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WARNING: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.  No part of this book may be used or reproduced electronically or in print without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in reviews.


This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, and places are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.






To everyone who loves a bad boy and loves reading about them. Guy is bad yet good and I for one loved writing about him.


Thank you to Evernight for giving him a home and to my readers for their constant support.





Sam Crescent


Copyright © 2014



Chapter One


“Oh yeah, suck it, baby, take it in deep,” Guy Jensen said to the blonde who had her lips wrapped around his shaft. He was leaning against the wall around the back of a bar, Tony’s place, getting his junk sucked as he swigged down another beer. This was what he loved about a Friday night. There was a lot of available pussy, and he could have his pick of any of it. The women flocked to him, and he was more than happy to service the women around him. His friends were waiting for him inside. Their women should be arriving very soon, and he’d come out for a bit of relief before he had to witness them all together. All three of his friends were already dating. The women seemed great, and he had no problem with them. His friends looked serious though, as if they were getting ready to settle down. There was no way
was ready to settle down. Guy preferred to keep his options open when it came to women.

He’d never been picky when it came to his pussy. Provided the woman was willing to fuck, then he was more than happy.

The woman before him gagged on his length but didn’t let up from sucking him. He didn’t know her name and really didn’t care. Sinking his fingers into her hair he pumped into her mouth hard and fast. He didn’t let up feeling his orgasm was close to the surface.

Sipping at his beer, he closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her warm wet lips sucking him in. Maybe he’d get her phone number after this and give her a call whenever he wanted a blow job. He wasn’t looking for long term, and he’d make sure she knew the score when it came to him.

Guy never led women on. They were there for sex, hot, dirty, kinky sex, but sex all the same.

Her fingers moved down to cup his balls, and he knew it was only a matter of time before he let go.

“Sorry, I can’t hear you.” A feminine voice called, shouting out. Guy looked up to see a black haired siren walk out of the back of the bar. She had a phone up to her ear and hadn’t even looked toward him. The woman sucking him off didn’t pay her any attention. He didn’t mind.

“What are you talking about?”

He checked her out. The new woman wore a modest black dress that came down to her knees. She wore a pair of two inch stiletto heels that did something to her thighs and ass. Going from her legs up Guy admired her full curves. Her body was to fucking die for. Sipping more of his beer, he kept his eyes on her ass. He imagined spreading those cheeks wide and sinking into her tight warmth. When it came to women he always thought of their ability to please him. He had nothing against women, but he wasn’t interested in anything other than the physical pleasure he gained from them.

Guy loved anal sex, and thinking about giving the woman on the phone a good, hard ass fucking turned him on. Yeah, he was crude, but he’d learned to get what he wanted this way. Women for some fucked up reason seemed to love his bad boy exterior. Even when he told them what he liked they still flocked to him, which was totally messed up. If he had a sister he’d fucking beat the shit out of the guy who treated her like the way he did all the women he was with.

“I told you it’s not going to happen. You screw around, and you’re having a go at me. It’s not going to happen. You’ll get over it and move onto the next woman. Maybe the next woman you’ll stay faithful to.” The woman turned around and saw him. Her eyes were the brightest blue he’d ever seen, and he’d seen his fair share of pretty eyes. Dropping his eyes down, he set his sights on the woman’s rack. She was fucking packing in the chest. He put her into double letters at least.

He wondered what she’d look like bouncing above him. Guy felt the instant wave of lust crash into him, which was directed at the woman on the phone rather than the woman sucking him off.

“Ugh,” she said, speaking into the phone. Disappointment swamped him as she turned away, giving him her back. “Nah, some guy’s getting a blow job out here. Giving me the creeps. Look, leave me alone. I don’t care about your apologies. We’re over and done with.”

His orgasm rode him hard, and he held the woman in place as he filled her mouth with his cum.

The woman who he didn’t know looked back at him. Her cheeks were lightly flushed. “Get a room.” They were her only parting words, but for Guy, he decided he’d ditch the woman at his feet and find out about his black haired temptress.

When she was finished, he zipped his cock back into his pants, securing it away.

The blonde got to her feet. He noticed her lipstick was smeared. “So, how about we go and have some fun later?” She leaned in close for a kiss, and he wrinkled his nose. There was only so much he was willing to do. Kissing a woman after she’d swallowed his cum was way off that list of things he wanted to try.

