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She refused to drink more than two glasses of wine. Not only did she need to keep a straight head around
Conrad, but she was driving and didn’t relish getting a traffic ticket. She had just paid one not more than three months ago. Unfortunately the officer didn’t see how a delivery of pastries could be considered an emergency. She had been working for a chef who owned a string of bakeries and when one of the bakeries had a power failure that took over two hours to be repaired, the other bakeries had to bake extra pastries and deliver to that bakery so they wouldn’t turn customers away. That incident still hurt and she didn’t want to get a DUI this time. It would just be her misfortune to meet the same traffic officer. Sometimes, the world can be trully that small.

looked at her wrist watch and realized she had been there for three hours already. Time does fly when you are having fun. “Conrad. Thanks for dinner, it really was lovely, but I have to go.”

“Right, your friend from out of town?”


“I know it’s probably none of my business, but may I as
k if this friend of yours is male or female?”

gave him points for the way he asked the question. She would have expected him to demand an answer. And for that, she answered him. “Female. My best friend actually,” she sad with a huge smile.

“I’m glad to hear that. Because now we can
concentrate on the reason why we are both here.”

Is this the same man
, Moira thought to herself? She had just heaped praises on him not more than five seconds ago.

We have just proved how compatible we are together. I think we can really have an amazing time together. Sex with you will be explosive… What’s so funny?” he asked when he realized Moira was laughing and not taking him seriously.

“You. Being with you would never be boring that’s one thing for sure. But seriously, if that is how you start all your relationships or lack thereof, I’m not surprised none of them stick around for any length of time.”

“Well, what is it that you want from me? Like I said before, I don’t do long term relationships. As a matter of fact the shorter the better,” he told her.

“I can see that...”
Moira was interrupted by her mobile ringing. “Sorry, I have to get that.” She picked it from her small purse and quickly answered the call . When Serenity told her she was 30-45 minutes away, she told her she would leave right away and they would meet at her apartment.

By the time
Moira was done, Conrad had paid the check. They exited together and he took her coat check ticket. Moira accepted his help and didn’t argue with him when he paid for her valet parking. Now he seemed to be pouting, so she decided to say something. “Look Conrad. We had a great dinner, why can’t we just leave it at that?”

Moira, do you have any idea how desirable you are? How hard I have been since I first saw you. I have never met a woman who I have not bedded if I wanted her. And now, you tell me you are not interested. If I didn’t know better, I would say you were playing hard to get.”

“Thank you, I think. Somehow, I think that was meant to be a compliment. But…not all women like being treated like the way you do, or have been doing it for however long. Some women like long relationships, that may or may not lead to something more, some kind of future, not always marriage mind you…but just knowing there was some kind of future between a couple says a lot to a woman. Now I am not saying all of them are like that. Obviously there are those who like it the way you have been doing it so far. My suggestion is go find those women. I am not one of them. I don’t do intentional one nighters,” she told him.

The arrival of the valet attendant without her car surprised Moira. She was thinking that maybe her car had been stolen until he came closer and told her that someone had blocked her car and they were trying to find the owner of that car so he or she could move it.

“Please I need to get home quickly,” she told the valet guy.

“I understand ma’am. It shouldn’t be too long. I’m having the manager look into the issue for you. And in the meantime you can either wait in the bar or wait in that alcove where it’s a little warmer.

Moira didn’t know better, she would have thought Conrad had all this planned so she wouldn’t get to leave until she agreed to his demands, like he had done the other day in the café.

didn’t want to get back inside. Besides, if it was going to be a short while, it made sense to wait outside. It wasn’t that cold either. So as they moved back to the alcove, Conrad shocked her by saying, “What if I was willing to try?”

Conrad, you aren’t serious?”

“Why not?”

