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“Nope; apparently, he’s a succubus, one who snuck into his body, and got trapped.” She rubbed at her eyes. “This is so weird, am I really a vampire now?”

“Yep, you are, no going back now. Now continue, tell me about the succubus, at least it explains his interest.”

Bossy bastard.

“No swearing.”

Yeah, whatever.
“Well, apparently, she, or he, was also my father Frazer’s lover and pissed that he slept with my mother. No wonder it was open warfare at home. It was about two sick bitches that made me think I couldn’t have a relationship.”

“Hell, Jess, that’s one complicated piece of shit.”

“Yep, tell me about it.” She rolled over snuggling against Rune, who turned spooning her body. “And Rune, can we move?”

He stiffened. “From Caprice? You don’t like it here?”

“I love it here; not far, to the cabin. I think I’d prefer that. Also it would be better for our son.”

“Anything you want.” His hand cradled her stomach. “Gabriel is growing.”

“Mmmmm,” her eyes closed, exhaustion creeping in.

“I love you, little one,” whispered Rune.

“Loves you too, and, Rune?” She gave a soft sigh.


“How the hell are we going to explain to our son we’re vampires, his godparents-to-be are Lycans, and his grandfathers are a fucked up succubus and an arrogant incubus?”

“Don’t worry about that, it’s introducing him to Doreen as his grandmother that’s bothering me.”

Jess burst out laughing. “Yep, now that will be an experience.”

“Now sleep, sweet bitch.”

“Loves ya, Rune,” and with a satisfied sigh, Jess closed her eyes.


About the Author

H D March and her husband live on top of a mountain in Wales, which is ideal in the summer but not so much in the winter months or when it rains. She has three grown children, one suicidal cat—it really does have nine lives—and three Alaskan Malamutes. When not writing she delights in backpacking around the welsh countryside with them and all three have earned their WPD (working pack dog) titles.

Her first love, however, is reading and writing. She devours any steamy romance and works of the paranormal she can get her hands on and enjoys acting out her own fantasies in print. Her body of work includes erotic romance, psychological thrillers and the supernatural.

BOOK: Rune
7.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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