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Authors: Arwen Rich

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Saving Serena: The Alpha Wants Curves Bk2

BOOK: Saving Serena: The Alpha Wants Curves Bk2
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The Alpha Wants Curves 2: Saving Serena (Werewolf & BBW Erotic Romance)

by Arwen Rich

Published by Arwen Rich, 2013.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. September 8, 2013.

Copyright © 2013 Arwen Rich.

Written by Arwen Rich.

Table of Contents

The Alpha Wants Curves 2: Saving Serena

The Alpha Wants Curves 2: Saving Serena

Heath was positioned between my legs, pinning my back to the ground. I struggled as hard as I could, but his grip was too strong. My thighs slipped over the slick muscles of his abdomen as I tried to reposition myself. He moved closer, held me more securely, and his pelvis pushed into the softness between my thighs. A burst of lust ignited inside me as his big package brushed my sex, and I moaned despite myself.

“You need to focus,” Heath said, panting slightly. His golden eyes bore into mine, hypnotic and piercing. “If you really want to learn to defend yourself, focus is the key.”

But even as he spoke, I felt him hardening in his shorts, pushing against the fabric of my tights. My pelvis thrust automatically as his cock brushed against me.

“I think you're the one who needs to focus,” I giggled, biting my lip. Heath growled sexily, and I felt the deep reverberations of the sound tingling inside me.

Still holding my arms pinned over my head, Heath leaned down to kiss me. His lips were burning hot. His tongue slipped inside my mouth and another surge of lust rose swirling up inside me.

Heath pulled away, his breath becoming ragged with hunger. His hands left mine and moved to my tank top. His fingers curled around the fabric, brushing against my nipples, which hardened under his touch. Heath tore the top open down the middle, and I squealed as my curvaceous breasts bounced free.

His strength was almost scary sometimes. But it was sexier than it was frightening, seeing how much he wanted me.

I arched my back, pushing my breasts towards him, and his mouth found them instantly, kissing my chest, sucking my nipples. He bit softly and I gasped, burying my hands in his dark hair.

Heath moved lower. My nipples tingled and hardened as he kissed his way down my abdomen. His lips left a trail of goosebumps beneath my belly button.

Not for the first time, I found myself amazed at my new-found lack of self-consciousness. I used to hate lovers touching my belly. I was afraid of what they thought of my curves, was afraid to reveal myself to them.

But it was different with Heath. The fear melted into anticipation every time his fiery, golden eyes set on me. The animalistic hunger that I felt emanating from him – hunger for
– made me feel

It made me feel beautiful.

Heath's fingers hooked beneath the fabric of my tights and my panties, and he quickly tore them down. His mouth, wet and hot, was on the smooth-shaved skin of my pubic mound, then he was kissing the hollow of my thigh. I gasped and gripped his hair tightly – the sensations were simultaneously tickling me, and making me horny as

I was naked now, arching my back in response to Heath's touch. His mouth was only inches away from my dripping sex. I parted my thighs for him.

A warm burst of pleasure, a tremble of my thighs, as his tongue ran up my wet slit. His mouth settled on my clitoris and he began to lick, and I moaned softly. Sweat beaded on my forehead as alternating shivers of cold and waves of heat intertwined inside me.

Heath sucked lightly on my clitoris, lapped faster, and waves of bliss rolled through my body. His hands gripped my thighs, fingers digging into flesh as he held them apart, and my legs contracted involuntarily on either side of his head.

My hands scrabbled at the carpet as I squirmed there, with Heath's mouth between my legs. My entire being was on the tip of his rolling, lapping tongue; bolts of electricity shot through me with each expert flick.

A hot flush flowed up my spine, and I knew I was going to cum.

Heath knew it too. He could tell by my panting breath. He slowed down as I teetered on the precipice, squirming and thrusting into his face, and he held me there, on the brink of explosion, teasing me with the tip of his tongue. I was on the edge, so close ...

