine’s favorite spot.  Not that she could blame her.  The window was a large picture window that allowed the sun to shine through, keeping the bench below nice and warm.

Bianca smiled before grabbing her IPOD and opening the door, only to be stopped by the sound of her phone.  Reaching down to pull it from her pocket, she realized she had left it on the table. Pushing the door closed behind her, she walked over to pick it up.

     Seeing it was from the only friend she had made since she had moved
to this out in the middle of nowhere town, she answered, “Hi Crystal, what’s up?”  She met her friend when she stopped for coffee shop on her way to work.  Crystal was from small town USA also and seemed to be just as down to earth as Bianca. They clicked right away and usually spent Saturdays together shopping at the local mall, watching chick flicks or the occasional girl’s night out at one of the local bars. 

     The bars in town were nothing spectacular.  They were all low key with not a lot of excitement, but that was what Crystal had liked the most about them.  She didn’t have to worry about a
drunk man trying to hit on her or bugging the piss out of her. 

     “I know it’s early
, but I couldn’t wait much longer to tell you about my night.”  She could hear the excitement in Crystal’s voice.  Throwing her IPOD down, she walked into her room to pull out her clothes for the day.  She knew there was no way she would get a run in this morning.

     “Okay, spill it.” Plopping down on the bed
, she settled in to listening to yet another great story involving a hot guy.  Crystal was so lucky with men.  It seemed they were drawn to her like flies.  But really, who could blame them? Bianca often felt like the ugly stepsister next to her.  Crystal was gorgeous with her long dark hair and big brown eyes, not to mention the legs that never seemed to quit.  Crystal was shorter, atheletically built and slender with long red hair.  It was the long legs that she wanted.

     “Okay, well you are never going to believe this
, but I have met the most gorgeous guy…….” Smiling, Bianca turned her phone on speaker and laid back on the pillows.  She knew from experience, she was only required to respond occasionally with a Really? Or Wow!

     After listening to Crystal for thirty minutes
, she couldn’t take it anymore. “Hey, Crystal, I hate to interrupt you, but I really have to get dressed. Are we still on for tomorrow?”

     “Oh y
eah, tomorrow that’s great. I’ll call you later.”

ay Sunshine, I guess I get out of running today,” Walking into the room, she looked around. 
Where is that cat?
“Sunshine, come here kitty, kitty.”  After searching the apartment Bianca looked up at the door.  “There’s no way.” She said to the empty apartment. Rushing to the window, she looked outside in time to see her little ball of fur head jump up into the big tree in the front yard.


     Another meal cold
entered Colby’s mind as the alarms went off and the firemen of house 44 jumped up from the table.  They were more then used to it and they loved their job enough not to mind.  Pulling on their safety suits as they ran to the trucks was a feat most couldn’t do, but with the years of practice it was second nature to him and his team.

     He jumped into the driver’s side of the lead truck, turning on the lights and
with the siren blaring, he pulled out into the traffic sounding the horn.  Glancing at his partner Drew in the passenger seat as always saying a little prayer for all of the men to safely return to the firehouse.  Drew had basically become the stations assigned prayer master.

Colby turned his attention back to the road.  He had been to this side of town before so he didn’t need the dispatcher to tell him anything other than the address. He had actually checked out this very apartment building for himself. He was leaning towards renting there since they were pet friendly. Most places didn’t allow animals and he couldn’t even think about getting rid of his boxer. Brutus was his best friend and he couldn’t imagine him not greeting him at the end of a long day. Turning down Maple Street, his trained eyes searched the buildings.  He smelled the air.  Nothing but fresh fall air met his senses.  There wasn’t even a hint of leaves burning in yards.

     “Anything?” His dark brown eyes met Drew’s. His partner had his head practically hanging out the window. Shaking his head
, Drew sat back in his seat.

     “Dispatch?  Can you repeat that address again?” 
Colby spoke in that deep raspy voice that drove women wild.

     “509 West Maple, that’s 509 West Maple.
” Repeated dispatch.

     Pulling the tr
uck up to park in the fire lane, he pulled his hard hat down, grabbed his axe and radio before he motioned for Drew to direct the guys in getting their equipment out and ready.  Lucky for him, they worked like a well-oiled machine and didn’t need much supervision. A few of the guys were new at the job, but luckily there were enough seasoned firemen to take the rookies under their wings.

       As soon as his feet hit the pavement
, he heard the sounds of a woman in distress.  This was what drove him.  Knowing he was going to help someone. He didn’t wish ill on anyone but if it happened, he was there to help them. He had pulled more than one person out of a burning building.

Looking around and up at the building, he didn’t see anyone.  There was no sign of smoke or fire.  They had a new dispatcher but surely they wouldn’t have sent them to the wrong address especially after they double checked it.  There would be hell to pay if they were sent to wrong address!

