My Deepest Desire (Hidden Desires)

BOOK: My Deepest Desire (Hidden Desires)
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My Deepest Desire



By Sanya Dane


opyright © 2013 Sanya Dane


All Rights Reserved.  No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned or distributed in any printed or digital format with permission.


Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used factiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.


This ebook contains material not suitable for readers under the age of 18.  It also contains scenes that some may find objectionable including light BDSM,
ménage à trois, bondage and anal sex. 



To Clyde for
always having my back, encouraging me and reminding me to be myself and go after my dreams.

Chapter One

Naira Cahill sits in a corner of her
favorite restaurant, Le’Bistro, watching a couple at the middle table.  She smiles at their interaction then checks a box on the note pad she’s writing on when a shadow falls over her.  Without looking up she says, “Hey lady, what are you doing here?

“I left the office early, well on time and I remembered you would be here keeping an eye on your new love match.”  Leah Arias sits down while asking, “Why do you always watch them?”

Naira looks at her best friend since childhood.  “I told you, I like to make sure they have chemistry.”  She murmurs, “And that he’ll treat her with respect”.

The waiter comes over to bring Naira her food and takes Leah’s order.  Since they dine there regularly the waiter talks to them for a little while before asking Leah if she wants her usual, he leaves to go put it in wh
en she answers, yes.  As they watch the couple Naira set-up, she asks, “So when are you going to let me find the perfect person for you?”

Leah laughs, “Right after you find the perfect one for yourself.”

“I will, eventually.”

Leah stops laughing when Naira somberly looks back at the couple, “I know you will because you are amazing and you deserve to be happy.”

Naira smiles, “So do you.”

The waiter returns with Leah’s dinner and the two of them eat and converse as they watch the couple.

Vincent Kincaid sits in a corner across from the two women observing them.  He studies Naiara’s features and is immediately drawn in by what he sees.  Shoulder length curly brown hair, he can’t really make out the color of her eyes but they have a soft glow that compliments her smooth milk chocolate complexion.  His friend had not lied when he told him she was beautiful.  He only hopes everything else was true too.  He watches as they enjoy their meals, wondering if they realize the number of men continuously looking at them.

Naira and Leah finish their meal and leave shortly after the couple they were watching.  Before going their separate ways they agree to meet for their usual lunch date.  Once home Naira follows her nightly routine.  She feeds her cat, makes a cup of tea then goes to sit out on her living room terrace to read.  A gray and black ball of fur jumps onto her lap.  She pets the cat, “Hi Cheeky, are you ready for bed?  Come on girl, let’s go.”  She picks up the purring fluff ball and carries her into her bedroom.  Naira sets
Cheeky in the tower of a large castle in the corner of the room then climbs into bed.


Naira walks into her fashion boutique, one of the most popular shops in the Gaslamp District, Alluring Designs.  She greets everyone in the store including, her seamstress Sarah and her manager Lisa, before heading up to the main office to work on their upcoming spring line.  After a few hours she goes downstairs to help out with the customers and crack jokes.  Naira is helping a young woman who shops there often, with a dress fitting when she hears the chimes that signal the door opening.  In a mirror she sees the reflection of a delivery man walking to the counter with a package.  Lisa is over there so Naira focuses her attention back on Angel who is telling her that she’s not sure if the strapless dress will stay up because of her petite frame.  A voice behind them says, “I think you’re right, you don’t have the body for that dress.”

Angel looks up to see her ex-boyfriend standing there and runs into a dressing room.  Naira turns around, one eyebrow going up as she says, “
Jared I’m so glad to see you.  I’ve been hoping you’d pop up since you two broke up.”

“Really, you’re a bit on the heavy side but what the hell I’ll give you a try.”