“Because that would just make you miserable. Besides I already have someone in my life.”

thought she might have finally made some headway until her lips were suddenly locked with Conrad’s. What started as a punishing kiss, soon flared with enough heat to drive away the remaining cold. Moira was attacked by the softest lips known to men. He demanded entrance and she gave it to him. Their tongues dueled – battled – clashed like swords in a sword fight. They both came up for air and continued their fight in the next breath. Conrad pushed Moira further until she felt the wall behind her back and Conrad’s full front against her front. His cock was hard and vibrating agaist her belly. She raised her hands and threaded her fingers in his hair. He brought his hands to cup her breasts and when she gasped, he deepened the kiss.

A beep from across the street broke them apart, and when
Moira tried to push him away, he held still. “Don’t. Just don’t.” He seemed to be trying to get his breathing under control. Which Moira was trying to do as well, but wasn’t having that much luck with his closeness. They stood like that for a while until he broke the silence with his next question. “So who is this sleazeball in your life?”

had to laugh at that. “Does he have to be a sleazeball?”

“Yes, I doubt he can ever appreciate you like I do. So who is he?” he asked again.

“What, you want a name?”

“Yes. I think if I am to accept this so called relationship you have with the sleazeball, the least I deserve is to know
his name,” he said into her neck, pressing his lips to the juncture of her neck and her shoulder.

But it’s not like you run in the same circles. You wouldn’t know him,” Moira breathed. Although it wasn’t uncomfortable, she was being literally held hostage against the wall.

“His name

“Mr. Rabbit,” he pulled out of the blue.

Conrad pulled back a little and looked at her. “How long have you been together?”

“Uummm. About 6 years now.”

“You say you are in a relationship, yet you call him Mr. Rabbit?”

Moira hadn’t had a relationship for the past 6 months since she broke up with the loser, Tom. “Well, he is an older gentleman. And I like calling him Mr. Rabbit. But his first name is Freddie,” she clarified.

was relieved when she saw her car come through. Conrad moved back and escorted her to her car. He held her against the door as he gave her a kiss like he owned her. Even if she wanted to move, Moira realized she didn’t have that option. And the kiss was over when Conrad was good and ready. Moira was on autopilot as he guided her into her car and told her to put on her seat belt.

He leaned into the car and pecked her cheek before he said, “Call me when it’s over with Mr. Rabbit.” He moved further away and gave his ticket to the valet attendant who was off in a rush to find his car.

The ringing of her phone prompted Moira to drive away. She picked up her cell and answered Serenity. “I know and I’m sorry. I will be there is less than fifteen minutes.” And fortunately there was no traffic going back and Mayra made it in twelve minutes.

Chapter S

As soon as they had brought in Serenity’s bag - which was really more of a suitcase befitting someone going away for a week rather than the two day weekend she had taken – she wanted the dinner run down.
Moira knew her friend would probably have three or four dresses she had set aside to wear for tomorrow night, including the possible three or four matching shoe combinations. She tried to sidestep and buy herself some time to compose herself a little more, but Serenity was on a mission.

had to start from the beginning by telling Serenity how it all began in that boardroom, just that past Monday afternoon.

“So you faked a boyfriend and let some hot guy slip through your fingers?”

“Well, technically he is not fake. Mr. Rabbit does exist. And we have been together for 6 years.”

“Are you shitting me,

“BOB – battery operated boyfriend.
You know him. Our love affair has stood the test of time. Freddie is faithful and will never be a playboy,” Moira laughed at Serenity’s frustration at her.

“You know I may have to disown you as my best friend. You get one of Miami’s hot bachelor’s to give you more than two seconds and you vomit on him like he is yesterday’s gabbage? Since when have you been looking at the marriage angle? I thought you said you wanted at least a year or two to prove yourself in uncle Stu’s business before you decided to have a serious boyfriend. So this is the perfect opportunity for you.
You get to have great sex when you need it and don’t have to worry about anything,” Serenity told her.

Serenity, you know I love you like a sister. 1 - But you are side-stepping the issue that this may be one night or two nights? And who is to say the sex will be great? 2 – I will just be one of many playthings he has gone through. 3 – Who says I will get the sex when I want or need it? 4 – We work together.”

