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            “I’m telling
you now, you need to walk away and leave her alone,” Luke growled.

            “Oh really?
Looks like you need knocked down too,
” Jared growled, and as soon
as Jared took another step in my direction, Luke punched him hard in the jaw.
Jared dropped to the floor, and several people standing around started to
cheer. At that moment, Brooke came running over to us holding a baseball bat
with two bouncers in tow. They stood Jared up and began walking him to the
door. “Get the hell off me!” he shouted, shoving one of the bouncers. He glared
at Brooke and spat, “I bet you are just lovin’ this, ain’t ya, bitch?” He spit
out a mouthful of blood at the floor in front of her feet as they grabbed onto
him tighter and were now half-dragging him.

            Brooke held
the bat up and narrowed her eyes at him. “If you don’t get the hell out of here
now, I’m gonna love the feel of my Louisville Slugger cracking into the back of
your skull,” she said, dark hate spreading across her face. I knew that she and
Jared never liked each other from way back, but something had obviously
happened in the past to fuel the rage in her face as she looked at him now. She
then looked at the bouncers and said, “Get him outta here, boys. And don’t let
him back in, he’s on the black list from now on.”

ma’am,” they muttered, and began walking him toward the door. As they were
escorting him outside, Luke yelled, “If you ever put your hands on her again,
it will be the last thing you do, I promise you that.”

this bar sucks!” Jared screamed out, and one of the bouncers shoved him out the

gave Luke a quick look, and then said, “I’m gonna go make sure he stays out.
You okay, Lilly?” I silently nodded, still slightly shock over what just

wiggled out Jack’s grip and came to face me. “What the hell was that about?”

honestly don’t know. I was just dancing with you and Vi and all of a sudden I
felt his hands on my ass,” I said, and tried to laugh it off. The truth
was…Jared scared the hell out of me. I wasn’t scared of the way he acted, but
what he said hit a nerve. It bothered me…I really hope no one thought I was a
stuck up bitch. This place was my home, and I loved it. I slightly shook my
head to try and banish my thoughts, and I placed a hand on Luke’s arm. “Hey,
thank you.”

looked into my eyes, and forced a smile. “No problem.”

I talk to you for a sec?” I said, motioning to the pool table. He just nodded
his head. I walked toward the table with him close behind me. When we were
alone, I turned to him and said, “I’m so sorry, Luke.”

eyes snapped up. “What in the hell for? You didn’t do anything to deserve

not talking about Jared. I’m talking about what I said earlier. About us
hanging out and keeping it a secret.”

waved his hand in the air. “Oh that. Lilly, its okay, forget it.”

not okay. I thought about what I said, and it was so crappy of me to ask in the
first place. I want us to be friends so much, and I was just scared of what
people might think. Can you forgive me?”

snorted and shook his head. “You just got accosted by a drunk has been who more
than likely left bruises on both your arms, and you are apologizing to me for
something that happened hours ago?” My eyes were wide with anticipation. I
wasn’t worried about myself at the moment. I had to know that things between
Luke and I were going to be okay. After a moment, his face softened and he
said, “Yes, Lilly, I forgive you.”

leaned off the stool and impulsively pulled Luke into a hug. “Thank you Luke,
for everything,” I said. I took a deep breath, inhaling his scent. Lord, he
smelled good. I must have been holding on longer than I was supposed to,
because Luke was the one that broke apart from the hug.

welcome,” he said, and for a moment his expression changed from concern for me
to full blown anger and back again.

reached and touched his arm. “Hey, you okay?”