Heath pulled his face away just before I came. I felt him repositioning, and lifted my head to see that he had removed his shorts. His cock was fully erect now, longer and thicker than anything I had ever taken before. I could see the pre-cum glistening on its huge, bulbous head.

He settled over me swiftly, coming to rest on his elbows. I felt the tip of his cock brushing my wet, pulsing pussy and I, still swirling near the edge of orgasm, nearly came, from just that slight touch.

him inside me.

I wrapped my arms around his back and tried to bring him closer. But he drew the moment out, giving me no more than the thick head of his dick. I squirmed for more.

“Please,” I gasped. He grinned wolfishly at me, enjoying my need. As much as he wanted me, he loved to tease me too. But I had to have his cock inside me, more than anything. “Please Heath, fuck me now,” I said.

Heath kissed me on the mouth, his lips still slick with my juices, and I tasted myself, tasted how turned on I was.

As Heath's lips drew away from mine, his abdomen hardened. He thrust his cock deep inside me.

I moaned and shuddered as he filled me completely. My pussy was tight and wet around his immense girth. He began to fuck me hard, thrusting to my core, and already I was cumming, my back arching as I moaned into his ear. My cunt contracted tight on his dick, which only intensified the explosions of pleasure that rippled through me. I was squeezing him, my thighs contracting and trembling around his waist, and he just thrust faster, deeper. He groaned into my ear, and I knew he was relishing the feeling of me cumming on his cock.

He slowed his thrusts now, guiding me through my orgasm. It flowed through me from head to toe, hot and tumultuous, and my fingernails dug into Heath's back. I was drenched in sweat. Our abdomens slid over one another, finally coming to a halt.

“Turn around.” Heath's voice was gravelly, thick with pleasure. His teeth looked sharp, his golden eyes blazing, and I knew that the wolf was surging through him, just beneath his surface. He pulled out of me, and I took my legs from around his waist.

Heath grabbed my hips and flipped me over, onto my belly. The ease with which he handled my curvaceous figure always astounded me – his strength seemed limitless. He lifted me onto my hands and knees, gripping my hip with one hand and my shoulder with the other, pulling me towards him.

He entered me again, and I gasped as his cock filled me once more. With this new angle of penetration, he began to hit new, deeper places inside me, which came bursting to life with each thrust.

I arched my back, and Heath's hand left my shoulder to grip my hair. He pulled my head back, which arched my back even further, and he sank somehow
. His cock rubbed my g-spot repeatedly, inciting flash after blinding flash of pleasure between my legs, and I knew that I wouldn't last long.

Heath began to quicken his pace. His breath came fast, peppered with low groans of pleasure, as his pelvis slapped into my ass time after time. He curled his body over mine, and his hand left my hair and slid around my abdomen.

His hand found the top of my pussy and rubbed at my clit. I cried out as fireworks burst inside my cunt, making my legs tremble. I was panting with each thrust, my eyes squeezing shut at the overwhelming sensation of both his cock inside me, and his hand simultaneously rubbing my clitoris. Hot, exquisite waves of pleasure lapped at my pussy and rose inside me, until I was gasping for breath, drowning ...

Heath groaned and his cock pulsed inside me. A hot rush of cum burst in my pussy.

We came together, rolling and undulating with the waves that crashed through us, shuddering and gasping, our slick, sweat-covered bodies sliding against one another.

I whimpered and my hands collapsed beneath me, leaving my upper body lying flat on the mat, and my ass in the air. Heath buried his cock deep, one last time, and my pussy pulsed on him, squeezing out the final drops of his seed.

We both collapsed onto the mat completely then, Heath on top, still inside me from behind. We lay gasping together, until our breaths slowed and the sweat cooled on our bodies. I floated on a river of bliss.

“Now that's focus,” I said softly, and Heath's chest shuddered on my back as he laughed.

