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Naked Party with the DJ

BOOK: Naked Party with the DJ
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Daria’s Sexy College Diary: Naked Party with the

By Daria Sparks

© copyright 2013 Daria Sparks

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This adult reading material is a work of
fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the
product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and
any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, business
establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. This
book contains explicit material, strong language and sexual
references intended for mature audiences only. All sexual acts
portrayed or suggested are between consenting adults over the age
of 18.

All Rights Reserved. This book may not be
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Adult Reading Material

Daria’s Sexy College Diary: Naked Party with the

By Daria Sparks


My whole body tensed as one of my fingers
slowly circled my clit while another finger was lightly tapping the
most sensitive spot on the bottom side of my clit. I looked over at
the picture of Crystal on the wall above her bed and felt my
muscles tense up once more before I slid over the cliff of my
second orgasm in a row. My body was radiating warmth and I felt
incredible as the sensation washed over me. Shooting the naked
photos of Crystal had started a very naughty hookup between us and
I was enjoying it a little too much. The photo session had turned
us both on and we ended up making love for the first time, but it
wasn’t our last time.

Not too long after shooting Naked Photos we
shot Naked Video, a video of Crystal and Traci making love. After
we’d packed everything up from the video shoot Crystal and Traci
and I shared an amazing time, making love for the longest, sweetest
time I could have imagined. So far my women lovers had been tender
and sweet, paying attention to both of our needs. It was easy to
understand why I thought I had the best roommate ever.

I knew it was crazy to make love with my
roommate Crystal, but she was very cool and was enjoying her first
time away from home by fucking multiple men and women. She was
enjoying a very similar journey to mine and so far it worked.
Crystal was incredible in bed and I knew there was much more to
learn from her.

I closed my eyes and laid my head back into
my pillows, the waves and tingles slowly subsiding but the memory
of sex with Crystal and Traci would never subside. Just then the
door to our dorm room opened and she walked in. I froze my hands
and the smile on my face.

“Daria, you can masturbate on top of the
covers you know?” she asked. “I like seeing you naked.”

“Uh,” I stammered. I was totally busted.

“There are several parties on campus tonight,
you want to tag along?” asked Crystal.

The smile on my face grew even wider and I
felt a new tingling which told me I wanted to go. Crystal is a
striking blond college girl with a sweet and sensuous look and a
personality that attracts people wherever she goes. I grinned and
blushed again, then threw back the sheet that I was lying under and
sat on the edge of my bed.

“You are really cute, you know that?” she

Crystal had been very good for me and
especially my self-esteem. My mother was a brutal stage mom who was
royally pissed off when I decided not to continue to perform at
beauty pageants, and ever since she had ramped up the pressure for
me to turn into the young woman she never became. When I was ten I
made the mistake of winning a local pageant then quit, and ever
since then she had told me I had thrown away my best chance at
succeeding in life. I had run away to college to get away from her.
I missed dad so we talked on the phone often, but my mom was a

“Absolutely, I’d love a good party” I said.
It had been an eventful week and I needed to blow off some steam. I
needed meet a cute college guy to hook up with. It was very clear
that Crystal and I were just a passing fling, and I knew that she
was way more into women than I was. Or that’s what I thought. I
never would have thought the night would end like it did.


It was fall in Vancouver, the leaves were
starting to change, the air had already turned a little crisp, and
the smell of wood burning in fireplaces was everywhere as we walked
out of the dorm. A group of loud boys skateboarded past us with
several of them stopping to say hello to Crystal. She was as nice
as usual, but told them she had a date for the night and gently
sent them on their way thinking that at some point during their
brief encounter they had had a chance with her.

We both dressed in short skirts and tight
tops, balanced between showing off and being respectful of the fall
weather. Crystal didn’t wear a bra which would set crotches on fire
all evening. Since we planned to walk we both wore our cute little
tennis shoes, with rings and chains to match our earrings. She
darkened my eyeliner to match hers, and when we gave ourselves a
look in the mirror I felt I had never looked sexier.

She reached up to wipe something off my cheek
then leaned in and planted a soft, wet kiss on my lips. Her hands
pulled me closer, and we kissed some more. I kissed her back and
enjoyed the kiss.

“So you don’t mind having a slut like me as
your roommate?” she asked as we stuffed our IDs in our bras and
slipped into light coats.

I gave it some thought as she looked at me,
and knew an answer was expected. “I think you’re doing what college
girls should do; you’re finding out what you like before settling
in to a life of boring sex while you raise kids,” I said.

“Probably accurate,” she laughed. “My mom is
from Norway and talked my dad into moving us way up north when I
was young because Vancouver was too tropical for her,” she said
with a laugh. “So I grew up in Moose Balls Canada with a desire to
explore things far away and far warmer than Canada. So far
Vancouver is the farthest away from home I’ve been.”

“Where do you want to go?” I asked her.

“Somewhere warm,” she said apologetically as
if betraying her mother. “Tell me about St. Martin.”

