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Part 2



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About Possessed Part 2

I thought it couldn't get any worse when my boss, the billionaire bad boy Leo King, blackmailed me into becoming his fake wife. Turns out he has secrets up his sleeve that put a whole new spin on the word douchebag.


Not only did he put my job on the line, but my heart has now also become his playground. He seduced me once, but I refuse to fall for his lies again.


If only I had enough chocolate to distract me from his sexy presence. Something tells me he won't give up the fight to claim me again.


Is he really only into one-night stands or is he lying to get into my pants? Only one way to find out ... Time to buy more booze.


The second part of Possessed, a three-part series from Coco Cadence. Note: This ends in a cliffhanger.


Chapter 1



wife?” I repeat in shock.

My fingers can’t keep a strong hold on the suitcase as I’m caught off guard by her comment. It drops to the floor, and with one of the zippers broken, some of my panties come tumbling out.

Embarrassed as hell, I duck to pick them up when Leo does the same. As he attempts to pick one of them up, I say, “No!”

“Let me help you,” he says, but I shove him aside.

With a flushed face, I stuff them in my suitcase and stand up, breathing out loud as I gaze at Leo. “What in the hell is going on?”

“Long story, darling. Too long for you to know,” Marilyn says.

“What? How dare you …” I mutter.

Marilyn makes a face, but before she can respond, Leo says, “Lyn, you’re only making it worse.”

“Lyn?” I scoff. “Well, I guess I should’ve known I wasn’t the only girl you gave a nickname to.” I’m disgusted by what’s happening here. His
real wife
showing up? Like, who the hell is she and why is this happening?

“Your real wife? Seriously?” I say.

“Yes, it’s the truth, if you doubted my statements,” Marilyn muses, smiling obnoxiously. “Am I really too late, Leo?”

“Yes. Why the hell are you here, Lyn?” He grabs her arm.

“Because I wanted to help,” she says.

“No, you said you didn’t want to do it, and now all of the sudden you’re here? What is going on?”

She shrugs. “I changed my mind.”

“On what?” I yell. I look explicitly toward Leo, as I don’t want that woman interjecting again. “You still haven’t told me what the fuck is going on.”

The whole lobby is looking at me right now, and I feel shitty for shouting, so I shut my mouth immediately.

“Okay, remember when I told you I got drunk and married a friend?” he says, frowning. Then he cocks his head, aiming it at her. “That’s her.”

“Hi,” she says, waving as if she’s all cute and stuff. Oh, fuck off.

“She’s your wife …” I mutter.

He bites his lip and mulls a bit before saying, “Yes.”

My jaw drops. Quiet for a second, I just stare at him, unable to speak a proper syllable. “Your … wife… You mean you’re still married? To

“Technically … yes,” he says with an apologetic face.

“Don’t be so surprised, darling,” Marilyn says. “I mean who doesn’t want to be married to this?” She laughs, but it doesn’t feel like a joke to me.

“Lyn …” Leo says. “You’re only making it worse.”

“Yes, Lyn, this isn’t right. Did you know your husband asked me to be his pretend wife?” I say, making a face.

She folds her arms. “Actually, I didn’t, but this just makes it all the more fun.”

“Fun … Fun?” I’m fuming right now. “You call this fun?” I direct my attention to Leo. “You have
to be kidding me.”

In a fit of rage, I waltz right past him. I can’t bear to look at his face right now. What I want to do isn’t legal, and I’m sure as hell not ending up in jail for this asshole.

“Sam, wait,” Leo says, walking after me. “Let me explain.”

“What’s there to explain? You have a wife. Explains enough, doesn’t it?” I spit.

“No, it doesn’t, and you’re getting this all wrong.”

getting this all wrong?” I scoff.

“I didn’t mean it like that. If you stop running, I can tell you what’s going on.”

“No, thank you. I think I’ve seen and heard enough.” I stomp forward.

“Stop,” he says, standing in front of me. “C’mon.”

“No,” I say, frowning. “Now get out of my face before I throw my panties at you.”

This makes him laugh, which pisses me off. “I’m sorry, that was bad,” he says.

“Yes, it was. Just like everything about you,” I snap.

