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Chapter 1


Reneice and her best friend Le’Lani were sitting in their philosophy class, not really paying any attention to what the professor was saying because they were making plans for the night. It was Thursday and since neither girl had classes on Friday they wanted to do something fun.

Reneice had moved to Detroit a year ago to attend college at Wayne State University. She was in her freshman year at the college and was studying to be a criminal defense lawyer. All her life she dreamed of being a lawyer, but if that didn’t happen plan B was to become a doctor.

“Girl, I’m trying to make it do what it
DO tonight!” said a very excited Le’Lani

“Lani, it’s only a Thursday night. So therefore, there’s nothing to do.” replied Reneice.

“Ugh, eww Neicey why you always wanna rain on my parade? Ever since you moved here, you act like you don’t wanna go out.”

“I have gone out with you plenty of times. Besides, I have a research paper that I have to do that is due on Wednesday.
So going out should be the last thing on my mind.”

“Do you always have to be a bookworm? Plus you know my brother gets out tomorrow and we have to go out for his first night home.”

“Girl you are a hot mess! Why can’t you just go out with your other friends?” asked Reneice shaking her head at her friend.

“Because mami, them other hoes not gon’ have my back like you if something
go down or if I have to act a fool.”

“See that’s ya problem now, you
always acting a fool!” laughed Reneice.

“Anyways hoe, what you wearing tomorrow?”

“Me and Quamir are going to the mall today so I’ll just buy something then.”

“Quamir as in Boogie’s brother Quamir? Ooooh girl, ya’ll been talking for how long now?” Lani smirked.

“About three months nosey, why?”

“Oh nothing, I was just asking because it seems to be getting pretty serious between ya’ll.”

“Not that serious. Now shut up so I can get the last of these notes,” Reneice said shaking her head.

“Ugh alright.
By the way my brother is picking us up since your car is in the shop.”

Five minutes later the professor dismissed the class for the day. As the girls were walking out the door they spotted Le’Lani’s oldest brother Micah, known in the streets as “Mack” pulling up in his white on white escalade. His best friend Boogie was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Hey brother, hey Boogie!” exclaimed Lani while climbing in the backseat of the truck.

“Wassup, knucklehead
!” they said in unison.

“Dang baby girl, you too busy texting on the phone you can’t even speak to yo’ big brother?” asked Micah, while looking at
Reneice through his rearview mirror.

“Sorry brother. Hey Mack, hey Boog-Nasty” she said chuckling.

“Hey ma” said Mack.

“Wassup sis-in-law?” laughed Boogie.

Reneice was about to make a smart comment when her phone started to ring. Everyone got quiet to hear the one sided conversation.

“Hello…Yea I can do that for you…”
she said.

Smiling real hard Reneice continued, “You not ready…alright, bye.”

When she got off the phone all eyes were on her. Embarrassed she looked at everybody and started blushing.

“What?” Reneice asked. Everybody started laughing and shaking their heads.

“My brother must have some good game. I taught him well.”

“What makes you think that was your brother smart ass?” she said while rolling her eyes.

“Because ain’t no other nigga supposed to be calling your phone.”

“Whatever. I’m grown.”

“Alright grown.”

Reneice and Boogie’s little brother Quamir had been dating for three months; ever since they were introduced at one of Boogie’s parties. It took him a minute to get her to agree to go out with him, but ever since the first date they had been tight.

was different from most girls her age. She was 18 with her own house, own car, a job, and was in college. She didn’t have a lot of kids running around with different daddies and she wasn’t known around as a hoe because she wasn’t fucking any and everybody. She even still had her virginity; a lot of females her age couldn’t say the same.

“I can’t wait until tomorrow!” said an excited Lani.

“I know, it’s been too long since I seen my lil nigga,” agreed Boogie.

“Lil nigga?
That nigga just as buff as me now, but I’m still big brother and I’ll still beat his ass” laughed Mack.

“Neicey, I wish you didn’t have to work tomorrow so you could go with us to pick him up,” Lani said pouting.

“Girl, I don’t need to go with y'all, that’s y’all time. That’s family time. I’ll meet him when we go out.” stated Reneice.

“Baby girl don’t even play like that. You know you are family. I told Ramone that I would take care of you and my word is bond.

Reneice’s only brother Ramone was also locked up. He’d been there ever since she was 16. It had been a very hard time living without the person whom had raised her. Reneice never knew who her father was and her mother died when she was only 11 years old. Since Ramone was 19 at the time, he took on the responsibility of raising her; she looked at him as her only parent and even started calling him dad.

Ramone wasn’t very happy that his baby sister moved to Detroit because he didn’t know anybody there that would look out for his only sister. When she met Le’Lani and Micah all of that changed. Micah wrote him a letter telling Ramon
e that he would act as if Reneice was his own baby sister and fill his shoes until he came home. So far, he had been doing just that.

“Speaking of going out . . . Neicey I’m getting dressed at your house tomorrow” said Lani, always being the party animal.

“That’s cool, I figured that anyways since you got two closets full of clothes at my house,” laughed Reneice.

“Well then we might as well just meet up and leave from yo house then Neicey,” said Micah.

“No problem. Boogie you coming over with Quamir?”

“Nah he’ll probably be over there before me so I’ll just meet y’all there.”

“Now that that’s settled can we get something to eat please?” asked Lani.


