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Flashback: Three years ago

I answered the door for the Chinese delivery guy. He didn’t look like what I might’ve pictured as a pedophile, but when he smiled at me, I got chills, and shivers ran up and down my spine. There was no mistaking what he was.

He was short and pudgy with greasy, brown hair, mud-brown eyes, coffee-stained teeth, and big glasses with black rims. He flashed me a menacing smile when I paid him that made me feel like I was going to puke. I closed the door behind me, double-checking to be sure the deadbolt was securely locked. When we sat down to eat, I could only pick at my lo mein. I had lost my appetite.

Something really bothered me, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I’ve often thought I have a certain sense about people. My mom used to tell us that she was a witch, that she had powers. We laughed at her, and I thought she was a little crazy until my sixth sense started showing up.

Even if Mr. Creepy had been a molester, it’s not like I could call the cops and say, “Hi, I have powers and they’re telling me the Chinese delivery guy is a pedophile.” Plus, the nudge I felt was more than that. He reminded me of someone, and I was going crazy trying to remember who.

That night I lay in bed with my eyes closed, wracking my brain for when I might have met him and where. I went through every scenario: school, supermarket, gym, social events. Then it hit me. This wasn’t someone from present day. He reminded me of my uncle. Yes, he reminded me of my Uncle Eugene.

Uncle Gene was stockier and had grey hair and a big hook nose, but he did wear the same kind of dark-rimmed glasses as Mr. Creepy. It wasn’t how he looked that reminded me of Uncle Eugene, though; it was how he made me feel. Scared.

I closed my eyes, and a sea of memories came crashing in on me.

I was ten years old the first time my Uncle Gene and Aunt Charlene drove to our house to have Sunday dinner with us. I remember my parents needed to go to the supermarket. Aunt Cha
rlene wanted to go with them, so they asked if Uncle Gene could watch me while they were gone.

Gene told me to sit on his lap and bounced me up and down. It was fun; I liked him. He asked me to rub the outside of his pants and placed my little hand there. “Here, sweetie, see how happy you make me?” I didn’t know how bouncing on him could make him happy or why all of a sudden there was a hard stick in his slacks, but he was nice and paying attention to me, so I did as he asked.

My dad was always too busy with my brother, the football star, to pay any attention to me at all. I was just a dumb little girl, but Gene liked me, maybe even more than he liked my brother, so I wanted to please him.

“Now, Gabby, I have to tell you a secret. Do you like secrets?”

I nodded yes.

“Good, me too. This will be our special game, our little secret, okay? Only you and me can know about it. You can’t tell your parents or your brother or even your best friends. If you do, they’ll punish you for being naughty. You don’t want that, do you? ‘Cause you’re a good little girl. Aren’t you, sweetie?”

I nodded again.

“I knew you were special,” he said happily. “You are such a good little girl, sweet Gabby. I can tell. So when I tell you to touch me, then you will be good and do it, right?”

I had no idea what he was talking about, but I liked the idea of having a secret, especially one my brother wouldn’t know about.

“And if I want to touch you down there, you are going to let me, okay?”

“But I thought only my parents and doctor were allowed,” I said innocently.

He was quick on his feet. “Well, family and doctors, yes. And I am family, aren’t I, swee
tie? I’m your uncle. Aren’t I your favorite uncle?”

“Yes, of course.” And he was.

“Okay, then. We can even play doctor if you want. You can lie down and I can take your temperature, listen to your heart beating, and check to make sure all your parts are working right.”

“I love playing doctor! I even have a stethoscope.” I was so excited to play with him. “My doctor’s kit is in the basement. Come with me.” I smiled and took Uncle Gene’s hand and led him to our playroom.

The large basement always smelled damp. It had a low ceiling and was divided into a few different areas: a laundry room, a small powder room, and a built-in bar against the far right wall. Then there was the secret room. At first glance, it looked just like a wall. But if you got close, you could see the seam of the door flush with the wall. You had to know exactly where to push it and then, like magic, the door would pop open.

“My kit’s in here,” I exclaimed excitedly. “Come see the magic room, Uncle Gene.” He followed me to the room, smiling ear to ear. “See? You can’t even tell there is a room back here.”

“Wow, that is really neat,” he said. We walked into the secret room and he pulled the door closed behind us. “So no one will know we’re in here?” He rubbed his hands together in excitement.

“Nope, I don’t think so. My brother is at his friend Paul’s house and my parents will probably be gone about an hour.”


When I got home, I was relieved to have the house to myself. I was exhausted—not to mention hungover— so I took a nap for a few hours. When I woke up, I made myself some buttered toast and coffee. I heard my cell phone buzz and was excited to see it was a text from E


ENRIQUE: Hey, beautiful. Want to have lunch before I head home?

