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BOOK: ROMAN: Fury of Her King (Kings of the Blood Book 2)
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Collapsing against his chest, she struggled to catch her breath.
Her heart pounding in her chest matched the beat of Roman’s as he cradled her
head to his chest. The depth of unconditional love and absolute adoration she
felt pouring from the man who held her so lovingly in his arms brought tears to
her eyes. Not wanting to appear too needy, she took a deep breath and started
to speak, but Roman leaned back, looked down at her, and said with his damn
sexy accent that always curled her toes, “I would die a thousand deaths at the
hands of the most evil of enemies if it meant having you in my arms at the end
of every day.”

Unable to fight the onslaught of emotions, Cyn threw her arms around
his neck, buried her head in his neck, and cried, “Damn you, Roman Marinos, I
had already decided not to act all girlie and here you go making me cry.”

Barking with laughter, he waved his arms. A cool breeze raised the
hairs on her arms as the light of the moon shown down on her. Looking around,
her tears dried up and she remembered something she’d seen in Roman’s mind just
before Zeus had appeared in her dream world.

“Well, damn. That wasn’t a figment of your imagination. We really
are in a hole in the ground.”

agápi mou
, and we have been for thirty days.”

Kissing the tip of his nose, she crossed her arms over her naked
breasts and cocked an eyebrow. “Okay that’s it. I need some clothes and a
shower and then…” she poked him in the chest with her index finger, “I have
questions…lots and lots of questions.”



Chapter Thirteen


Squinting against the morning sun shining through the open window,
Cyn pushed the hair out of her eyes and reached for her mate. Although empty,
his side of the bed was still warm and held the amazing scent of sea and sand
that made her pulse race and her body warm. Rolling to her side, she hugged
Roman’s pillow to her chest and simply inhaled, smiling at how much her world
had changed in such a short time. Married, or mated, life was simply amazing so
far. Of course, it had only been three days and they had yet to leave the
bedroom except for food, but it was pretty damned great.

Looking down, she caught sight of the tattoo she’d received while
converting to what Roman kept calling an Immortal of his Queen. Running her
thumb over the marking, Cyn remembered what he’d said when she’d asked. 
is a small representation of the Tree of Life in full bloom. See the vines
intertwining around it’s trunk and up into its branches? That,” he pointed to
some tiny Greek letters she could barely see, “is your name. And that,” he then
ran his finger along the adjoining vine, “is mine. This,” he laid his hand over
the tattoo, “represents our long life together that is blessed by the Father of
the Gods.”

Smiling, she chuckled to herself, “I can’t believe I had to die
and be reborn to get a tattoo.”

“And a mate who brings you breakfast in bed,” Roman teased,
entering the room carrying a tray of food that smelled so good her mouth
watered and her stomach growled.

Sitting up in bed and wrapping the sheet around her naked body,
Cyn couldn’t decide if she was hungrier for the food or for 
Watching the play of the well-toned muscles of his back as he prepared the
special tea he insisted she drink every morning, her body tingled. She knew
firsthand the raw power locked within that amazing physique, along with its
boundless ability for pleasure...and violence.

He’d shared the memories of the way he’d dealt with Valentina and
although Cyn had wanted to at least smack the bitch across the face, she had to
admit it was incredible to see what her King would do in the name of keeping
her safe and sound. As far as for Laurent and their grandma, well, all Cyn
could do was repeat another of her grandpa’s sayings – Everybody’s family
tree’s got some crooked branches. Laurent was food for the fishes and Granny
had been ushered off to an elderly care facility in Russia. Chilly, but
reassuring, since she only spoke Greek and they only spoke Russian.

Lowering her voice, she waggled her eyebrows as he grinned over
his shoulder. “And looks good doing it.”

“Well, I try.”

“Oh, baby, you succeed…I mean 
.” She laughed out loud as he gave her a little wiggle of his silk
covered bum. Her fingers tingled with the memory of what it felt like to hold
on to those taunt muscles as he moved so perfectly within her.

Shaking her head and blowing out a breath, she quickly changed the
subject, afraid if she didn’t she might jump out of bed and ravage him where he
stood. At first, she’d thought the whole ‘Queen of the Blood’ thing was going
to be all about the…well, blood, but now she knew it was so much more and all
of that centered around getting as much of her hunky mate as she could.

