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Zak suspected he was right, but he’d wanted to hear whether his lover thought so, too. It helped to know they were both on the same page. Although, Lark seemed to have missed the scorching hot stares Brody frequently threw his way, as well. He’d have to keep an eye on that. If things ever went any further—and right now that was far from certain—it was imperative that everyone feel equally wanted and desired.

“What should we do? Do you think he’s in some sort of trouble? Should we go after him?” Lark asked, a frown creasing his usually happy face as he looked back down the street in the direction Brody had taken.

“No. Just leave it for now, sweetheart.”

Lark definitely didn’t look happy with the idea.

“Forcing him to tell you his private business isn’t the way, Lark. Just give him some time.”

While he still didn’t look thrilled, Lark nodded his head in agreement, obviously seeing the sense in what Zak had said. How long that might last, Zak wasn’t sure. But he’d take what he could get of the smaller man’s compliance while it lasted.

He gently turned Lark around and gave him a soft push to start him walking in the opposite direction.

When Lark looked over his shoulder and poked his tongue out, Zak grinned, but remained determined to keep a tight rein on his impetuous lover. Brody required careful handling and time, more than anything else. Lark might not be naturally inclined to give it to him, but Zak was going to do his best to see that he got it.

Although he was hesitant to allow the natural attraction the three of them seemed to share develop, if it was inevitable—and it really looked like it was—Zak was going to see that it developed so both Brody and Lark were protected. There was no way he thought either man was out to hurt the other, but they were entering new and strange territory, and they were all going to have to tread with care.

“Come on, Lark. Let’s go get that coffee.”

Chapter Six

Brody felt tight and hyper-sensitised. The slightest movement, caught out of the corner of his eye when someone got too close, had him fumbling and dropping things, stumbling over his own feet in his haste to see who approached. Brody both dreaded and craved the moment when Zak or Lark—or both—would seek him out.

All worked up and anxious; Brody was a walking disaster area just waiting to happen. Fortunately, he hadn’t actually broken anything, but he knew it was only a matter of time. This couldn’t go on. Something had to give. The only trouble was Brody was pretty sure it was going to be his mind.

Finally, in frustration and disgust, Gus sent him out the back to clean the seals on the fridges and ‘get his fucking head on straight’ as the man so eloquently put it. Talk about the crappiest job Gus could possibly have come up with. It was obvious he had been saving it up for a special occasion when someone truly pissed him off. But to be honest, Brody was so relieved he could have kissed the irritable chef.

Then again, maybe not. But Brody did leave the kitchen with a spring in his step, grateful for the opportunity to get out and tuck himself away in the quiet storage area out back. No one was likely to disturb him there. More to the point, Zak and Lark were hardly likely to find him. There was no real reason for them to venture back there, because the chefs did all the ordering and restocking.

It was just a pity no one mentioned the details of the plan to whatever higher powers were on duty that day. Either that or they had a very sick sense of humour. Because as Brody hurried around the shelving in the cool, dark room, stacked high with supplies and ingredients, he almost ran straight into the very two men he was desperately trying to avoid.

Zak had Lark pinned against the wall and was leaning down into him, ravaging his mouth in a deep, passionate kiss.

“Oh, God! I’m sorry!” Brody stumbled backwards and tried to make a break for it. Not again!

“No! Brody! Wait!” Lark called after him.

For a moment Brody seriously considered ignoring him and running away as fast as his legs would go.

But he knew he couldn’t do it. Firstly, because it was Lark that was calling him, and secondly because Zak would see him being a complete pussy.

He took a deep breath and slowly turned around to face the other men.

For a moment, he just looked between them—Lark small and pale, with his light blond hair in artful disarray and his bright, mischievous blue eyes studying him intensely, and Zak, taller, broader, darker and completely focused on him with those smouldering, pale green-brown eyes.

Brody felt trapped and yet at the same time so very tempted. The way they looked at him…he felt wanted and desirable and yearned to just give himself over to them.

“This is ridiculous,” Lark said, closing the distance between them and reaching out to run his hand lightly over Brody’s forearm.

His touch left a trail of goosebumps, and Brody had to fight damn hard to suppress an appreciative shiver.

