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he minutes turned into an hour
, and I was still weeping – it was as if a dam had shattered, the concrete supporting structure just crumbling away, and I was unable to stop the tears from escaping.

My decision had been difficult, but after the conversation with my father I knew I was doing the right thing. Monique’s outburst after I admitted I couldn’t be the surrogate for their baby had only proved I’d made the right decision.

I’d stayed in the kitchen, trying to calm myself down after all the shouting and screaming, but it seemed next to impossible.

And the worst part was that Devan went after her, leaving me behind. I knew it was what he had to do, of course. But a small part of me had been hoping he would have stayed with me, consoled
after the terrible fight.

I thought of my options. I needed to get out of the house, leave the apartment. After the debacle of that night, I most definitely wouldn’t be welcome in Monique and Dev’s apartment any more. Staying was no longer an option. The emotional price of remaining in their apartment was too damn high.

Luckily I’d been able to save up some money in the past few weeks since I hadn’t been paying rent. Maybe it would be enough for a deposit on a new place, I reasoned. Anything to get me away from this wretched, cold house.

I decided to head upstairs as soon as possible, pack my things and get away before either of them even got back. I’d stay at my dad’s for a night or two.

With a new plan formed in my mind I took a breath, wiped away the dampness on my cheeks and got up, ready and determined to get out while I could.

The front door opened and shut quietly, and as I heard the steps coming towards the kitchen, I froze on the spot. I didn’t know who was coming, and I wasn’t sure which of them I’d rather see – Monique or Devan.

The approaching person rounded the corner, and my eyes landed on Dev. His whole body was rigid, his jaw clenched. He looked undeniably primal, and I shrank back into the corner, shaking lightly as he came towards me. Was he upset with me for making Monique sad? For calling them out on their bullshit of a marriage?

For a split second, I was afraid he was going to lunge out at me. He had been in the Navy, after all – I was sure he could have taken me out with a single swing of his muscled arm. I’d probably ruined their marriage by calling it quits on the whole surrogacy project.

But this was Dev. I knew in my bones that he would never ever harm me, not like that. He continued to approach me slowly, as if he were an animal stalking his prey, glaring at me intently the whole time. Never taking his eyes off me.

“Mila,” he groaned when he was only a step away from me, and I felt the bestial need in his voice. He craved me, I realised with surprise. He was hurting and needed me, and even though I had no idea why, the urge to help him awoke deep inside of me.

He pulled me into his arms without uttering another word. My mind resisted, but my body was more than willing. I’d yearned for his touch for weeks, and it felt so damn good to be back in his arms.

Devan stared at me for a moment, his eyebrows knitted together in fury. I had no idea what had happened, and I whimpered softly as he stared me down. It seemed to be the final straw.

A second later, he leaned down against me, our foreheads meeting as he continued to gaze at me.

“You found out didn’t you? About Monique?” I said quietly.

He nodded. “You knew?”

“I didn’t know how to tell you… I’m sorry,” I said and slip my arms around his waist.

Then in an instant he greeted my mouth with his. I had barely registered the kiss when he took it deeper, his lips needy and demanding.

He kissed me hard, never letting go of my hips, pulling me closer. Dev ground his body against mine with a furious desire, and I already felt his hardness against my belly. I longed to have him inside me, and the thought was frightening.

“Devan, we shouldn’t be doing this right now,” I whispered, but I moaned at the same time as his lips moved to my neck.

“You’re right,” he groaned, the sound coming from deep in his throat. “We should have done this a lot sooner.”

As soon as those words were out of his mouth, I melted in his embrace, knowing I was a goner. Knowing I should have run for the hills as soon as he came back home with that yearning look in his face.

But I’d already decided at that point that I would leave. I just had to pack my things and I’d be gone, so I told myself it was okay… Just once. Just once I could give into the temptation, the hold he had over me. One last way to say goodbye, because after that night, I resolved never to see Dev again. I couldn’t risk falling for my stepbrother any more than I already had…

“Okay,” I breathed into his ear.

He sought my lips again and consumed me with his kiss. He groaned, and without letting me catch a breath, lifted me up against his hard body. My legs wrapped naturally around his hips, our lips never parting from one another’s. My stepbrother carried me all the way up to my apartment, taking each step in his powerful stride until finally we were at the top, back where we’d left off all those nights before.

We stumbled into the bedroom, our breathing hot and heavy as he gently placed me on the bed. He ripped his shirt open, buttons flying all over the place. I gaped at him.

He was gorgeous – all strong, lean muscle. His abdomen was ripped, his chest tight and capable. The snake’s head of his tattoo that was etched into his pec looked at me curiously as Devan approached me, leaning over me, like a predator ready to take a bite.

