Revive Me (Say Something Book 3)

BOOK: Revive Me (Say Something Book 3)

Revive Me

Say Something Series book 3             

By Salice Rodgers

Published by Entertwine Publishing             

Cover by Entertwine Publishing

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All character, places, and descriptions come from the imagination of the author. All are fictional and any resemblance to real life persons or places is purely coincidental

Chapter One



I sit at the front desk of the tattoo shop and watch as the seconds tick by on the clock over the window in the front. Each time I look at the clock it feels like no time has passed since I last looked at it. I have been waiting for this day for a week. Today is the day I should get the call. Today is the day my life could change forever, and it feels like time is going in slow motion.

I applied for a job that could be life changing for Trevor and me. I chewed my nails down to the quick and still it seems like nothing has taken the worry away other than the time that Trevor and I spend in the bedroom.

I smile as Trevor walks up behind me and wraps his arms around me, kissing me on the cheek.

“Watching the clock will not help, Sunshine,” he says as he kisses me again and turns me to look at him.

“Why does it take so long to let me know if I am approved or not? I am dying here,” I say and mock pout.

“Well, how about we go home for lunch and I help take your mind off of it?” he asks and winks.

As soon as the words leave his mouth my legs feel like jelly and I know my panties are soaked already.

“I think that sounds horrible, just awful,” I reply laughing as the sound of the bell on the door lets us both know that we are no longer alone.

Trevor leans in and bites my earlobe as I turn and smile at a petite blond standing in front of me – an annoyed look on her face.

“Hey, how can I help you?”

“Uh yeah... I have an appointment with Trevor Andrews,” she answers, her gum smacking in her mouth each time she talks.

I swear some girls sit at home and plan out what they are going to wear to the shop a week before they come in. Her makeup alone looks like she spent hours on YouTube learning how to get it to the
and her shorts leave nothing to the imagination. Trevor hears his name and groans behind me.

“Miranda? Do you have the tattoo with you that you want?” he questions.

Her eyes light up as soon as he says her name and I grit my teeth waiting for the flirting to start. She smiles and slides a printed piece of paper over the counter. Sometimes Joslynn will come sit with me and we will have running bets on if the girls will be getting tramp stamps or not. I giggle as soon as she says where she wants it. Trevor kicks at me with his shoe and I giggle more.

“Alright have a seat and let me draw this out. It’ll be just a few minutes.”

She nods her head and sits on the couch under the clock I have been staring at for hours. As soon as my phone dings my stomach hits the floor. This could be the phone call that ends or starts something amazing.


“Taylor… It’s Lana… how are you?”

“I am good thanks, how are you?”

“Good, sweetie, listen I wanted to call you and let you know that the property you have been waiting to hear about…” She pauses and I feel my heart start to race.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“It needs work done to the inside.”


“The good news is you’re approved to get the property but with all the work it needs I was calling to see if you would want to look in to other places or continue on with the paperwork?”

I have to raise my hands over my mouth to keep the squeal of joy that is threatening to come out. I knew it would need work it has been closed down for years, but I wanted something that was mine – something that maybe Joslynn and I could run together.

“Oh yay! No I would love to keep this building. It is in a good area and with the work that needs to be done but I can make it mine!” I squeal with more enthusiasm than I meant to.

I can hear Lana laugh in the background.

“I figured you would say that, I will get started on the paperwork and call you when you can come in to sign,” she replies still giggling.

“Thank you so much.”

“You are very welcome. I will be in touch about the paperwork. Have a great weekend.” And with that she hangs up the phone.

Trevor walks back to the counter and smiles when he sees the look on my face.

“I take it you got the call?”

I nod my head and watch as blondie walks to the counter. This is going to be the one good thing that I have done for myself. The one good thing I have done without a drink in my hand. This is going to be the start to my new life. Trevor and Marshall have their tattoo shop and it is up and running and going great. This will be perfect for Joslynn and me.

Chapter Two



“Hello?” Joslynn says.

As soon as I got off today and walked through the door of my house I called Joslynn.