I just…I think I’m gonna go,” he said.


just…gotta go. I’ll call and check on you tomorrow,” he said, and with a quick
kiss on the hand, he walked away. In that moment, something happened. My heart
started beating faster and something warm started to spread through my chest
and to my fingertips. I saw him say his goodbyes to Daisy and Violet, and after
saying a few words to Jack they left together. Daisy looked over to me, and
mouthed “What was that?”

just shrugged my shoulders. This has been the weirdest night. I had reconnected
with another old friend, had fun playing pool and dancing with my sisters, then
got felt up then man-handled by a drunken idiot. And now, to top it all off,
Luke just up and left with barely a goodbye. Suddenly I felt overwhelmingly
tired. I got up and walked over to Violet and Daisy. “Girls, I think I’m ready
to call it a night, if you don’t mind.”

pulled me into a hug, being careful not to squeeze my sore arms. “Of course we
don’t mind. I’ll go get our coats,” she said, and walked to the coat rack by
the door. As Daisy and I gathered our things and headed toward the door, Brooke
walked over to meet us.

so sorry about what happened here tonight, Lilly. You sure you’re gonna be
okay?” she asked.

hugged her, and said, “I’m sure. Thanks for helping out, you were pretty bad
ass with that bat,” I said, and she smiled at me.

well, it kind of comes with the territory. I just wish I’d been able to get in
one good swing at him, the worthless prick,” she said.

do you hate him so much?” I asked before I could stop myself.

hatred spread across her face. “What’s not to hate?” She quickly hugged me one
more time, and said, “Well I’ll let you girls head home. I’m gonna have Phil
and Tim walk you ladies out.” She motioned to the bouncers from earlier and
they came walking over to me.

again Brooke. I’ll see you soon,” I said, waving goodbye. I slid on my coat and
I walked outside with Daisy and Violet. We said our goodbyes to Violet, and
then we headed home where I immediately went up to my room. I took a quick
shower and got into bed, and drifted off to sleep almost as soon as my head hit
the pillow.

Chapter 10
Dream a Little Dream



sure that we’re all alone?” I asked, apprehensively.

laced his fingers through mine, and whispered, “Why? You getting’ nervous?”

little,” I admitted, and he looked worried. “But only because I don’t want us
to be in the middle of something and your parents walk in. It would be

are staying in Valdosta for the weekend, so they won’t be back until Monday. We
have the place to ourselves,” he said, and he pulled me close to him. I knew
Mama and Daddy wouldn’t worry about me because I had called them while I was in
Luke’s truck and told them I was spending the night with my friend Brooke, and
called her to make sure she would cover for me. As he held me tight against
him, I took a deep breath. He smelled so good. Us being here together…it felt
so right. I felt warmth spread through me as his fingers left mine and began
tracing up my arm to the line of my jaw. I looked into his eyes, and my breath
caught in my throat. His eyes were so beautiful, so blue. I could spend the
whole night staring into them, but a deep pull in the bottom of my stomach had
other ideas of how to spend the evening when I saw his head tilt to the side.
He leaned in and kissed me for the third time. The first kiss was sweet, and the
second was an awakening. The third kiss was all passion, all fireworks, and all
heat. His hand tangled in my hair and he groaned as I gently bit his bottom
lip. This kissing thing was getting easier with each passing moment.

hands roamed down to the bottom of his tee shirt and without hesitation he let
me pull it over his head and I tossed it to the floor. I took a minute to stare
at his chest and I could say with certainty that I had never been more turned
on in my life. He was tall, lean, and cut in all the right places. I ran my
hand over his abs which clenched under my touch. I moved my hand up to his neck
and I pulled him into another steamy kiss. He started to move us toward the
staircase, and we stopped at the bottom of the stairs and he leaned me against
the wall. One hand was on the small of my back and his other hand roamed down
to my bottom, feeling my curves. He pulled my leg up around his waist, and I
wiggled a little bit under his touch. He groaned loudly as I felt his arousal
against me.