I was shaking, barely able to wait for his touch against my aching skin. Dev peeled my clothes off slowly but with increasing urgency until I was naked in front of him, every inch of my body exposed to his watchful eyes.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you,” he groaned as he shook his head while admiring my curves. The growing stiffness in his jeans let me know it was true. “Every goddamn time I saw you…” he trailed off.

With trembling fingers, I reached for the top button of his jeans, greedily tugging them off along with his boxers. His cock sprang free as I did so, thick and glorious, pulsating with the need to be inside me.

“Fuck, Dev,” I whispered, desperate to feel his length in me. “I need you… before I change my mind.”

“I’m going to make you fucking purr,” he said as he climbed on top of me on the bed, the springs giving under his weight.

The world stopped spinning as his lips found my nipple, rolling his wet tongue around the tightening bundle of nerves. He licked and bit me gently until my moans became uncontrollable pants.

My hand sneaked between my legs, strumming my clit to the rhythm of my heart, but in the end, I couldn’t wait any longer.

“You look so hot, touching yourself,” he whispered into my ear. “Let me taste you, put your fingers in my mouth.”

I brought by fingers to his lips, letting him smell my arousal. He swirled his tongue up my digit and gently started sucking on it.

“Please, Devan, I need you now,” I begged him and reached for his cock, feeling the hard smoothness in my hand.

He grunted and laid his hand over mine as he helped me position his cock at the seam of my pussy. I let go and held tightly onto his bulging upper arms, waiting for him to breach my entrance.

Dev brushed his bulbous head up and down my folds, covering himself with my slickness. Then with a steady thrust he entered me, and I cried out in pleasure, my inner walls constricting and stretching as he filled me.

“Oh, god. Mila…”

Devan fucked me hard and strong, pushing deeper inside me with each vigorous thrust of his strong hips. In moments, I was gasping, begging him for more as he kissed me again, his hands seizing my hips, holding me in place.

His mouth was hot, his touch demanding. His thrusts became rougher, more adamant with each stroke. This wasn’t making love. This was pure lust, two people fulfilling their primal needs. I spread myself wider, opening myself up more, enjoying the fierceness of the act, letting myself go as my whole body shook with his pounding. Feeling the pressure, the turbulent spiral that was coiling inside me, ready to come undone.

I was teetering on the precipice of pleasure as I felt him thicken inside me. He was on the verge of exploding, too, but I desperately wanted the moment to last, needed him for another moment of pure pleasure.

“Can’t wait any more… purr for me, Mila,” Devan said through gritted teeth as our eyes met, his hands on my bottom, clutching me closer. His nails dug into my skin as he pistoned inside me.

“Fuck,” he grunted, and I felt such an intense burst of pleasure inside my body, I really thought I would come apart at the seams. Bliss claimed my veins, running through my bloodstream like I’d just taken a hit off something. I heard myself moaning, not keeping anything back, and felt my back arching under Devan’s thrusting body. I came like I never had before – strong, hard, wild.

Devan came inside me, his cum trickling down my leg as he kept fucking me, giving me more of what I wanted, prolonging the intense pulsations as my inner walls clenched around his cock. I never wanted him to stop, because I knew as soon as the moment was over, I’d have to face what we had done.

Instead, I gripped him, pulling him closer, my ankles pushing hard against his butt, shoving him deeper inside. I let the last remains of my orgasm flood my body as I kissed him nice and slow.

He tasted so fucking good, but I knew this was the last time I’d get to experience that.

I closed my eyes to make the moment last as long as possible.


hat was
the best night of my life.

As I awoke, her naked, warm body by my side, that was the first thought to enter my blissful mind. Mila was in my arms, nestled safely into me as if she belonged there, but as the thought got bigger, fully forming in my dreamy head, it disturbed an underlying sense of dread as the guilt began to eat away at me.

Looking down at my stepsister, peaceful and beautiful, I tried hard to convince myself we’d made a mistake. But try as I might, I couldn’t quite believe that this right here wasn’t what life was all about. To have someone you truly loved and cared for with you upon each waking morning.

Because what had happened the previous night was perfect, and in that moment it only solidified what I’d been trying to deny all these weeks, months, and god, even years! I finally knew what I wanted and why should I have to apologise for that?

No more lies, no more closing my eyes from the truth. Mila was it for me, and I decided on the spot I’d fight for her – fight for us. Our relationship would be unorthodox, but if we had each other, that would be all that mattered. We would get by somehow.

