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              I set her on her feet long enough to turn the lamp on next to the bed, and when I turned around I was welcomed with the sight of her back facing me, slowly pulling the zipper of her dress down. Her eyes found mine over her shoulder and she smiled seductively as the material pooled on the floor. She was bare except for the black and red lace panties that left nothing to the imagination. God, she was so fucking beautiful, every inch of her, and I couldn’t wait to get a taste of her sweetness.

“Turn around.” She obeyed my command, hands shielding her breasts from my view. “Arms at your sides.” Her eyes flashed to me apprehensively, but she again obeyed.

I slowly approached her and unbuttoned my shirt, letting it fall to the floor behind me. She was nervous, I could tell that much, but she held her stance as her chest rose and fell rapidly. My shoes and pants followed suit, causing the pile of clothing to grow, and by the time I reached her, I’d stripped myself of everything. Mackenzie’s eyes widened as she took me in, slowly gravitating south, and I shot her an appreciative grin. I knew I wasn’t lacking in that department, and she was about to find out firsthand.

“Last chance, sweetheart.” I feathered my fingers along her sides and up her ribs, grazing the swell of her breasts. Her soft pink nipples were calling to me, and I dipped down to take one into my mouth, sucking it into a diamond hard peak. She released a soft moan, and I took that as permission to take things further.

Trailing kisses between the slope of her breasts and down her stomach, I got down on my knees and breathed in her scent.
Fucking delicious.
I tucked my fingers into the sides of the lace that still covered her and pulled it down her legs, finally exposing her to me. Her skin was smooth and flushed, a clear sign of her arousal.
Fuck, I needed to be inside her. Now.

I carried her to the bed and made sure to hold my weight above Mackenzie’s tiny frame as I sank into her hard and fast. Normally I would have taken my time, worshipping her body and bringing her to orgasm before I even considered my own satisfaction. But between here and the elevator, I’d gotten so worked up, I never would have made it past the first ten seconds of foreplay before I exploded in my pants like a fucking teenager.

This might’ve been for just one night, but I was going to make it a night she’d never forget.

Mackenzie cried out, digging her nails into my shoulders and arching her back as she met my thrusts. “Oh God…that feels so good! Fuck, Reid!”

I was getting closer to the big finale, but had yet to get her off. Carefully rolling us, as not to crush her, I positioned her so that she was straddling me. Her eyes were drenched with desire…desire that was directed straight at me. She was fucking breathtaking as she rode me harder, taking control of her movements and driving her own pleasure. From the way her inner muscles were tightening around me, I knew she was close, and soon her mouth was forming that perfect O that drove me absolutely crazy.

“Reid…I’m…I’m so close.” She panted out. “Don’t stop.”

I had every intention of never stopping, but I couldn’t hold back any longer. I rolled her back over, sitting on my haunches with her legs pulled over my lap, and I buried myself to hilt, slamming into her slick, tight pussy. She came around me with a vice grip, and seconds later I was spilling myself into her.

“Fuck!” I thrust once more, letting the last few pulses of her orgasm suck every last drop from me.

I collapsed beside her, drenched in sweat and drunk on Mackenzie. God, this woman was fucking amazing. I looked over at her coming down from the lust-induced high, her breathing gradually evening out, and before I knew it, she was passed out cold. Jesus, either she hadn’t been fucked in a while or we’d drunk way more than I thought.

The clock beside the bed read three thirty-seven, and since the room was paid for, I figured I might as well get my money’s worth and stay the night. I got one last glimpse of her, blonde hair spilled over the pillow and limbs laying limp and tangled in the sheets. I pulled the blanket up over her and placed a chaste kiss against her neck, whispering the only thing I could muster after a whirlwind of a night like this.

“Thank you.”

I turned the lamp off and seconds later fell into a deep sleep. Probably the best night’s sleep I’d had in ages. But the next morning when I awoke to the angry sun’s rays forcing their way through the sliver of curtains, Mackenzie was nowhere to be found. Not a single trace of her had been left behind. It was as if the opposite side of the bed had remained empty from the get go, and I began to wonder if my memory was off kilter from the alcohol induced fog that had yet to dissipate or if it had in fact all been a dream. I rubbed at the scar above my brow and hoped for the latter, because memories were something I avoided, something that only brought about more heartache, and the last thing I needed was to add another notch to the list of painful reminders that had gotten me here in the first place.










BOOK: Mend the Seams
7.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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