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Bad Blooded
Rebel Series #1




By Mellie George


copyright ©2013 Mellie George

Rights Reserved

by Dawn Bourgeois

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book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and
incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a
fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual
events is purely coincidental.




No part of this
publication may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted in any form or by any
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your favorite authors by saying no to piracy! It is not a victimless crime. Do
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Author acknowledges referencing the following people, places, music, bands,
sports teams, movies, and all that noise: Luke Bryan, Guns ‘N Roses, Holiday
Inn, Pizza King, The Gremlins, The Karate Kid, The Cincinnati Bengals, and The
Indianapolis Colts.


book is dedicated to all of my readers…YOU are the real rock stars! I love you
all so much and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your continuous support! Also,
I’d like to give a special shout out to Terri Anne Browning and Sophie Monroe
for giving me such hot book boyfriends like Nik, Jesse, Drake, Shane, Jake,
Blake, Derek, and Kevin to inspire me to create Ryder and the boys…







“Good night, Cincinnati, it’s good to be
home! You guys are fucking amazing, and we love you! We’ll see you next time
around!” I shouted to the screaming crowd. Right before I walked off stage, I
threw a handful of guitar picks into the crowd and fist pumped in the air. The
rest of the guys came up next to me and we joined hands. Taking one last bow,
the crowd went wild and we waved once more before we walked off the stage
together. Some random backstage crew member handed me a clean white towel and a
bottle of water. While I was wiping the sweat off my face, I felt a hard clap
on my back.

“Dude, we fucking
tonight!” Jude said, giving me a little shake. He then reached out a hand and
fist bumped both Beau and Kris.

I nodded and tried to catch my breath.
“It was a good show, guys. Seriously,” I said, and I took a long drink of water
as the crowd was still chanting the band’s name. We’d been on tour all over the
world for the past seven months, and tonight’s show in our hometown of
Cincinnati, Ohio was our last stop. As much as I loved my boys and touring
around with them, I couldn’t wait to get home and finally sleep in my own bed.
I was worn out, exhausted both physically and mentally, and just fucking dead
tired. “I’m just glad this is finally over. I’m fucking beat.”

As we descended down the steps to the
side of the stage, Jude nodded toward the room set up for meeting fans and
grinned. There was already a long line of fans waiting and, as always, most of
them were female. “Well, since this our last stop on the tour, I plan on ending
tonight with a bang,” he said, eyeing the girls in the line with wicked intent.

“Literally,” I said, and he shoved me

“You know it bro,” he said.

Beau looked at him and smiled. “I call
dibs on the blonde, third from the front.”

“That’s fine by me. I have my eye on the
two red heads in the middle,” Jude replied.

Kris scoffed and rolled his eyes. “You
guys are whores, I swear,” he laughed as we headed past the group of fans
waiting to meet us near our dressing room. Eleven years ago my best friends
Jude Miller, Beau Cavanaugh, Kris Engle and I formed our band Bad Blooded Rebel
when we were sophomores at Oak Hills High School in Cincinnati. We played
locally for two years until we caught a lucky break when the lead singer of a
huge band was in town. He happened to be at one of our shows and offered us an
opening spot on their summer tour.

We jumped at the chance, and we were
signed to a label not long after. We literally exploded overnight, and
everything just came fast to us after that. We had fame, money, alcohol, and
women. We all had our pick of pretty much any girl in
the venue night after night, and with the exception of Kris, who had recently
gotten engaged, we rarely went to our hotel alone. Tonight would be the
exception for me, because at that point I wanted nothing more than to just crash
into my bed and not see the world again for twelve hours. Just one last meet
and greet and then I would finally go home to the house I haven’t seen in seven

As we walked down the hall and past the
group of screaming fans, I was starting to fantasize about finally getting a
good night’s rest when I saw
. She wasn’t like any girl I had ever
seen before. Just like the old cliché, she took my breath away. She had long
dark hair that was black as midnight and she had a streak of bright teal blue
color on one side. In her black leather cowboy boots, tight jeans, and tight Guns
‘N Roses tee shirt, she definitely looked like a perfect mix between country
and rock and roll.

