Murder on the Champ de Mars

BOOK: Murder on the Champ de Mars
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Murder in the Marais
Murder in Belleville
Murder in the Sentier
Murder in the Bastille
Murder in Clichy
Murder in Montmartre
Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis
Murder in the Rue de Paradis
Murder in the Latin Quarter
Murder in the Palais Royal
Murder in Passy
Murder at the Lanterne Rouge
Murder Below Montparnasse
Murder in Pigalle


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Black, Cara
Murder on the Champ de Mars / Cara Black.

ISBN 978-1-61695-286-0
eISBN 978-1-61695-287-7
1. Leduc, Aimee (Fictitious character)—Fiction. 2. Women private investigators—France—Paris—Fiction. I. Title.
PS3552.L297M87 2015 813′.54—dc23


In memory of Romain Gary, who introduced me to rue du Bac and espresso.

For the victims of
, as
gens du voyage
call the Holocaust, and as always for the ghosts.

When the road bends, it’s hard to walk straight.


Champ de Mars

Paris, April 1999 · Sunday, Late Afternoon

the French military GPS tracker to the wheel well, straightened up and gasped, seeing the Peugeot’s owner standing in the shadowy Marais courtyard. So much for being
très discrète
. She’d blown the surveillance—now what? What was wrong with her, making a mistake like this? Why couldn’t she shake off her postpartum baby brain?

Un peu trop élégante
for a mechanic. Maybe you’re a
?” said the Vicomte d’Argenson, her target.

Think. She wasn’t even officially back from maternity leave until tomorrow, but she’d taken the job because it had seemed like a piece of
. “A relative is trying to ruin me,” the
had told her when he’d hired her. “Find out who.”

Now, staring across the seventeenth-century courtyard at the
’s nephew, she arranged her face in a pout. “Just a little tracking device, Vicomte d’Argenson. You’re a hard man to catch up with and I want your story.” She pulled her alias’s card from her clutch bag. “We journalists have to live, you know.”

Paris Match
?” he said, fingering her card.

A little shrug sent a ripple of clicking across the metallic beading on her Courrèges-clad shoulders. She hoped this ploy appealed to the portly roué’s vanity.

, put me on the cover and I’ll give you a story. My story.”

“Deal.” The dank late afternoon air in the courtyard chilled her, and the scent of damp stone clung to the
hunting museum’s walls. Vivaldi violin melodies wafted from the museum’s reception, and the trailing ivy glistened in the light from the sconces.

“But I need the homing device you put under my car,
ma belle.

Aimée made a moue of resignation with her Chanel red lips. “I’m counting on the exclusive, Vicomte d’Argenson.”

By the time she’d recovered the device and put it in his waiting palm, he’d checked the other tires.

“Damn paparazzi,” he said, grinding the tracker under his heel on the cobbles.

Good thing she’d put a second one inside his briefcase on the backseat. She activated the second tracker, smothering the click with a cough.

“My number’s at the bottom.
A bientôt,
” she said, shooting him a complicit smile, and air-kissed somewhere in the vicinity of his cheek.

And with that she hurried through the tall doors, slipping the control, which was no bigger than a lighter, into the waiting hand of Maxence, Leduc Detective’s intern hacker, who was posing as a valet.

’s fiftieth birthday party. Mission almost complete, she thought. She stood under the chandelier in the thronged gala, a position from which she could keep one kohl-rimmed eye on
le vicomte
. Part of her enjoyed getting back to the grown-up world and off diaper duty for a few hours. The other was tinged with guilt for going back to work full-time tomorrow.

Notes from the violin drifted up to the hunting museum’s twenty-foot ceiling. To avoid conversation, she pretended to admire the decor, suppressing shudders at the antler trophies; other walls were hung with medieval tapestries of gruesome hunting scenes. Meanwhile, her target stood
amongst his entourage with a glass, looking bored. No suspicious contact yet.

“Interesting scent you’re wearing.” A member of
le vicomte
’s entourage had appeared at her elbow. He had periwinkle-blue eyes and tousled curly hair. He offered her
une coupe de champagne
. “What’s it called?”

She sniffed. Puréed aubergine. With her fingernail she scraped off the splattered souvenir her six-month-old daughter, Chloé, had left on her clutch.

“A mixture of Chanel No. 5 and my own blend.” She smiled flirtatiously and passed on the champagne. Not that she wasn’t tempted. But this was work. And she was nursing.

separated himself from the crowd and made toward the door.

“Pardonnez-moi, monsieur.”
In three strides she’d reached the doorway, speaking into the mic buried in her beaded collar. “Target on the move.”

Maxence nodded from the foyer in his valet garb. She adjusted her earwig’s volume. “He’s asked for his car,” said Maxence. “Signal’s coming through clear. Even with your clicking beads.”

As planned.
. “You’ll take over from here, Maxence?”

BOOK: Murder on the Champ de Mars
11.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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