“I like you, Brody. As in, I think you’re the hottest thing I’ve seen since I first laid eyes on Zak. And Zak likes you. As in, he pops wood every time he sees you and all but drools in your presence.”

“Lark!” Zak protested.

“I think you like us, too,” Lark whispered huskily, reaching down and very lightly running his hand up Brody’s hard shaft through his increasingly tight trousers.

Brody’s cock throbbed in response to the other man’s touch, and he realised he was in danger of embarrassing himself by coming in his pants. Brody groaned softly at the delicious torture, unable to
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make himself pull away.

“Lark!” Zak repeated, this time stepping forward to intervene.

A spike of fear shot through Brody. Not that Lark would get him off, but that Zak would make Lark stop.

Before Zak could brush Lark’s hand away, or Brody could think better of it, Brody reached down to cover Lark’s hand with his own, pressing it against his cock and giving the caress just the right amount of pressure for him to thrust against.

“Please,” Brody whimpered shamelessly. He closed his eyes to savour the sensation of Larks ministrations to his sensitive, throbbing shaft.

After a few moments enjoying Lark’s hand, Brody blinked open his eyes and looked straight into Zak’s stunned face. He felt heat rush to his face in embarrassment. It had been so long since he had been with a lover. So long since he could afford to lower his guard enough to risk getting close to someone. Worrying about Wolf had taken up all of his time and energy. Now that they were finally safe from the constant sex, drugs, and crime that he been their daily nightmare for the past four years, his cock seemed to have awoken with a vengeance.

Brody couldn’t remember ever getting this hard before. It left him aching with need. A need he could afford to indulge for the first time since he had started his desperate bid to rescue his brother. But what must these men think of him at the moment? He was all but throwing himself at them like a common street whore.

Brody was just about to step away when he felt a soft touch to his cheek.

“Beautiful,” Lark whispered as he gazed up at him with awe and desire in his eyes.

Brody didn’t know what to say. When he sensed Zak move, he switched his gaze back to the bigger man. But instead of finding jealousy or anger in Zak’s face, Brody saw that Zak’s eyes had gone molten with lust.

Lark began to rub his hand against Brody’s cock again, breaking him out of his stupor. But all he could seem to utter was another lustful moan as his hips thrust forward completely of their own volition.

Apparently taking his groan of appreciation for consent, Lark reached to unfasten his pants. His movements were hurried and fumbling, as if he were nearly frantic with desire or expecting to be stopped at any moment.

“Lark!” Zak barked sharply, and this time Lark stilled. The tone of Zak’s voice allowed no argument this time.

Both Lark and Brody froze, but Brody’s cock twitched as Zak’s commanding figure moved to hover over them.

“Zak—” Lark began to beg pitifully, but Zak cut him off with a stern look.

“If you have any doubts about this, Brody. If this isn’t what you want, or even if it is, but you need more time, you need to say something now. No regrets. No taking it back.”

Zak’s uncompromising gaze held Brody transfixed. He wasn’t sure what ‘it’ was, but he couldn’t deny he wanted the two men. He wanted them so bad, his cock was about to have a permanent zipper imprint if it wasn’t released soon. But he was equally unsure whether letting this continue wouldn’t be one of the stupidest things he had ever done. It was just a pity all the blood was currently pooling in his groin, leaving only a skeleton crew on duty in his brain where he might have had some chance to make a sensible decision and veto the ‘let’s get it on’ party in his pants.

Lark leant forward on his tiptoes and planted a light, almost chaste kiss to Brody’s jaw. “Whatever you decide, Brody. Really. There’s no rush.”

The sincerity and gentle regard, along with the certainty of how hard it had been for Lark—the fiery little go-getter—to say the words, did strange things to Brody in the region of his chest that he wasn’t quite ready to face. He couldn’t stop himself from tilting his head down to lightly kiss Lark’s soft, pink lips.

He wouldn’t regret this, whatever happened, wherever it might lead them. He wanted them. Needed them. And they wanted him. In the end, it was that simple.

