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Pleasure Bound

Kat Black


Sam Tyler is thrilled to discover that her lover is whisking
her away for a weekend of exotic luxury. As a woman who knows just what she
wants—her man all tied up like a living, breathing present—she’s quick to take
advantage of his generous mood and begins planning a surprise of her own. One
she fears he’s not going to like very much.

Adam thought the biggest shock of the weekend would come
courtesy of the diamond engagement ring he has stashed in his luggage. So he’s
rocked to the core when he discovers the petite woman he hopes to make his
loving wife turns out to have a secret and very kinky side, and that she wants
to see him helplessly bound for her pleasure. Even with mind-blowing sex as an
incentive, it’s a hell of a tough request for a man who’s always in control—and
Adam may not have the strength to surrender.


Pleasure Bound

Kat Black


Chapter One


“Then all that remains to be said is, ‘welcome to the TTP family’.”
Sam Tyler smiled and pushed to her feet, leading her executive team in shaking
the hands of Tait, Tyler & Perry’s newest clients at the close of a
protracted agency pitch.

With her arm extended across the conference table and her
fitted jacket pulled tight, Sam couldn’t miss the discreet buzzing sensation
against her waist as the smartphone in her pocket sprang to life. As well as
the heady rush of success she always felt on landing a lucrative new PR
account, a more intimate thrill of anticipation ran through her. If the
incoming message was from whom she thought it was, his timing was impeccable,
as always.

Making some hasty time-zone calculations, Sam estimated it
would still be early morning in New York, and in an instant her mind filled
with an image of a mussed hotel bed, its white sheet riding low on a set of
lean-cut hips that widened out to a contoured expanse of bare, olive-skinned
chest and broad shoulders—all topped off with a tousle of shiny dark hair and a
certain heart-stopping, sleepy morning smile.

Oh boy. Her breath hitched and her fingers itched to dive
into her pocket, but good business manners dictated that, outwardly at least,
her attention remain on her clients until they were safely into the elevator
and away.

Once the doors slid closed, she made sure to spare another
moment to bestow praise on her beaming team then Sam turned to head down the
glass- and carpet-lined corridor toward her office, phone already in hand.

All going well here
, the text on the screen read.
flight confirmed. Due back first thing Friday as hoped. A.

Well, it was typically short and to the point, with no “good
morning”, “I miss you” or endearing “xx”, but that didn’t matter. The good news
was that, having been called away to deal with an unexpected corporate crisis,
Adam would make it back in time for her birthday after all.

she texted in reply, a smile on her face as
she shouldered through the door of her office and left it to swing closed
behind her.
Shall I book somewhere for dinner?

Even as she hit the send button and set the phone on her
desk so she could shrug out of her jacket, Sam knew what answer to expect. Adam
would have the celebrations worked out down to the final perfect detail, as he
had done for the past two years they’d been dating. Settling into her chair,
she logged onto her computer to retrieve her messages, picturing with amusement
the small frown of annoyance her query would bring to those straight, dark
brows of his.

All in hand
, came the curt reply a minute later,
making her chuckle.
Have passport ready for weekend away.

Her laugh gave way to a surprised whoop and, safe in the
knowledge that no one could see her, Sam did a happy dance right there in her
Where are we going?!
she demanded, fingers flying across the touch-screen.

It felt like an absolute age before the answer came back.
special. Friday a.m.

Sam felt her delight plummet into disappointment.
a.m.? I can’t! Meetings all day…

You can
, Adam assured her.
Claire and Annie have
you covered until Tuesday.

What? Her partners knew about this and didn’t tell her?
She’d take it up with them later, the traitors.

Sam’s excitement levels rocketed skyward
Tell me where we’re going. What do I need to pack?

It’s a surprise—and, not much. Intend having you naked
most of the time.

Knowing that was no empty promise drove a hot fist of need
into Sam’s belly. She and Adam all but lived together these days and they were
both suffering a high degree of physical deprivation after just four nights’

Not fair, teasing the birthday girl (in more ways than
one). Give me a clue at least
, she shot back.

