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Showing Off

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Tess Mackenzie









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Showing Off


Kristen had
been held up at work and was late for the party.
It was evening, already after dark. She was out in the
suburbs, somewhere with a lot of trees and lawns, and the street,
when she found it, was already full of cars, double and triple
parked up along the verges.

She drove
slowly, found a space, and pulled in.
needed to change, to get out of her work clothes. She took off her
shoes, sitting in the driver’s seat, then wriggled around to do the
rest. She got her suit jacket off, and her shirt open, before she
decided there wasn’t enough room in the car.

She opened
the door and got out.
It was dark. She’d
be fine. She took off her shirt, and undid her suit pants and
pulled them down a little. She was about to reach back into the car
for her dress, when she realized.

There was a
guy sitting in the car next to her.
Sitting in the car, with a phone to his ear, his mouth
open, staring at her.

A cute guy.

Kristen had
no idea what to do.
She was embarrassed.
She was standing there in her bra, a fairly sexy, small bra, and it
was completely her fault. She should have checked.

decided to make the most of it. She grinned, and

He smiled back.

She decided
she liked him.
She decided he had a nice
face. She pulled down one cup of her bra and flashed

He looked started, then grinned back at

She put herself away, and he wound down his

Sorry,” he
“I thought you’d seen

“Have now.”

I’m on
hold,” he said, looking at his phone.
“I’d have been talking otherwise.”

“Don’t worry,” Kristen said.

She turned
around and got her dress, and pulled it on over her head.
She was pretty sure he was still watching. He
hadn’t wound his window up yet.

“Are you still looking at me?” she said.

“Shit, sorry, I…”

Be useful,”
she said, and took a step backwards.
me up.”

Nothing happened.

“Can you reach?” she said.

He must have leaned out his car
window. She felt his hand on the small of her back, felt him
fumbling. Then he pulled the zipper.

“Thanks,” she said, and turned around.

She still had to get her pants down from
under her dress, and she could either do that by tugging and
wiggling and being ungainly, or she could keep going with whatever
she was doing here and let him watch.

She pulled
the dress up, over her pants.
She pulled
her pants down. Pulled them off one foot, then the other. Then
stood there, grinning.

He sat there
and stared.
Her hips were right at the
level of his nose, and her undies weren’t completely sensible.
There probably wasn’t much to see, but whatever there was, he could
see all of it.

She pulled
the dress back down, slowly, and sat down in the driver’s seat to
put on her shoes.
Flashing him again a
little, probably, and grinning.

Okay,” she
“Bye,” and went inside.




The house was
Kristen didn’t really know anyone,
had been invited by a friend of a friend, but the house was nice,
and the people seemed nice, and she kept wondering if she’d see the
guy from outside.

He found her
while she was perching on the arm of a sofa, and came and sat on
the seat beside her.
Someone had just got
up from that spot, and Kristen had been wondering if she should
take it herself when he landed there.

You,” she
said, and had a better look at him.
hadn’t been able to see properly outside. Definitely cute, and
grinning at her like they had some secret together.

“I hoped I’d find you,” he said.

“And you did.”

“Can I get you a drink or anything?”

“You just sat down.”

“I’ll stand up.”

She picked a
glass, from the side-table beside her, and showed him it was
It wasn’t her glass, and she
was a bit thirsty, but she didn’t really want him to move. This
little game was quite interesting.

What do you
do?” he said.
“You had a suit on when you

She shook her head.

“You don’t want me to tell you?”

“Don’t ask about that.”

He sat there looking at
her. “What do you do for fun?”

She shook her head again.

“I shouldn’t ask about you at all?”

I’m not
going to fall in love with you,” she said.
“I’m not going to marry you. So what’s the

He looked a
little offended, but she was pretty sure he was pretending.
“You’re not going to fall for me? You know that


“That’s sudden.”

She leaned
forward, spoke quietly, “You’re a pervert.
You leer at innocent women in the dark. Of course I’m not
going to fall for you.”

He grinned.

“I might fuck you though.”

Oh,” he
said, and seemed quite surprised by that.
“That’s good, then.”

“I think so.”

He sat
quietly for a while, like he didn’t know what to say next.
After a while, Kristen took off her shoes, undid
them and dropped them on the floor and swung herself around so she
was sitting facing him, her toes on the couch, against his

“Don’t,” she said, since he was obviously
trying to see up her dress.

He looked at
her for a while.
“I can rub

“Rub what?”

