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Spanking My Boss

Lynn Anderson


Advertising agency owner Jen Teasdale likes it rough—
rough. Spanking her until she’s glowing bright red? Yes please. Good thing her
Master—and employee—Dan McMullen likes dishing out discipline that way.

From the moment he spotted her at his favorite BDSM club,
Dan knew Jen was his perfect submissive—even if he was shocked that his
uptight, seemingly always in control boss was secretly a sub.

No one at work knows they’re married and Jen and Dan both
love the kinky fun they have while the office is empty. But how far can Dan
push Jen before he goes


Inside Scoop:
Jen likes her sex—and her spankings—on
the extreme side, with an extra helping of humiliation.


BDSM erotic romance
from Ellora’s Cave


Spanking My Boss
Heidi Lynn Anderson


Chapter One


Dan McMullen picked up his office phone and dialed. The urge
to control his sub was circling through his body like a NASCAR racer at the
Daytona 500. It was time to finish what she’d started that morning. He tapped a
pen on his leather planner and waited for an answer.


The sultry voice on the other end of the line caused his
dick to press painfully against his trousers. He took in a deep breath, reining
in his desire, and thought about what he had planned for his disobedient sub,
Jen Teasdale.

“Be ready for me in an hour.”

She cleared her throat. “Yes, Master.”

Dan hung up the phone and imagined how her soft flesh would
feel under his hand. He could all but see the plush globes of her ass glowing
under his ministrations and could almost feel her power flow into him. The
zipper on his pants scratched against his erection.

He unfastened his pants, relieving his discomfort. Dan took
himself in hand and started to stroke. His unlubed hand worked his sensitive
flesh. He beat harder and faster, keeping himself just this side of ecstasy. A
knock sounded at the door. He ignored the interruption, closed his eyes and let
the anticipation coil inside him like a cobra reading to strike

The knock sounded again. He smiled and stopped his rhythmic
pumping. “Yes,” Dan called as he tucked his hard shaft into his pants.

His pretty little secretary, Carolyn, rushed in, all flushed
with indignation. Dan sat back and sent the woman a placating grin. She flung
back her flaming-red hair and her double Ds heaved with her movements.

Satisfaction at knowing he’d caused her anger by proxy filled
his gut. Dan’s hard-on pulsed. He needed to come.

“Mr. McMullen, Miss Teasdale is closing the office in thirty
minutes. The Jameson proposal is due on Monday and I haven’t finished typing it

Power surged through him. “You go and have a nice weekend,
Carolyn. I’ll work on it this weekend.”

“That’s not fair. You shouldn’t have to do my job because
that bitch feels like going home.”

The urge to tell his flushed-faced secretary not to talk
about his wife that way had him squeezing the tip of his cock again. No one
knew about his marriage to the strict control freak who owned the company. “Careful,”
he said. “That bitch is our boss.”

She stomped over to the chair in front of his desk. “Yeah,
well, the rumors must not be true.”

He smiled. “What rumors?”

“That she’s married.”

His gut clenched. If people at the office found out the
truth, his fun would be over. “Where did you hear that?”

“From Amy in accounting, but it can’t be true. If Miss
Teasdale were married, she’d be getting some and she wouldn’t be such a bitch.”

Relief flowed over him.
No one knew

He swallowed and made a show of checking the wall clock. “Make
me a list, email me what you have and go home.”

Carolyn stood. “All right, Mr. McMullen. I’ll come in early
Monday.” She turned on her heel and headed out of his office.

He began to stroke himself again after she turned away. “Fine,”
Dan said, watching her tight rump sashay out of his office. “Close the door
behind you.”

“Yes sir.”

Those two words brought images of his sub on her knees,
waiting for whatever he had in store for her. The thought snapped at his
control. Dan couldn’t wait to see his spunk dripping off the classy Miss Teasdale’s
face. He would have to make sure he shot his load over her lips so he could
watch that delicate tongue of hers dart out and sample his essence.

The need to dominate Jen had started the day he’d walked
into the BDSM club he frequented. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he’d seen
his stuck-up bitch of a boss blindfolded and tied to a St. Andrew’s cross,
waiting to be put in her place.