Lilly, I want you so much,” he breathed, and he started trailing feather-light
kisses down my neck. I took his hand and started up the stairs.

one is your room?” I asked. I had been to the lake house before when Luke’s
parents would host parties but I had never been upstairs.

the first one at the top of the stairs,” he said, and once we reached the top
we walked into his room together. It was a great room. It looked like a typical
teenage boy’s room with posters and trophies, but it also had a fireplace and
an entire wall was made of glass and it overlooked the huge lake. The view was
so beautiful. My eyes left the view from the glass wall and they landed on the
full size bed in the middle of the room. Luke was sitting on the end of the bed
with his hands on his knees. He looked devastatingly handsome in the moonlight.
I felt like my blood had caught fire, and without another thought I kicked off
my flip flops, took my hair out of its ponytail and walked over to him and took
my shirt off. His eyes widened and his mouth fell open. He pulled me close to
him and he started kissing my stomach. I felt tingles all through my body and I
started running my fingers through his hair. He moved his kisses up past my
breasts to my neck and finally back to my mouth. My hands started to make short
work of his belt buckle while his hands rested on my backside. Once I got his
belt unbuckled, he spun me around and gently nudged me toward the bed and I
fell back. I stared at him as he removed his pants and shoes, and stood before
me in just his boxers. I started to shake in anticipation.

okay?” he asked. I nodded, panting with desire. I really was surprised that I
wasn’t more nervous. I mean, I was about to lose my virginity. But, I trusted
him. He was one of my best friends, and if you can’t trust your best friend,
who can you trust? Besides, he seemed so in control and he seemed to know what
he was doing. He’s obviously done this before. I banished the jealous thoughts
that were threatening to splash a bucket of cold water on my libido, and I
started to unbutton my jean shorts. He leaned over me and stopped my hands.
“Let me,” he said, and I put my hands on the bed. He unbuttoned my shorts and
slid them off quickly. I was laying on Luke’s bed wearing nothing my matching
pink flowered bra and panties…thank God I had chosen to wear them today. “Oh
wow…” he breathed.

I asked, and sat up quickly, afraid he was going to change his mind about this.
When I did, my hair fell forward and covered the material of my bra. He sharply

It’s just…God, you’re so beautiful,” he said. He slowly crawled on the bed and
laid down on top me of, his body resting between my trembling legs. He kissed
my lips softly and parted them with his tongue. My hands moved up and down his
back, and my fingers rested on the waistband of his boxers, waiting to push
them down. He moved his mouth down my neck and his left hand slid the strap of
my bra off my shoulder, trailing kisses along my collarbone. He did the same to
the other side, and then he rolled me on top of him. He undid the clasp on my
bra, and I sat up on his lap and slowly slid it off. His eyes widened as he
stared at my naked chest, and if there was no proof that he was turned on
before his rock hard erection pressing into my thigh pretty much gave it away.
He leaned up and began trailing his tongue along my breasts, and I threw my
head back and moaned loudly. He then grabbed a hold of my waist with his arms
and rolled us over again, my back down on the bed and my head resting on his
pillow. He sat up on his knees and pulled my panties off. He tossed them to the
floor and I sat up, pushing his boxers down. He grinned and pulled them down to
his knees and maneuvered them the rest of the way off. He leaned back up and my
eyes roamed down his naked frame.  I caught sight of him, and I thought I was
going to faint. His manhood was so huge…how was it supposed to fit? I could
feel my palms sweating and I was starting to shake again. Now I was a little
nervous. Granted, I had never in my life seen a naked man in real life before,
but I wasn’t stupid and I knew he was huge. While my mind was racing and about
to ruin everything, he reached over to his nightstand and pulled a foil packet
out of the drawer. Before he tore it open, he whispered, “Lilly, are you sure
you’re ready for this?”