* * * * * *


Le’Lani spent the night at Micah’s house so she could just ride with him to pick up Mykell. They were on the road by 7:00 and even though it took a little over an hour to get from Detroit to Adrian, Michigan, they left a little early to make sure that they got there on time. Around 9:30 they pulled up at Gus Harrison Correctional Facility to get their brother. Once they got there they waited about 20 minutes before Mykell came out.

OMG! Look Mack, it’s him!” Lani yelled jumping out the truck.

Mykell had
grown since being in prison and pumping all that iron. He stood 6’5, with smooth chocolate skin and 250 lbs. of pure muscle. He had light brown eyes that the ladies loved and a smile that was to die for. Mykell had also cut off his braids, so he rocked a low cut that needed a little line up. Mykell also sported tattoos that covered his whole upper body.

“Aw hell no! I know that ain’t my baby sis. Time to go home and dust my guns off. Mykell laughed, but was very serious.

“Boy shut up and come on before I tell them to take you back.”
Lani said.

“Hmm still feisty I see,” he said before turning to Micah.
“Wassup man?”

“Welcome home baby bruh. How does it feel to be free?”
Micah asked hugging his brother.

“Too damn good. Now get me as far away from this bitch as possible.”

Everyone laughed at Mykell’s statement. Then, they hit the highway and went straight to get something to eat at Famous Dave’s. After that, they hit up the mall. Micah didn’t spare any expenses when it came to his two younger siblings. Besides their father, they were they only family he had.

“Man after we leave here I’m gon' take you to get a fresh cut, then we gon’ stop by pops house; I know him and lil man can’t wait to see you.”

Mykell had a five year old son that was only 9 months old the last time he saw him. Mykell Jr. was living with his grandpa because his mother wasn’t fit to be a parent and she used to neglect him. So Mykell’s father was keeping him until he got home.

“My lil dude probably all grown up now huh?”

“Yea man, he looks just like yo ass too.”

After a fresh cut, a nice long, hot shower, and a new outfit, Mykell Jones was back to his old self. Those five years w
ere nothing to a boss, and a boss he was. At just 23 years old he was a millionaire from being in the game since the age of 13.

He stood in the full length mirror looking himself over. He wore slightly baggy True Religion jeans, a red, black and white True Religion button up with some fresh out the box black Prada high-tops. To finish his outfit off, he wore a black Detroit fitted.

“Aight nigga, get ya pretty ass out the mirror so we can go,” said Micah laughing.

“I’m ready
, you hating ass nigga you.”

Once in the truck, Micah pulled out his phone putting it on speaker calling Le’Lani.


“What big head?”
replied Le’Lani.

“We on our way lil nigga”

“Alright, Neicey said use your key asshole.”

didn’t miss the side eye Mykell gave him when she said that.

He must be fucking ol’girl if he got a key to her crib
, Mykell thought.

“Aight, and tell her I got her
, asshole.” said Micah.

“Whatever nigga, just get here.”

Micah hung up and looked over at Mykell who was smirking at him.

“It ain’t even like that lil nigga. I’m not fucking her. She's like my lil sis, plus she just turned 1
8 which is too young for me.”

Mykell gave him the “yea right” look

“Besides, that’s Quamir's girl anyways.”
said Micah, as he shook his head.

minutes later they pulled up at Reneice’s house on the Westside of Detroit. Micah unlocked the front door with his key and walked in to Drake talking ‘bout ‘No New Friends.’

“Hey now!
My brother’s in the house!” yelled a high Le’Lani with the blunt in her hand.

Mykell walked over to her and took the blunt.

“Give me this girl; you don’t know what to do with this.” he joked.

“Whatever nigga” she chuckled.

“Yo thing one, where’s thing two?” asked Micah

“Now Mack, you know her ass ain’t never ready. But I know what to do to get her out here.” Lani said walking over to the Bose home system.

The song changed to ‘Bad’ by Wale. The intro came blasting through the house.

Monogamy or whatever you call it

I’m starting to think ain’t for everybody

Most of us
is rushing into it anyways

You ain’t rushing for love and I ain’t up here to judge

So let’s neglect the what ifs and make it do what it does

Let’s get it

All of a sudden Reneice came running down the stairs singing along with the hook.

Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did

But I sure know how to fuck

I’ll be your bad girl, I’ll prove it to you

I can’t promise that I’ll be good to you

Cause I had some issues, I won’t commit

No, not having it

But at least I can admit that I’ll be bad nooooo to you

Yeah, I’ll be good in bed, but I’ll be bad to you

Reneice and Le’Lani were in the middle of the living room dancing and singing like they were the only ones in the room. Micah was smoking the blunt just shaking his head at the girls, but Mykell on the other hand was in awe. His eyes were glued on Reneice and the way she was moving her hips. He thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid his eyes on. Reneice stood at a petite 5’2 with big doe eyes, black hair that stopped right at her shoulders and was parted in the middle bone straight. She had smooth dark chocolate skin, and a pair of 34DD's that were very perky. Reneice had the most beautiful smile with two big dimples on each cheek. She had on black high waisted shorts with a sparkly purple bra and a black blazer. The purple pumps she had on made her legs look sexy as hell.

Damn, I gotta make baby girl mine. I don’t give a damn if she is Q’s girl. He
don’t know what to do with all that,
Mykell thought.

BOOK: Official Girl
10.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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