“Well let’s see. 1 – Sometimes you get into relationships thinking it will be more than a few months or a few years, but sadly ends up being just one night. Remember Justin and Silas? None of them lasted more than a night even though you went into both relationships thinking they were great guys. 2 – Even if you go out with the boy from next door, you
could still be one of many girls he has gone through. His affairs are more pronounced because he is rich and often in the media. 3 – You could take control of the days you meet or have sex. That way you don’t have to be at his beck and call all the time. 4 – A lot of people who work together screw each other all the time. You just have to be mature about how you handle stuff afterwards. Don’t try to find ways to derail your life. Live a little girlfriend.”

“You know it’s already after 2am. We should sleep if we have any hope of hitting the malls early tomorrow,”
Moira said as she looked at the time.

“As your friend, I know that’s your way of avoiding the topic. So we will sleep, but don’t think I won’t bring it up tomorrow again. I think I should probably move back to Miami. You surely need me to guide you along.”

“Sometimes your so called guidance has too many risks involved. Ever think about that?”

“Life is full of risks. Look at me, I moved to Orlando to be with my boyfriend. That was a risk. So far it’s been great
. The sex too,” she laughed.

“Well we better go to bed because if Sam finds us still awake, we may never get to sleep for
another couple of hours again.”

As tired as
Moira was, sleep eluded her. Her mind kept going back to the dinner with Conrad, the kiss outside while she had been waiting for her car, the kiss as he said good-bye. Why her? He could have any woman, sophisticated woman he wanted, yet he was busy chasing her. The challenge perhaps? And after that then what? Throw her to the curb? Maybe if she went into this with eyes open she wouldn’t be disappointed when it all ended. Maybe, Serenity probably had a point after all. Because that kiss could lead to amazing sex. And Moira wouldn’t mind some of that. Well as long as it didn’t interfere with her personal goals. She didn’t want to lose sight of what she wanted in life and end up relying on a guy to take care of her.

She heard Sam come in about an hour later and she was nowhere close to falling asleep. Her mind kept focusing on the dinner events and what had happened after. He had been mad to hear about Mr. Rabbit. Hopefully he never found out the identity of Mr. Rabbit. Smiling,
Moira eventually fell asleep, but her dreams were filled with Conrad.

She woke to the smell of breakfast and when she left her bedroom she found Sam and
Serenity talking in the kitchen.

“Hey sleepyhead. You want some breakfast?” her friend
Serenity asked. “I made it just a few minutes ago.”

“It’s a Saturday and you two are already up? Can’t we just get a few more hours of sleep?”

“What’s wrong? Eight hours not enough sleep anymore? Besides we have a long day today. Us girls need some pampering.”

was not about to contradict Serenity and end up revealing why she didn’t sleep eight hours. That Conrad had been on her mind until the wee hours of the morning. That would just have her point out the fact that her mind was trying to tell her to go for it. And besides, she didn’t want Sam to know. He would get all big brotherly and start laying out some ground rules as if she were still a teenager.

“Well, I guess you are right. It’s just that I wake up early everyday and would have loved to stay up in bed. But since you made it all the way here for some girl time, I will have to put off sleeping till next weekend,”
Moira replied as she moved closer to the breakfast table and kissed Sam on the cheek. “Morning.”

“Morning sis.”

She went to the stove and served herself some scrambled eggs, bacon and slipped two slices of bread in the toaster. She took a mug and poured herself some coffee and sipped while she waited for her toast. When it was done, she buttered it and added jelly then went to join Sam and Serenity.

Serenity was just telling me you are thinking of going to visit her in Orlando now that she is settled in. I hope you are not thinking of driving?” Sam asked.

“Sorry, it slipped out.”
Serenity apologized.

Serenity drive from Orlando to here, what’s the difference with me driving from here to Orlando?”

