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It’s Christmas Eve and my mom has invited Ben and I over for dinner and to exchange gifts. The original plan was to get together after we got home from New York. I had called my mom when we were at the hospital to let her know what was going on and she called Jack to let him know that she would be thinking about Caroline.

Ben and I hold hands as I knock on my Mom’s townhouse door. I look him over and he looks sexy as hell in his dress coat and scarf, but what I am really loving is his fresh scruff that he has started to keep for me.

“What?” He asks as if he doesn’t know.

I raise one eyebrow at him, “Nothing, I am just checking out my hot fiancé.” I must be breathing heavily, because I can visually see my breath in the cold Seattle air.

We hear a “Coming!” coming from inside of the place when Ben dips me into a passionate, head spinning lip lock. When he is standing me back up, my Mom opens the door and laughs at our not so secret private time. Me, because I’m in heels struggle to gain my balance back.

“Mrs. Martin.” Ben greets her as casually as possible, while my head is still spinning.

“Oh, Ben what have I told you? You are marrying my daughter, call me Liz.” She opens her arms for a hug.

Ben steps in and embraces my mother, “Well, thank you for having me Liz.”

“Come in, come in, dinner is nearly ready. Tess will you help me in the kitchen?”

“Of course, Mom,” I walk in taking off my jacket and hang it on the hook by the door and Ben follows suit. As I am walking past him, he smacks my ass, causing me to jump and make a very audible squeal.

My Mom turns back, smiles and shakes her head knowing exactly what just happened. I smack Ben’s chest.


“You love me,” he sings.

“Yeah, yeah…” I smile.

In the kitchen I ask my mom where her boyfriend is and she explains that he is visiting with his mother in the nursing home. “You didn’t want to go with him?” I ask.

She hands me a stack of white dishes to place on the table, “I would much rather spend time with my daughter on Christmas Eve like we always do.”

It’s true we have never spent a Christmas Eve apart, not even when my Dad was supposed to have me every other year. I smile at the warm memories over the years.

I spot Ben leaning in the door way of the kitchen, “Hey, don’t think you’re getting off here mister! Why don’t you open the wine?”

“My pleasure,” he drags out in his deep succulent accent.

My Mom is watching us and I feel my face heat with embarrassment.



We are sitting in the living room after eating and helping clean up. Sipping on coffee and enjoying my Mom’s usual over decorated tree. She gets up out of the chair she is sitting in and retrieves two boxes from under the tree.

Handing them to Ben and me, “What are these?” I eye her.

“Just a little something, nothing serious, but fun.”

“Liz you didn’t have to,” Ben tells her.

She just waves us off and we start to unwrap our gifts. I am the first to open my gift and I pull out what looks to be a t-shirt. Holding it up I notice it’s a long white night shirt that reads: “Mrs.”

“You will always find a way to get me pajamas on Christmas Eve, huh?” I laugh. I should have known.

I turn to show Ben and he has a little chuckle over it. “Your turn,” I tell him.

He pulls out boxers, “MOM!” I exclaim, why on Gods earth would she get my fiancé boxers?

“What?” She laughs, “Turn them around Ben.”

He does and on the butt they read, “Mr.” He doesn’t seem embarrassed at all, he actually starts to laugh hysterically.

“Liz, these are truly amazing and I have to say, I like your style.”

My eyes wide I ask him, “You’re not mortified?”

“Are you kidding? I love them and I can’t wait to wear these together,” he winks.

I shake my head, “Your nuts Mom, but I love you. Thank you.” I give my Mom a hug and kiss and Ben does the same. He is so appreciative.

“Ben and I got you a little something as well,” I go into my purse and retrieve an envelope.

She tears it open and I see her jaw drop open, “You two didn’t have to do this!”

We got her two open ended plane tickets to London for our spring wedding, considering we haven’t nailed a date down yet. There was no way I was going to let her break her bank.

She launches out of her seat and hugs us together.



We are on our way home when Ben takes a slight detour. “Where are we going?” I ask.

“It’s a surprise.”

I see that we are driving up into Pike Place, “Are we getting some coffee, because I really could use a caffeine boost.”

He turns into a parking space, kills the engine and tells me, “We will do that after.”

Confused I ask, “After what?”

“When I saw your face at the hospital, the way you looked at that tree … I knew I had to get one for our place. I just can’t believe I didn’t think about it earlier, then again I never got a tree for my place ever.”

“Why not?”

“Because I had no one to share it with.” And I see a small smile cross his face in the glow of the mini glowing lights.

I didn’t give it much thought, that we didn’t have one. I think because, we had been spending time moving me in and working and then Caroline, it didn’t click with me that it was Christmas time. I feel the butterflies in my stomach start to flutter.

