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“You might want to just lube my hands, guys,” I called out to my two partners above the clamor of the admiring crowd, and I hope they heard me the first time, because I never got a second chance at saying it.  Bill made his way back to my side—this time naked and just as hot as I’d imagined—and he gestured for me to open my mouth for him.

Bill slowly penetrated my mouth, probing me, testing my depths to make sure he didn’t go too deep, and I felt the warmth of lube against the palms of my bound hands, and I knew my other two lovers had heard me. 

Other two?  I’ve got at least twelve,”
I corrected myself as I sucked ravenously on Bill’s cock while gripping just tightly enough to my other two visitors to make them gasp in delight as they thrust in and out of my bound hands.  I hoped they didn’t enjoy it too much… I needed their cocks ready for me downstairs, not up here.

Suddenly, I felt an unexpected tug against my hips, and even though I couldn’t look down to see what was happening—my mouth was rather preoccupied on Bill’s amazing cock and the rest of me was too busy shaking and shivering from the heavenly pleasures shooting through my body—I still knew exactly what was happening.  The sound of seams ripping a moment later confirmed it for me… my panties were being ripped off by my impatient suitors, eager to get to my waiting, wet body.  My underwear hung loose around my waist for just a moment longer before someone yanked then out from beneath me.  I watched them flutter through the air as a trim, muscular man threw them to Tony, and that was the last I saw of them.

I felt someone—not sure who, but definitely a well-endowed man judging by the feeling—position himself in between my legs, and I let out a muffled, excited moan as I felt his cock against my skin just outside my wet lips.  God, what a tease!  He slid himself back and forth over me, rubbing his huge shaft against my womanly folds and driving me
.  I wanted him inside me, and I wanted him right now!  The thought of his cock driving into me, taking me, and soon filling me with his warm seed was more than I could handle.  Not just him, either… every man in the room, one after the next after the next… I wanted all of them.

I felt a sudden, wet heat against my hands and heard one of the men gasp in ecstasy.  His rod pulsed and twitched against my soft grip as he came, and I felt his cum start to trickle down between my fingers as he coated my left hand with each stroke.

Oh come on,
” I thought, still too preoccupied with Bill’s enormous and now gently pulsing cock to get out anything more than a muffled moan.  “
What a waste of perfectly good sperm.

The premature young man—I never did get his name—bent down and kissed me softly on the cheek, completely unconcerned about Bill’s cock penetrating my mouth mere inches from his face, and then he backed away into the crowd to let someone else get in on the action.  A new, rock-hard cock made its way into my dripping, cum-soaked hand within seconds, and a slender, blond-haired college girl wearing a red, lacy bra and nothing little else pushed her way through the crowd and made her way to my side.  She winked at me and began to unhook my corset.

“Hey, Penelope,” she said.  Her voice was low and sexy, like a sultry nightclub singer from an old movie.  “Your husband said he was okay with me doing this, just so you know.  I’ve been waiting to see those tits of yours
all night

Even if I hadn’t been busy lapping down Bill’s hot seed as he came in my mouth, I still don’t think I could have answered her.  My body was quaking in delirious excitement, and I half-screamed, half-gurgled as the enormous cock in between my legs suddenly thrust itself into me.

My body was on fire and my mind couldn’t even begin to make sense of what was happening around it.  Waves of heavenly fire shot up my body and left scorching trails behind it as my unknown, superhumanly endowed lover penetrated me and filled my channel as completely as it ever had been.  Tony wasn’t small by any means, but I still couldn’t remember the last time it had felt so unbelievably good.  My unknown lover pushed me to the limits of what I could contain as he stroked deep into me, and I screamed loudly—my body shaking and convulsing in heavenly agony—as Bill pulled out of my mouth.

I felt a long, wet bead—a mixture of my saliva and Bill’s cum—slowly dribble down my cheek as he pulled out.  I felt so goddamned dirty that it almost hurt.  I wanted more of it.  Bill’s seed in my mouth, the cum slowly dripping down my hand, and the inevitable burst waiting for me when that heavenly man between my legs finally finished driving me wild… it still wasn’t enough! 