Serenity has done it a few times and so is a little used to it. Not that I like it. But you have never been behind the wheel for that length of time and you are my little sister, that’s the difference.”

“You realise I am a twenty four year old woman?”

“And your point?”

“Not so little?”

“You may be twenty four, but you are still my little sister. End of discussion. If you want to go, you will have to fly.”

“Oh really? How will you stop me?”

“Moira you don’t want to go there.”

who had been quiet all along suddenly jumped up and grabbed Moira. “You know what, we better get ready and be on our way, otherwise we will be late for our appointment.”

“God save me from big brothers with big egos,”
Moira screammed as soon as they were back in her bedroom.

Moira. I forgot what Sam is like and let that piece of information slip out.”

“It’s okay. Eventually it would have happened, but I was hoping to tell him while I was already on the road.”

She giggled. “You know he would have been mad and would have probably come to drive you back.”

laughed until her belly ached. “I guess you are right, didn’t think that far.” She sighed and looked at her friend. “You are lucky you get to do what you like. With Sam watching my every move, it will be another decade before he will even allow me to move out and get my own place, let alone drive anywhere outside of Miami.”

“Well, at least he cares about you. I have a blood brother who doesn’t give a shit about me. Heck I have no idea where he is half the time.”

Moira went to hug her friend. “Sorry, Serenity. I feel so ungrateful. I know how hard a time you have with Richard. Is he in rehab right now?”

“Yes, as of two weeks ago
,” she replied wearily. “My parents are heart broken and don’t know how to help him. I don’t know how to help him. I can’t deal anymore with his lies. I don’t think he is ready yet. He keeps falling off the wagon and this back and forth doesn’t help him or my parents either. All they are doing is forking out money for rehab when Richard isn’t…” Serenity started crying and couldn’t finish her sentence.

“Shhh. Sorry. I know. I’m sorry I brought it up.”

“Not your fault. But thanks for letting me cry it out. I keep thinking it will get better, but it never does. And it’s hard to see him tumbling down everytime he is out of rehab.” She sniffed and took a huge breath. “Now, let’s change topics and go for some retail therapy. It’s been too long since we shopped together. I was trying to settle in Orlando and you were trying to finish off your training so you could start with Stu.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice. I haven’t seen the inside of a mall for well over three months. I’m just afraid I will go overboard and buy everything in
sight. If my closet was big enough, I just might.”

A little over an hour later, both girls were on their way
. Sam was nowhere to be seen, so they assumed he was in his room, probably sleeping and finding other ways to torture her, Mayra thought to herself. They started by getting their hair and nails done before they took the mall by storm. Loaded with lots of packages they made their way back to their car and home. They found Sam flipping channels, already dressed for work.

He smirked when he saw them bringing in their shopping. “Did you leave anything for others?”

Typical man. “Shopping is what we women do. One day you will understand, and I sure hope you marry a shopaholic.”

The girls laughed when they saw him shiver. “Would surely serve you right,”
Serenity added.

“Well, I guess I better be on my way before I am subjected to a modeling show. I’ll see you girls when you show up. Ben will let you in when you come.” And with that, Sam was out of the apartment before either of them
could respond.

Serenity threw herself on the sofa, she said to Moira, “I guess we really did torture him with our modeling shows over the years.” She giggled. “If I had known we could have prevented his escape and done some revenge on him for this morning.”

“Don’t worry about that. We will, later at the club tonight.”

“Oh! Girfriend, what do you have in mind?”

“Let’s get something to eat while I tell you,”
Moira responded.

cooked and delegated Serenity to cutting vegetables and making the salad. The only thing Serenity could cook well was breakfast, and she sometimes ate that for all three meals of the day. Moira wanted something substantial especially with the drinking they were planning on doing later that night, they both needed a full stomach. Falling sick wasn’t on the agenda. She made spaghetti and meatballs, and heated the garlic bread that she took from the freezer.

BOOK: Miami Hot: #1 (Miami Heat Series)
11.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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