     “Over here!”  The voice was coming from
high in a big Oak tree in the middle of the lawn.  As he got closer a grin broke out on his face.   There on the first limb of the tree, hidden among the new leaves of spring was a woman clinging for dear life. “Hurry, please.” He could hear the fear in her voice.  It almost made him feel bad for taking pleasure at seeing her in distress.

hang on there. You’re going to be fine.”  He tried to reassure the woman.  Setting the axe against the tree he spoke into his radio.  “Drew, can you send one of the guys over with a ladder.  The ten footer should be fine.” Turning his attention back to the woman, he caught his breath.  The red-hair pulled back into a pony-tail, fell down to the middle of her back.  Her ivory skin was lightly speckled with freckles and her green eyes sparkled with tears.  Distress was written all over her face.

The jeans she wore were clinging to her ass almost as tight as her arms and legs were to the tree, fitting her curves like a glove.  Her dainty feet were bare and her toes curled as if they had a grip on the limb as well. Looking around, he saw where she had lost a bright pink pair of flip flops at the base of the tree. 

“Can I ask what you are doing in this tree?” The words were barely out of his mouth when the answer to his question hissed and jumped from two branches above her head. Definitely not his animal of choice.

     Screaming at the sight of the
white fur coming at her with claws out, she couldn’t help but let go of the tree and throw her hands up in front of her.  The swift movement threw her off balance and suddenly she was flailing threw the air. Headed straight for him. He could do nothing but brace himself and wait.

     The height of her fall made him glad he was there to help with at least
braking it as they landed on the ground with a thud.  Her hands and face were buried into his chest as they both just lay there.  It was as if they were in shock about what had just happened. 

     “Excuse me,
Colby.  But am I to assume you won’t be needing the ladder anymore?”  Elliot snickered. 

opened his eyes to the sound of laughter.  “Are you okay?” Elliot stood there still holding the ladder and managed to squeeze out the question between bouts of laughter.

Colby lay flat on his back and as the captain in charge of his crew, it wasn’t a sight he would live down for awhile.  His hat had been knocked from his feet and his face was covered in the red-hair of the curvy woman that straddled him. The strands were a distinct contrast against the dark hair that Colby was so proud of.  

The look Colby shot him was enough to bring him up short.  “Don’t worry El, I’m fine.  You can take the ladder back and help get the truck packed back up.”  He knew if the shoes were on the other feet, he would be laughing at the situation also.  But as it was him, this was no laughing matter.  “If this was a true emergency, I wouldn’t be laying on the ground still, waiting to get back to my cold breakfast!” Shouting into the ear of the woman that still lay across him as if she belonged there. 

Her head raised and her bright green eyes glared into his, shooting bolts of electricity through him. “You don’t have to yell at me. After all this was your fault.” 

     He couldn’t even respond as he noticed that her breasts were heaving as it was apparent she was fighting to maintain her composure.
Her scent alone was enough to drive a man mad with desire.

     “I don’t know why you’re so
pissy with me.  Isn’t this your job?  I’ve heard so many stories of fireman coming to the rescue of cats before.  They even write books about it.  Guess that’s why they are fiction.”  She sat there staring down at him, straddling him now.

     Colby wanted to laugh at her apparent spit fire temper but instead he pushed
himself up onto his elbows and quickly realized his mistake as he came face to nipple as she was still straddling him as she scolded him.

It took all of him to maintain his professional composure.  If they had been anywhere else, his mouth would have sealed over one of her breast while his hand worked her other.  But this wasn’t the time for it, unfortunately, so instead, he leaned his head back looking into her eyes instead.

“Just how do you think this is my fault?  I’m not the one that called 911 to help me out of a tree I shouldn’t have been climbing to begin with.  And it wasn’t my cat that knocked you out of the tree!” He was trying his hardest not to stare at the mountains that his peripheral vision was still allowing him to see heaving in front of him.  “So if you don’t mind, I would appreciate it if you would let me up.”  Just one move from her and he knew he would be up all right.

She huffed as she threw her leg off to the side of him, “Here, kitty, kitty.”

     Colby smiled as the little bundle come running out from behind the same tree that it had knocked her out of, and jumped into her arms
. “Ahh, that’s mommy’s good baby.  Don’t be afraid of the mean old fireman. He won’t hurt you.”  Petting the kitten as it curled up next to her breast, he watched as she turned giving him a cold stare before stomping back inside the apartment building.

     “Thank you for your help
, I appreciate it.”  Colby muttered under his breath.  Collecting his equipment, he walked back to the fire truck only to be met by a round of applause from a group of smiling men. 

“Load up.  I’m sure there are better things for you to be doing back at the station.”  Listening to the groans and laughter of his men, he couldn’t help but feel like he was taking out his anger towards her out on them. The best thing for him to do was to get the hell out of there.  Starting the truck, he pulled back out on the street and did what he did best.  Took all of his men back. Safe.

BOOK: Men of Firehouse 44: Colby and Bianca's Story
5.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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