In that moment, his world came together and finally made
sense. His boss was a perfect sub. He’d pushed her to limits he hadn’t known
were possible that night. His body had never felt so alive. Oh how his dick had
burned to be inside her. Dan had finally found a new level of power and

He remembered how Jen screamed with pure bliss when he’d
used his bullwhip on her smooth back. With every plea she’d made for him to
stop, he’d whipped her harder, until beads of blood glistened like rubies
against her porcelain skin. His cock grew hard again at the memory.

Chapter Two


Dan opened the large double doors to Jen’s office. She knelt
on the floor in his favorite red corset. His fingers itched to pinch the
rosebud-colored nipples peeking over the top of her outfit. He swallowed and
forced himself to speak.

“Hello, Jen.”


Dan drank in her flushed cheeks, downcast eyes and folded
hands, then saw she wasn’t wearing panties. Lust flooded him. He closed the
door and walked to her desk.

“I hear you were a bad girl today.”

Her body trembled with anticipation. “No, Master, I did what
you asked.”

He yanked open the bottom desk drawer and found all their
playthings. “Yeah, but you upset people in the office.” Dan scanned the items,
picked up a leather-stranded flogger, wooden paddle and a bottle of lube. “You
have to work on that.”

“I will, Master.”

He strode back to Jen. “Look at me,” he demanded.

Her sharp blue eyes gazed up at him and a lust-filled spike
stabbed him in the gut. Dan ran his hand down her arm. Goose bumps dotted her
soft skin and she shivered. He moved his palm up her arm over her shoulder and
wrapped his fingers into her golden hair. He tugged hard on the silky strands.
God he loved this woman.

She winced and her sexy eyes glistened. “Please, Master.”

“You like this, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.” Her words fueled his desire.

Loosening his grip, he let the fine strands run over his
palm. She would give him everything before the night was done, he thought as he
gazed down at her. They both knew what he needed from her and they both knew
she wouldn’t give it to him without a fight.

“Too bad. Now I’ll have to make you hate it,” he said, and
walked back to her desk.

Dan reopened the bottom drawer. He fished out a black sateen
blindfold, wrist and ankle cuffs and her favorite nipple clamps, placing everything
on the desk. A flush moved up Jen’s neck. Her stiff nipples puckered into rock-hard
nubs. He wanted nothing more than to nip at the tasty morsels and make her
scream his name.

Dan’s dick swelled even harder. Toeing off his loafers, he
unfastened his pants. He pulled them off and laid them on her desk chair. Jen’s
tongue licked her full red lips, making his blood heat to a boil. “You’re such
a dirty whore. You want to suck me off, don’t you?”

Her eyes lowered. “Yes Sir.”

It took every ounce of control he had not to run to her and
beg her do just that. “Come here, bitch,” he said, steeling his resolve.

A flush colored her cheeks and she crawled on her hands and
knees to kneel in front of him.

“Do you like it when I call you bitch?”

“Yes, Master.”

“What about cunt or slut?”

Her teeth sunk into her bottom lip. “I like it a lot,

“What do you like, Jen?”

“I love the way those names sound coming from your mouth.”

“What does it do to you, Jen?”

“It makes me so wet, I could come.”

“What else makes your cunt drip?”

“When you hurt and degrade me.”

He lifted her chin and leaned down, kissing her forehead.
“You know what gets me off?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Make it good, bitch.”

Jen gripped his hips, her fingernails digging into his flesh
and almost drawing blood. He sucked in a new wave of desire and wrapped his
hand in her hair. Jen cried out.

“Do that again, cunt, and I’ll give you something to scream

“Fuck you.” She her nails in dug in harder.

He slapped her across the face, knowing that was what she
wanted from him. They’d been playing this game for a long time, and the end
result was such a euphoric experience for them both.

“Suck me hard and fast, slut.”

Jen’s lips twitched into a smile and parted in invitation.
He thrust into her hot mouth and wanted to bellow. Her saliva flowed around his
dick, wrapping him in his own personal heaven.

Dan buried his cock down her throat as she gagged and
swallowed, ecstasy snaking up his spine.

“That’s it, cunt. You know how I like it.”

She swirled her tongue around his shaft and hummed. The
sound of his dick moving in and out of her sexy lips made his balls burn even
hotter. He placed his hands on her full tits and squeezed, her plump flesh
heating in his palms. Fresh longing punched him in the chest. Dan took her
nipples between his fingers and tweaked hard.