“I don’t think so.” He pushed her away, sipping at his beer. His attention was already focused on the woman who’d disappeared back into the bar.

“You’re a total asshole, Guy. I bet you don’t even know my name,” she said, hands perched on her hips.

Rolling his eyes, he pushed away from the wall. “I treat women the way they act. Be a slut, get treated like one.”

She raised her hand and aimed toward his face. Guy caught her wrist, pulling her close. “Don’t fucking think about it, bitch. You offered to suck me off, and I took you up on the offer. Don’t start causing shit ‘cause I’m not interested either way.”

He released her, watching her enter the club. Seriously, why did they think they could change him?

Guy liked his life the way it was. No woman was ever going to change the fact he loved fucking women or having a drink.

The black haired woman flashed in his mind. He’d not seen her entire face, but he was intrigued by her.

Entering the bar he spotted the blonde woman complaining to all of her friends. The way her arms were moving was ridiculous. He looked around the bar finding his friends sat at a table chatting. Wayne, Dale, and Frankie understood him. They never asked him to be anything different.

Heading over to the table, he greeted them.

“I take it the woman wasn’t worth more of your time?” Wayne asked, pointing at the bar.

“Not at all. Her services were okay when I needed them.” Guy looked around the club trying to find the black haired woman. Where was she? “I thought you had women coming tonight?”

“We do, and they’re here. They’re at the bar getting a drink. We offered to get them a drink, but they told us not to bother.” Dale was looking down into his beer looking a little depressed. The guy was truly pussy whipped. Guy didn’t know what the men were thinking, but their women were stood at the bar.

Glancing over he saw Dorothy, Janet, and Lilly laughing while waiting for their drinks. All the women were beautiful. He’d never made a pass at them. They were his friends’ women, and he would never ruin a friendship for pussy.

One woman’s laughter caught his attention. Dorothy grabbed their drinks off the bartender giving him a good view of the black haired woman who had seen him getting a blow job. In the light she was more beautiful than he imagined. The sight of her alone took his breath away.

His heart pounded inside his chest as he looked at her. What the fuck was happening to him?


“Did you even see his face?” Dorothy asked.

Emily Langnor scrunched up her nose. “A little. He was drinking and looked completely off his head. It was just so wrong to see that while I was talking to my lying, cheating, bastard ex. I wonder how many times
was getting his junk off while I was on the phone.”

“Nathan was a fucking loser and didn’t deserve you at all. Forget about him.” Dorothy had been the one to convince her to go home that day when she’d caught Nathan, the lying, scheming ex in bed with a petite blonde.
Fucking assholes
. What was it about men who loved blondes? The guy she’d just seen getting his rocks off was doing it with a blonde.

Janet was the only blonde in their little group, but she was so sweet.

Stop being a bitch.

Shaking her thoughts, Emily smiled at her friend. Dorothy was a brunette with curves like her. Wayne didn’t seem to mind Dorothy at all. She’d seen the way he looked at Dorothy. The look was filled with so much hunger and need that Emily wished at times she knew what it was like. What she had with Nathan was nothing compared to what she witnessed between Dorothy and Wayne.

Most of her boyfriends had suggested diets, pissing her off in the process. What was wrong with being a curvy woman with the need to eat whatever she wanted? She hated men and was boycotting them from now on.

“Dorothy’s right, babe. Nathan was a prick, and he even tried to get me in the sack. Loser with a capital L.” Lilly spoke up taking her drink.

Janet said the same, laughing as she did. “He thought we’d cheat on you, honey. Nathan was a complete jerk and a waste of space. It’s time to put that body back on the market.”

Emily couldn’t help but be affected by their words. Turning around she glanced in the direction of their table and laid her eyes on the guy who’d been getting his cock sucked. Letting out a disgusted noise she stopped walking and stared at him.

“What’s wrong?” Janet asked. Lilly was dating Frankie. Janet had Dale, and Dorothy was with Wayne.

“That guy around your guys. He was the one. You know, the one with the blonde around the back of the bar.” She wrinkled her nose. The sight of her ex inside another woman was still fresh in her mind.

“Honey, don’t mind him. It’s not surprising. Guy’s a man-whore. He’ll fuck anything that will let him inside,” Dorothy said. “He’s a big no-no for commitment.”

BOOK: Once in a Lifetime
3.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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