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The waves were high now. His tongue changed rhythm, growing faster, lighter then deeper. My eyes squeezed shut.
Oh god.
  I couldn’t concentrate.

“Miss Watson?”

Oh god.
It was happening. The wave was cresting.

“Miss Watson?”

My heart began pounding. I could feel it throughout my body. My legs had gone numb, and electric at the same time. My hands flexed convulsively, and I dropped the phone. 

“Miss Watson, are you still there? I need your answer.” I could hear a tinny little voice somewhere next to my ear – a mile away – trying to get my attention. I ignored it.

My heart was hammering, my pulse filled my body. My hands flew to Jacob’s head as the wave crested, and a tsunami of pleasure beat upon my body, filling my core, clearing my mind.

“Miss Watson?”

I could do nothing else but scream in pleasure. “Yes!” I cried. It felt so glorious that I prayed it never end. “Yes!” there was no time, no space, no anything except this man between my legs, and me.

I started to sob as I came down from my high. “Yes,” I cried. “Yes.” The last word was a whisper.

I lay on the desk; stunned, satisfied, stupefied. What had this man done to me? How was it possible to feel these things so easily with him? I lapsed into a quiet wrought of physical exhaustion.

All was peaceful. And then, from somewhere far away, a tinny voice harrumphed as it broke the silence. “Sheesh, no need to be so vocal about it. I’ll make a note as to your agreement.” The phone went silent with a click.

* * *

The sound of
the phone hanging up echoed until I finally recognized it as important. When I did, I sat bolt upright. “I… I think I just said yes. To the merger.”

Jacob King had risen to stand before me. “You think?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

My hands went to my head. “I… I honestly don’t know. I was kind of busy.” I was still struggling to resurface after the tidal wave of electric thrill that had just surged through my body. “But yes.”

“Do you want to call Paul back?” he asked. “You can still change your mind.” He hesitated, then looked into my eyes. “This… wasn’t meant to be about doing something you didn’t want to do.”

Now I arched an eyebrow. “I never do things I don’t want to do…”

I paused, considering my words. “Except around you. You have some sort of hold over me.”

I needed to think.
What did I want? Lying on the desk, Jacob nearby, I felt safe. Secure. Did I trust him with buying my old company?

I thought about that for a moment. Did I think he could do better than the previous owners?
That we
could do better than the previous owners?

And suddenly it hit me.
I didn’t need to think about the answer at all.

“I trust you,” I whispered. “From the moment we met, I’ve trusted you.”

* * *

Two hours later
, I was still in shock. What had I gotten myself into? Could I do this? I was confused, and I wasn’t sure if the source was the company, or the man who had just bought it.

Jacob, for his part, had been scarce. Final paperwork had necessitated a series of last minute signatures and double checks. He’d texted me that he was on his way back, but had another meeting in several minutes time.

I was on the floor, reaching for a dropped pen, when I heard him arrive.

“Good, she’s not here,” I heard as the door opened. It was Jacob’s voice. I launched myself under his desk, crouching on my hands and knees. Why wouldn’t he want me here?

Please don’t sit down. Please don’t sit down.

He sat down, and I scrambled backwards. The desk was huge, almost as big as my apartment, with plenty of room under for both myself and the legs that suddenly appeared in front of me.

He seemed to be on the phone. “Uh huh, yes. No, she won’t be expecting it.”

A cold feeling started to form at the pit of my stomach, and I moved to emerge and confront this man when a knock sounded at the door. I retreated back into my hidey hole as Jacob called for his next meeting to come in. “With you in one moment.”

I could hear his attention divert back to the phone. “Yes. Yes that’s correct. Another six hundred roses, to the same address.” He paused briefly while he listened to something on the other end of the line. “I don’t care if my last order bought you out, just find them
. She’s worth it
.” He hung up.

I could hear him greeting the other person as they sat down, but I wasn’t paying attention. Six hundred… A sudden feeling of guilt washed over me.
This man.
This man! I’d been thinking the worst, and then he’d gone and done something so sweet it set my heart aflutter. It seemed right that I was stuck under his desk, unable to leave, trapped in penance for my earlier actions.

Earlier actions.
A thought occurred to me. A delicious, naughty, delightful thought. Maybe I could use the chance I’d been given to doing something fun. Something to say thank you…

My hand reached out and trailed gently up Jacob’s suit pants. His foot shifted, but my hand returned, this time to the zip, pulling it down gently, quietly. I reached inside and caressed him.

His hands shot down and I heard his words change pitch suddenly.  I had to stifle a giggle.

“Anything wrong Jacob?” the visitor asked.

Jacob coughed, withdrawing his hands as he realized what was happening. “Ahem. No, no everything’s fine. Just thinking about some business I’m getting done downtown, is all.”

I wiggled his pants down slowly.
This was so naughty!
I’d never done anything like this before. We could be discovered at any moment, and I loved it.

The pants hit the floor and I slid one foot out, then positioned myself between his legs. The desk was just high enough to kneel before him if I bent slightly over, but what I had in mind wouldn’t need me sitting straight. I pulled down his boxers, and he sprang free.

His impressive length was as glorious as I remembered – straight and tall, sleek and beautiful. I drew in a quiet breath – this was going to be fun! I leaned forward and licked slowly up the underside of his shaft. I heard another rise in tone mid-sentence above, and I smiled.

Angling him down, I took his head between my lips, enveloping it slowly, lubricating it with my tongue until he was as wet as I felt. My head slid down slowly, tenderly, then began a sensuous bobbing, up until my head almost touched the desk’s roof, then down again. I could
him swelling harder in my mouth as I worked. I could
him struggling to hold a coherent conversation.
Serves him right
, I thought with an evil grin. Now he knew how it felt.

