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Elle Spencer


Seduced by Him © Copyright 2013
by Elle Spencer

Cover art by Natalie Winters, ©
Copyright 2013

First Electronic Printing February
2013, The Raven Books

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Seduced by
(Billionaire Sex Club)


Elle Spencer


of Contents


Seduced by Him (Billionaire Sex


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four


About the Author

Billionaire Sex Club

The Raven Books’ Complimentary

Written by Elle Spencer under the
name Elle Erotique

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Series—Encounters One, Two and Three

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Me, Tease Me, Touch Me

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Seduced by Him

One in Billionaire Sex Club Series.


has it bad for her boss. He’s the man she’s thought of night after night as
she’s handled her own sexual needs. When a rival of his sets his sights on her,
finds herself in the arms of her boss—who
wants to not only protect her, but know every inch of her. She’s done wanting
him from afar and takes his offer of more, but can she handle all he’s ready to
give and all he wants? Will his seduction be enough to make her his?


Short story contains graphic sex told with frank language, an alpha male
billionaire who takes what he wants and a woman all too willing to be seduced
by him.

Sex Club

Seduced by Him

Bound by Him

Commanded by Him


my friends, for helping make this book a reality.

Chapter One

As the purely male form brushed past me, leaning to retrieve
a file from my desk, I inhaled deeply, savoring his scent. The man always
smelled so yummy. Making a scene and taking another huge whiff of him was
exactly what I wanted to do. Somehow I managed to control myself. It was
getting harder and harder. I’d been working for him for eight months. Thirty-two
weeks of being a horny ball of sexual frustration was a long time.

Jeremy Dermott, CEO of Dermott Holdings, had to be the
sexiest man alive. I couldn’t be too far off in my assessment since he’d
actually made a top-fifty-most-eligible-bachelors list four years running.
Other women had to find him equally as panty wetting as I did. They didn’t work
for him, so they didn’t have to keep that tidbit to themselves.

Jeremy pressed closer to me, his gray suit material brushed
against the bare portion of my forearm. The man was dressed to impress, or intimidate.
I wasn’t sure which. When others came in and sat across from him while he was
wearing an outfit that cost more than I made in a year, I’m sure it did do
unspoken things to those who wanted to stand up against him business-wise.

My sheath dress was red. Jeremy seemed to look in my
direction more when I wore the color. I knew it looked good against my pale
skin and that it worked with my dark hair. Since I was trying to catch the eye
of a super-rich and super-powerful guy, I took all the help I could get.

The notched lapels of Jeremy’s two-button jacket seemed to
pull my gaze to his upper chest. I’d never seen him shirtless, but I had to
believe he was in great shape. It made me slightly self-conscious about myself.
I’m not a fitness buff. The treadmill is as into it as I get and that is only a
couple of times a week. I try to eat right, and by right, I mean only one slice
of cake when I’m craving it instead of two. Unlike my best friend, I didn’t
make hanging out at the gym to pick up men a habit. I didn’t really make
hanging out to pick up men anywhere a habit. Probably why I was single.

It might have been my imagination, but Jeremy seemed to
linger longer than necessary. Since purring and rubbing against him like a cat
was out of the question and could cost me my job should he take offense, I
focused harder on the report pulled up on my computer screen. Honestly, I had
no idea what it said. At this point it was simply something to look at other
than my boss’s rock-hard body.

The man who had interviewed and hired me had been seventy if
he was a day. I’d assumed I would be working for him. Turns out, although Mr.
Thomas wore many hats, the title of my boss wasn’t one of them. After eight
months, I still wasn’t completely sure what, exactly, Mr. Thomas’s job
description was, but he seemed to handle a lot of odds and ends for Jeremy.
Things I had found myself taking over slowly.

Jeremy’s arm muscles bulged against me and I panicked. My
vagina seemed to have one thing on its mind, and that was begging the hunk near
me to fuck it. I wasn’t sure my brain would be fast enough to stop my mouth
from agreeing with my vagina and staging a revolution just to get me laid.