Once again attempting to rein in her wayward thoughts, Cyn said,
“While we’re talking about tattoos, what about the masterpiece on your back?
Every time I think about asking you I’m…” She smiled slyly. “Otherwise

Turning around with a plate of food and her cup of tea in his hand,
Roman’s knowing smile made her contemplate telling him to leave the food and
lose the pants, but she really wanted to know about the marking on his back and
her rumbling stomach said she better eat before her hunger became too much to

Walking toward her, he explained, “Like yours, mine is not a
tattoo as you think of one. It was not inked by an artist with a machine. It is
gods given. Each King received a mark like mine when he emerged from his grave
as an immortal servant of Zeus. The sword that runs the length of my spine
beginning just under my neck signifies my willingness to fight against evil of
all kind, no matter the odds. The eagle wings flowing from either side of the
blade under the hilt that span the width of my shoulders are in honor of Zeus
and stand for the sky he holds dominion over. Lastly, the letters running down
the blade are my name in ancient Greek so that I never forget where I came from
or who I truly am.”

Carefully climbing onto the bed, once again blowing Cyn’s mind with
his grace and coordination, Roman handed her the cup of tea and settled the
plate on his lap. Dipping a beautifully, plump, perfect strawberry into the
dollop of whipped cream on the plate, her mate lifted the tantalizing fruit to
her lips and groaned as she made a sensual production out of taking a bite.

Cyn had never in her life felt sexy or alluring. She’s always
thought of herself as cute at best. But since awakening in the arms of the man
she loved so much it sometimes hurt, she found it was easy to let her once
bottled up sensuality loose. It helped that she could hear Roman’s thoughts and
feel how excited she could make him with a simple glance or the smallest of

Staring into his eyes, watching his pupils dilate more with every
bite she took, Cyn licked the tip of his finger as she took an especially juicy
berry into her mouth. Roman hissed a warning, “Cynthia…you must behave. My
brothers and Katarina are waiting downstairs to give their blessing to our
union.” He took a deep breath and then slowly let it out, maintaining eye
contact. “There is nothing more that I desire than to lay in this room with you
for the rest of eternity, but the Blessing is the way of our kind and it has
been three days since your conversion…” his bark of laughter interrupted
whatever he was going to say as she rolled out her bottom lip and made a show
of pouting. Collecting himself, he went on, “And Viktor is about to…” he paused
and furrowed his brow then added, “What is it you always say?... Have a cow?”
He winked, having tried to play the poor Greek immigrant card with her and
receiving a raised eyebrow for his troubles. Chuckling, he finished his point.
“Because he fears we will anger Zeus by not following protocol.”

Taking a sip of her tea and battling her eyes over the rim, she
used her best prim and proper tone and teased, “And if Zeus should ask, I would
have to admit that you’ve been a total beast, keeping me chained to the bed and
forcing me to make love to you over and over.” Laying the back of her hand to her
forehead, she gave her best Scarlett O’Hara imitation, complete with an over
the top southern accent, “And even after I told you I was not that kind of a

Moving so fast she could barely track him, Roman pulled her onto
his lap and tickled her until she was completely breathless but smiling from
ear-to-ear. Struggling to catch her breath while he continued to run his hands
over her ribs, she gasped, “Okay, okay, I give…you win.”

Kissing her soundly before rolling out from under her, grabbing
the discarded plate, and jumping to the floor, he strutted to the end of the
bed, turned and raised his arms to flex his biceps and gloated, “As it should
agápi mou
, as it should be.”

Deciding her mate needed to be put in his place, Cyn whistled to
get his attention while he was finally making his own tea and waited patiently
until he turned around to look at her. Capturing his eyes with hers, she raised
her arms and stretched, letting the sheet fall away and reveal her breasts,
nipples already pebbled from just one look from her lover. Taking a step
forward, the tea in his hand forgotten, Roman groaned miserably as she slowly
let her legs slide off the side of the bed then stood, simply letting the sheet
float to the floor, revealing her very naked body.

Striding toward him, sure to add a little extra sway to her walk,
Cyn felt like a goddess. The hungry look in Roman’s eyes accompanied by the
evidence of his excitement tenting the dark blue silk of his pajama pants, made
her feel as if she could fly. She was in love with the most amazing man in the
world and the best part was…he loved her back just as much.

Changing course just as he set down his cup, Roman held his hands
out to her and smiled.  Shaking her head, she reminded him with a whisper,
“But, darling, the others are waiting downstairs.”