MARIA: Hey, gorgeous. Sure, what time and where?

ENRIQUE: How about meeting me in my hotel room at noon? We can grab a bite downstairs. Sound good?

MARIA: Sure, see you soon.


Shit, Enrique wanted to meet for lunch. Part of me was excited and the other part was scared to death. I was sober, unlike last night. Did he want to meet to tell me it could never ha
ppen again? Was he sorry we had done it? I wasn’t sorry at all. I hadn’t felt this alive in years.

I twisted my hair up in a ponytail and quickly put on some blush and lip gloss. Now, what to wear? I rummaged through my closet and picked out a simple sundress and wedge heels. I jumped in my car and headed to the hotel.

When I got to his floor, I walked slowly down the hallway. I felt myself getting panicky, but decided those were good butterflies. I took a deep breath before I knocked on his door.

The door opened about halfway, and Enrique pulled me in gently. His smile immediately put me at ease, and he greeted me with a huge hug.

“So how do you feel today?” he asked. His warm expression assured me that he didn’t regret our time last night. I felt like what happened next was up to me. He was definitely imagining me without my dress on, but something in his manner kept me from worrying. He looked relaxed in his burnt-orange Banana Republic polo and khaki shorts. His dark hair was gelled back a bit, and he smelled fresh, like Irish Spring soap.

I told him I felt fine, a little hung over, but overall pretty good considering how much we’d had to drink. He sat on the edge of the bed and I joined him. He turned to me, and I swear, he looked at me with more adoration than any other man had in my whole life. He cupped my face and kissed me softly on the lips.

“I’ve been thinking, can we do that again and again and again, all day?” he asked playfully.

I thought about resisting, but before I could say no, he had gently pushed me back on the bed and begun kissing me from head to toe. He licked me and kissed me and caressed me, mo
ving his hands up and down my entire body, like he was memorizing every inch of me. Every so often he came back up to kiss me on the lips. When I tried to sit up so I could reciprocate, he gently pushed me back on the bed.

“No, amor. This is all for you. I want you to enjoy, to feel worshipped and adored. You just lie there. Let me take you to places you’ve never been before.”

And that he did. After massaging me with his hands and lips, he made his way to my aching pussy. His hands and mouth would get close, but never actually touch me there. It made me want him even more.

Finally he kissed me on the outside of my pink lace panties. He teased me with gentle li
ttle kisses, and then very slowly he pulled my panties down my legs, stopping to kiss my inner thighs, caress my calves.

He pulled out a silk scarf. “Here, I want you to wear this. Cover your eyes.”

“Okay. Why?” I was a little surprised.

“Because I want you to just feel, Maria. No thinking and no seeing. Your other senses will come alive. My touch will be that much more erotic, my tongue’s taste that much sweeter.”

He wrapped the scarf around my eyes, tying it gently but firmly behind my head, and told me to come off the bed. I did as he said. I trusted Enrique, and the relinquishing of control was suddenly a huge turn-on.

He had me lean against the side of the bed and gently pushed me down so that my ass and legs were propped against the mattress. My chest and head lay on the bed. He stood behind me, caressing my butt once more.

“Oh, Mari, you have the most exquisite ass I have ever seen.” He kneaded it firmly and then gave it a quick smack. “Now, do as I say, and I promise it’ll be a day you will never forget.”

I nodded and was once again wet with anticipation.

“Prop yourself up just a little more,” he directed. He placed a pillow under my stomach.

He slowly slid his fingers into me: first one, then two. I had never felt this angle before, and I loved it. He was right; I could feel his every touch more intensely.

He massaged my G-Spot until I was moaning, and then he started tasting me from behind. First his tongue barely touched my clit, but then he was sucking on my puffy lips, one at a time, making me shake with each suck. His whole mouth was like a vacuum on my pussy, sucking, touching, moving me back and forth, fucking me with his mouth. I wanted him to stop so I could mount him, but he refused.

“No, amor, you’re going to explode for me this way. Then you can straddle me.”

His confidence and command over me was incredible. His mouth not seeming to tire, he sucked harder and harder until I couldn’t control myself anymore and I was squirting and spraying, flooding all over his mouth.

“Oh my God, Enrique!” I screamed.

He stopped sucking and let me lie there for a moment, my body basking in the effects of the aftershocks. I flipped over and tore off the blindfold. “Enrique, holy shit! Where did you learn to do that?”

Enrique just grinned. “I love making you feel good. There was nothing for me to learn. I could just feel what your body wanted.”

We got in the bed and lay together for a few minutes, his soulful eyes gazing into mine. He reached over and softly kissed my lips. “Maria, you have the most beautiful lips I have ever seen or felt. I want to taste their sweetness all day long.”