“Let’s go!” I skip out to the rows of trees and run my fingers over the branches. I haven’t had a real tree since I moved out of my Mom’s. I had a small table top one for my apartment, but nothing like these.

“Any one you want.” Ben tells me.

I take his hand and we walk through together, then I see the perfect tree. “Can we get this one?” I point to the perfect tree in my eyes.

“Isn’t it a little … rough?” He asks scrunching his eyebrows.

I shake my head in protest. It’s a slender seven-foot sparsely branched tree. Sure I could have a ten-foot tall evergreen, but I like this one.

“It has character. Plus, what’s wrong with a little rough?” I tease.

Ben reaches in and pulls it from the stand, “Alright! Let’s get this baby home.”

I clap excitedly, as he pays the attendant and the men tie it to the roof of the car.

I go to get in, when he stops me. “Oh, we aren’t done yet.”

He tugs on the rope connecting the tree to the car he comes to my side and wraps his arm around my hip and pulls me close to his side. It’s getting colder as it’s getting later into the evening, I snuggle my nose into his chest and I am filled with his scent mixed with the pine from the tree. This has got to be one of the most amazing scents ever. The only word that I can come up with to describe it is: love. This is what love smells like.

“You said you needed a caffeine boost and you’re going to need it…”



Getting out of Ben’s GTO he starts to untie the rope holding our first Christmas tree down, I ask him what I can do to help, “Let the man do the heavy work.” He instructs me with his half smile.

“Oh, please! I can help and besides who are you impressing? This thing weighs what? Maybe ten pounds?” I roll my eyes.

Hoisting the tree over his shoulder he steps by me and winks. This time I pinch his ass causing him to jump and drop the tree. I throw my hands to my mouth and instantly start laughing hysterically.

Ben turns and stretches his arms out from his body and drops them to his side and lets out a rough breath, “Really Punky?” He smirks.

“What? Can’t the ‘man’ get the tree upstairs?” I tease him.

“Not when you’re sexually harassing me,” he laughs picking the tree back up. “Get the elevator.”

I salute the ‘man’ and march the elevator and hit the up button. When we are in side I stand perfectly still like a soldier and try to keep a straight face. By the time the doors open I am in a fit of giggles. I pull out my keys and open the door.

“Where should we put it?” I begin to ask looking around the room as he enters through the door behind me, when I hear a thunk from the tree being dropped. I turn to see what he’s doing and the next thing I know I am being spun to the back of the closed front door.

His hands all over me as he kisses up my neck and back down to my chest as he undoes the buttons of my coat. We kick off our boots and I raise one leg to wrap around his waist and he grabs my ass and lifts me up. I have both legs around him now. He reaches up my shirt and grabs my breast, I instinctively arch my body into his grasp.

Ben groans at my movement and he carries me to the sofa, dropping me on my back, I stretch my body out and he is on me faster than I can blink. He has my pants and panties off and I am removing my top and bra, and then taking off his shirt. He pushes down his pants and shorts to reveal his drop dead fuckable body. I start to pant at the sight of him.

“Ben I need you so bad,” I tell him and I, feeling brave and eager, reach down my body and start to play with myself. I see his cock twitch as he stands at the end of the black leather sofa. That gives me the strength to do a little more, if me just rubbing myself a little gets him going…

“Keep going,” he tells me and his hand grips his hardness.

I reach up with my other hand and start to message my heavy with want breasts. I don’t take my eyes off of Ben; his searing look only drives me on more. I rub my nipple with my fingers and let out a soft moan. Feeling my own wetness I enter myself and I hear Ben gasp. “Oh Ben, I need to feel you inside of me.”

“I want to see you come by yourself,” he says in a ragged breath.

I spread my legs further and lift one up to the back of the sofa, to give him a better view. I hear him say “Fuck Tess, that hot as hell. I could come by just watching you.”

I start to pick up my own pace and start to rub my clit a little harder and faster. I can’t contain my moaning. I close my eyes, imagining Ben’s mouth on me.

That’s when I feel Ben move on top of me and I open my eyes, “I can’t take anymore, or I won’t be able to finish you off.”

I move my hand to his length and he moans out, “knees.”

I, eager to get him inside of me obey. I quickly turn myself around and I feel him at my back just as fast. He leans in and breaths, “Ready?” I can’t even speak I am so turned on, that I just nod. I feel his hand first as he glides a finger inside of me, nearly making me come. I turn back to see him putting it in his mouth and slowly pulls it out and makes an ‘mmm…’ noise. Then he slams into me. I can’t help but yell out, it feels so amazing.

BOOK: Private Affair (The Private Series)
10.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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