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Peak Energy

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Peak Energy
Afton Locke
Jasmine Jade (2010)

Peak Energy

Afton Locke


Astrophysicist Dr. Jay Walters needs to find enough energy to launch and control a spaceship for Planet Chromefield’s new space program. When sexy Lorna, the object of his fantasies, seduces him one day at lunch, he discovers what may be the greatest source of sexual energy between her shapely legs. His hunch is proven correct when he tests her energy during a private experiment. But when he instructs her to get as horny as she possibly can, she needs a little help from the doctor.

Peak Energy

Afton Locke


Astrophysicist Dr. Jay Walters needs to find enough energy to launch and control a spaceship for Planet Chromefield’s new space program. When sexy Lorna, the object of his fantasies, seduces him one day at lunch, he discovers what may be the greatest source of sexual energy between her shapely legs. His hunch is proven correct when he tests her energy during a private experiment. But when he instructs her to get as horny as she possibly can, she needs a little help from the doctor.


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Peak Energy



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Peak Energy

Afton Locke

Author Note


If you enjoyed Lorna and Jay’s story, see where it all began on Planet Chromefield with
Sexual Energy


Chapter One

Planet Chromefield, 2231


When a sweet, pink cloud drifted toward him, Jay Walters forgot all about the tension knotting his shoulders from the long nights of work. He was studying and quantifying the sexual energy that ran the planet—trying to find enough energy to launch and control a spaceship.

“Lorna must be here,” Logan commented.

Jay’s cock didn’t need to be told. It already sensed the presence of the sexy brunette who delivered lunch daily to Gal-X’s top space team. Most women struggled to hide the pink energy cloud that emanated from between their legs but not Lorna. He put his glasses back on to help see through the haze.

Her high heels tapped across the glossy, tile floor of the research office.

He was so stiff. He pushed his spreadsheets away. There was no way he could work with this woman around.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen,” Lorna said in her silky, alto voice as she set the carton of food on his desk.

Just hearing her voice made hot fluid leak from the tip of his penis. “Something smells good,” Logan said. The big, light-haired alien from Geo, an Earth colony like Chromefield, helped her take the food out of the carton.

Something definitely smelled good, Jay thought, but it wasn’t the food. Lorna always wore a sweet, fruity lotion that made her shapely legs shiny smooth and emanated a scent that screamed “fuck me”.

“Thanks, Logan,” she replied. “How’re your wife and husband?”

“Alysa and Dean are fine,” Logan said.

So was Lorna’s ass, Jay thought. It looked especially high and firm today in the short, hot-pink dress she wore, which matched her shoes and her energy. Some women’s energy was pale pink but hers was always a deep, vibrant pink. He wondered if the inside of her pussy was the same shade. He wanted
for lunch, not all this food.

Logan grabbed a sandwich dripping with bean sprouts and a bag of whole-wheat chips then winked at Jay. “I’m going to eat in the planetarium.”

His boss did this every day, leaving Jay alone with Lorna so he could
, as Logan put it. Well, Jay had a lot of responsibility and needed to concentrate. Jay Walters did not have time for sex and even if he did, he would never touch

He fiddled with a pencil and watched as she opened up a chicken and cheese sandwich and spread her secret white sandwich dressing on it. She knew he liked her sauce. It glinted from the overhead lights and made sticky sounds as she smoothed it slowly across the bread with a knife. Her fingers were long and slim, tipped with dark pink polish that matched her outfit.

A twinge went through his balls as he pictured her spreading her bare pussy in front of him and smoothing similar white, pearly juices across it. Smiling with lush pink lips, she put the piece of bread back on the sandwich and licked a drop of stray dressing off her finger, just as she might lick pre-cum off his cock. Her tongue was deep pink too…

Jay grunted involuntarily as a rush of heat flooded his groin then coughed to disguise the grunt. Finally, Lorna held the sandwich to his mouth as if she were going to feed him.
No way.
He was already struggling to keep a grip on his self-control. He grabbed the offering from her, accidentally brushing her soft hand. Those silky fingers would feel so good wrapped around his cock.

“Thank you, Lorna. I can take it from here.”