My eyes quickly scanned down her body.
She had perfect breasts that looked natural, a tiny waist, and was definitely
rocking a nice full ass. What struck me the most about her was that she
looked…bored. This girl looked like she would rather be any other place in the
world rather than be standing in line to meet us. I was amused, smiling
slightly at her expression when she looked up and made eye contact with me. She
looked shocked at first, but when she realized who I was, she rolled her big brown
eyes at me. It was at that moment, everything south of my belt began to stand
at attention. Well, I
wasn’t tired now…at least my dick
wasn’t anyway.

As I walked into the dressing room one
thing became crystal clear. I loved a challenge, and she was definitely going
to be a fun one. I had to know that girl, even if it was just for one night.








“Oh my God, I feel like I’m going to
faint!” Danni squealed, squeezing my arm. “I can’t believe I’m about to meet
Bad Blooded Rebel, especially Ryder Matthews. God, he’s so talented! Aren’t you

I sighed. “No, Danni, I’m not. You know
I am not a fan of this stuff, all the yelling, screaming, and growling. Why did
you drag me to this? Surely you could have found someone else that actually
likes these guys.”

Danni gave me a pointed look. “Ev, I
brought you because you’re my best friend and best friends do things like this
together. I didn’t complain once when you dragged me along to see Luke Bryan,”
she said, as I pointed my finger at her.

“Watch it, girl. That’s my future
husband you just almost insulted,” I joked.

She rolled her eyes. “Ev, come on. I’m
really excited about this, so please, for the love of God, don’t embarrass me
in there. You don’t even have to meet them, you can just stand in the corner
while I try and get a picture, okay?”

Groaning, I said, “All right, fine. I’ll
be good.” I rolled my head back, annoyed. “I can’t believe I came all the way
from another freaking state for this.” Danni and I were from Muncie, Indiana
and Cincinnati was the closest city that Bad Blooded Rebel was playing. When
the tickets for this stupid concert went on sale, Danni quickly snatched up two
VIP tickets complete with meet and greet passes and made me tag along. I really
shouldn’t complain since I dragged her to the last one. We went back stage and
I actually met one of my favorite country singers and Danni came with me
without complaint. I needed to snap out of this mood because she really was
excited to meet these guys.

Just as I was getting myself into a
better mood for my best friend, I heard screaming coming from our line. The
band was walking down the hall to their dressing room and everyone began
freaking out, Danni included. I sighed and looked at the group and tried to see
what the fuss was about. The only thing I had ever heard about these guys were
negative stories in the press. They all were tall and one was a little stockier
than the others. One of them had blonde spiky hair and he reminded me of a
young (but much cuter) Billy Idol. Another had wavy brown hair that would have
hit him just at his jaw line if it wasn’t pulled back into low pony tail. One
of them, the stocky one, had his hair buzzed into a short mohawk and had a
tattoo of some wicked looking devil on the side of his head.

The last one, obviously the lead singer,
had short dark brown hair that was spiked up into a faux hawk. He had tiny
silver hoops in his lobes and there was an industrial through one ear. He had a
silver hoop through his lip, a bar in his eyebrow, and full sleeves of tattoos
on both arms. For the lead singer of a hard rock band, he was actually pretty
good looking if you’re into all that body art. I was about to look away and
check to see if Danni had fainted but before I could, I looked at him for a
moment and noticed he was staring at me. Even from here I could see that his
eyes were the clearest, bluest eyes I’d ever seen. My breath hitched a little bit
and he smiled a sexy, crooked smile at me. His smile made my skin tighten and
tingle…it totally pissed me off. The fact that I had acted that way made me a
little mad at myself, and I rolled my eyes.

