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My Masters' Nightmare, Season 1 / Episode 13

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Marita A. Hansen



Like a television series,
My Masters’ Nightmare
is broken up into episodes. A new episode
will be published every few weeks until the season has ended. There
will be fifteen episodes in Season 1. After Season 1 is finished,
the surviving characters will be moving to The Santini Brothers




Recap of
Episode 12

1 Rita





6 Sophia

7 Rita / Sophia

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My Masters’ Nightmare

Season 1, Episode 13



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Recap of Episode

The Donatelli
intending on ransoming him for cash and weapons. Wanting to escape,
he asks Andriena for help, but to no avail. As a result, they
argue, which ends in Alessandro deciding to seduce her into freeing

becomes jealous of
Matteo, thinking that Thierry wants his nephew. Thierry denies it,
but confesses about Matteo sexually harassing him. The
confronts Matteo,
which quickly escalates into a fight. After Christo breaks it up,
into Alessandro’s room. When he tries to molest Alessandro,
attacks him
with a knife.

sneaks out of the D’Angelo house in an attempt to save her
brother and Thierry, but inadvertently walks into an FBI ambush
intended for the Donatelli.
With the help
of the FBI and a Rosso, she heads for the Donatelli hideout with
murder on her mind.

kills a Landi soldier after he rapes her again. Needing to
cover her tracks, she makes it look like Rita murdered the soldier
and betrayed Frano. While returning to her room, Honey sees Camila
covered in the soldier’s blood. Panicking, Camila kills Honey, then
lies to Jagger about why, leading him to believe she caught Honey
abusing him in his sleep.

Episode 13 begins...




long line of trees surrounded me as I
ran towards the Donatelli hideout, the night also hiding me from
enemy eyes. I slowed down as I neared the end of the driveway. A
small cottage stood in the middle of a clearing with a row of
bushes behind it. Curtains were drawn across the windows, the
interior lights making them glow. Contrary to what the Rosso man
had said, there were no Donatelli guarding the outside of the
house. I hadn’t come across any on the way here either, making me
wonder whether he’d misled me and the other agents.

My attention shifted to the back of the
property. One of the FBI agents emerged from the bushes, moving
forward slowly, the man almost invisible in his dark clothing. My
eyes shot to my left as Julio appeared, my colleague also hard to
see, his dusky skin and clothing blending in with the night. He
headed towards the house, holding his gun at the ready. More men
appeared on my right, the FBI agents closing in from all

Lifting my gun, I
ran towards Julio,
wary that we could be heading into a trap. I caught up with him as
he neared the front door. He signaled to his men to stand on either
side of him. They pressed their backs against the wall, while I
moved behind Julio, knowing he wouldn’t let anyone enter before
him. He always took the lead. He was fearless, an adrenalin junkie
who considered freefalling out of a plane a weekend activity. If
anything, he probably had a hard-on right now, which wouldn’t be a
surprise since his job was his only lover.

turned the handle and pushed the door
open, waiting a few seconds before entering, no doubt assessing
whether the Donatelli reacted. I followed him inside with three
other agents. The lounge looked deserted, the only voices coming
from the TV. A famous Italian actress was shouting at a male model,
calling him a bastard. On the coffee table, food sat on plates,
practically untouched.

Julio walked
towards the first room on his left, indicating for the other agents
to cover the remaining two doors. I went to Julio’s side,
preferring to stick with him. He held his hand up, counting down on
his fingers. As soon as the last one descended, he kicked open his
door and charged inside, while the other agents did the same to
their assigned rooms. I followed Julio in, coming to a sudden halt.
A man was tied to a chair with his throat slit. His pinched
features looked similar to Leo’s, suggesting he was the Rosso man
we were supposed to spare.