Jen bit down slightly. Flashes of light burst in front of
his eyes. “I’m going to come down your throat and you’re going to drink it

The breath of her moan caressed the tip of his dick. He
pulled himself from her throat and let go, the release washing over him. Hot
cum flooded her mouth and he squeezed her nipples again.

“Swallow,” he grunted.

She did as instructed. When he got his head back, Dan looked
down at Jen. Her body quaked and the prettiest shade of red bloomed across her
chest. Her need-filled gaze collided with his and made it clear she wanted to

“Not yet,” he said coolly. “Stand up.”

She rose on shaky legs. Dan wanted to pull her into his arms
and plunge his fingers into her pussy, but instead he took her hand and led her
to the desk. He cleared off the surface with his free arm.

“Sit and spread your legs.”

When she didn’t do what he asked, Dan chuckled. ”Do you want
me to get mean?”

Her gaze lowered and head bowed.

“When I’m done with you, you will not be able to sit for a
week.” He picked her up and slammed her unruly ass down onto the cold surface.
She moaned.

“Now open your legs.”

She scooted over the desk and spread her legs, her pink
pussy glistening with her desire. Jen’s scent filled his nostrils. He inhaled
and drew in her power. Dan knelt in front of her and flung her legs over his

An intoxicating combination of lust and supremacy filled
him. She would be fulfilling his every whim by the end of the night. He leaned
in and dipped the tip of his tongue into her hot cunt. Jen’s sweetness erupted
in his mouth and almost sent him over the edge again. Dan moaned and delved in
deeper, trying to find her sweet spot.

“Master,” she rasped on a whisper.

The one word scraped at his resolve and almost made him
forget about the game. He lifted his head and pinned her hips with his hands.

“Shut up, bitch.” Dan bit her clit just hard enough to make
her cry out, but not enough for her to come. “Don’t come until I tell you to,

Her chest heaved and she begged. “Please.”

Dan moved in and bit down harder. This time he drew blood.

“More,” she screamed.

To punish her, he took his time eating her pussy. Jen tasted
so good and Dan wanted to savor every delicious moment.

He slipped a finger into her dripping cunt. She moaned and
tried to buck away. Dan slid a second digit in and then a third and she clamped
down on his fingers.
Good. She was ready.

He nipped at the hard nub pulsing against his tongue and worked
his entire fist inside her cunt. Her inner muscles stretched around his hand
and her body rocked against his invasion. He watched her face as she bit down
on her bottom lip and squeezed her eyes shut. Jen’s pussy contracted around his
hand and he knew she was close.

“Come now,” he demanded and thrust into her deeper.

She exploded and her pussy closed over his hand, nearly cutting
off his circulation. He pushed his fist in and out of her to prolong her

She made him feel like a god.

He removed his hand from her cunt and scooped her into his
arms. “You’re fucking unbelievable.”

She buried her face into his shirt. Orgasmic aftershocks
trembled throughout her body. Dan walked to the couch on the far wall and sat.
The white leather chilled his bare ass. He ran his hands up and down her back
to soothe her.

“Unbutton my shirt.”

Jen’s trembling hand moved over his chest. Her cool fingers
set his soul on fire. She pushed his shirt off his shoulders and worked it down
his arms. Dan unlaced her corset and tossed it on the floor.

Her softness pressed against him and set off the inferno
building inside him. “Go put my shirt with my pants.”

Jen rose and wiggled her rounded bottom as she walked.
. He could watch her all day and couldn’t wait to see her creamy
globes turn red and clench when he slapped them.

Yearning stirred in Dan’s dick again as she made her way
back to him. “Stop.”

She halted and looked down to the floor.

“Take off your shoes.”

She lifted her left leg and slid off one of her six-inch
black fuck-me pumps. Her tits did a nice dance for him as she did the same with
the other foot. When Jen straightened, she folded her hands in front of her

She looked so vulnerable standing in the middle of her
office, naked. Dan smiled inside. The woman had the people in this office
scared shitless. She could make his secretary cry with just one look, but when
it came to sex, she was at his mercy.

What would everybody think if they knew the boss lady loved
to be verbally and physically degraded? Dan’s cock jutted up and hit his
stomach at the thought.

