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The keys?
Sarah thought, an idea forming in her mind.
What if I wait until he’s at the closest point to me in his march, and then I toss the keys into the bed of the pick-up? The metal keys hitting the metal truck bed will make a noise as loud as a gunshot going off. Mason will surely spin around to see what made the racket. If I time it right, I can duck out from under this tree and take him out before he knows what’s happening.

It might just work too. Mason would nearly jump out of his skin at the unexpected loud noise and she could blindside him while his back was turned. She could stab him high in the back aiming for his lungs or heart, go in low for his kidneys, or maybe even reach around and slit his throat. Whichever target she went after, the important part was she could strike before he knew what hit him. Move fast and strike hard. Don’t give him a chance to get back up.

Throw the keys… attack from his blindside… kill the perverted fucker!

Throw… attack… kill!

It was as good of a plan as any. Adrenaline surged through her rested body, her nipples hardening with the excitement of the imminent fight. As crazy as this would have sounded to her a month or a week — hell, even a day ago — she was looking forward to this confrontation. It was the classic battle between David and Goliath and even a non-religious Aussie fetish girl like her knew who had won
fight. Today would be no different. The giant was about to fall.

Sarah’s muscles began to tense as she prepared to make her move.


Mason continued to circle his truck, the reptilian part of his mind still amusing itself with images of death and carnal violence but his eyes and ears were wide open and on guard for any sign of his girlfriend’s approach. Sarah had to be close by now; she
to be. She was a smart woman and the longer this game of theirs played out, the smarter Mason was starting to think she was. She hadn’t panicked. She hadn’t begged.
She hadn’t cried. No, she kicked him in the balls and taken his knife. Whatever else happened, he had to give her credit for that.

Maybe I shouldn’t be standing out here in the open,
he thought.
Makes more sense to hide and perhaps let her think the truck is…


“What the…?” Mason shouted, his heart jumping into his throat as something heavy banged behind him. He quickly spun in the direction of the noise with his hands shaking, bowstring pulled tight and ready to let loose his arrow if he saw anything moving. Unfortunately, there was no one there. Not Sarah. Not anyone. Taking a step or two closer to the pick-up he thought he heard a twig snap and the sound of footsteps approaching. In the reflective chrome of his front bumper, he saw the distorted shape of someone charging him from behind and instantly knew what had just happened.

Mason turned toward the approaching figure and in the blink of an eye dropped to one knee, taking dead aim on Sarah’s belly button. The look on her face told him she knew her sneak attack had failed but she was fully committed to it now and wasn’t backing down. She came at him at full speed but was still ten feet away when Mason released the string and sent his arrow flying. He’d been aiming for the center of her muscular belly but his hunting skills hadn’t improved in the years since he’d last been here with his dad, and the razor sharp arrow hit Sarah high on the inside of her left shoulder. The head easily blasted through the meat of her upper chest but jarred to a sudden stop as the arrow deflected off her collarbone and stuck in her shoulder blade.

The force of the blow put an end to Sarah’s charge, knocking the fight out of her as easily as it knocked her backwards off her feet. She screamed out in pain as she hit the ground hard. Mason couldn’t believe he’d actually hit her. Maybe hunting humans really was his cup of tea. Mason felt no pity for the woman he loved and in fact, her cries only added fuel to his fire. Her pain was actually turning him on and he salivated as he reloaded his bow, ready and willing to dish out more. Sarah managed to get to her feet and was trying to make a dash for the trees. Obviously she felt she might have a chance to get away if she could use the cover of the forest to hide in. Mason had no intention of letting her get that far.

With her back to him, his second arrow fired low and luckily found the big muscle at the back of her right thigh, piercing eighteen inches straight through and almost coming completely out the other side. A huge gout of blood splashed out of the wound and for a second Mason thought he’d severed her femoral artery but it didn’t keep pumping her life juices out onto the dirt so it was probably just another nasty flesh wound.

Certainly slowed the bitch down though
, Mason thought, a big smile on his face as he prepared another arrow.

“Stop Mason!” Sarah said, turning to face him, staggering on her damaged leg but still managing to limp closer and closer to the safety of the forest. “Don’t do this!”

“Sorry babe… but that’s not how the game works.”

Mason waited until Sarah dragged herself in front of a large oak tree and let loose his third arrow. He must have been improving because this time the razor point flew straight and true where he was aiming, striking Sarah in the left nipple and pinning her naked body to the tree behind her like a butterfly stuck onto cardboard for a grade school science project.
She shrieked in agony, feebly pawing at the exposed shaft with her left hand but to no avail. Mason watched her body twitch and shake for a few more seconds and then her head dropped to her chest and Sarah was still.

I’ve done it! I’ve really done it! She’s dead!

Mason dropped his bow and rushed over to get a closer look. He’d never felt a rush like this in his entire life and by the time he was standing in front of her slumped body his cock was standing straight up, slapping his belly, literally throbbing with blood lust and adrenaline. She’d wanted him to fuck her earlier; well now he was finally in the mood. Mason grabbed her roughly by the left arm and…

…and Sarah’s head lifted up, her eyes open wide.

She grabbed him by the balls with her left hand, bringing the knife out from behind her in her right. Before Mason could pull away, she sliced with all the strength she possessed, cutting clean through his manhood. The pressure from the gushing blood blasted the severed head of his cock up and over her shoulder into the woods behind her, a pulsing surge of blood splashing again and again across her chest and into her open mouth. Not content with the damage she’d done, Sarah struck again, burying her blade into Mason’s stomach and yanking skyward as hard as she could with what strength she had left. Her knife didn’t grind to a halt until it scraped into his sternum. Mason’s stomach burst opened like an over-ripe melon, his ropey intestines releasing out onto the ground and coiling onto the tops of his dirty work boots.

How do you like me now, motherfucker?
Sarah thought, the agony of her exertions nearly making her pass out.

She took a deep breath, trying to clear her head. Mason was gasping for breath and making a high pitched keening noise she’d never heard him make before. She was having a lot of trouble breathing herself actually, her lungs starting to fill with blood, but at least the pain in her leg and shoulder was starting to go away. Or perhaps her body was going numb. She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. Sarah pulled back out her knife and…

…and Mason grabbed his girlfriend’s hand, forcing the blade out of her grasp and turning it to point in her direction. Using the last of his strength, blood pouring from his penis, his guts still sliding out onto the ground, he used his dying body weight to ram the gore-drenched knife into the center of Sarah’s chest. The dagger missed her heart, barely, scratching the edge of her aorta. Blood began seeping into her body cavity and she spit up a syrupy red mouthful into Mason’s face. For a brief moment their eyes locked on each other, their faces only inches apart. She still had the most beautiful eyes Mason had ever seen.

“I…I love you,” Mason said, his vision fading, his body shutting down.

“Fuck you,” Sarah whispered, then kissed Mason tenderly on his cheek and died in her lover’s arms.

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BOOK: Mine
3.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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