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Authors: Elle Christensen

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Protecting Shaylee (The Fae Guard Book 1) (3 page)

BOOK: Protecting Shaylee (The Fae Guard Book 1)
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I LAY MY BAGS down on the floor, next to the bed, in the guest apartment on the Brydan’s top floor. Everything looks the same as the last time I was here. I wish this were just another visit, like the ones I made when Shaylee was growing up. I smile at the memories of the little imp.

Then, she had to go and grow up. I don’t know the exact moment it happened, but one day I arrived, and she was no longer a child. She was just a few months shy of nineteen. She was a woman, a beautiful, and sexy-as-hell, woman. I was having trouble seeing her as my little “Buttercup.” My body was reacting to her lavender scent, her luscious curves, and her mouth. The mouth that was just begging to be explored with my tongue. What’s worse, I could see the same desires growing in her eyes.

It was hard enough to fight my own desire, but when she looked at me with those passion-filled eyes, I wanted nothing more than to haul her into the nearest bedroom, and learn what she tastes like—everywhere.

For her birthday, I’d given her season passes to the Bronx Zoo. When she opened the box and saw my little inside joke, she laughed so hard, tears were streaming down her face. That sound—the sound of her laughter—was what did me in.

I gave her a grin, and then stood, taking plates to the kitchen. I needed to clear my head, get control over my reaction to her. There was a large pantry off of the kitchen and I disappeared in there to put something away, and then stayed there for a moment, taking deep breaths and having a stern talk with my dick. Just as I was stepping out, I saw her waiting for me. She was leaning against the wall, next to the door, but moved in front of me as soon as I appeared. Her face was lit up with the most beautiful smile and any control I’d gained in her absence began to slither away.

“Thank you, Aden. That was the perfect gift.” The way she said my name had visions of twisted sheets and naked bodies dancing in my head. She lifted up on her toes to place a kiss on my cheek and my feral instincts took over. I caught her mouth with my own, wrapped my arms around her waist, and dragged her back into the pantry.
Fuck, yes.
I kicked the door shut and shoved her up against the wall, devouring her mouth. She’d gasped in shock, when my lips met hers, and I took full advantage, plunging my tongue in and tasting the sweetness of her mouth. Damn, she was every bit as sweet as I knew she would be.

I was lost to her, to the passion raging between us. I grabbed her ass and hauled her body up to mine, grinding my cock against the heat of her pussy. She let out a little moan and I growled low in response.

“That is the sexiest fucking sound, baby,” I said against her mouth. Her arms went around my neck, her hands running through my hair. My mouth was traveling down her neck and I lifted her ass up a little higher, until her legs wrapped around my waist. With her back supported by the wall, I rocked against her a little harder. She moaned again and I became obsessed with the need to make her do it over and over again. I slid my hand up over her stomach to her breast and pinched her hardened nipple. Her gasp was sexy-as-hell and, when she started to suck on my neck, another thread of my control snapped.

I sealed my mouth over hers and my hand worked the buttons down the front of her blouse. When I’d done away with the last one, I pulled back just a little to look down.
Her tits were heaving with her labored breathing. They were spilling out of the barely-there, nude, lace bra. My eyes were burning into her flesh, and I knew she felt the heat when she arched her back, bringing those delicious tits to just the right height. With just the tiniest tug from my teeth, her breast was freed from its confinement, and I latched on to the pink bud. She cried out as I sucked it deeply into my mouth and then bit down lightly. Her hands were pulling at my hair and it fueled my need as I moved to give her other plump breast the same attention.

She began writhing and rocking her pelvis into mine. I wasn’t sure I could last much longer without sinking my aching cock into her deep, wet heat. My mouth returned to hers and my hand continued to tease her nipples before moving slowly down to the button of her jeans. When I reached her belly button, I felt the dangling jewelry of a belly ring and pulled back to look at it. I stared for a moment. A tiny little Tinkerbell was winking at me. Later, I would recognize the irony in her choice, but at that moment, I was lost to everything but the feel of her body against mine.

“You like it?” her voice was breathy and so damn hot.

I looked into her green eyes, despite the passion darkening them, they somehow shined brighter. “It’s fucking sexy, baby. Hot as hell.”

A little smile played at her lips in response, and then she rocked into me again—hard. My head was spinning, only able to focus on one thing; I had to make her come. I needed to hear her scream my name. I unsnapped her jeans and dragged down the zipper before slipping my hand down to her slick folds. “Fuck, baby, you’re so wet.” She let out a little whimper and rocked against my hand. I wanted to turn that little whimper into a scream. I plunged a finger into her pussy and felt tight, tight suction. I’d never felt it so tight.
What the hell?
And then it hit me;
she was a virgin.
That’s the moment when some of the fog cleared, and I realized who was in my arms and what the fuck I was doing to her.

Guilt assailed me. We shouldn’t be doing this. But I needed to take something from this, something to keep with me. I couldn’t leave her in this state, anyway. I’d give her what we both needed. I continued to work my finger in and out of her, while my thumb rubbed circles on her clit. I licked and ate at her tits and when I could feel her pussy tightening even more, I put solid pressure on her swollen bud. Her body began to shudder and I muffled her screams with my tongue in her mouth. I worked her until the last of her shudders subsided. Then I hugged her close and filled myself with her scent.