If they’re sore.”

She wanted to
say that wasn’t why she’d taken off her shoes, but didn’t
She nodded, and held out one

He did, and
he did it well.
Like he had before.
Holding her foot pretty tight, so it didn’t tickle, running his
thumbs up and down the length of her arch

You haven’t
got a fetish or something have you?” she said.
“About feet?”

Nope,” he
“Have you?”

“Not about feet.”

He looked up, suddenly.

people,” she said.


Then, because she was actually
after him in a way and didn’t want to put him off, she said, “I
didn’t actually know until tonight, but apparently.”

He grinned,
and kept rubbing her foot.
It was
actually quite nice to get a foot-rub at a party. Nicer than
talking to strangers or passing out or whatever else she might be
doing otherwise.

She took that foot away after a while, and
gave him the other, and he looked up her dress when she did, but
she didn’t mind, especially.

He started
rubbing her calf.
It felt good, like an
actual massage.

Sit down
here,” he said.
“You’ll be more

“I’m fine.”

“And I can reach more easily.”

Reach what?”
she said, but slid off the couch arm and sat beside him, her feet
in his lap.
She leaned back on her
elbows, and watched him, and he rubbed higher up her legs. Rubbed
her thigh.

And then
rubbed ever higher.
His hands were up
under her dress, and he was watching her. She ignored him, looked
around the room, let him work out how to grope her best.

He moved a
bit, to reach, and got his hand all the way up to her hip. He
wasn’t massaging now, wasn’t rubbing hard, he was being all slow
and soft and teasing.
She closed her
eyes, and sighed. She couldn’t really help it.

After a while she realized he was hesitating,
like he wasn’t sure how far she wanted to go.

She looked
There people nearby, standing and
talking, some in chairs opposite them, and another couple behind
him, further down the couch. No-one seemed to be paying any

Go on,” she
said, and he slid his fingers inside her underwear.
She’d expected a bit of an outside rub, but he
went up the inside of her leg, and over her lips, and right inside
her. She was so wet he slipped straight in, and he felt so good she
shivered, and bit her lip, and just sat there without

She closed
her eyes.
She was being fingered in a
crowded room, and no-one seemed to know or care. It was

She slid a
little closer.
Bent one leg, and put the
other right across him, so she was pressed against him and his hand
up her dress was less obvious. As she moved she bumped Amber on the
other side of him, who looked at her.

“Sorry,” Kristen said.

Amber smiled, and looked away, and didn’t
seem to notice anything odd.

The guy had
two fingers inside her, and was pushing his thumb down on her
It was like he was kneading wetness
out of her. She was breathing roughly, almost panting. He was
watching her.

We can go
somewhere else,” he said quietly.

No,” she
“Right here.”

He looked
He seemed more nervous than she

“Here,” she said.

She could
smell herself.
She could hear wet noises
his fingers were making, when the music was quiet.

She was sitting in the middle of a room, of a
dozen people, and getting fingered.

She was surprised how much it was turning her

“Kiss me,” she said, and he leaned over and
kissed her.

She wriggled
closer, settled into his arms, let him explore her.
Explore with his mouth and explore with his
hand. It was sexy and warm and nice. She moved her dress, made sure
no-one going past could see, then sat there being kissed and
fingered and relaxed and let herself slowly drift towards an

I can see
what you’re doing,” a woman’s voice said suddenly.
“Everyone else can too.”

opened her eyes.
Someone was sitting on
the arm of the couch, looking down at her, smirking.

“Don’t care,” Kristen said.

Didn’t think
you did.
Can we watch?”

I’m just
sitting here,” Kristen said, grinning.
“You do what you like.”

The woman sat
beside her on the couch, and a guy who seemed to be with her sat
next to her.
Kristen looked around, and
decided no-one else was watching. Not unless they were so discreet
she couldn’t tell.

I’m Amber,”
the woman said.
Kristen shook her


Shane,” said
the guy with his hand inside Kristen.
grinned at him, and held out her hand, her left hand. He shook it,
quite solemnly, without stopping rubbing her with the

“Is everyone really watching?” Kristen

Amber looked around. “And

looked where Amber was and realized someone across the room
That guy was smiling, but not quite
as cute as Shane, and Kristen suddenly she wondered if she minded
being perved at by people who weren’t hot. She decided

“Keep going,” Amber said, and Shane looked at
Kristen, and then did.

BOOK: Showing Off
2.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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