She made him feel like a king among men and he loved her
with all his heart.

He’d spent his life looking for a woman like Jen. He wanted
someone who would be his equal in life but his sub in the bedroom. When he’d
taken this job five years ago, he’d met a sexy woman who ran her advertising
agency with an iron fist.

Jen the boss wasn’t the woman he wanted to spend his life
with, but the woman she was at home and standing in front of him was his soul

He cleared his throat. “Get the restraints and come here.”

“Yes, Master.” Jen strode over to the mahogany desk, lifted
her leather fur-lined cuffs and hurried to him for instruction.

Her total compliance stroked him like a touch. Dan stood and
tapped the over-stuffed arm on the sofa.

“Bend over.”

She spread her legs and leaned over the arm just the way he
wanted her. He noticed she gave in to his will a little too easily today. Dan
would have to fix that.

“Put your head down.”

She rested her face on the spot his ass had just vacated and

He made his way to the desk and retrieved the nipple clamps
and blindfold, also grabbing a flogger, paddle and lube. “You know the rules. I
like it when you scream.”

“Yes, Master.”

Dan placed the blindfold over her eyes. “But only make noise
when you come.”

A sweet smile crossed Jen’s lips. “Thank you, Master.”

“Don’t thank me yet.” He picked up her wrists, buckling the
arm cuffs together. “I may just touch you and not use force.”

She whimpered.

He moved to her feet and repeated the ritual, tightly
attaching each arm cuff to her ankle restraints and leaving her ass bared for
his pleasure.

Jen took a deep cleansing breath and relaxed against the arm
of the couch. The sight of his gorgeous wife preparing for what he had in store
for her humbled and turned him on in ways he hadn’t felt with anyone else.

He stopped and found the nipple clamps. “I almost forgot.”
He rolled her to her side and pinched her tight buds between the small metal
torture devices.

She mewed and a rosy color covered her. Dan flicked her
right nipple and watched the plump flesh ripple. He did the same to the other
side. Jen sucked her bottom lip between her teeth.

Pure male desire swamped him. He pushed Jen back onto her
stomach and made sure to rub his thick cock over her side before moving behind
her. His dick begged for her hot, tight ass, but first he would make her come a
few times. He ran his hand over the plump flesh and swatted her hard.

“Please, Master,” she moaned and writhed under his palm

Taking a fortifying breath, Dan grabbed the wooden paddle and
slapped it against his palm. The sting filled his hand. “You ready?”

Jen’s ass clenched with anticipation. “Yes, Master.”

He swatted her right cheek three quick times. She cried out
and moaned. Dan used the paddle on the other cheek. “How are you doing, Jen?”

“Fine, Sir.”

Fresh need washed over him. “Good.” He lifted the flogger
and ran it down her back. She arched and rewarded him with a whimper as lust
punched him in the gut. He flicked his wrist and the tendrils snapped against
her bottom. Jen whimpered again and arched as much as she could within her

Dan began rhythmically swatting her left cheek. The round
globe glowed pink, then red, and finally she screamed her release. Her body
quaked and he went to work on the other side. When she bucked and shrieked out
another climax, Dan started his routine on both ripe cheeks.

Rivulets of sweat snaked down his back, over his butt and
down his legs. Hot lava pulsed through his veins. His muscles filled with
burning need. Dan dug his sock-covered feet into the plush rug and crisscrossed
her sweet ass until his arm shook and sweat covered his skin.

He moved to her back as lust-filled pleas flowed from her.
Jen’s words and cries wrapped around him and filled him with lust so deep his
soul wept.

He was almost at his breaking point. Dan tossed the flogger
to the floor and stepped back to take in his work. Red welts marred Jen’s
flawless skin. His balls ached at the sight of her. Dan swallowed back his
craving to shove his throbbing dick into her tight, forbidden hole.

Smoothing his hands over her hot flesh, he spread her
cheeks. Jen’s tight rectum puckered. Saliva pooled in his mouth.

“Your ass isn’t ready for me yet.”

The tight bud twitched and opened the tiniest bit. “Force
it, Master.”

Dan chuckled. “You’d like that too much.” He grabbed the
paddle, wrapped his free hand in her hair and forced back her head. Raising his
arm, he brought the paddle down hard across ass five times.

BOOK: SpankingMyBoss
5.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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