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"God, so good," I thought I heard him say, but the words were hard to hear with his mouth full of me. Not that I was all that able to understand him, anyway. What he was doing down there had me whimpering and trembling and thrashing against my bonds.

"Mmmmm," he moaned. "I think you're good and wet now. Ready, Angel?"

It was all I could do to open my eyes and understand he was speaking to me. I think I nodded. He smiled and went around behind the X I was tied to. His hands slid around me again, like before when he first brought me here. He cupped my breast with one hand while the other slid down between my thighs again. He kissed my neck.

"I asked you if you were ready," he reminded me.

"Ready for what?" I managed to croak.

"For me. For me to be inside you," he said. He kissed my neck again and massaged my breast and stroked his fingers between my legs.

"I don't...."

"You want, yes?"

I nodded my head. That ache inside me was back, as was the fire, and my entire body tingled with exactly what he said. With want.

"Say it, Angel. Tell me you want me inside you."

"I...I want you in-inside me," I said obediently.

He kissed my neck again and stirred his fingers around between my legs.

"Ask me to slide it in," he whispered against my neck.

I felt something hard but soft and warm press against the sensitive flesh he was stroking.

"It's right there," he whispered in my ear. "Feel that?"

I most certainly did. I felt...I wanted....

"Please," I whimpered. "Do something. Make it stop."

"Say it. Ask me."

I felt another nudge between my legs and I gasped as I felt my body stretch as it had when he'd slid his fingers inside me. But his hands weren't anywhere near.... What was...?

I remembered his manhood - his cock, he called it - sliding between my lips. And I understood.

"Please," I whimpered again, my head bowing to my chest. "Please, my lord. Slide it in."

"Good girl," he praised. His fingers worked between my legs, hard and fast, as a hot rod of fire slid into me between my legs. I threw my head back against his chest, gasping and panting, both trying to get away from the hot invasion and wanting more of it inside me.

And there was more. Oh, God, was there more. My insides stretched and ached and there was a sharp pinch deep inside, but I didn't care. I just wanted.

Finally the feeling of movement within me stopped. Stevain kissed my neck and massaged my breast and stroked that wonderful spot between my legs.

"You're so tight, Angel," he murmured. "But so wet. I think your tight little pussy is hungry for my hard cock. It's sucking on it so tight."

I gasped as he began to pull himself out of me. I moaned as a desperate ache was left behind, but gasped again as it was filled again with that hard hot rod.

He laughed, and the ache inside me leapt. I felt my insides tighten around the hardness inside me.

"Yeah, it's hungry. Don't worry. It will get fed good and proper," he said.

All I could do was moan as his hands moved, sliding up my sides to cup my shoulders. They tightened around them and he pulled me tight to him. Exquisite pleasure exploded deep inside me as his cock slid into me. Into what he called my tight little pussy. Again and again, over and over, in and out. My head hung limply against my chest, my limbs sagging against my bonds as the desperate ache inside me built and built into a terrifying pressure.

All I felt was fire, hard and soft, sliding in and out of me relentlessly. His hands tightened on my shoulders with every thrust of his hips. Every time his hips hit my bottom he groaned. He kissed and sucked at my neck, fierce and desperate.

"I've dreamed of fucking you every night since I first saw you," he murmured against my throat as he thrust into me, long hard and slow. "I saw this beautiful ass of yours sliding over my cock as I pumped into your pussy. I imagined your pretty lips sucking my cock and you drinking my cum like wine. I could taste your sweet cum as I tongue-fucked your hot little hole and feel you wriggling against my chin as you rode it. But never in all my fantasies did I dream you'd be so tight. So wet. So sweet. So hungry for my cock. Mmm!" His hips hit my bottom hard. "Do you like this, Angel? Do you like my hard cock in your tight little pussy? Is this what you wanted?"

"Yes, my lord!" I cried, my head lolling back against his chest as I cried out. His hands slid down by body to grip my hips hard.

"Beg me, little Angel. Beg me for more of my hard cock," he ordered.

Oh, God! There was more? How much more? "My lord, if there is more, please! I want it!"

He groaned and his hands tightened on my hips. "Plead for me, Angel. Ask me to fuck you hard and fill you with my hot cum. Because I'm going to, baby. Say it."

It was all I could do to get the words out. "Please, my lord! Fuck me hard and fill me with your hot cum! Please!"

His hands tightened on my hips. He groaned and hissed through his gritted teeth as he thrust into me, hard and fast, over and over. A hot warmth filled my belly and I realized I was straining to meet every thrust of his hips. The desperate aching pressure inside me exploded in a white hot heat of flame and my limbs tingled with ecstasy. His desperate thrusts slowed, then stopped all together. He took a deep breath and kissed my neck as his hand slid back between my legs. I twitched at his touched. He laughed.

"Clit a little sensitive after your cum?" he asked, laughing.


He laughed again and slid himself - his cock - completely out of me. I whimpered, aching inside with the emptiness it left behind. He came around to my front and kissed my lips as he reached between my legs again. I tensed and twitched again.

"Your clit," he said, stroking the sensitive spot between my legs. "Here, I'll show you. You're going to need to know these things for future games we play."

He slid down my body and looked up at me. He brought his hands to my thighs and reached between my legs.

"Now this whole thing right here," he cupped his hand between my legs. "Is your pussy. There are different parts to it, and each part gives you a different feeling depending on how it's touched. Like this."

His fingers curled and stroked the flesh there.

"See? I'm stroking your pussy with my fingers. Now -" He reached with his thumbs and parted my flesh. "Here is your pretty little clit. And this is what it does."