just nodded my head, my eyes wide. I couldn’t speak. I knew if I didn’t calm
down he wouldn’t want this to happen, so the only thing I could think to do was
to take the foil packet from his hands and open it with shaking hands. I tossed
the wrapper to the floor and held up the condom, staring at it. He smiled at
me, and took it from my hands. He said nothing but his eyes held mine as he
rolled it over his impressive length. My eyes momentarily flicked down to what
he was doing, and I started to breathe rapidly. He left one hand on his length,
and with the other he lifted my chin and looked into my eyes again. “Don’t
worry, it will fit. We’ll fit together,” he whispered. “I won’t hurt you, I
promise. I love you, Lilly.” I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, and I trusted him. He
moved his whole body down on top of me and my legs parted in invitation. I
shivered from the feel of our bodies lying together, skin on skin. He leaned in
and kissed me, and I melted all over again. Luke moved one hand down between my
legs and I felt electricity shoot through me as he explored me with his hands. I
cried out, and he moaned in pleasure. His fingers touched in all the right places.
“You feel so good,” he whispered against my neck. I know that I was new to all
of this, but I had never felt anything so amazing in my life. If his hands
could make me feel like I was losing control, I could only imagine how the rest
of him felt. I began to claw at his back, not wanting to wait anymore.

please,” I panted, not knowing what else to say.

you ready?”

I breathed, my body still quivering.

going to go real slow. If it hurts, Lilly, you have to tell me, and I’ll stop, okay?”
he asked, and looked into my eyes, waiting for my answer.

nodded and whispered, “Okay.”


I felt Luke’s hand move from inside me to his length that rested right at my
entrance. With achingly slow agony, he started to ease himself into me. I
inhaled sharply…oh my God, he felt bigger than he looked.

moaned loudly, and then he looked at me. “Are you okay?”

nodded, and wiggled my hips to allow him to ease in more which made him cry out.
I knew he was holding back to keep from hurting me, but the wait was killing
me. It felt like there was something in the way, and I moved my hands to his
bottom and pushed with my hands, urging him to go all way in. “Luke…”

we have to go slow or I’ll hurt you. Trust me?”

answered his question with a kiss. Each time he moved in and out lightly my
body began to adjust to him. It felt amazing but it was also driving me crazy.
Then, after what seemed like forever, he eased almost out, and then thrust
himself all the way in one swift movement, breaking down the barrier that was
between us. I cried out from both pleasure and pain. A deep stinging pinch
burned inside me, but it wasn’t unpleasant. I was actually relieved. We both
cried out loudly, with Luke shouting a couple of swear words, which made the
corner of my mouth turn up into a hidden smile. My body was on fire from
everything he’d done already and after we moved together for a few minutes I
felt an exquisite clench deep in my belly. I think he was feeling the same
sensation because he was moaning loudly and everything he was trying to say
just wasn’t making sense. I didn’t know how much longer this would go on
because I felt like I couldn’t hold on anymore. Then, my body exploded and,
screaming his name, I surrendered to him. He thrust himself into me two more
times before his body stilled and he moaned loudly into my neck.

he panted, kissing my neck. We just laid there together, his hands on either
side of my head, and my arms wrapped around his strong back. This was as close
to heaven as I’ll ever know. Blinking a few times, I suddenly realized I had
tears rolling down my cheeks. When I sniffed, his head shot up. “Lilly, are you
okay?” he asked, worried.

smiled at him, and wiped the few tears away. “I’m better than okay. That was…”
I trailed off.

smiled sexily at me, almost making me turn to goo. “I know. It was.” He raised
his hand and caressed my tear stained cheek.

moved a hand from his back and trailed my fingers across his forehead. “You’re
all sweaty,” I giggled. “That’s kind of sexy.”

grinned even more, and chuckled. “I love you, Lilly Harrington,” he said, a big
smile on his face. He leaned in and kissed me again, and when my heart beat
finally slowed down, I felt overwhelmingly tired. He started moving his kisses
down my neck, and I stifled a yawn. He stopped and looked at me. “You tired?”

little,” I admitted, and he smiled. He pulled himself out of me, and I gasped a
little. It felt strange.

rolled off of me and onto his side. Wrapping me into his arms, he whispered in
my ear, “Then sleep, sweetheart. And dream of me…”

BOOK: Say Yes
4.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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