I knew what I had to do, so I savored the moment: cementing her smell, her taste, the feel of her body; committing them all to memory. I also used the time to try and figure out what to tell her. I couldn’t lie to her. But, I knew I couldn’t tell her my plans either. She’d try to stop me—to find excuses—but I knew what the right course of action was. When I pulled away and began to re-dress her, her eyes looked confused.

“We can’t keep this up in here, baby.” The passion began to clear from her eyes and she looked around, realizing where we were. A giggle escaped her mouth and she fought to keep from bursting into laughter. I couldn’t find it in me to laugh with her and pretend I wasn’t fighting the beast inside me that was screaming to make her mine.

When I had done up the last of her buttons, she stroked her hand down the side of my face and I couldn’t keep from leaning into her palm.

“We moved my bedroom down to the lower level a few months ago, and Mom is still up on the third floor. Why don’t you come down after she goes to bed?” She placed a soft kiss on my lips and looked into my eyes for confirmation.

“Ok, baby. I’ll come down later.” It was the truth; I would go down and see her one last time before I left. I gave her one last lingering kiss, then opened the door and took a quick glance around. Seeing it empty, I let her pass me by and head toward the stairs that would take her down to the bottom floor. With one last smile thrown my way, she disappeared through the door and shut it behind her.

I waited until almost four in the morning, sure she would be asleep. I’d packed my bag earlier, so I grabbed it and quietly slipped down to her bedroom. She was lying on her stomach, her gorgeous light hair splayed across the pillows and down her back. Her pink lips were slightly parted and her breathing was deep and even. I leaned down and kissed her softly before turning to leave. She was so beautiful, lying there, waiting for me.

She wasn’t ready; I couldn’t have her.


I asked to be assigned to someone else. The council obliged and I was assigned to train a twenty-one-year-old Fae boy who had decided to join the Mie’Lorvor, the Fae Guard. As the months passed, I began to doubt what I’d felt. I began to wonder if the passion in the moment was all there was between us, and that possessive emotions were simply an effect of having protected her for so much of her life. Perhaps my leaving was the best thing for us both in the long run.

I worked with the young man for a year and a half until he was ready for his own assignment. For the last six months, I’d worked with the Ohtar faction of the Mie’Lorvor whose job was to hunt the Ukkutae, the Fallen. Then, two weeks ago, I was called in to meet with the council. I was given my new assignment.


It went against every instinct I had not to argue with them. I’d convinced myself that Shaylee was a part of my past, someone to be fondly remembered and firmly put behind me. But, I knew, as well as anyone, that it would do me no good. Once the council makes a decision, you don’t have any other option but to obey. I was also pretty sure that they had an ulterior motive behind this choice. They were trying to tell me we were fated. However, I wasn’t ready to dwell on the dual purpose of this task. Now here I am, forced to introduce Shaylee to her true nature and train her to survive the dangers that are, as of yet, unknown to her. I stood at the window and watched her arrive, then stayed in my room, like a coward, not anxious to face her wrath.

I expected to hear her yell or possibly even stomp up the stairs to hand me my ass for the way I left. When that never happened, and the time for dinner drew near, I wondered if Violet had told her I was there. Sighing deeply, I decided to get it over with.

When I reach the bottom of the stairs, I see that I’m the first to arrive. I can hear the tinkling of laughter in the kitchen, and I follow the sound. When I hear my name, I stop and listen. Violet had just told her I was coming to her birthday dinner, so I wait to gauge her reaction. Instead of yelling, there is a long silence. Then, I hear her soft voice asking

Damn her voice is sexy. It’s smooth and rich and it flows with my blood straight down to my cock.
Seriously? This is the time to get a hard-on?

I don’t wait for her mother to answer but instead, go strolling in as if I’d never left. “To see you on your birthday, Buttercup.” My breath catches suddenly at the vision before me.

Somehow, Shaylee has become even more beautiful. Her eyes are a deeper shade of blue, her skin is creamy and smooth, her breasts are fuller, her hips a little rounder and her mouth. That mouth was made to do dirty things. I have no shortage of images concerning the activities that mouth should be put to use for. I quickly look away, trying to get my cock to calm the hell down.

Walking swiftly over, I lay a kiss on Violet’s cheek, then move to Shaylee and do the same, before ruffling her hair like I did when she was a child. Her eyes swing up to meet mine and I give her a lopsided grin. “What’s up, Buttercup?” To my surprise, there is no anger in her gaze. Instead. I see pain, but she shutters her emotions so quickly, that I wonder if I really saw it.

“Aden,” she states my name in greeting with a small smile and then turns back to her mother. “What time will everyone be here?”

I am shocked by her docile response. Shaylee always possessed a fire in her, a passion that bled into every facet of her life. Her reactions were never small. I suppose I could attribute it to maturity, but I have a feeling that it’s something else, something that changed her. And I don’t like it.

BOOK: Protecting Shaylee (The Fae Guard Book 1)
7.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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