He looked up at me and brought his head close. He stuck out his tongue and touched it to the little nub of flesh between his thumbs. I gasped and flinched and panted. Oh, God! That felt so, so good!

"Mmm," he moaned. "You're so sweet. I could drink gallons of your cum, and intend to do just that. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Now, I just licked your clit. And I can tell you liked that. I've also rubbed it and you like that. Now I'm going to suck it."

He dipped his head and took the whole nub into his mouth. He looked up at me and suckled at me. I closed my eyes and tensed. Again it felt so, so good.

"Please don't stop," I begged. "Please. That feels so good. Please..."

He laughed around my flesh. "So you like being sucked. What about this?" He extended his tongue again and pressed it flat against what he called my clit, then began wiggling it around like he'd done with his finger. I threw my head back and whimpered. God, that was even better than before.

"Yes," I whimpered. "Oh, yes. Yes, I like that, very much. Please."

"Do you have one more cum in you?" he asked, looking up at me. "I'll bet you do."

"Cum?" I asked.

He reached between my legs. "Cum means two things. It means this." He slid his finger into me. I closed my eyes and whimpered. He pulled it out again. I looked down. His finger was wet.

"This is my cum. I just filled your tight little hole with my cum. It's mixed with your cum, because you were so wet with your own cum. I made you hot and when you're hot, you get wet. Like this. Here."

He stood and brought his finger to my lips. "Suck this off my finger. Like you sucked my cock."

I opened my mouth. He slid his finger inside. That sweetness I tasted earlier when he kissed me was there, but it was now thicker and mixed with a spicyness that had to be what he was talking about. His cum.

"Like that, do you?" he asked.

I nodded.

"Good, because you'll be sucking plenty of cock and eating lots of cum."

"You said that cum meant two things. What's the other one?" I asked.

He smiled. "That one is best demonstrated."

He knelt down before me again and smiled up at me as he reached between my thighs again. "Now, remember this is your pussy?"

I nodded.

"While your pussy is this whole thing, it's made up of your clit and your hole. This is your hole." He slid a finger inside me. I closed my eyes and whimpered. He laughed softly and worked his finger in and out of me. "I suppose this is technically my hole now, since you belong to me."

My eyes opened at that. "I do?"

He looked up at me. "Of course you do. Don't you, Angel? Tell your lord you belong to him." His finger slid in and out of me slowly.

I whimpered.

He slid his finger out of me. I opened my eyes. He looked into my eyes and showed me two of his fingers. Then he reached back between my thighs and slid them both into my hole.

I moaned and thrashed against my bonds. He grinned and bent his head. He licked my clit softly. I gasped and whimpered and tried to move my hips to meet his tongue that he kept just out of range.

"Tell your lord you belong to him, Angel."

"My lord, I belong to you!" I cried, the fire inside me raging suddenly like a tempest awakened from the sea. "Please!"

"You want to know what the other meaning of the word cum is? It means this."

He slid his fingers deep inside my hole and curled them toward my belly. He captured my clit between his lips and sucked hard while at the same time wiggling his tongue around on it.

I cried out and thrashed against my bonds, the fire inside me consuming every part of my flesh.

He was relentless. It was all I could do to try and breathe. I cried and whimpered and pleaded for him to do something. His fingers slid in and out of me as his tongue licked and sucked. Then the fire inside me overwhelmed me and my body broke into tiny pieces as the pressure behind the dam exploded.

I cried out and my body rose off the X behind me, the leather of my bonds creaking as I strained against them.

I became aware of him licking my clit very softly as he slid his fingers out of my body.

"That, little Angel, is what the second meaning of cum is. I just made you cum on my face, with my tongue." He brought his wet fingers to his mouth and sucked the wetness off them. He looked down. "And damn if you didn't get me hard again. No surprise, really. I do love the taste of pussy, and yours is especially sweet. But now we're going to have to do something about my hard cock, and your tight little pussy is dripping wet with your cum. But no more cross, I think. You're broken in. I think it's time for a good old fashioned fuck."

I was too overwhelmed with the ache of the aftereffects of the cum he made me have to wonder what he meant or ask him. He unbound my hands and feet and carried me to a soft pallet of mats piled in a corner. He laid me down on them and covered my naked body with his. He nudged my thighs apart with one of his and brought a hand between us. I felt the soft hardness of his cock against my hole and closed my eyes as he slid it into me. My hands grasped at his shoulders as he slid his cock deep into me. His hands slid under my shoulders and cupped them as he thrust hard into me.

I moaned. Oh. Oh, God.

He laughed that soft velvet laugh. "It's called fucking, when I put my cock in your pussy, baby. And I think you like being fucked."

"Oh yes...yes, I like this...I like this very much...oh, God...."

"It's like Heaven, isn't it?"

All I could do was nod. He laughed again and kissed me deeply, his tongue sliding into my mouth. This time I sucked on it, desperate and wanting more.

He groaned and pulled back to look at me. "Insatiable little thing, aren't you? Put your hands on my ass and feel me fucking you."

I did as he said and felt the hard muscles of his behind clench with each thrust. I felt the hardness of his cock as it slid deep into me. I whimpered and buried my face against his shoulder. He slid his hands down my body to my thighs and lifted them.

"Wrap them around me," he whispered before he kissed me again.

I did so, and his hands slid back up to my shoulders. He pulled back to look at me again.

"I don't fuck like this," he said.

My thighs tightened around his waist. "What do you mean?"

"I fuck from behind, not face to face."


He kissed me again. I whimpered.

"That's why," he said. "From behind, I don't have to see their faces. I don't have to care if they like it, or if they cum. I just fuck them, get mine and go home."

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