I kissed him back softly, hungrily. We faced each other in the bed, and I could feel his hard dick through his boxer briefs. I moved so I could take them off and suck him. His swollen head throbbed against my wet, moist mouth.

His moaning told me he loved what I was doing. He tugged on my hair. “Come up here, Mari.” I followed his instructions. “Amor, get on top of me. I want to see your gorgeous face, touch your breasts while you ride me.”

Slowly I straddled him on the bed. I took him in my hands, teasing my wetness with the head of his dick, rubbing it around, circling my lips and going in only a little before coming out again. My hips started moving up and down trying to get him to go in all the way. I needed to feel all of him; I thrust down until his cock was deep inside me.

I cried out a little when he was all the way in; my body shuddered with pleasure. “You are so big, baby. You feel perfect.”

He pulled me down to kiss me for a moment before he propped me back up so he could suck on my hard nipples.

“Oh, Maria, I love your breasts so much.” He sucked on one nipple and then the other. He fondled them tenderly. “C’mon, Maria, ride me! Show me how much you’ve missed me all these years.”

And so I did. I rode him up and down and squeezed on his throbbing muscle until I could feel my insides peaking to the pinnacle of pleasure before I exploded.

“Oh my God, oh my God, fuck!” I screamed out in release.

Without leaving me, Enrique flipped me over so I was on my back. “Wrap your legs around my back. I want you to feel every inch of me while I pound you.”

I did as he said, and he began thrusting a little faster.

“Ah, Dios mio, Maria, I’m coming, I’m coming.” I could feel his hips thrusting as he pumped out every last drop.

There were beads of sweat coming off his forehead, trickling down onto me. He was so incredibly hot, and I had just made love to him. At that moment, I felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world.

We lay in bed for a while cuddling and softly kissing. I rested my head on his chest; his pecs were strong and defined, and I felt safe in his arms. He rubbed his fingers softly up and down my arm. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his gentle touch. So many thoughts roamed through my mind.

Did Enrique feel as strongly for me as I did for him? How long could we keep this up? Why couldn’t I wake up to this every day? I turned to kiss him. No more thinking, I said to myself. I didn’t want to be distracted by thoughts; I just wanted to feel him and let myself go. With Enrique, I was transported to another world where pleasure was all that mattered.

I looked at my watch and, much to my chagrin, saw it was time to leave. I had to get back before Zack got home.

I didn’t want to get up, didn’t want to leave Enrique. I felt so happy there with him. He seemed happy too.

I touched the slight stubble on this chin. “Hey, baby, I have to get going.”

He looked sad as he took my hand off his face and gently kissed my fingers one by one.

“Okay, Maria, I understand.” But his expression told me otherwise. He seemed hurt that I was leaving. “Mari, wait for a second.” He pulled me back into the bed. He took a strand of my long, blonde hair and
tucked it behind my ear, away from my face. “I just want to look at you again. I need to see your beautiful face before you go.”

I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I couldn’t remember the last time Zack had just looked at me; I didn’t think, really, that he truly saw me or appreciated any part of me.

Enrique leaned down and kissed me, feather light, on my lips. It sent a tingle down my legs; I wanted him so much.

I kissed him back, but only for a minute. “I really have to go. If I’m not home when Zack gets there, he’s going to start asking a lot of questions.”

He sat up. “Okay, baby doll. When can I see you again?”

“I don’t know. When will you be in town next?”

“I have meetings here often, but even if I don’t, I can come for a quick visit. That is, if you’re interested…” Enrique winked at me and then lifted his eyebrows as he waited for my response.

“Of course I’m interested.” I put my hands on his outer thighs before I reached around and grabbed his muscular ass.

“Ah, Maria, you better stop or I’ll never let you leave,” he teased. He walked me to the door and held me tight before he finally let go. “Go now, Mari.” Enrique gave me one last quick kiss before he opened the door.

I hurried out before I could change my mind and go back. I kept moving forward down the hall, but I wanted so much to run to Enrique, fall into his arms, and go back in time to when we were together and everything seemed so perfect.

On the car ride home, I was over the moon with happiness. How can something that felt so good be so wrong? I couldn’t get Enrique out of mind. I replayed every moment we’d spent together. The way he hugged and touched me, the way he kissed me, even the way he said “Maria” was sexy.

To feel cherished in that way was a tad bittersweet. My husband certainly didn’t feel like that; Zack had stopped noticing me a long time ago. His career and his ego were number one and two on his list of priorities.

The way Enrique took his time, kissing me slowly and soulfully, sent shivers through me. It was like he wanted to hang on to every single moment with me, like each second meant something to him, like the softness of my skin and the curve of my hips were things worth touching. He made me feel like I was worthy. I wondered if that was worth all the turmoil it could cause. It hurt too much to think it wasn’t.

BOOK: Sex and the Social Network
13.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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