With only two clasps left to go, the blonde suddenly stopped undressing me, yanked aside the cups of my corset, and lowered her head to my breasts with a ravenous look on her face.  Her tongue lapped softly against my sensitive, erect nipple, and then she dove in voraciously—licking, nibbling, gently biting me in a way that made me want to die and float off to whatever sexually-charged heaven was waiting for me.

“You’ve got the best tits I’ve seen in years,” purred the girl, kneading my breasts and stroking her hands up and down my body as I whimpered and shook.  The only things keeping me still now were those straps—those
glorious fucking straps
—and I knew that without them, I couldn’t have handled the intensity of the feelings exploding through my body.

Another earthquake-like tremor made its way up my body from in between my legs, and it escaped through my lips as a scream of ecstasy as my huge-shafted friend pounded deep into me one last time.  I could feel him throbbing inside me, and as his strokes slowed to a languid pace, I started to feel the new, hot slickness inside me.

I felt his seed filling me almost to the brim, and I knew that, when he pulled out, I was going to be a dripping mess for the rest of the night.  God
he felt good, though!  This was what I wanted, what I’d been praying for all night.  He was the first of many—the first of all the potent young me to take me—and I’d loved it.  I could feel his seed inside me, and even though I knew it was impossible and that I couldn’t
feel it, it certainly felt like his sperm was slowly making its way up into me.  I could feel myself contracting gently, helping it along its way.  God, he was good looking… I hoped his sperm would win the eventual race.

“Ooh, looks like Bill got ya good, sweetie,” cooed my still unnamed lover as he came around beside me.  He wiped the trail of cum off my cheek with one finger before continuing.

“Jenny, you treat her real good now, okay babe?” he said in a light-hearted voice—almost as if sharing an inside joke—and the blonde winked back at him before returning her attention to my breasts.

“Hey, what the fuck are you guys doing?” she suddenly yelled. “Why am I alone over here?  There’s a goddamned sexy woman tied down and begging you to fuck her, and you’re getting snacks?  There’s something seriously wrong with all of you!  Jesus Christ, get over here and cum inside her already!”

I burst out laughing at her outcry, but my laughter was suddenly cut short as she unhooked the last two clasps of my corset, yanked it out from beneath me, and then leaned in and kissed me.  She unhooked her red bra as she leaned in, and her firm—and probably fake, I thought—tits pressed against my perfectly legit ones as her lips found mine,  Her tongue probed inside my mouth.  She was exploring me—tasting me, even—and I suddenly realized that in all the swinging parties I’d been to, I’d never actually been with another woman before.

Without releasing my lips from her thrall, Jenny cupped my breasts in her hands and rolled my nipples in between her fingers in a way that sent a surge of electricity both up and down my spine.  If I hadn’t been wet enough already, I would have been practically gushing now.  I screamed in pleasure as she excited every nerve in my body at once.  Whoever took me next was bound to find me very receptive, I thought.  I could feel myself contracting rhythmically, and my hips seemed to roll of their own accord against nothing.  I was so close to orgasm that there’s no way I was going to make it through another man fucking me without reaching climax.

A new wave of sexy recruits swarmed around me, and my bound, already cum-drenched hands quickly found new suitors.  I grabbed them tightly now, and I didn’t care if I was being a little rough.  Whatever conscious, rational humanity I’d brought with me to the party was pushed away by animal desires—by the overwhelming urge to be taken by everyone, to take their seed inside me, to be bred by every last one of them—and my mind was drowning in a sea of pleasure.

My animal side wasn’t shy about what it wanted, either: it wanted to fuck every last person in this room, and to keep on fucking until it was finally satisfied… until I’d had my fill of every man in the room and until every man in the room had filled me.

Someone—damned if I knew who anymore—thrust himself into my sopping wet, cum-filled pussy and began to pound away at me like there was no tomorrow.  He didn’t even care that I’d already been taken or that I was dripping all over the floor.  He wanted me just as much as I wanted him, and as he stroked deep into me, my brain decided to check out for a smoking break.