Instead of leaving, she hopped up on his desk with complete disregard for the expensive equipment and the critical work he was in the middle of. Retrieving another sandwich from the carton, she took a huge bite and chewed vigorously.

Jay watched, mesmerized, as her olive-colored jaws worked and her cheeks alternately hollowed and filled under pink-tinged cheekbones. Exactly how her face would look with a large cock thrusting in and out of her mouth.

“Mmm, this sandwich is so good,” she said. “Eat.”

How could he when what he considered the most beautiful woman on the planet was sitting on his desk with her sweet-smelling, sexy legs within stroking and tasting distance? When his mouth was drier than the desert, his heart beat double time and his pants were so tight his fly threatened to bust open?

“I’m too busy to eat right now,” he claimed. “Don’t you have other deliveries to make?”

She smoothed back her long, wavy hair. “Oh I have some extra time.”

Just long enough for a quickie, Jay thought.
Did she still wear that belly ring?
he wondered. He had to get her off his desk and out of the building before he lost his mind. Then she looked at him for a few long moments without saying anything. Instead of smoldering or coy, her dark eyes looked hurt.

“Why don’t you want me, Jay?”

He hadn’t been expecting that. Surprising him even more, she leaned forward, giving him a tempting view of tanned cleavage, and reached out to clasp his ponytail. No one touched his tail, especially not her. The last time she’d done that, she’d pulled his head in close with it to lick her taut, dusky nipples.

He gently pushed her hand away. “You’re a very desirable woman, Lorna.”


“I don’t have time for sex,” he claimed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Launching this planet’s new space program takes everything I’ve got and more.”

She crossed one leg over the over and jiggled her foot. “From what Alysa tells me, Logan multitasks just fine. I must not be your type.”

Oh she was his type all right. He had a nice hard cock in his pants to prove it.

“You’re every man’s type. You must have them lined up around the block,” he told her.

“I know what it is,” she said as she clasped her hands around the knee of her crossed leg. “You must still be embarrassed by

Jay remembered that night all too well, the most humiliating of his entire life. In front of a hall of women, televised to a bunch more women, Lorna had seduced him with her mouth to test the planet’s affliction
, one they’d known all along wouldn’t work. He’d drunk a mug of green goop and Lorna had pulled out his limp cock for all to see. Although the affliction really was cured later, he still couldn’t forget it.

“We didn’t exactly meet under the best of circumstances,” he muttered.

She touched his hand as it lay on the desk. “Don’t you want to prove yourself now that you’re cured?”

Jay shifted in his seat. Did he ever. He wanted to pull her breasts free of that low neckline and suck her nipples until she moaned with pleasure.

“I have nothing to prove,” he said as he drew his hand away from hers.

“I’m not asking for a relationship,” she said, “and I’m on birth control, if that’s what you’re worried about. Just fuck me one time and I’ll never bother you again. I swear.”

Now that was a tempting offer. He wouldn’t have to worry about her rejecting him later, which she would inevitably otherwise do. What would a bird of paradise want with a science nerd—and not a very good-looking one at that? No, she’d probably be disappointed with him.

“Please, Jay?” she asked in a sexy, pleading voice he found really hard to resist. “I’ve wanted you ever since I met you.”

She had?

“You could fuck me right here on top of this desk and then go back to your work.”

The thought of it made his cock surge behind his fly. “We can’t do that. This is a professional office.”

He touched her foot to stop it from jiggling. Big mistake. He got a handful of pink leather and hot, smooth skin he wanted to follow all the way up her leg…between her legs.

“Well, do something,” she said, grabbing his hand from her foot and moving it to her calf. “My pussy is so wet I’m going to drench your desk.”

Jay’s eyes widened while the head of his cock threatened to go supernova. Clouds of pink energy deepened in color and drifted around him in a seductive haze, spreading the scent of her arousal through the air.

“It’s so wet, Jay,” she continued. “I think my panties are soaked. Will you check for me?”

“Planets, Lorna,” he exclaimed. “What the hell are you doing to me?”

After the affliction had been cured, most women had stopped being so horny but not Lorna. A smile curved her lips. “Making you horny.”