“Jos! I have some good news!”

“You and Trevor are getting married?”

“No not yet, anyway.”

“What then?” she asks laughing.

“Lana called today to let me know that the property I have been waiting to hear about needs work. But I am approved to get it!” I let out the squeal I had been holding in and bounce around on my bed.

“That’s amazing! I am so proud of you, Tay!”

“Thank you! I am so excited!”

We sit and talk for an hour about what kind of restaurant we want and what all needs to be done before we can open. The excitement I had before only multiplies when Trevor comes in with a gallon of sweet tea and Chinese takeout.

He sets his bags down and walks to me smiling. As soon as he reaches me he leans in and licks my bottom lip. I moan and wrap my arms around his shoulders.

“Mmmm you taste so good,” he comments leaning his head in and kissing my ear.

He lifts me in his arms. I wrap my legs around him allowing him to carry me to the bedroom and he kicks the door behind him.

“I think it is time we celebrate.” He lowers me on to the bed.

I lift my hands over my head and allow him to raise my shirt over my head. The cold air causes chills to pop along my skin. He slowly runs his hands along my ribs stopping at my bra.


I lean up and watch as he takes off my bra and throws it over his head behind him. He then pushes my shoulders back and lifts my hips sliding my jeans and panties down. As soon as all of my clothes are on the floor he stands and starts taking his off, throwing them all behind his head.

Looking at Trevor standing before me naked reminds me of all the reasons I bettered my life with the help of Joslynn putting me in rehab. As soon as I moved in with Joslynn and met Trevor I knew that nothing in life would give me the same feeling that loving him does. Nothing would be better or make me feel as on top of the world as I do when he tells me he loves me.

He climbs back on the bed and slides his hands along my legs until he makes it to my thighs pushing them apart.

He leans in and kisses my thighs, his tongue making slow circles as he kisses his way to his favorite spot. My body clenches in anticipation knowing what he is about to do. He takes my clit in his mouth and sucks. I close my eyes and moan as he leans back and blows. His hands tighten on my thighs as I try to clench them shut. He leans back in and licks again until I am writhing on the bed fighting the orgasm that is coming.

I want it to last but fighting does no good and soon I am screaming Trevor’s name. When I finally open my eyes and look down at him, he is smiling from ear to ear. He licks his lips and climbs up the bed towards me.

He kisses me slowly and I taste myself on him. He slides in to me slowly and his mouth catches my moans. His rhythm is hard and fast as he grabs my hands and holds them above my head. I can feel another orgasm coming and I clench my eyes shut begging for it to wait just a little longer.

Trevor speeds up and our moans get louder.

“Tr…Trevor…” I moan.

“Come with me, Sunshine,” he says and I feel him come inside me, and I fall apart – my orgasm hitting harder than the one before. I feel Trevor fall on to the bed beside me and he lets out a deep sigh.

“That was amazing.” I turn my head and smile at him.

“That was just the beginning, Sunshine.” He winks.

Trev gets out of bed, and I take the time to go to the bathroom and clean up. When I come back he has a glass of sweet tea sitting on my side table and two plates of food. I climb into bed and take a deep breath – the smell of sesame chicken and rice taking over the room.

“Wonder if I could make this and sell it?” I say and giggle.

I take a bite and moan. When I look at Trevor he is watching me and I blush.

“You do that again and the food will have to wait,” he grunts.

I make a show of slowly licking the sauce off my spoon and rolling my eyes back. When I look back to him, he has his hands clenched around the sheets of the bed.

“What? It’s just so good…” I tease and smile sweetly.

He grabs my plate and sets it on his table beside him and slides on top of me. Before I know it Trevor has my body feeling like I am falling apart at the seams again and only his hands can put me back together.

Chapter Three



I wake the next morning and the happy feelings from the day before seemed to have carried over to the next day. I crawl out of bed and walk towards the kitchen and the smell of coffee. Trevor is standing in front of the coffee pot waiting for it to finish.

“You know standing there won’t make it brew any faster right?” I joke as I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his stomach.