I could see out of the corner of my eye
that he was still smiling at me when the dressing room door closed. Shaking my
head, I decided that I was definitely going to hide in a corner when Danni met
these guys. His smile unnerved me, and I planned on staying as far away as possible.

Chapter 1







“Did you check out that group of chicks
out there? We got some hot ass girls here tonight,” said Jude. Except for Kris,
we all usually slept with a groupie, but Jude was the one out all of us who
liked to double up on them. If we were whores like Kris said, then Jude was the
biggest whore of us all. We all worked out but Jude was the one that looked
more built. He also looked more dangerous out of all of us because he kept his
head shaved in a short mohawk to show off the devil tattoo he had on the side
of his head.

Beau could give him a run for his money
in the looks department. When we were in high school, the girls usually
gravitated to Beau because he had the nice eyes that turned girls to goo with
just one look. He grew his hair out and kept it back in a low pony tail. He
definitely had the “I just got laid” look and it drove women wild.

Kris was the one that had the most
potential to get girls with his spiky blonde hair and killer green eyes. He had
recently gotten engaged to his high school sweetheart Jessie and definitely wasn’t

We all got our fair share attention, but
out of the four of us I received the most by far. Women threw themselves at me
in spades. I don’t know if it’s because of how I look or because I’m the lead
singer of a famous rock band. I just knew how to charm the pants off any woman
because most of them were looking for a good time and to say they slept with a
rock star. “You see any you liked, Ryder?” Jude said to me.

“I don’t know. That stacked brunette
with the teal in her hair out there was pretty hot.”

“Oh yeah, I saw her. She’s pretty cute. That
girl next to her with the long blonde hair was hot as hell too,” Beau said. He
tapped me on the arm. “I bet they’re friends, dude. We should bro up on them,”
he said.

I chuckled. I had been planning on
skipping on the groupies for the night and just going home but once I saw the
girl in the hall that plan went right out the window. “I’m all for that but to
tell you the truth she looked pissed to be here. She even rolled her eyes at me
when we walked past,” I said, and the guys laughed.

“I think there is finally a woman out
there that isn’t into you. Stop the presses,” Kris said.

Jude’s eyes widened. “Ooh, maybe she’s a
lesbian. That’s fucking hot!” he exclaimed.

I laughed and shook my head. I normally
wasn’t into the chase, but I had a feeling that this girl would have me running
a marathon. I jumped into a quick shower to wash all the sweat off of me. I
dressed in a tight black shirt that had a wicked looking skull on it, dark
jeans, my favorite boots, and threw some gel in my hair to restyle it. If I was
going to try and impress this girl tonight, I had to go out there looking my

When I emerged from the bathroom, the
guys were all redressed and ready to head to meet our fans. Beau clapped me on
the back as we headed out the door and into the meet and greet lounge.

As soon as we walked in, the fans
started screaming. It was like this everywhere we went, so I just smiled and
played the part of adored rock god. As I took my seat at the table next to
Beau, my eyes scanned the room for any sign of this girl and I finally found

She wasn’t in line with the others
waiting for autographs or pictures. She was standing alone in the corner of the
room, playing with her phone and still looked bored. Just watching her stand
there mindlessly swiping the screen on her phone was a total turn on to me. It
figures that I’d be attracted to the one woman in the world that apparently
didn’t give a shit who I was. That made me instantly want her all the more.




It had been about an hour since we came
in the room and we finally made it down to the end of the line. The blonde girl
that was standing next to the hot brunette had finally made it to the table.
She quickly looked back at her friend who was still playing around on her phone
and waved excitedly. Beau already had his radar on the blonde and went into
full flirt mode when she turned back around. Poor girl didn’t stand a chance.
“Hi,” she said shyly when she reached our table. “It’s so awesome to meet you
guys. I’m seriously your biggest fan!”

Beau extended his hand to her. “It’s
nice to meet you too, sweetie. What’s your name?”