Naira looks at Lisa and the two of them burst out laughing.  “Jared you are so funny, the mere thought of you thinking you could handle me is hilarious.  Not to mention, I wouldn’t screw you with someone else’s crotch let alone my own.”  Naira hears the door chime again but is so caught up telling Jared off she doesn’t look that way.  “Angel is too much woman for you.  It’s pathetic how you need to put her down so you can feel better about yourself.  Do you know that every time you two had sex she would fake her orgasm then go into the bathroom and use her pocket rocket to get off?  I commend her for staying with you as long as she did because I sure couldn’t do it.”  Without turning around she says, “Angel, how are you and the guy I set you up with last month getting along?”

Angel enthusiastically replies, “He’s great! He always tells me how attractive he finds me, he thanks me when I do things for him and he makes me feel special.”

Naira smirks at Jared before saying, “And is he a giver or taker?”

Angel blushes, “Both.”

Naira winks at Angel then looks back at Jared, “So please take your disrespectful ass out of my shop and don’t come back.  Not even for work. B-Bye!”

Jared turns around to leave, his face red from embarrassment and anger.  As he reaches the door he mumbles, “Stuck up fat bitch”.

Naira walks to the door and leans out a little, “The term is fluffy and your mother should have swallowed.”

As she turns around she sees
Lisa shaking her head and Angel standing by the counter with her hand over her mouth.  Sarah and a few other regular customers are further back trying not to laugh.  Naira finally notices the man standing on the other side of the door. She looks at Lisa trying to decide what she should say.  After a few moments she looks back at the man bats her eyes, then with a huge smile she says.  “Hello sir.  Welcome to Alluring Designs.  I’m Naira Cahill the proprietor of this shop, how may I help you?”

Vincent walked into the boutique his friend told him about and was initially stunned then aroused by the gorgeous woman ripping into the delivery guy without even raising her voice.  It didn’t take him long to realize that the curvy spitfire’s anger had nothing to do with herself and everything to do with the young lady sliding out
of the dressing room.  He loves the way her very high heels lengthen her legs and noted that bare foot she couldn’t be taller than 5” 2.  The guy had to be about 5 inches taller than her and thirty pounds heavier, but he just stood there taking her wrath.  In a chicken shit move he mumbled an insult as he left.  Not deterred by his exiting comment, the sexy protector strutted to the door calmly spoke her response then shut the door as she turned around. 

nt was aware of the exact moment she noticed he was there.  Suddenly her whole body froze and she looked at the woman behind the counter.  Just as quickly her muscles loosened and she looked at him batting her big beautiful amaretto eyes.  Her smile almost floored him and he knew in that moment that he had to have her.  He realized she was speaking to him just into time to hear her name.  He took the hand she held out toward him, “Hi Ms. Cahill, I’m Vincent Kincaid.”

Naira stares
into cerulean blue eyes and a warm zing shoots from her stomach through her body.  “I’m sorry you had to be a witness to that Mr. Kincaid.  Normally we are very hospitable but I can’t stand bullies and he had it coming.  Please call me Naira, what can I do for you?”

Naira, you can call me Vincent.  I’m new in town and a friend of mine told me this is the perfect place for me to get a suit for a banquet I’m going to.”

“Well we can certainly help you with that.  Did you have anything in mind?”

“I’m not sure.  My friend thought I should go with a tux but I don’t want anything that formal.  I figure maybe a suit in something other than the traditional black will stand out but I don’t want anything too flashy.”

“I’ve got the perfect thing in mind but I need some time to make it.  When do you need it by?”

“The banquet is Saturday.”

“I can have it ready for you on Friday.”

“That doesn’t really leave time for any alterations to be made.”

Naira gestures toward the counter,
“Lisa will take your measurements today and I guarantee that it will fit you perfectly.”

on one condition?”

“What’s that?”

“You have to measure me yourself.”  Vincent looks towards the counter, “No offense Lisa.”

a shakes her head, “None taken.”

smiles, “I was with a customer so if you don’t mind waiting a little while I can do you after her.

Vincent laughs, “I have time.”