With all the willpower he could muster, he tried to force his hand off her leg and failed. He’d never felt anything so hot, soft and magnetic. It was stronger than gravity. She uncrossed her legs and parted them a little, releasing more energy and scent that elicited a blue cloud of male energy from his body.

“I see my charms are finally working on you,” she said as she wiggled her sweet little butt on his papers. They made crinkling sounds as she wrinkled them but the space program was the last thing on his mind right now.

She whimpered and cried out as he traced his hand higher, fondling the insides of her thighs.

“You have such beautiful legs,” he told her.

“That feels so good, Jay. Keep going. Higher. Higher. Rub my cunt. It aches for you.”

“I think that’s high enough,” he said.

Just the same, he flipped a switch on his console to lock the doors, undid several buttons on his fly and released his rock-stiff cock. There was no sign of the affliction now. Damn. He couldn’t seem to remove his hand from his cock either. Luckily, it was under his desk so she couldn’t see what he was doing.

“What are you doing under there, Dr. Walters?” she asked, arching a dark, winged brow and wriggling closer to the edge of his desk so he’d have better access to her core.

“N-nothing,” he muttered, feeling too animalistic right now to talk. His left hand traveled up her trembling thigh and his right hand contracted around his cock when he reached the edge of a very wet pair of panties. Pre-seminal fluid leaked on his trembling fingers.

wet,” he said as he traced his index finger over the thin, silky barrier encasing her cunt. Through the soaked fabric, he could feel the outline of her labia and the bump of her erect clit.

When he flicked his finger over her clit, she yelled out, so he clapped his other hand over her mouth without thinking—the hand that had been on his cock.

She licked his fingers, her hot, wet tongue setting off little explosions inside the nerves of his hand. “You
doing something under there.”

“Getting hard,” he said in a raspy voice unlike his own. “Please try to be quieter.”

She grinned as she reached under her dress, pulled off her wet panties and threw them over the planetary monitor.

“Does that mean you’ll fuck me?” she asked.

He sighed. There was nothing he’d like better than to push his aching cock under her dress and burrow into her hot center. He could hardly believe he’d let himself go this far. The hum of equipment and voices of people passing down the hall reminded him he was at work.

“Logan will be back any minute,” he protested. “We can’t.”

Still perched on his desk, she arched her back and parted her legs, revealing her beautiful, bare cunt to him as if it were a work project—the sexiest project he ever worked on. He wasn’t surprised to find her pussy shaved except for an enticing triangle of short, dark hair above her puffy labia and protruding clit.

Just as he’d imagined, cream glistened on her folds. The way she offered herself to him made him feel as if he were the only man on the planet. This had to be a dream.
Please don’t let me wake up.
He needed this. Planets, he hadn’t even realized how much he’d needed this, needed her.

He had to fuck her. Maybe not today but sometime. If he didn’t, that vision of perfection would haunt him for the rest of his life. He’d always wonder what if. Maybe then she would stop throwing herself at him. Disappointment washed over his head like cold water when he thought of that.

“Make me come, Jay. Please? I’m so hot from seeing your energy and smelling your cock, it won’t take long.”

Without a second thought, he plunged a finger into her tempting cleft. Planets, she was tight. If her slippery warmth could grip his finger like that, imagine how it would feel wrapped around his shaft.

“Oh yes, Jay,” she said in a silky voice laced with moans. “Fuck me with your finger. Give me two fingers.”

He did as she asked, outlining her slippery clit with his thumb. Then he spread her pretty lips apart, dying to see the treasure inside. Just as he’d imagined, her willing flesh was deep pink with passion.

“Quieter,” he reminded her when she moaned too loud.

“Sorry. It just feels so exquisite,” she said as she bucked her hips hard, making the equipment on his desk rattle and propelling his fingers even deeper into her fiery sheath.

She would be spectacular in bed, he knew. All he had to do was ask the assortment of men on Chromefield she’d probably slept with… Men who’d probably rubbed her a lot more expertly than he was doing. The thought cooled his lust, freezing his hand.

“Don’t stop now,” she yelled as she grabbed his wrist and dug her nails into it impatiently. “I’m so close.”

Okay, he wouldn’t think about other men. Right now she was all his.

BOOK: Peak Energy
5.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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