I stroked her cheek, my finger caressing her smooth, delicate skin as she smiled in her dreams. It made me so content, seeing her finally relaxed. I guessed we’d both been under a lot of stress lately and day by day I’d seen the light, her joy, get a little bit duller from all the pressure Monique and I had put upon her. But all that was over now. We’d be free… and god, did it feel good.

An approaching car rumbled onto the driveway, making my ears prick up. My stomach tightened into a knot and I knew trouble was on the way. So much for a lazy morning, I thought.

I recognised the sound of my wife’s car, the rattling of the old engine, as it heaved itself onto the driveway. I imagined her getting out, slamming her door as she always did and trotting into the house, ready to give me more grief. But here I was, only a storey above her, in bed with another woman.

Gently, I stroked Mila’s arm to rouse her up. After a tiny, cute snuffling snort that made me smile, her eyes fluttered open and her pupils dilated as she focused her gaze upon me.

“Good morning,” I whispered with an indulgent smile, enjoying myself as I watched her beautiful face transform and come to life as she realised I was in her bed.

I saw the emotions changing in her brown eyes, ranging from fear to lust and everything in between.

“Morning,” she replied groggily, clearing her throat to relieve the tension. “What time is it?”

Her hand was resting upon the lower portion of my abs. Her cheeks bloomed with a tint of pink as she noticed where it lay. Then she stretched, pulling it away, her fingers accidentally grazing upon my skin. The internal shudders that went through me were electrifying, sparking an instant explosion as it zipped up my hardening cock.

But no matter how much I wanted to stay hidden in this tiny apartment and make sweet love to her all day, I still had an obligation to inform Monique of my decision. I wanted a divorce.

“It’s late… Er, Mila - could you get dressed now?” I asked awkwardly as she pulled away from me, the cold air instantly filling the gap where she’d laid only moments ago. The absence of her warm naked body made me want to reach out and pull her back to me.

Mila gave me a cold look, and I could see the hurt registering in her gaze, her chocolaty eyes freezing over as she let my clumsy words sink in. Inwardly, I cursed my stupidity, knowing I’d just made it seem like what we’d done was a goddamn mistake. In reality, it was all I’d ever wanted, and I knew I’d need Mila in my arms again soon – if not right that fucking minute.

“Monique just pulled up in the driveway–” I tried to explain, but she stopped me with her hand in the air.

“Yeah, go sort it out,” she said dismissively, tugging on the blanket that had been covering our naked bodies. She wrapped it around herself, shielding her beautiful curves from my eyes, and it fucking hurt to see her in that defensive mode. She was the last person I wanted to hurt…

Could I go to her? Take her in my arms? And just as I was about to reach out she said, “Go.”

“I’ll be back. I promise,” I said lamely, getting up and locating my jeans on the floor. I pulled them on and couldn’t help noticing Mila’s gaze dropping to take in my nakedness, if only for a second. Immature as it was, it put a stupid smile on my face despite the seriousness of the situation. At least she was still somewhat attracted to me.

And as for me, I couldn’t tear my eyes from her. I took it all in, committing it to memory, never wanting to forget that moment as her creamy skin, her curvy hips and those beautiful breasts were illuminated by a warm glow from a shaft of morning light making its way through the window, bathing her in a pure radiance.

Studying her face as I got dressed in silence, I looked for any sign or indication that she wanted me to return, but she turned around and refused to look at me. I knew there was a big talk ahead of us, but at least there was no confusion anymore - at least not on my part.

I wanted Mila. Not once, but for the rest of my life.

“See you in a bit,” I said to her, pausing awkwardly in front of her as we looked at one another, waiting for her to speak. To say anything!

What was I to do? Kiss her goodbye? Hug her? Shake her hand?

I sighed. “Mila, you have that frown again. What’s wrong?” I asked as I reached out to touch her forehead, as I’d done plenty of times before.

“Nothing. You have to go,” she replied and leaned back, avoiding my touch, her voice even and controlled.

In the end, I settled for an awkward hug, but she took another move to avoid me. Giving her a confused look, I ran my hands through my hair.

“Bye, Devan,” Mila said coldly, and I furrowed my brows as she retreated back into the apartment, all professional-like, as if she’d seen off a cold-caller. She was acting like nothing had happened between us and it was bugging the living shit out of me, but I knew I had to sort stuff out with Monique first.

Without another word, I walked out of Mila’s apartment and tried to sneak into the house without my wife noticing which direction I’d come from.

My heart was beating wildly in my chest, knowing I’d what would probably be the most difficult conversation of my life ahead of me.

But I ploughed on, the goal clear in my mind.

A future with Mila... that’s what I wanted, and needed.

BOOK: SNAKE (a Stepbrother Romance)
12.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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