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“We are doing great.” I assure him.

“And what about Boo number two?” his hand grazes my now flat belly.

I sigh and place my hand over his, “So far doing great, the doctor said everything is going great and my levels are perfect.”

He smiles and sways our baby girl in his arms, she yawns and closes her eyes and smiles. It may be the greatest moment of my life, right here, right now. My amazing husband, in our own home, holding our sleeping, healthy baby girl and another on the way.





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My husband, who is also on the back cover of the book. Jeff you have been there and supported from the start and encourage me to keep going with it and I love you for it. My mom, who is not even a reader! Thank you for sharing in with my excitement and encouraging me, for my whole life.

My great friends Katie, Randy and Mesha, you guys rock and I love you for being there for me. Randy you make a great cover model and I hope that you get to design more book covers for other authors and other kick ass graphics! Mesha, I love that we have become closer and your photography is killer! I can’t wait to do more with you in the future and you love Big Ben too, which I love! Katie, you are always eager to hear about the story and thank you for being such a good friend and supporting me. Drinks all around!

RP Designs:

Christy Dilg, what can I say? I am speechless! I love you to the moon and back and I am ecstatic that we are good friends! I hope I did your characters justice here! You’re an amazing writer and am so proud of you! If you haven’t read Forbidden Forever do it now! The follow-up is coming soon and here’s a secret: there is another tie-in!

Christy Dilg FB:

My online book girlfriends, who I will meet one day! Jennifer Mitchell: I love your ass so much! And I hope you enjoyed Jennifer Garrett as much as I did making her. Kimberly Schoeller Kimball you are amazing and so proud of you and what you have accomplished, I love you babes! Heather Putnam, my sister from another mister right here! I can’t wait to finally meet you this year!

My amazing friend who has been there from the beginning and my latest editor Stacy Nickelson. You are too kind and stellar! You took a chance on a new book and now here we are. I love you girlie.

My street team! All of my girls over at Private Messengers! Thank you for being there and spreading the word about the books. I couldn’t have asked for a better set of girls in my life. I hope to be able to meet each and every one of you!

My betas! Jennifer Reyes, Leah Sampson, Sara Fuller, Elise Taylor, Lisa Petty, Christy Dilg, Jennifer Mitchell, Jessica Guard and Katie Potvin.

Mine and Jeff’s fun and amazing friend Jason Morningstar! I wanted to have someone I have known in here for a long time and to add a special something to the book and I couldn’t think of anyone better than you Jason! You run the best piercing shop I have ever come across and have the best sense of humor EVER! And to readers Jason is a real person and his shop Primitive Impressions is a real shop in Rochester NY! If you are ever there, stop by and say hello! In the meantime check out his page!

And of course the band Cilver once again! I love you Uliana and Leon! Keep on rockin’ and I am so proud and excited to see where you are going from here. Check them out!

BOOK: Private Affair (The Private Series)
10.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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