“I'll teach you some more self-defense tomorrow,” he said. “You're doing well – I just have to keep my damn hands off you.” His arms snaked around my body and he clutched my breasts. “Which isn't easy.”

He slid out of me, and we repositioned on the carpet until we both lay on our backs, with his muscular arm cushioning my head. I felt sleepy, drunk with relaxation.

“Thanks for teaching me to defend myself,” I said softly in his ear.

“It's been my pleasure,” Heath laughed. And then his face grew serious. “I just hope you never have to. Because that would mean that I'm dead.” He looked into my eyes, and traced a finger slowly over the naked curve of my waist.

The way Heath touched me, the way he looked at me in that moment, made me feel beautiful and delicate. Precious.

“I would die to protect you,” he said.

Goosebumps raised over my entire body. I wasn't sure whether it was because of his finger trailing over my naked skin, or because of his words.

At that moment, I felt more safe than I ever had in my life.

Recently, I hadn't been feeling that way. That's why Heath was teaching me to defend myself – both in human and wolf form. I'd been feeling unsettled. I didn't doubt Heath's ability to protect me, but I couldn't have him watching me twenty-four hours a day – even living with him as I now was. The recent enemy I'd made was preying on my mind.


It had been more than a month since the incident, but it's not easy to forget an attempt at murder.

Athena had been vying to become Heath's mate during his recent crowning as pack Alpha, and when she realized that there was a chance he would choose me instead, she tried to kill me.

I saw the gleam of blood-lust in her eye when she attacked me. I knew she would have murdered me, if Heath hadn't saved me. And her threat, before being exiled from the pack by Heath, echoed through my mind whenever I was alone.

“You bitch! You'll pay!”

On my nightly wolf-runs through the forest with Heath, I kept having the faint impression of Athena's scent, plastic and sickly-sweet, drifting secretly through the mist.

And then there were the dreams. I took my dreams more seriously now, since being told that they reveal the future.

Dreams of being followed. Blurry scenes of violence – a knife blade, rising and falling, and rising again. The spilling of blood. A swollen crimson moon.

And then there was the other dream. The one I hadn't told Heath about.

A naked man, at the foot of our bed. And Heath, nowhere to be seen. The man's intentions are unclear to me, as is his face. But my fear is crystal clear. He holds a snake in his arms.

I didn't know how to explain that dream to Heath. I felt that he might take it the wrong way, so I kept it to myself.

My dreams were confusing me, making me afraid of what might be coming. I needed to speak to Jala, the pack seer. She had told me of the prophetic power of my dreams, and maybe she had more answers.

Heath jerked awake beside me, pulling me from my thoughts. He had fallen asleep, in one of his post-sex comas.

“What's the time?” he said, yawning.

“I'm not sure,” I said. “But it's getting dark outside.” The sun was setting, casting a crimson glow through the window.

“We should leave soon,” Heath said. “The pack will be waiting.” He kissed me on the cheek and rose from the mat, before taking my hand and helping me to my feet. I couldn't help but admire the sexy, bulging muscles of his shoulders as he pulled me up.

As satisfied as I was, I
wanted more of him.

Heath and I showered, and by the time we were out, darkness had settled firmly over the sky. I always felt a sense of excitement at this time. The night was waiting to be explored.

We transformed together out the back of the house, naked beneath the dawning stars. Heath's appreciative eyes never left my body, and though he saw me naked every day, I couldn't help but blush.

A beautiful white glow encompassed us both as we changed. Pain and ecstasy intertwined inside me as my joints and bones reconfigured. The cool of the night began to melt away as the tiny hairs lengthened and thickened all over my body. My hands hit the ground as paws.

The white glow of transformation dissipated, leaving Heath and I as wolves, standing together on the grass.

The fur all over my body swayed in the breeze, and my skin tingled with excitement.

BOOK: Saving Serena: The Alpha Wants Curves Bk2
11.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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