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Secrets Dispatched

BOOK: Secrets Dispatched
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Raven McAllan


Book four in the Diomhair series

What’s a girl to do when she finds herself stranded in a snow storm in a BDSM club in a castle, with a Dom she’s lusted after for years?

At some time in their life, everyone has choices to make.

For Shane, it could be a chance to rediscover her love of kink.

For Ross, it’s the chance to tempt her to be his kitten.

But Shane has to settle some demons before she can move forward.

Until then, well a little playing wouldn’t matter—would it?

However, play can become serious, and decisions have to be made that could change both their lives forever.

This is their chance to be together as Dom and sub or wave goodbye. But at Diomhair, nothing is as straightforward as you hope, and Ross and Shane have a lot to do, before they can say yes—or no.







To Jenny. Thank you for all your hard work.

To everyone who reads my books, thank you for your support.

And as ever, to Paul.




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Chapter One




The flight was long and the woman in the next seat a pain in the arse. Shane thanked every god she’d heard of—and made a mental note that if there was any she hadn’t heard of she’d thank them as well—that she was in an aisle seat and had her noise blocking headphones on instead of the ones the airline had given her.

Even though she’d sprung for business class—and in effect she had her own personal space—the woman was a walking, talking annoyance, and much too close. Every time Shane put up the privacy screen—surely an indication that she didn’t want to be sociable—the woman pushed it down again and began to make inane comments. She even burbled on about Shane’s top and how she would go to the same shop to buy one. As it was a plain white tee, Shane decided the woman talked about any old thing because she was lonely or scared.

For a brief second she did feel a pang of sympathy. Terror was a horrible thing to experience alone. Then the woman asked for a double gin and knocked it back in one go, and Shane’s sympathy disappeared as fast as the gin. She remembered she’d noticed her in the lounge, drinking glass after glass of the champagne on offer like a lush in a desert. This had happened both back in Australia and when they’d transferred planes in Hong Kong. Shane heard her tell anyone who would listen she hated to fly.

That wasn’t something that bothered Shane. She loved it.

“Would you like a drink, madam?” The cabin crew member smiled at Shane as she offered a selection of beverages.

“Gin and tonic please,” the woman in the next seat said, interrupting the girl rather rudely, Shane thought. It seemed the crew member thought the same.

“One moment, madam, I’ll get to you when I’ve served this lady.” She turned back to Shane and briefly raised her eyebrows.

“Water, please, I hate being dehydrated, and too much alcohol does that to me.”

The other passenger snorted. “Helps me sleep.”

Oh if only.
Shane took her water and sat back in her seat again. The other passenger took her gin and tonic and looked over at Shane.

“You’re only young once, love. Enjoy yourself.”

“I do, thank you.” Shane did her best to be civil, but also show she wasn’t interested in chatting. It didn’t work. In the end, after several more exchanges of banalities, Shane did something she’d never thought herself capable of. Total rudeness. She shoved the opaque screen upward and heard it click. Then she said good night very firmly and ignored the injured hiss from the other side. It was that or find a policeman waiting to arrest her as she disembarked, on the charge of causing a disturbance on an aircraft.

That would make my brothers think they were right to worry. I’d never get out without a chaperone ever again.

The drone of the engines should have been enough of a constant background noise to lull Shane to sleep. Usually she was one of those people her mum said could sleep standing up and she never had problems dropping off, even after
that time.
Except now. Maybe it was the thought of what she needed to do, but as she stretched out on her flat bed and tucked the airline blanket around her, Shane couldn’t even doze. Her mind jumped from one thought to another like a fly dodging a swatter, and she almost sat up, flicked down the privacy shield and demanded the woman on the other side annoy her once more.

That thought was enough to make her punch the tiny pillow into a heap, wish it was a certain, luckily now deceased man’s face, roll onto her side and fall into an uneasy sleep. Her dreams were elusive and she woke up a couple of hours later with gritty eyes and feeling like she’d not slept for a week. Which, she thought with hindsight, wasn’t far wrong. It was one thing knowing she needed to go to Scotland and find out for herself how someone was faring, another to actually persuade her brothers she knew what she was doing. Especially as she wasn’t really sure she did. Her brothers were more than loving watch dogs. They cared for her. It was only the knowledge of just how much they cared and how they had put their lives on the line on her behalf that kept her from railing against their constant attention.

No wonder she hadn’t told them about her trip until it was all booked and paid for. Even then they’d argued the toss and demanded she take one of them with her. It was only when she told them it was something she had to do for herself, to lay the demons to rest and move on that they’d agreed. Albeit with the proviso she keep in touch with one of them at every stage of her journey.

My phone bill is going to be astronomical. Ah well, it should be worth it. I hope.

The fasten seatbelt sign flashed on and off like a demented flea, and the huge aircraft dropped and swayed as it hit turbulence. Never one for enjoying the fairground rides that bounced you up and down, Shane gave up any thought of sleeping and reached for her bottle of water. Why on earth had she chosen February for her trip? Hot as Hades at home and cold as the arctic in Scotland, if the weather forecasts were to be believed. However once she’d been sure where her quarry was and she had enough money to see her comfortably through her trip, Shane hadn’t wanted to wait.

So here she was, however many thousands of feet in the air and wondering how the hell her visit would end. She put her headphones back on again and turned on one of the allegedly soothing music channels. Mind numbing and bland.

It could have been a minute or an hour before the seat belt sign flashed off again. Shane had no idea. She’d been so lost in her worst case scenario thoughts and about to scream ‘turn around, I’ve changed my mind’. What if the woman wouldn’t speak to her? What if she wanted to sue her brothers or something? Okay, they had actually helped the woman, but who knew how the whole sorry state of affairs had affected her.

I must stop thinking of her as just her.
Jess. Jess Sutherland—the woman who her ex-boyfriend had abused after she, Shane, had escaped his clutches. The woman her brothers had found bound and blindfold and subsequently rescued, whilst arranging for the demise of the arsehole they’d both trusted. The woman who’d left Australia and got away from all the furor, whilst Shane had had to brazen it out.

That had been fun—not. Thank heavens for brothers.

She wondered what the woman was really like. She’d seen a very blurry photo on one of the popular social media sites and reckoned she looked sane and sensible and not one to be taken in by a dickhead. But then she’d thought that about herself as well, hadn’t she? Pete had taken both of them in. Made them think he was a sane and respected member of the community, albeit with a good dose of kink. Anyone with even the minimal knowledge of the BDSM community would have seen straight through him. Sadly, the only insight Shane had was a few fumbling—and gentle—blindfold and bondage sessions, her own imagination and some hot and sexy books. She’d been a lamb to the slaughter.

The kink hadn’t bothered Shane. Truth be told, she rather enjoyed the sweet sting of pain that then morphed into pleasure. Her brothers had accidently introduced her to the lifestyle. She’d seen one of them with a girlfriend bound and blindfolded, his cock in her mouth, and her other brother arse deep in the woman and had had to give herself a large dose of self help afterwards. Later it had occurred to her to wonder why it hadn’t either repelled her or scared her to death. Even then she’d know that given the chance, it would be for her.

BOOK: Secrets Dispatched
6.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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