My summer in St. Martin had been incredible
for a number of reasons. The heat of St. Martin and the hot sun on
the beach had awakened something inside of me, and I began to talk
about it. I had flown to St. Martin a Canadian Virgin and returned
to Canada a horny woman who understood what an orgasm was. That’s
when I started to write Daria’s Sexy College Diary. I also
understood that I wanted more orgasms, so I had set off looking for
willing guys to fuck. She laughed with me at some of the
experiences I had suffered through, especially the one guy who had
slipped his fingers into the wrong hole.

As the sun went down we were at the bell
tower and somehow Crystal had a key to get in. We climbed up to the
top as red and gold streaks of clouds shot through the sky ending
another day. We started taking self-portraits with our phones with
the blazing sky as a backdrop. It was a gorgeous site and we
Instagrammed the pics and put them on our Facebook Walls. Crystal
pointed out various buildings on campus and it gave me a better
understanding of where things were. I’d only been there for a few
weeks but so much had happened already.

I had quickly gotten used to Crystal walking
around our room naked, and enjoyed the fact that she was a sweet
girl who only saw the good in the world. Her tongue had also given
me several intense orgasms recently and I knew there would be more
to come, but it also seemed important to keep a laid back attitude
about it. She and I were not getting into a relationship, I knew
that. I didn’t think she was getting into a relationship with

We got to the first party and were quickly
handed cocktails as Crystal started introducing me to people she
knew. She also turned down a lot more invitations, some subtle and
most nowhere near subtle. That first house was very low on women so
we quickly found a side door and left. We talked as we walked, and
soon were walking in to another party, this one had far more women
and once again many of them knew Crystal. The mix of men and women
was almost equal and I started looking for a guy to hook up with.
Crystal kept getting hit on and passing, and we continued to walk

“You’ve turned down some cute boys, Crystal,
I’m going to hook up with one of them,” I said.

“Do it, Daria. Today I want a woman, but I’ll
never stop fucking men. And, if there’s someone I know will be
right for you I will let you know, deal?” she said.

“Err on the side of the nice guy, okay?” I

“I fuck that one up all the time, so keep
your eyes open and your drinks under control,” she said as she
poured some of her drink on the ground.

“Is there someone here you like?” I

“I’m meeting someone here, yes,” she said
with a grin.

“Is he here yet?” I asked.

Crystal looked at me and grinned. “She is,”
she replied. Her eyes locked on mine, waiting for my reaction.

“That’s cool,” I said. I had wondered how
open Crystal was about dating women, since I knew she had sex with
them. Thankfully, I thought with a sly grin.

“You don’t mind?” she asked. “I haven’t
brought it up because I think it’s no big deal...”

“It’s your choice and totally cool,” I

“I’m more worried about keeping them away
from you,” she said. I must have had a puzzled look on my face
because she continued. “Traci wants another evening with you so
you’d better be ready.”

This was really good news to me. Traci was a
sweetheart and I knew I would be glad to fall into bed with her
once again. I would not have initiated it, but if Traci did I was
looking forward to the chance.

“Keep them away?” I asked.

“This is my first time living away from home,
I’m going to be a bit of a slut with the right people,” she

“Crystal, that is such good news,” said a guy
walking by.

“Not for you, Donald,” she said.

They both laughed, though you could see that
he had hoped he might win the Crystal lottery that night. “I had to
try,” he said as he shuffled off.

Just then a guy walked up that I recognized
from my Psychology class.

“Hey Crystal,” he said and leaned in for a

“Daria, this is Brian, a decent guy I think,”
she said, emphasizing the word think.

Brian reached out and pulled me in for a hug
before I could say anything. “Hey, Daria, cool name,” he said.

“Thanks, I like it,” I said.

“Who needs a drink?” he asked.

“We’ll need new ones soon,” she said then
grinned as Brian walked off to find drinks for us.

Crystal and I continued making our way around
the enormous back yard where the party was being held. The air was
getting cooler and people were seated around the massive brick
fireplace. Crystal knew quite a few people there and we found
ourselves having a drink with most of the women’s volleyball team.
Two of the girls had come from my high school and we sort of knew
each other, and it was nice to catch up on talk of home. Vancouver
was hundreds of miles away from home, and even though I talked with
both Mom and Dad every week, it was not like being there in town to
see things change.

Brian returned with drinks but Crystal was
talking to a girl and returned to her conversation after taking the
drink he offered. It was pretty clear that he was not going to hook
up with her and he walked off again. By the time Crystal introduced
me to Annette, Brian had moved on and was chatting up a girl not
too far away.

Annette is even taller than Crystal so I felt
really short. She is the captain of the women’s volleyball team and
six feet tall or more. Annette projected a natural confidence and
grace and it was clear that she liked Crystal. As she talked with
me she also kept Crystal front and center, and I knew I was in
their way and needed to change that. That’s when Brian showed up
once more with more drinks.

“Hey, Brian, help me find a bathroom,” I
said. Crystal gave me a dreamy smile as I walked off with Brian and
she turned back to Annette. Their lips met as we walked away.

BOOK: Naked Party with the DJ
13.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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