When Lark kissed him back, Brody very tentatively ran the tip of his tongue over the other man’s lips and was amazed when Lark opened to him immediately—sucking him in so their tongues tangled together. Pulling away, Brody thrilled when their lips clung together for a moment, as if their bodies didn’t want to be parted. He stared down into Lark’s heated eyes.

“I want this,” Brody said, surprised when his voice came out low and steady. Turning his head, Brody looked straight into Zak’s eyes so there would be no misunderstanding. “I want you both.”

“Show me,” Zak demanded in a gravel-rough rumble that made Brody shiver with lust.

“Shall we give Zak a show?” Lark asked, returning to the removal of Brody’s pants with a cheeky smile on his face.

“As long as it’s a hands-on demonstration,” Brody replied. If this was the start of an affair between the three of them, he had no intention of being simply taken along for the ride. His days of being just pretty scenery and a tight hole to fuck were long, long over.

“I could come at that,” Zak said, reaching down to adjust himself.

“Oh, love!” Lark giggled. “That was terrible.” He finally freed Brody’s cock and began stroking it in long, smooth strokes.

Brody felt another pang in his chest. Oh, God! He was pathetic. Just hearing Lark say the word ‘love’

made him harder and desperate, yet at the same time desolate and jealous. He wanted that, he realised with a shock. He wanted—

Brody shut the thought away with a loud mental clang, sealing it away from his conscious mind. He wouldn’t think about it yet. Not now. Maybe not ever. In this moment, he would think only of Zak and Lark—two of the hottest men he had ever seen in his life, and they wanted him. Even if only for now.

“Open his pants,” Lark whispered, breaking into Brody’s chaotic thoughts.

“Huh?” Brody grunted.

Lark stroked him expertly, massaging and manipulating him so that it was difficult to process Lark’s words.

“Zak looks uncomfortable. Open his pants for him. You wouldn’t want him to hurt himself, would you?”

Lark’s eyes glittered with amusement.

Brody’s gaze tracked to the huge erection distorting the front of Zak’s trousers. It did look pretty painful all wrapped up like that. And so tempting.

Reaching across, Brody very carefully slipped the waist buttons free, but before he could lower the zipper, Zak took care of it himself. Brody understood why when Zak’s long, thick shaft sprang free and slapped into his hand with a soft, velvety bounce. Zak went commando.

Brody wrapped his hand around Zak’s cock and began a slow exploration of the man’s responses as he glided his fist up and down, varying the speed and intensity of his grip. When he rubbed his thumb over Zak’s slit then slipped it down to run under the sensitive, hard head, Zak shuddered and gasped.

“Oh, yeah! Right there, baby.”

Brody’s pulse jumped at the small praise. He did it again and delighted when he got an equally enthusiastic response.

“Come here,” Zak growled, his eyes filled with desire as he reached out and wrapped his huge hand around the back of Brody’s neck and pulled him in for a rough, passionate kiss. The man left no inch of his mouth unexplored by his thorough, questing tongue.

Brody hardly noticed that Lark had stopped stroking him until he felt a scorching, soft, wet caress across the head of his cock. He gasped and broke the kiss with Zak to stare down between their bodies. Lark knelt between them, a small fist wrapped around each cock, his hot, pink tongue bathing and licking around the heads.

“Lark!” Brody gasped, frantically fighting down the urge to come.

Lark looked up at him with an impish grin, as if he knew exactly what he was doing to him. And as Lark’s tongue swiped across his slit again before turning to Zak and doing the same to him.

For long minutes Lark alternated between them, first sucking and licking Zak’s long, heavily veined shaft, then returning to lavish an equal amount of attention on Brody’s. On and on Lark played with them—working them up to a fever point of need before offering lighter, gentler flicks of his tongue so they could regain control. But when Lark began to caress and manipulate Brody’s balls, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Please!” Brody said, too far gone to feel embarrassed by the desperate whine in his voice.

Before Brody could truly work out what he wanted or from whom, Lark surged to his feet and opened his own trousers. The smaller man’s cock was long and slender and felt like it burned into him as it came to rest against Brody’s own hard shaft. Lark pressed his groin into Brody’s and wrapped his hand around both their cocks, holding them up against their bellies. Then he began to pump them together.

BOOK: Sandpipers' Secrets
4.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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