“I’ll pick up your clothes in the morning.” With a small tempered
sigh, I lowered my gaze. “At the dry cleaners. I’ll pick up your clothes in the
morning before work.”

He chuckled, his lips close to my ear. “Thank you, but I’ll
have someone else do that.”

“No. It’s fine. I’m your assistant.”

,” he said, making my name
sound like it should be starring in a porno. “We’ve had this talk before.”

“What talk, sir?”

He laughed softly again. “The one where I explain you don’t
have to be nervous around me. I’d never do anything to you that you didn’t want
me to do. And we’ve discussed you calling me Jeremy, not sir.”

Everyone else in the building referred to him as sir or Mr.
Dermott. I felt better going with the grain instead of against it. Besides, my
lady parts might accidently take it as a sign it was okay to shout
fuck me
so I thought it was best I stayed the course. “Yes, sir.”

,” he said, this time I
was sure his mouth was at the very least touching my hair. “Look at me.”

Shyly, I did. Damn if his chocolate gaze wasn’t right there,
looking through me, probably seeing all the ways I wanted this man to take me.
Picturing him tearing my clothes off, pushing me over my desk and fucking the
living hell out of me was all too easy. It was also what I thought about as I
tried to fall asleep each night. I thought of all the ways I wanted Jeremy
Dermott to use me. I’d imagined just about all of them and then some.

Jeremy touched my arm and air swooshed from my lungs. “I
have a meeting with
and then I’d like to grab
a bite to eat. It’s already late.”

Nodding, I went to make note of what he was saying. “What
would you like me to order for you,
, Jeremy?”


“You said you’d like to eat after the meeting with

He inclined his head. “I did. I’ll have Thomas call for
reservations for us.”

I glanced sideways at him. From the way the last three
meetings with
had gone I’d assumed Jeremy
didn’t care much for the man. Guess I’d been wrong.

“You’re dressed perfect for the restaurant,” he said.

“Wait? Me? I’m going with you?”

He sat on the edge of my desk, his great smell getting all
over me, making me temporarily stupid. “Yes, you, unless you have other plans.”

“Only girls’ night, where we complain about the male race
being scum-sucking maggots with their heads lodged firmly up their backsides,”
I blurted. I wanted the words back. “I mean, no, nothing, and my friends and I
really just sit around reading classic literature and discussing really
meaningful things.”

“Uh-huh.” He touched my hand. “They talk around here, you
know? They tell me things. Things you seem to want to hide from me.”

He caressed my inner wrist and I had no chance of a clear
thought. “I don’t think I’m very interesting to gossip about.”

He continued touching me. “They talk about your sense of
humor. They tell me you’re funny in addition to being beautiful. That part I
already knew.”

Words failed me for what seemed like an eternity. “I have my
moments, and thank you.” My cheeks felt warm and I was keenly aware I was

The intercom buzzed, breaking the moment. Jeremy pressed the
button. “Yes.”

is headed up,” the
receptionist from the lobby said.

Jeremy stood but stayed near me. He cleared his throat. “
, if I make you uncomfortable, tell me.”

“No,” I said quickly. “You don’t. I just, well, I’m not sure
how to be around someone like you.”

He lifted a black brow. “Someone like me?”

“Someone who has enough money to buy several of his own
islands, okay, probably a country if he wanted.”

Chapter Two

entered, saving me from making an even bigger fool of myself. His narrow gaze
fixed on me—
. He was always
leering. He didn’t stare. He leered. I knew from the brief bio I’d read on him
in the company computer that he was rich. He was the same age as Jeremy and
they ran in similar social circles. Looking at him, he appeared far older than
thirty-three. Jeremy’s full head of ink black hair was cut close on the sides
and slightly longer on top.
widow’s peak had
become even more pronounced in the eight months I’d known him. He lacked
Jeremy’s naturally sun-kissed skin, instead always appearing pale. Then there
was the fact he was close to my height—five seven, and Jeremy towered over him.

BOOK: Seduced by Him (Billionaire Sex Club)
10.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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