Naira gives him a chair to sit in while she makes adjustments to Angel’s dress and assures her that the dress will look amazing when it’s done.  After she pins the dress to hold the fabric where she wants it, Naira turns Angel to face the mirror, “See, beautiful.”

smiles and turns to hug Naira but stops when she’s reminded of the pins in the dress.  Angel goes to change, when she returns Naira tells her to come back tomorrow to pick up the dress.  She says goodbye to everyone and leaves.  Naira waves Vincent over to her.  As he approaches he says, “If you make me look half as good as your friend I’m going to dazzle them at this banquet.”

Naira begins measuring him starting with his neck and working down, she asks, “What is the banquet for?”

It’s to introduce me to the staff as the new head of pediatrics at San Diego General.”

“Very nice.
  Welcome to San Diego.”

“Thank you.  The difficult part about being new to town is I don’t have anyone to be my date. “

Naira stretches the tape measure across his broad chest shoulder to shoulder, “You’re very handsome, I’m sure it won’t be difficult for you to find someone.”

“You think so?”

“I’m positive.”

As she wraps the tape around his waist Vincent says, “I would like to
take someone who isn’t a virtual stranger and is fun to be with”.

“Well, you are in luck, not only can I
make sure you look dapper but I may even be able to help you find a date.”

“Would you accompany me?”

Now at his inseam, Naira looks up into those deep blue eyes staring down at her.”


“I know we just met but I’d like to think that I’m a pretty good judge of character.  I like what I see and I want to get to know you.”

“I’m flattered but I’m not comfortable going out with someone I don’t know, who just moved to town and could be a murderer or someone who sells people body parts on the black market.”

Vincent covers his face as not to laugh, “You have a very active imagination.”

“I know, I can’t help it.”

“Would it help if I gave you a reference?”

Trying not to smile Naira asks, “Who?”

“Dante Keyes.”

“You know Dante?

“Yes, we’ve been friends for about 10 years.”

Vincent can tell Naira is considering the idea; she looks up with that killer smile and bats her eyes.  Vincent feels himself harden as she says,
“Then it would be my pleasure to accompany you to your banquet.”

Finishing his inseam
Naira notices the bulge in the front of Vincent’s pants but chooses not to say anything.  She stands but can’t help the quiet “hmm” she hums as she glances at his crotch again.  She looks towards the counter but Lisa is no were in sight.  Vincent sees the little smile on her face and says, “I saw that”.

stands up and looks away when her face heats up. “I’m sorry for ogling you, it’s just there and wow!  But that’s no excuse.”

Vincent lifts her chin
, turning her head so she can look him in the eyes, “You can ogle me any time.”

The initial heat in her face turns to flames
as Naira’s cheeks turn a deep red, “You’re making me blush.”

He brushes his thumb across her cheek, “I like it.”

With a Kool-Aid smile Naira says, “That’s it you have to go so I can get some work done.  I’ll have your suit ready on Friday.”

“I will see you then.”

Right after Vincent closes the door Lisa comes out of the storage room, “Whew, he is hot! And it looks like he has his sights set on you.”

“He is fine.  Can you do me a favor before you go to lunch?”

“Sure?  What do you need?”

“Here’s Vincent’s measurements can you please start cutting out the materials for his suit.  I want to use that slate blue fabric that came in the other day.”

“That’s going to look great.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

Naira reminds Lisa to flip the out to lunch sign and lock up if Ruby, who works in the afternoon, doesn’t show up before she leaves.  While walking down the block to Le’Bistro she pulls out her phone.  A husky voice answers, “Hi Naira.”

She laughs, “Hey D, I can tell you’re busy I just wanted to ask a quick question.”

“I just finished playing basketball.  What do you need sweetie?”

“Can you tell me about Vincent Kincaid?”

Naira hears the smile in Dante’s voice, “He’s a great Dom and an even better friend.”

“Even though I help you out at the club, you know I’m not
really submissive.”

“Not everyone submits to all dominates,
sometimes it just takes the right one.”

BOOK: My Deepest Desire (Hidden Desires)
5.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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