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Two months later…











There’s a painting hanging in the gallery that I haven’t seen before.

A languid and ethereal blue hued image of a woman with long golden hair and only a bed sheet draped over her.

Her head is turned away so that you can only see a side profile of her face, whilst a four-poster antique bed sits in the background.

“It’s you,” Jackson whispers in my ear, enfolding his arms around my waist.

I smile and tilt my face up to his.

“I guessed that,” I reply silkily before softly kissing him. “It’s beautiful. When did you paint it?”

“I started it the day you left the mansion. I figured if I couldn’t get you out of my head, then the next best thing was to take all those thoughts and just…draw them.”

I look around at the multitude of Jackson’s paintings, the light and dark images that have captivated almost everyone in here.

From New York’s highest elite to New York’s hippest youth, all different levels of society have come to the gallery to see the emotions bleeding from his canvases.

Last week he’d held a press conference and come clean about the mine collapse.

He’d told it to the American public much the same way as he’d told me that morning back at the mansion –
in his own words

He didn’t hold back on the waver in his voice, or the water in his eyes, or his deep regret over the three hundred miners who had died on his watch.

And just like I thought they would, the majority of the world seemed to forgive him, calling for justice to be brought to those executive staff and engineers who were negligent.

But Jackson’s answer to them was that all wrongs had already been rectified.

The families involved were rightly compensated for their loss, the guilty employees’ contracts terminated and profiles blacklisted, and the mines shut down in the necessary and standard protocol.

Jackson had also revealed at the conference the meaning behind his paintings and the comfort they had given him over the dark period in his life.

In them hid his pain over the miners’ deaths that had cost him some of his humanity.

People had come in droves to the gallery after that conference, hundreds upon hundreds of people interested in what this billionaire recluse had to offer in terms of not just his artistry but his empathy, remorse and ultimate salvation through painting.

“None of this would be here if it wasn’t for you,” Jackson says, his hands tightening on my waist.

There’s a profound sincerity in his eyes that I haven’t witnessed before.

We’ve been dating for just over two months now, and in that time I’ve come to know him even more intimately.

There aren’t a lot of faces of his that I don’t recognize.

“I owe you everything, Claire,” he then utters quietly. “You’re my only inspiration now. And I’m so completely in love with you because of that.”

I give his hands a loving squeeze and feel the tears welling up.

I can’t remember the last time I ever felt this happy.

Every now and then I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not still lost up there in the clouds.

“I’m so in love with you too, Jackson,” I say, trying not to choke up.

As we hug each other close I think back to the days when Jackson Windsor was just a jerk in one of my articles, a villain who I would spend hours upon hours trying to dig up dirt on.

And all the while he’d been nothing of the sort, hiding away in his glorious mansion by the sea, painting his sorrow in beautiful sketches and crying into the night as the nightmares of his time in Zimbabwe gripped him.

I said once that the two of us together was completely out of the realms of possibility.

But as he kisses me again, I realize that we were meant to be…













After the highs of the gallery opening, we end up back at his inner-city penthouse apartment.  Both of us are buzzing at the success of his paintings…

When we inevitably reach the bedroom, he reaches out and strokes my face, “This feels right.”

I close my eyes and lean into his hand.

I can’t believe all this has happened to me.

It is unbelievable.

The man I attacked for so long has become the man of my dreams.

“Why me?”

The question just comes out of my mouth without thought.

He blinks a few times, “Pardon?”

“Why me?” I repeat myself.

“I don’t understand,” he shakes his head confused.

“You can have any woman you want, why me? Why choose me above everyone else?”

He shakes his head, “That’s a strange question after the night we’ve had.”

“I just feel like this is it… this is our future now,” I try to explain myself.

“I wanted you because… because there was something real about you. Something that said that you weren’t blinded by the money. You didn’t care about my reputation or my money. You attacked me right from the start. I wanted to meet you because I knew that your reaction to the truth would be real. It wouldn’t be blinded by anything else. And then after we met…”


“After we met, I was blown away. Not only are you beautiful and have the greatest smile I have ever seen, but you were… genuine. I felt like there was something between us right away. I don’t know what it was but I know that it made my heart beat faster than it does after a session in the gym. And that was just the start.”

“Go on,” I smile.

“These last two months have been the best two months of my life. With you, I feel like I can be the real me. I don’t have to put on a disguise and pretend to be someone I’m not. I don’t have to live up to someone’s expectation about what I should be.”

“That’s beautiful,” I whisper.

“With you, I can be me.”

Those words make my heart melt.

It is the most perfect sentence I have ever heard.

“With you, I can be me,” he repeats himself and I almost collapse on the spot.

He grabs my neck and pulls me in for a kiss. It’s the sweetest kiss that I’ve ever known. It sends me to another place.

His lips are filled promises of a future that will blow me away.

The kiss intensifies and I become lost in the passion.

Our hands race over each other as the passionate kiss becomes hotter and hotter. Our embrace becomes a wrestle as we tear the clothes off each other. Quickly, we are in a naked embrace.


Time for talk is over.

It is now time for action.

He lies on his back and I marvel at his stunning body again. Abs, chiseled chest, strong arms… delicious.

And then there’s his member…

It’s so big and beautiful and he’s already standing upright.

My body comes over the top of his and I play with his nipples as I stare at him.

I can’t help but grin as I enjoy this body.

There are so many places I want to touch and play with and right now he’s all mine.

His length rests against my stomach and I stroke it with one of my hands. He groans deeply with a massive smile stretched across on his face.

“Sensitive today?” I ask playfully.

“I need you,” he moans.