I walked past Julio and removed the piece
of paper stuck to the dead man’s bare chest, his blood tainting the
white sheet. I started reading the message out loud for Julio’s

To my dearest
Tell Leo we killed
his cousin because of what he said to you, especially the part
about making my brother suffer. We heard everything he said.
I secretly bugged
his jacket since I didn’t trust the Rosso
. Though, it was rather a pleasant
surprise to hear how vicious you’ve become. Maybe I won’t kill you
after all. Instead, I could keep you as a little pet. You would
look splendid wearing a chain around your neck while I fucked you

I stopped
Julio held his hand out for the note. I stepped away from him,
skipping ahead a few paragraphs before continuing, “If you want
your brother to remain alive, you will meet me by yourself. If I
smell even a whiff of the FBI, I will slit your brother’s throat as
I did to Leo’s cousin. If anything, I should’ve done it already,
but decided to give you one more chance since I have such fond
memories of you. I will contact you in the next few hours via the
phone in the dead man’s pocket. I look forward to seeing you

pocketed the note and searched the
dead man’s pants, finding the phone. I clicked it on, checking for
messages. When I found nothing, I stuffed it into my

Regardless of what he wrote,”
Julio said, capturing my attention, “we’ll be coming with

No, I’m going in alone this

Rita, I was told to bring you
in, not to let you walk into a psycho’s den without

I don’t have a choice; my
brother’s life is at risk.”

What about

His is
worth more than mine.”


I cut him off,

This is my
battle, not yours; so let me do this my way.”

No, Ri
ta, it’s either my way or you’re on
the next flight home.”

I am home! And if you try to
stop me, I’ll land you on your ass.”

Julio holstered his
, then
placed his hands on my shoulders, looking down at me with concern.
“Just calm down and take a few breaths; you’re not thinking
logically right now. Lead with your head, not your

pulled the note out of my pocket and
waved it in front of his face. “How can I when Christo is
threatening my brother’s life?”

You still need

No, I need you to stay
the hell out of my business.”

is my business too, and you’ll be
walking to your death without my help.”

You heard what he wrote: he
wants to keep me alive, which gives me an advantage. He’s probably
underestimating what I’m capable of. He doesn’t know the full
extent of my skills, which means he’ll be in for a rude

Shaking his head, Julio let go
of my shoulders.
“I’ve heard of Christo Donatelli. Everyone in the
department has. I think it’ll be you who’ll be in for a rude
awakening. He was in the foreign fucking legion, woman. He’s a hard
motherfucker with no scruples and not to mention psychotic.
Apparently, he went nuts and slaughtered a whole village while in
the legion. It’s why he left them. They tried to imprison him for
his crimes, but instead he killed four of his own men to get away.
He’s completely insane.”

I survived him once,
and I’ll survive
him again.”

Or you’ll die this time

Either way, you’re not coming
with me.”

You don’t get a choice in the

No! He said
FBI. This is my brother’s neck, not

How is the SOB supposed to know
if we’re hiding?”

If he even gets a
ff of you
my brother’s dead, so back off, Julio. You saw how easy it was for
him to find out that we were coming.”

This is not up for
negotiation.” He went to grab my arm.

I shot to his
right, moving
behind him before he could react. I placed my gun to his head. “I
love you, man, but if I have to choose between you and my brother,
my brother will win. So move, you’re my ticket out of

Julio held up his hands. “Don’t do
this, Rita.”

don’t do this, because I don’t want your
blood on my hands. I just want to leave without any

You’ve got a fucking gun to my
head! That’s trouble. And after I helped you—”

This is for my brother! And you
seem intent on doing shit that will get him killed. You’ve pushed
me to do this, so shut your mouth and start walking. And tell your
men to back off,” I said, my eyes going to them. A couple of them
were glaring at me through the doorway with their guns

I won’t forgive you for this,
Rita,” Julio said, sounding hurt.

I won’t either, but I
have no choice. Now, move!”

We headed out of the room. Julio barked at
his men to lower their weapons. Backing up, the agents did as they
were told.

BOOK: My Masters' Nightmare, Season 1 / Episode 13
3.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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