“Ouch …” he says. “Sam, please, let me explain.”

“What’s there to say? You’re married! I thought you’d already annulled the contract and that you wanted me as your pretend wife only for a little while until you could tell your parents the truth. Wow, was I wrong there.” I roll my eyes. “Jesus, you’re really good at fooling women.”

I clear my throat and walk past him. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a plane to catch.”

“Wait,” he says, grabbing my hand. “There’s way more to it than that. You haven’t given me a chance to—”

“To what? To tell me how I was only used for show? How your real wife could show up at any time to take over? Like, seriously, what is this? Are you for real?”

“It’s not like that, at all. I wanted you to be my pretend wife because she refused to come with me to meet my parents.”

“Oh, so you got me to play the role instead? How chivalrous.”

He frowns. “I got myself in some deep shit, all right, but that doesn’t mean that I did this to hurt you. That I don’t care about you.”

“Say that to the woman you married in the first place.” I point at Marilyn. “Because we both have no fucking clue what’s going on. And now you’ve cheated on us both.”

“Cheated? What, no, you’re taking this whole thing way out of context,” he says.

“Really? I’m taking it out of context? Because I seem to remember you were the one who fucked your fake pretend wife, knowing that you still had a real wife on the side.”

The look on Marilyn’s face right now is priceless.

I wince. “You’re disgusting. Now let me go.” I jerk my hand free and turn my head. The annoying twitch in my nose is starting up again, and I don’t want to feel it. Just like I don’t want to hear his irritatingly sultry voice.

“Samantha!” he yells, but I ignore him. “Where are you going?”

“Home,” I say. “Without you.”

And then I stick my middle finger up in the air.


Chapter 2



I got home alone by buying a ticket out of my own pocket. I couldn’t stomach the thought of having to sit next to that asshole, so I wasted a bit of money on this. Anything was better than the thought of being close to him right now. He can stick that second ticket up his ass for all I care.

I regret ever kissing him.

The worst part is that I actually believed it was more than just a fling. Boy, was I wrong. Of course, it was only sexual gratification for him. He used me. How could I be so stupid to fall for it?

My suitcase completely falls apart as I throw it on the floor and sit down on my bed. For a second, I stare at myself in the mirror hanging above my cabinet, blowing off steam. The more I look at myself, the angrier I get. I can’t believe I let myself get carried away like that.

Sighing, I drop down onto the mattress and stare at the ceiling. That prick doesn’t deserve any more attention, and yet I can’t stop thinking about how fucking angry I am at him.

Guess that guy really did a number on me.


I’m not going to waste another second thinking about him, so I take my phone from my pocket and open the app Mr. Awesome and I use. I could really use some distraction right now, and I know he can give it to me without any fuss. I haven’t heard anything from him since yesterday, despite him saying he’d contact me before the night was over. He sure left me hanging in the airplane. Well, it’s not like it mattered because in the end I got what I wanted … I got much more than I bargained for.


S: Hey, are you there?


I stare at my phone for a while, but no answer seems to come in. Instead, it rings, which makes my heart explode. I breathe a sigh of relief when I notice it’s Stephanie.

“Hey,” I say as I pick up. I can’t hide my mood, though, and of course, she notices.

“Hey girl, what happened? Had a good time?” she asks.

I groan, not knowing how to answer.

“I take it that’s a no then,” she says. “What did he do?”

“Ah, it’s not so much what he did, but mostly what he didn’t do.”

“Do you want me to punch him in the face?”

I laugh. “No, you’re not the one who deserves jail time.”

“Oh, Jesus, he really did a number on you, didn’t he?”

“Ugh, he’s such an asshole.” I roll around on the bed.

“So you did have sex with him.”

“That is none of your business,” I muse.

“But you did. I knew it.”

I blush, even though there’s no one here. “Shut up, it was just … sex.”

“Of course, it is. That’s why you sound so depressed.”

“I do
sound depressed … Do I sound depressed?”

“Yes, like a girl who just got her heart stomped on.”

“Hmm …” I frown because she’s actually right, but I don’t want to admit it. I don’t want to even think about it because the thought of being used almost brings me to tears.