It was as if I was watching myself from somewhere beyond my body.  I was floating about five feet above myself, a bit off to the side, and watching myself cry out over and over in ecstasy.  Could people hear me from the street?  I had to be louder than the music now.  Somehow, the idea of someone walking past the house and getting to hear just how much fun I was having made it even hotter to me.  God, I was sexy, but more than sexy… I was
for this.  Large, full breasts, wide curvy hips and a slender waist—the perfect hourglass figure—I was made for bearing children, and I don’t just mean because I’m a woman.  I wanted a baby, and I was built perfectly to bear it.  All I needed was man’s seed, and tonight, I would finally get it.

My skin was slick with a glistening sheen of sweat, and even though I was outside myself, I could feel the heat as every nerve in my body ignited.  Helen was playing with my clit as a tall, handsome man with blond hair and chiseled abs fucked me.  He finished inside me, and I heard my ecstatic whimpering echo around me through the foggy euphoria as hot spurts shot into me.  Yes…
  God, it felt so good!

People blurred in and out through the haze of ecstasy, trading out at my hands, muffling my delighted screams by taking my mouth, fucking me over and over and over, sometimes coming inside me and other times on my belly, and all I could think was how incredibly amazing every last bit of it felt.  Cum mixed with cum inside me, my own body churning it and pulling it in, grasping greedily at it.  There were no hot spots anymore, no spurts of cum inside me.  I was drenched, completely filled now.  There were no empty spots left to cover, no room left for anything else.  It was beautiful! 

Suddenly, I was back inside myself again, as if yanked back from outside vantage point by a shepherd’s crook.  There was something brewing inside me—a storm of pleasure perhaps—that grew stronger and stronger with each stroke of the man’s shaft deep inside me. 

My body was burning.  I felt like I was going to actually catch fire!  I moaned ardently into the shaft making its way in and out of my mouth, and my body convulsed in pleasure as whoever was down there pounded deep and hard into me, stretching me wide and filling me completely.  I wished I could see around the guy monopolizing my mouth, but he wasn’t done yet, and frankly I was enjoying the surprise. 

Whoever was fucking me was
, and I absolutely intended to give him my number later.

I wrapped my lips tightly around the shaft in my mouth and arched my neck so that I took the entire shaft in my mouth.  As I swirled my tongue around the base of his engorged head, I felt the tell-tale throb against my lips.  A moment later, he gasped as he came deep in my mouth, and I did my best to keep up with him and slurp down every last hot, salty drop. 

The haze of delights was starting to overtake me, though… my still unidentified lover was driving me out to sea and into the looming storm.  I couldn’t stop shaking, and my breathing was coming in fits and starts.  I couldn’t even get my screams out anymore!  They kept catching in my throat and coming out as ragged gasps and whimpers instead. 

I can’t wait anymore!  Who the hell is that?  God that feels so fucking good!”

I pushed my oral lover away, looked down to see who the incredible man between my legs was, and my heart skipped a beat.

Tony smiled and winked at me.

“Thought you’d like it if I finished last, honey,” he said, giving me that goddamned adorable wink of his, and then in one quick, fluid stroke, he penetrated deep into me again.

My mind exploded into thousands of tiny shards like a mirror struck by an orgasmic hammer.

My screams finally freed themselves from my throat, and they flowed one after the next out of my body, wrenching loose tiny pieces of my soul as they passed.  Sweat poured down my body and my body convulsed and writhed against the table with each scream.

Wave after wave of heavenly, agonizing ecstasy crashed over me, and each one reignited the fire on my skin just as it seemed like it was about to burn out. My throat was hoarse from screaming, and my mind was starting to feel hazy.  I might pass out, I realized.  I may very well pass out!

Tony kept pounding into me again and again, dragging out my orgasm and pushing me to my very limits, and a black ring was starting to encroach on my vision.  It felt absolutely incredible!

Holy shit,”
I thought as my eyes slowly rolled back in my head. 
“I’m actually going to—

I passed out from pleasure—my first time ever—before I even managed to finish the thought.


I had no idea how much time had passed when I finally found my way back out of the fog of pleasure, but I was completely exhausted and actually felt sore.  A smile flitted across my face; it’d been a long time since sex made me sore, and this was the
kind of soreness.

BOOK: Pleasure Party
12.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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