All’s fair, as the saying goes
, Adam replied.
who’s teasing? Just thinking about all the things I’m going to take my time
doing to you is getting me hard.

And just thinking about that hardness set Sam’s sex-starved
imagination off again, this time picturing that white sheet tenting over Adam’s
groin as he sprawled, long-limbed and sleep-lazy, in the king-size bed. Not
content to stop there, it played out a vision of his hand skimming down over
the undulating ridges of his stomach in a leisurely glide, slipping under the
rumpled linen to grasp his hot, rigid shaft…

“Oh, god,” Sam couldn’t quite stifle a groan. Even long
distance, Adam in all his morning glory was a serious threat to her wits.
hard? Tell me what you’re doing right now.

Adam’s reply a minute later shattered her hot hotel-room
fantasy and made her laugh out loud.
Breakfast meeting with table full of
suits. And yes, am hard enough that will need to make an excuse to be the last
to leave if I’m to avoid embarrassing us all.

A wicked smile spread across Sam’s lips as she decided to do
some teasing of her own.
Poor you. If I was there I’d help hide your
predicament by sitting on your lap.

was all the reply she got back, leaving her with
the delightful picture of Adam, immaculate in his suit, doing his damnedest to
maintain his cool corporate composure while surreptitiously shifting in his
chair to ease the buildup of pressure behind his fly.

she queried after a few minutes of silence.

Delightful as offer sounds, doubt how much ‘help’ it
would be in this instance. Not sure how finance managers would take to the
sight of me bending you over the table and fucking you hard and fast on top of
their spreadsheets.

The scene slammed into Sam’s mind with such clarity her
breath hitched. She could almost feel the hot, pounding friction of Adam’s cock
between her thighs, hear the crinkle and tear of those spreadsheets shredding
under her grasping fingers, imagine the crush and grind of her breasts against
the hard, unyielding table top.

Beneath her silk shirt her nipples peaked in response. Now
who was the one left shifting in her seat?

, she typed with unsteady fingers,
you just
made me wet. Need to go lock my door.

She couldn’t, of course, not with the super-tight schedule
she had stretching out in front of her for the afternoon. Relief was going to
be a long time coming—quite literally. All Sam could hope was that she’d be too
busy to notice the relentless ache of need.

And thanks to that delightful bit of information, I can
add another damned half-hour to being stuck in this chair. Roll on Friday
Adam replied.
Hate to end, but need to get head back in game here. Re:
weekend clue—swimsuits and sandals will be fine.

That sounded perfect. After a gray and miserable start to
springtime, Sam couldn’t think of anything better than a few days in the sun,
getting all hot and bothered with Adam…until his next message came through.

Pack light and don’t worry if you find yourself
short—it’s your birthday after all, will be my pleasure to provide you with
anything you need.

Wow. Now that was the sort of offer a girl liked to hear.
Especially coming from a man like Adam, who was more than capable of
accommodating even the most outlandish requests.

She was about to joke that he might live to regret leaving
himself open with such reckless generosity, when the wording of his offer
snagged her attention and an idea began to form. After near on a week of dreams
that had run to a distinct recurring theme, Sam already knew what she needed
most from Adam—and it was a gift that had nothing to do with him reaching into
his wallet.

She carefully re-read the text as butterflies set up a dance
in her stomach. Could she dare bring herself to use this opportunity to pursue
the secret desires she’d kept hidden deep for so long—desires that, despite her
efforts at disregarding them, refused to be denied? A snapshot from last
night’s fantasy flashed into her mind, showing Adam’s big body spread-eagle
beneath her, trembling and helpless under her touch while his blue gaze bored
into hers, desperate, hot and pleading. The butterflies coalesced and swooped
down into her pelvis. Oh, hell, yeah. She could dare a lot for a chance to turn
that dream into a reality.

she asked, excitement and lust
rising even as she doubted someone as sharp-eyed and quick-minded as Adam would
fall for something so obvious.

Hitting send and waiting to see if he’d wander into the
half-cocked trap she was trying to set, Sam felt a deep stab of conscience over
using tactics of deception against the man she loved. As a rule, she avoided
playing dirty wherever possible, but in this instance, she realized she’d have
to make a rare exception, however wrong it felt. There was no other way she’d
get him to even listen to her proposal, let alone consider agreeing to it.