My hand gently brushes up and down his piece and he continues to groan. I love that I can do this to him. I love it that I make him this hard.

“I have been wanting your beautiful body from the moment I saw you tonight. I wanted to pull you into the bathroom in the gallery and fuck you senseless.”

“You should have stayed.” I grin.

I lower myself down his rock-hard body and wrap my warm lips around his cock. The blood practically surges to the tip.

“Ooooh… Your mouth… that mouth,” he groans as he grabs my hair.

I take more of him inside of my mouth, not wanting to tease him mercilessly this time around.

It feels so good to have his hardness in my mouth.

I take as much of him as I can inside and move my tongue across his shaft.

His grip tightens on my hair and he pulls me up, “Yes. Fuck yes. Yes Claire. That’s it.”

My tongue dances around his tip and he almost jumps off the bed. I love that I can do this to him. I love that I have the ability to make him uncontrollable with desire.

“I need you,” he moans.

“Say please,” I tease him.

“I need you… please.”

“That’s better,” I smile and I move up his body, slowly drifting my breasts over his skin. With each touch, he seems to be getting harder.

I straddle his body and gently rub my wetness over the tip of his cock.

“Please,” he begs me.

“As you wish,” I exhale as I slowly slide down his pole.

My body immediately reacts as it’s stretched.


I settle on his hardness for a few moments and let my pussy adapt to his hugeness.

Then, it begins.

Oh yes, it begins.

It doesn’t take us long to get into the rhythm. We lose ourselves in one another.

There is a sensitivity between, it’s the same sensitivity that he showed me the first night we were together, but it’s amplified.

He flips me over on the bed, and withdraws from me. Standing at the end of the bed while I lie waiting, his eyes adore my body.

The way he looks at me makes me feel amazing.

There is desire, passion and lust in his eyes.

When he looks at me, I have never felt more like a woman.

I feel erotic. 

While lying on the bed, Jackson’s large body comes over the top of me, and I look up to his beautiful face. 

Again, he stares at me. 

This time, he is not staring at my body but into my eyes.

And not just my eyes…

He is looking at me.

The real me.

When his hard cock touches my wetness again, it jolts me back to reality. His hardness easily slides back into me.



He holds in me for a few moments and I can feel it pulsating inside me. He is throbbing with passion.

With Jackson inside me, I feel whole.

I feel complete.

As he holds his cock deep inside my pussy, he gazes into my eyes again.

My heart melts as I look deep into his gorgeous eyes.


This feels right. This feels real. This feels…


Jackson slowly withdraws and smoothly enters me again. 

Oh yes…

As he slowly withdraws and enters me again, I run my hands over his perfect body. My hands easily smooth over his strong muscles, brushing against his skin.

I love touching his body.

It is perfect in every way.

Again he slowly withdraws and enters me again.

He is so deep.

“Take me,” I plead with him.

“Tell me what you want,” he demands from me.

“I want you to take me hard,” I demand.

It feels so good to demand what I want.

It feels so good to be a strong, confident woman that knows what she wants.

“Harder,” I demand.

He smiles with a mischievous grin that tells me this is going to be wild…




“Yes!” I scream with surprise.




Suddenly, Jackson is pounding me with his assertive strength. His whole body forces down onto mine, thumping my butt into the bed. He is so strong and powerful that I feel helpless under his dominance.

Helpless, vulnerable… but cared for.


The thrusting continues. 

“Yes Jackson! Yes!” I scream.

Jackson becomes quicker.

“Fuck yes!!”

And deeper.

Yes! Yes! Yes!


From deep inside, I can feel a moan beginning.

It starts deep within my body and gets stronger and stronger. 

I can’t hold it in.

I bring my arm around the back of Jackson’s neck and try to keep the moan quiet.

But Jackson keeps slamming me.

I can’t contain it!

As I hold onto him tightly, I let it out of my lips.

“Yes…” the moan enhances my approaching orgasm.


I hold onto Jackson tight as he continues to thrust deep into me. I am lost in his body. Lost in his aggressive pounding.


Beauty touches every part of my body, my head lost in dizziness.


The world around me becomes brighter – lighter – as Jackson continues thrusting with strength, slamming himself into me with a consistent pattern.  My head is spinning.

This is my moment.

I deserve this.


His desire is saturating.

His passion is drenching.

The lust is overwhelming.

Jackson’s strong hands push down on my shoulders, holding me still as he rides into me. 

He has taken control of me and I am all his.

In this moment, I have no control.

Jackson slows his thrusting and I come back to reality. 

I look up to him and see a smile stretched across his face. 

He stops thrusting and then withdraws from me.

My chest is panting as he watches over me. 

“You are the most perfect person I have ever met,” he whispers.

I can’t respond to him - I am too high from the orgasm.

I wait for him to return.


Fuck me again.

I need it.

Slowly, his comes back over my body. His hardness touches my pussy and slides back in.






He thrusts again!

“Yes!” I can’t help the scream that escapes my lips.

His hard cock drives deep into my pussy, pounding me with passion.

I am lost in his rhythm.

Orgasm rushes over me again…

Flooding me like a river.

The world becomes light again…

My head is spinning…

He continues to pound into me…



My nails dig into his skin.

I am primal as the orgasm catches me again.

I feel his climax coming.

He grows louder and slams harder.



He reaches his peak…


It ends…

Jackson slowly stops thrusting and falls next to me on the bed. I cuddle into his warm body and his strong arm wraps around me.


The warm embrace is perfect.

And it is everything I ever wanted…





BOOK: Romance: The CEO
2.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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