I sniff.

“Aw, girl, don’t cry,” Stephanie says.

“There’s something in my eye.”

She laughs. “Your finger, yeah.”

“Oh, you and your stupid jokes,” I retort. “Not helping.”

“I know, but he’s a dick and whatever the fuck he did doesn’t mean he gets to make you cry. Do not let him make you cry, Sam. He’s not worth it.”

“I know. Thank you,” I say, swiping away a tear.

“I think it’s time I got my ass to your place,” she muses.

I laugh. “Ugh, I could so use your snark right now. Seriously. You do not want to know what he did.”

“Tell me all about it when I get to your place. I’ll be there in five. And make sure you have plenty of pillows.”


“So I have something else but my phone to throw.”

I laugh so hard that I snort. She never fails to amuse me and keep my mind off




About thirty minutes later, Stephanie knows all about what he did.

“What a pig!” she says.

“I know, right? And the worst part is that he practically tried to hide it from me.”

“Pfft, I should’ve known something was up when he told you to go dress shopping. With
credit card.”

“He used me. For his own gain. And then he had sex with me, and I let him. It’s like the cherry on a giant turd mountain.”

She giggles but quickly stops when she notices that I’m not laughing. I can’t help it, I’m so not amused. All I want to do is grab my belongings, go to his house, and throw everything in his face. Even if it costs me a fortune, the bastard deserves it.

“Well, let’s stop talking about him then. He doesn’t deserve the attention.”

“No, he doesn’t,” I say, grabbing my laptop. “Unless it’s negative. And I have the perfect thing in mind.”

“What?” she asks as I pull up my document and start typing.

“Well, I’m expecting to lose my job after all of this.”

“But you did what he asked! Even if it went against everything you stand for. And he hasn’t even paid you.”

“I know, but that won’t stop him from trying to rid himself of this problem called ‘me’ as soon as possible. He has a tendency for picking the easiest route.”

“Asshole,” she says.

“But I won’t go down without dragging him with me.”


“I’m going to type out this entire fucking story, and then laugh my ass off at my own stupidity.”

“Hey!” She shoves me. “You’re not stupid.”

“I had sex with him. Of course, that’s stupid.”

“You were following your vagina. We all do that sometimes. And then we learn from it.”

“Bad vagina, bad!” I say, and we both laugh. “The power of cock was strong this time.”

She snorts. “Well, I hope that part was good at least. The fucker might be an asshole, but if you got good sex out of it, then that’s at least one thing he can’t take away.”

“It was good all right, which is why I hate him even more,” I growl. “More material for me to write about.”

“So what are you going to do with the story then? Publish it? Let the world see your ‘stupidity’?” She makes quotation marks with her fingers.

“Maybe …” I hum. “If he’s going to fire my ass.”

“But what if he doesn’t?” she says.

“Then at least I got it off my chest and got a fat paycheck with it as well. There’s no way in hell that I’m not going to get paid for the shit he pulled. I have it on paper.”

She holds out her hand for a high-five. “You go, girl!”

My phone suddenly rings again and both our eyes zap toward it like a hawk zooming in on prey. Of course, it’s Leo.

When I move my hand to grab the phone, Stephanie pushes me and snatches it away. “No, nu-uh.”

“I wanted to press decline.”

“Of course …” she jests. “I know you’re dying to hear his excuses, but I’m not letting him hurt you again.” She turns off my phone and places it on my nightstand. “Ignore that fucker. Write your story, get it off your chest … and then we’re going shopping.”

I smile, grinning when she holds up my purse and takes out his credit card. “Time to put this baby to use.”

“You’re evil,” I say.

“I know. Don’t you just love it?”

“He’s gonna be so pissed when he finds out.”

“If he finds out.”

“He will,” I say. “He’s not stupid.”

“I’ll take all the blame, baby.” She slaps my bum. “Now go type so we can get to the mall quicker. I’m not letting you off the hook until you promise me that you’ll stop giving him the time he doesn’t deserve from you.”

“Fine, fine, I promise,” I say, when she pokes me.

“Good. It’s girl-time now.”

BOOK: Possessed - Part Two
3.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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