She could barely bring herself to squint out of the corner
of one eye at his reply when it arrived soon afterward.

Anything within my power to give, promise
, Adam
qualified, clever and cautious as ever. But not quite cautious enough to stop
the trap from springing, Sam realized on a head-spinning rush of adrenaline.
call later

Flopping back in her chair, Sam sat in a state of disbelief,
exhilaration and terror. It wasn’t often that anyone managed to slip anything
past Adam, and now that she’d done it, she couldn’t quite believe what she was
considering doing with the precious advantage.

As it was, he wasn’t going to like discovering that she’d
used his own words to trick him, but then, knowing the type of A-grade alpha
male he was, Sam was pretty certain he wasn’t going to be overjoyed to learn
anything about her secret birthday wish at all. Come Friday, providing she
could actually find the nerve to go through with her idea, she’d be making some
difficult demands of that promise, and of Adam himself. Whether or not she
could get him to hold to his end of the bargain remained to be seen. All she could
count on was the fact that he prided himself on being a man of his word.

Wondering if she wouldn’t be better off saving herself a
heap-load of trouble and getting some therapy instead, Sam set her fingertips
moving over her keyboard and watched the words “bondage equipment” appear in
the internet search window on her computer screen. As much as she loved the way
Adam used his size and strength to control and dominate and drive her to the
edges of pleasure, there was no suppressing the fascination she felt at the
idea of binding all that hard male muscle and power to her will for a change.
Just the thought of making that fantasy a reality made her shiver in her chair.

If everything went according to plan, this weekend would
provide the perfect chance to fulfill her deepest desires and at last get Adam
just where she wanted him—bound for her pleasure, and for his.


Adam felt a surge of anticipation as he switched off the
phone and placed it on the table in front of him. If everything went according
to plan, this weekend would provide the perfect chance to fulfill his deepest
desires and at last get Sam just where he wanted her—bound to him, physically,
emotionally and legally, for as long as they both shall live.

Attempting to ease the acute ache now gripping his balls as
a result of that little session of text-flirting, he shifted in his chair,
wincing when the effort only served to make matters worse.

Misreading his display of discomfort as impatience to
reconvene the meeting, the dozen or so jumpy executives in the room clattered
plates and coffee cups back onto the side buffet and rushed to retake their
positions around the table. The table upon which he now couldn’t stop picturing
Sam’s petite form bent before him, her chestnut curls splayed over the scattered
lists of financials and the rounded cheeks of her rump rippling with the force
of his thrusts as he fucked this god-awful frustration out of both their

His cock twitched with eagerness as he imagined how
mind-blowing it would feel to tunnel his full length into her tight little
passage and have the molten heat of her core close around him. How breathtaking
it would be to look down and watch his thick shaft emerge from her depths
slicked with the sheen of her desire.

Christ! He shifted position again, gritting his teeth and
pulling the next set of figures closer. The sooner he got finished with the
business at hand, the sooner he’d be able to find a private opportunity to
clasp a fist around his throbbing erection and set about inflicting some
serious damage to the lust that had been riding him hard for days. Maybe then
he’d be able to think straight again.

“Right, ladies and gentlemen, let’s move on to the revised
projections.” He called the meeting back to order, not bothering to disguise
the edge to his tone or the scowl on his face as he nodded to his finance
director to begin. Let his employees interpret his signs of agitation as they
would. He paid handsomely to hire the best and expected nothing short of one
hundred-percent competence and productivity in return. What he didn’t
appreciate was having his time wasted clearing up other people’s mess,
especially this week, when he had so many better things to do.

Things like putting together the most important proposal of
his life in the hope of completing the most exciting acquisition he’d ever
contemplated. No, he had to remind himself—not an acquisition. He was about to
undertake a complex and delicate merger. No matter how persistently his
covetous instincts demanded that he own Sam body, mind and soul, Adam knew she
was one of the few things in life his money couldn’t buy. The woman he loved
wasn’t a commodity for sale.

BOOK: PleasureBound
13.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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