“I’m Danni. Danni Sharpe.”

“I’m Beau, and this is Kris, Jude, and Ryder,”
he said, nodding in our direction and taking her hand in his. We all waved at
her and she blushed a scarlet red.

“I know,” she muttered.

“So, did you like the show?” I asked

“Oh, totally. You guys rocked so hard
out there.”

“Thanks, sweetie. So, you here all
alone?” Beau asked, still holding her hand. He was rubbing his thumb across the
back of her hand. Beau went right for it, I’ll give him that.

“No, my best friend came with me,” she
said, thumbing over her shoulder in the hot brunette’s direction. I looked at
her again and still she had her phone out and not paying a bit of attention to
us. All the blood rushed below my belt in a surge.

“Why didn’t she come up with you? Is she
not a fan?” I asked Danni.

“No, not really. She’s more of a classic
rock and country girl,” she answered. “I bought these tickets a while ago and
she agreed to come with me.”

“Well, that was nice of her, I guess,” I
said, amusement in my voice.

Danni smiled at me and sighed. “I know,

glad you came. It’s
always nice to meet such pretty fans like you,” Beau said, laying it on thick.
I didn’t know what I wanted to do more…laugh or choke on his bullshit.

“Thanks,” she said, still smiling. “Okay,
so I know this is lame and you’ve done a million of these already, but is there
any way I can get a picture with you guys?”

“Anything for a beautiful girl,” Beau said,
but I stopped him.

“Hold on. I’ll do it if
the picture too,” I said, nodding at her friend who was still paying no
attention to me. All eyes traveled to her, and then Danni looked back to me.

“Um, okay. I’ll be right back,” she
said, and after letting go of Beau’s hand she took off walking toward her

“Oh shit, you have your predator face
on. This should be entertaining,” Jude said, and I flipped him off.

“Shut the hell up, dude,” I said to him.
I watched the two girls having some kind of disagreement, and after a few
seconds they hugged and Danni came walking back over to us with her hot friend
in tow.

“Hey guys, we’re back,” Danni said

“Yes you are,” Beau said, winking at her.
Danni giggled and I had to suppress my laughter.

“Who’s your friend?” I asked, my eyes
staring straight at the dark haired beauty.

“This is Everleigh Stone, my best friend
in the world. Ev, these are the guys in Bad Blooded Rebel,” she said,
practically bursting with excitement. Most girls try to put the moves on us and
let us know they are easy as hell. Danni seemed like a genuine fan even if she
was a little over enthusiastic. It was nice to see once in a while.

All the guys took turns introducing
themselves to her and I went last, holding my hand out to hers. “It’s nice to
meet you. I’m Ryder Matthews.”

She reluctantly placed her hand in mine,
and when she did, I almost felt like it burned when she touched me. “Nice to
meet you, Ryder,” she said breathlessly. She let go of my hand and tucked her
hair behind one ear.

“Everleigh…that’s a beautiful name. It’s
unique,” I said.

“Thank you,” she said curtly.

“You’re welcome,” I said, staring into
her eyes. They were the color of whiskey…I could get drunk on them easily.

At that moment, Jude stood up and
stretched his arms. “Okay, so are we taking this picture or what?”

Everleigh took a few steps back and
waited as we all stood and lined up. Beau nodded at John, the head of our
security team. “Hey man, can you take this picture for us?”

The big beefy man came walking over to
us and nodded. When he reached us, Danni handed him her cell phone and politely
said, “It’s already set. You just have to push the button.” Everleigh was still
standing off to the side as everyone got into position for the picture. “Come
on, Ev, get in the picture,” she said.

She let out a small groan and edged close
to me on my right side, obviously trying as hard as she could to not be near
me. Instead of being offended, I found it cute. I was obviously affecting her
in some way. She finally rested on my right, just close enough so she wasn’t
touching me in anyway.