He turns in my arms and wraps his around me, leaning down and kissing me. I sigh at the feel of his lips on mine and his arms around me. He feels like home. Like no matter where I am or what I am going through as long as his arms are around me we can take on the world and come out on top.

“What’s your plans for the day?”

“Lana left me a voicemail to come sign the papers and pick up the keys.”

“Okay. I can head over there after I’m finished at the shop. We are closed today but I need to go do inventory on ink and such. Marshall is going to meet me there so it shouldn’t take us long.”


He kisses me again and then turns to make our coffee. Mine is fairly easy – lots of sugar, no creamer. He always adds sugar until he says it is too much and then passes it to me with his nose scrunched up.

“Why don’t you just drink pure sugar?”

It is our daily morning conversation as we have our coffee. He adds one scoop of sugar and one of creamer which causes me to scrunch my nose.

“Maybe you should add a little more to yours and you would know why,” I mock and stick out my tongue.

He shakes his head and walks to the table.

“What’s your plans for the restaurant?”

“I am thinking we will call it J and T?” I tell him.

I started writing all the different names I thought would work on a pad of paper at the shop the day before and that was the one and only on the list.

“Tay, that sounds like the name of a store not somewhere I would want to sit down and eat at.”

“How about Sunshine’s Kitchen?” I hesitantly suggest and smile.

He started calling me Sunshine one day after we had first started talking. At first it would annoy me but it seemed to stick and now he calls me Sunshine more than Taylor.

“I like that.” He walks around the table and grabs my hand pulling me up to stand in front of him. Once I am standing, he wraps me in his arms and kisses my head.

“I will text you when I’m heading your way.” He turns and puts his cup in the sink.

“I love you,” I yell as he walks out the door.

“I love you more,” he yells back.

I head towards the shower and get ready to go see what I have stepped off in to with the building. 


Walking into the building my heart hits the floor. This place needs a lot more work than I thought it would. I feel the tears come to my eyes as I look around. The doors were locked when I applied to get the building but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a brand new one with my credit. One with a little work is all I would be able to get.

But I didn’t think it would need this much work. The floors were pulled up in some places and the ceiling had missing lights and holes. Lana walks out from the kitchen and looks at me, her eyes show that she knows how I am feeling.

“I told you it would need some work.”

“I know….” I say and look around again slowly.

Maybe if I close my eyes really tight and look again it won’t be as bad. I hear the door open behind me and turn to see Joslynn standing there – her eyes scanning the room.

“I’m sorry, Jos, I knew it needed work just not this much,” I cry.

She turns in a full circle around the room and looks back to me.

“Calm down, Tay, we got this,” she assures me and winks.

That is one of the many things I love about Joslynn. No matter how bad a situation is or what we are going through she looks at things and makes them seem so small – like we can conquer anything and come out on top. I love her for that.

I take a deep breath and bend down and rest my hands on my knees. I close my eyes and tell myself to calm down, Super Jos is here and all is going to be okay. When I stand back up, Joslynn is walking around the room and writing things down on a small notepad she must have had in her pocket.

I take another deep breath and start to follow her and listen to all the ways she thinks we can fix things. How she thinks it being broken is a good thing as it gives us an opportunity to make it better. An hour passes and Marshall and Trevor walk through the door – sub sandwiches in hand – and I breathe another sigh of relief.

“Wow this place is a fixer upper, huh?” Marshall exclaims receiving an elbow jab to the ribs.

Trevor laughs and turns to me. “Did you tell Jos the name?”

I shake my head and take a sip of my water.

“What do you think about Sunshine’s Kitchen?” I ask looking from Jos to Marshall.

“I think it’s great!” Joslynn confirms and smiles at me.

We all settle back down and finish the rest of our lunch. I look around the room and smile to myself as I see my unique family. Marshall and Trevor, the brothers who came into our lives and took it by storm showing us that in a man you can find a lot of things – love, peace of mind, rage and love again. More love than our hearts can take sometimes. But all in all, I know that Jos and I both would not want to look at a life that didn’t include both of them.

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