She could feel the heat of his eyes traveling across her heated
flesh as she walked into the bathroom, opened the sliding door, and bent over
to turn on the water. No sooner had she shifted her hips to make sure Roman had
a perfect view of her bum than his hands slid up her spine, around her body and
palmed her sensitive breasts.

His lips were immediately on the back of her neck as Roman rubbed
his silk covered erection against her already excited center. Cyn moaned low in
her throat and arched her back while turning her head, forcing his lips to
hers, opening completely for her King, denying him nothing. Placing her hands
over his, she forced him to grip her heated flesh until pain mixed with
pleasure and the proof of her excitement wet the inside of her thigh.

Pushing her hips back to him, she stood on her toes and rode his
erection. The feel of his hardened tip teasing her swollen nub forced a wail
from her lips, “O yes, yes, yes…Oh my God, Roman, yes.”

Pulling his hand from her breast, she slid their combined hands
down her stomach, through the wet curls between her legs, and directly into the
waiting warmth of her body. Knowing what she needed even before she did, Roman
extended his two middle fingers along with hers and slid them inside her while
taking her excited nub between his thumb and forefinger.

Creating a rhythm that made Cyn see stars, their combined fingers
drove in and out, filling her, loving her, bringing her immeasurable pleasure.
Working her clit with the same perfection that he worked her body, Roman
continued to grind against her bum. The wet silk sliding against her heated
skin was proof that he was as close to release as she.

Bracing her free hand on the side of the tub as her knees
threatened to buckle, her orgasm careening towards her so fierce she was barely
able to breathe, Cyn gasped, “Need…need to… feel you…inside me.”

The words were barely out of her mouth before he pulled their
fingers from her center, she heard the rip of fabric, and Roman slid into her
with such force she felt him in the depth of her core. All motion stopped.
Their hearts beat as one. Her body contracted and massaged his erection. Her
King was buried so deeply within her, Cyn had no idea where she ended and he
began. They were one…body, heart, and soul. Together, they sighed a blissful
sigh just as Roman took their still intertwined hands, this time with his on
top, and directed her back to her throbbing clit.

Placing her forefinger with his thumb, they gently rolled her
swollen nub until Cyn could no longer remain still. Rolling her hips back and
forth, she forced Roman to move with her until he was thrusting so deeply it
took her breath away. Faster and faster their tempo increased. She met him
stroke for stroke. His erection slid in and out. Their fingers massaged. And
just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore, Roman slid his fangs into her

Cyn’s scream as she orgasmed with such force her vision blurred,
echoed off the tile, while Roman played her body to perfection and sipped of
the life essence only she could provide. Tearing his mouth from her neck, her
King’s roar joined hers as he too climaxed with such force she felt the
incredible muscles of his legs tremble.

Floating back to earth, they continued to move. Their slow,
seductive dance continuing until both could once again breathe and their heart
rates slowed. Gently pulling out of her, Roman turned her in his arms, lifted
her off the floor, and carried her into the shower.

Setting her on the bench at the back of the shower, he adjusted
the water to the perfect temperature and in a cloud of steam, knelt before her
like her very own warrior angel on their own private cloud. Rubbing the tops of
her thighs with soap covered hands, he worked closer to her center with every

Surprised by her body’s response after just having had one of the
most explosive orgasms of her life, Cyn scooted her bum forward and leaned
back, giving Roman the access they both desired. Their eyes met and held as his
hands slowly slid up her legs, stopping when his thumbs sat at the very top.

Letting her legs fall open, she sighed as he slipped his thick
digits through her curls, spread her outer lips open, and gently stroked her
tender skin. Trying to stay still, needing to move, needing to force his thumbs
where her body burned the hottest, Cyn panted as Roman lowered his head, teased
her throbbing center with just the tip of his tongue, then blew warm puffs of
air onto her heated skin.

Her legs went over his shoulder of their own volition as her
fingers thrust into his wet wavy hair. She held on as he drove his tongue into
her, lavishing the special bundle of nerves at the top of her channel and
forcing yet another scream from her ravaged throat. Holding onto his head, Cyn
pulled his face as close to her body as she could, rocking back and forth, as
he thrust his tongue in and out of her.

BOOK: ROMAN: Fury of Her King (Kings of the Blood Book 2)
6.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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