I pulled off him, careful not to hit my head, and began to work him with my hands. I was so turned on – watching him between my hands, his head disappearing between my curled fingers as they rose up, his whole shaft appearing with each downwards pump. He was right there, in front of me; but he couldn’t see me, and I couldn’t see him.

I began to work him faster and I felt him shift in his chair; sink lower to give me more access. He knew what was coming. I could hear it in his rapid breaths, see it in the throbbing veins and tiny little beads of moisture that had appeared on his tip. I could see his fingers clenching. He was close.

I moved my mouth back over him, sucking just the tip, tasting his salty wetness even as my hand continued to work his lower shaft. I heard a groan above. The visitor asked if something was wrong, and he had momentary trouble answering.

I worked him faster; my head stationary, but my hand a blur. Then I reached forwards with my other to caress his scrotum. I squeezed it gently, delicately. It was the last straw. Both his hands shot down to grip the edge of his chair, as if he were the passenger on a rollercoaster with no safety bar, and then he exploded, gloriously, into my mouth.

Hot, delicious fluid covered my tongue as I continued to suck and I swallowed once, twice, three times before I felt his body begin to relax and his muscles unclench.

The visitor was still asking if something was wrong. I pulled off him, wiping my mouth with a satisfied grin, and saw him sit up straight. His hands left the chair and I imagined him running them through that devilishly handsome hair of his.

“Ah, yes. Sorry, lost in another world there for a moment. Yes I’m fine thank you. Will that be all?”

The meeting concluded even as I ran my fingers gently, lovingly, up his still naked legs. Jacob didn’t get up to see the other person out.

As soon as the door closed his chair was pushed back against the wall. “You!” he said, reaching to pull me out from under the table; expression half exasperated, half Cheshire cat.

I stood before him, contrite face ruined by a cheeky grin. “Why Mr. King, did you enjoy that?”

His hand reached to the intercom on his desk. “Cancel my next appointment,” he said, all the while looking at me. “I have some business to take care of in here.”

He manhandled me until my back was pressed up against the floor to ceiling windows that lined his office, one hand on the glass above my shoulder. “I’m about to show you just how much I enjoyed it,” he growled.

He leaned in, nuzzling me tenderly in the crook of my neck.  I could smell his cologne – something expensive, mixed with just the slightest trace of…

Then he kissed me; hard, passionately, and I melted into the glass behind even as I kissed him back, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths, my hands on him, his hands on me. I started undoing his buttons in a frenzy born of need, pausing only as he seized my top and lifted it above my head, my hands raising momentarily before going back to work.

Last button undone, I slid his shirt from his shoulders to reveal a broad, strong chest. Muscles flexed on his upper arms as he slid them behind his back to drop the shirt to the floor, then returned to my bra, reaching behind me to unclasp the strap with a practiced snap of his fingers.

“You do that too well,” I murmured into his mouth.

“I’ve been practicing it in my mind all day,” he breathed back.

My bra fell to the floor, freeing my breasts with a jiggle that stopped as soon as he caught them in his hands. “You’re beautiful.”

I was about to say the same thing to him
. His eyes were full of wonder, like a little child in a candy store. Then he frowned. I followed his gaze down, to my skirt.

“It seems one of us is still half dressed, Miss Watson.”

“You had a head start, remember?” Then I gasped. Though only recently satisfied, he was growing quickly once more. Was this normal?
Or was this because he was with me

He leaned into a kiss that seemed to answer the question there and then – passionate, hot and full of need – even as his hands fumbled with my skirt and then dropped it to the floor.

“Turn around,” he commanded.

I shivered, loving the authority in his voice even as I did as I was told. Bracing against the window, looking at him in the reflection. I saw his fingers lower toward me, then felt them enter gently inside. The feeling was delicious – a tantalizing promise of even better to come.

“Mmm, you’re wet for me already.”

I pushed back against his hand, urgent in my desire to feel all of him, but he didn’t hurry. Instead, his fingers started to slide in and out of me slowly.

“Please,” I gasped. “I want you. All of you.”

I felt his fingers withdraw, and in the reflection I saw him lick his hand slowly.
Oh god.
How much more of this could I take?

He positioned himself behind me. I tensed, waiting with breath held… then he thrust inside.

My eyes rolled back as my whole world narrowed, internalized, until all I could feel was him sliding into me; his shaft still wet from my blowjob, now slick with my juices. The feeling was sublime, and it radiated from my center to form goose bumps on my arms and shivers down my neck. I wanted this man so badly; I wanted him filling me over and over with his hard body. I leaned back into him, taking it all.
It felt
o deep!

He pulled out slowly, almost all the way, then plunged back in again. I gasped, leaning into the window and he pulled back again, then thrust in hard. I rocked forward, hair falling over my face, groaning as pleasure filled my body even as I prayed the office door was locked but knew it wasn’t. What if someone walked in right now? They’d see their handsome CEO naked, bent over my body as I gripped the window in front of me.

Oh god, the window!
I opened my eyes to a dizzying view that only heightened the sensations occurring behind.

“Someone could see us!” I gasped.

“That’s the point.”

I was so turned on I thought I might explode. I moaned as he started pumping harder. I could feel him behind me, his breath hot on my neck as I was pushed into the window, face against the glass, nowhere to look but out at the streets below and the offices all around.
Let’s give them a show.

BOOK: Services Collected Boxed Set
10.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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