I decided in that moment to have a
little fun, and before she could step back I took her hand and pulled her over
to my left side. I wrapped my arm around the small of her back and rested my
hand on her waist, pulling her body into mine. I heard her gasp, looking up at
me with a mixture of anger and nervousness in her eyes. The way I was holding
onto her and how close we all were huddled together, she had no choice but to
rest her hand against my chest. When her fingers touched my shirt over my
heart, it started pounding faster…I’m sure she could feel it. I definitely felt
her heartbeat and it was racing. I grinned at her and cocked my head to the
side, and she swallowed hard.

“All right, everyone ready?” John called
out. “Everyone smile on three.” Our eyes were locked together…I couldn’t look
away from her. “One, two, three,” John said, and out of the corner of my eye I
saw the flash. We were still staring into each other’s eyes. Everleigh was
breathing hard and her cheeks were pink. She was beautiful.

I heard Jude laugh. “Okay, maybe we
should take one more picture. This time maybe everyone could actually look at
the camera.”

At that moment Everleigh blinked a few
times and looked away, her face red with embarrassment. “Sorry,” I said,

“Let’s do this again,” John said, and he
counted down again. “Here we go. One, two, three,” and this time everyone was
looking at the camera with big smiles.

As soon as the camera flashed, Everleigh
started to pull away from me. The hand that was resting on her waist glided
across her ass when she moved and my dick twitched in response. She spun around
to face me, an angry glare on her face. I smiled at her. “What is it?” I asked

“I don’t appreciate being manhandled and
groped. I don’t care who the hell you are,” she said angrily.

I barked out a laugh. “Manhandled and
groped, huh?”

“Yes. You didn’t need to grab me like
that, and you definitely didn’t have the right to grab my ass,” she said, her
face flushed.

I stared into her eyes and took a step
closer to her. “First of all, I didn’t manhandle you. I simply pulled you into
a better position for the picture. Trust me, baby, when I ‘manhandle’ a woman,
she’s usually thanking me for the experience,” I said, winking at her. Her eyes
flared angrily at me and I continued. “Second, I will admit that my hand did
touch your ass but only because you pulled away before I could move my hand.
Not that I’m complaining though…you do have a
nice ass,” I said,
smirking at her. I knew I sounded like an asshole, but Everleigh’s reaction to
me had me shifting around to hide my growing erection. I was making her nervous
and I loved it.

“You jerk!” she said, and she raised her
hand like she was going to slap me, but never got the chance. Danni came
walking over to us with Beau behind her.

“Hey Ev, you okay?” she asked Everleigh,
obviously picking up on the tension between us.

Everleigh blinked her eyes a few times
and turned her gaze from me to her friend. “Yeah, I’m fine. Are you ready to
go?” she asked, her jaw tight.

“Um, well, Beau is having a party at his
house and he just asked if we wanted to come and hang out for a bit. What do
you say?” Danni asked.

Everleigh shook her head. “Danni, we
can’t. I have to work in the morning and we have a long drive ahead of us.”

“You’re not from around here?” I asked

Ignoring me, she looked at Beau and
said, “No, we’re from Indiana.”

“And you drove all this way to see us?”
Beau said to Danni, looking down to her and running his hand down her arm.

Giggling, she said, “Oh, it’s no big
deal. We live in Muncie, so it’s only about a two hour drive from here.”

“Really?” I asked, cocking an eyebrow at
Everleigh. That’s not far at all…
knock it off, Ryder
, I thought to
You just want to fuck this girl, not follow to her hometown and make
a million babies.

She glared at Danni before turning her
frosty gaze back to me. “Really,” she said angrily. “Danni, seriously. We need
to go.”

“Ev, come on. Just for a little bit?”
Danni asked, sticking her lip out in a pout. I heard Beau let out a deep
groan…he was a sucker for a pouty face.

BOOK: Rebel (Bad Blooded Rebel Series)
12.37Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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