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Authors: Iris Deorre

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BOOK: Strangers
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by Iris Deorre

Published by Iris Deorre, 2013.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. October 20, 2013.

Copyright © 2013 Iris Deorre.

Written by Iris Deorre.

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Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

This book is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations and incidents are products of author’s imagination, or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales or events is entirely coincidental.

Chapter One

t felt like yesterday that it all happened. The memory is still fresh in my mind. The sounds, the smells oh and I giggle each time I think about it. Who knew a forty year old single woman with a child would one day be getting her freak on with – let me pause for just a minute – yes that’s it, with the sexiest man I’d ever seen. Perhaps I should start from the beginning, from the very day I made the phone call. The day my life changed for good!

I’d just received a new washing machine a day ago. It was lovely with all the bells and whistles to go with it. The first day I’d tried it out it had been okay, well not really. I’d struggled with the start button. You see my old washing machine was great, all you had to do was push in the button and wala it was on. But not so with this one, this one was a little funny. At first I pushed the start button and nothing happened instead it got stuck and wouldn’t come out. The next move was to push the rinse button that in turn pushed out the start button and suddenly the machine would blow into life.

Why am I telling you all this? Well now, a story must be told right from the start, I mean if I miss out all the basic parts you’ll wonder how I got from point A to point B. Anyway, I wasn’t chuffed with this washing machine, I had forked out a fortune for it and the least I expected was for it to work and that is what led me to the phone call.

There was a number on the booklet that came with the washing machine. The call was made and may I say I was a little abrupt; I had forked out the cash for this thing to work the first time.

‘I’m very sorry you’re experiencing this problem Mrs Jacobs.’

‘It’s Ms, please.’ I’m very particular about that, I’m not a Mrs, or a Miss I’m a Ms. What’s the difference you may think; well to me it’s part of my identity, part of going from a Miss, to a Mrs and now to a Ms. Happy? Good. Now back to the call.

‘Yes urm sorry Ms Jacobs, could you please hold the line while I find an engineer to come and have a look at your machine.’

‘Certainly.’ I waited. Tapped my feet and gazed at my nails, they’d been newly done. A woman has to spoil herself once in a while. Not for anyone in particular, at least not in my case, but just to look good.

‘Hi Mrs Jacobs –’


‘Ms Jacobs, the next available appointment is tomorrow between 8am and 6pm.’

‘Are you kidding me? Do you expect me to wait the whole day for an engineer? I have a life you know.’

You must be thinking bitch of a woman, yeah I totally agree, the thing is with me is that when I pay for something I expect it to work.

‘I’m sorry about that, the engineer will call you an hour before he arrives.’

‘That hardly helps.’

‘That’s the best we can do. Is there anything else we can help you with?’

‘Hardly,’ I said then put the phone down.

I’d spent two weeks without a washing machine and now the brand new one was no good either. I must admit I do exaggerate at times but hey, when a woman’s single she always has to fight her battles alone.

Now guess what happened? Nothing immediately but the very next day my life was about to change. He rang at about ten the next morning to say he would be at the house at eleven.

‘Do you know how long it will be? I have a child to pick up at three thirty.’

‘It won’t be long Mrs –’

‘It’s Ms.’ Why oh why do I have to correct everyone on this one? Surely it had to be on the paper work.

‘It won’t be long Ms Jacobs,’ he said politely and this made me smile a little. I was being a little over the top.

‘Okay thank you, see you then.’

This gave me time to nip to the local shop for some milk. When I got back I had the strangest idea. Well not strange but I had the urge to change and put on some makeup. Who does that? Me of course, it was totally random but I had this crazy idea and I had to act on it. I pulled off my jeans and the boring top and cardigan –made me look like an old fart – and pulled out my tweed mini dress from the closet. I matched this up with a pair of woolly tights and a black polo neck underneath. The dress was so short that bending would’ve shown my knickers if I hadn’t worn the tights. Not to be too over the top I pulled on my black Ugg boots to finish the look.

As I gazed at myself in the mirror I had to smile, my long slim body looked amazing and not to brag but my body looks amazing in everything. Good genes I guess but that was just a blessing I possessed. Yes, I can feel the eyes rolling and the mutter of
Who does she think she is?
  That’s okay, I’ve heard it all my life and it goes through one ear and out the next. Do I ramble on or what?

I decided to put on some foundation, purple lipstick that looked amazing against my dark skin and just a touch of blusher. I let loose my hair and let it do what it wanted which looked rather cute. I was satisfied. What was I hoping for? Deep down I was hoping for a hottie to knock on my door. It had been years since that had ever happened to me and I’d seen and heard so many stories about sexy firemen or workmen coming to rescue women in distress, perhaps it was my turn. 

And it was. He knocked on the door, rather loudly at ten to eleven. My heart thudded, it was the craziest thing. I stood with my back against the door and gave myself a little pep talk.
If he’s ugly then there’s a bottle of wine in the fridge and a box of tissues upstairs.
Hormones, hormones, I swear it must be the arrival of the menopause devil.
But if he’s cute, sexy and all things nice, then the gods have been smiling down at me.

‘You’re so vein,’ I sung as low as I could. I turned around and opened the door to...

‘Ms Jacobs, Mark to fix the washing machine.’

‘You probably thing this song is about you,’ it was only a whisper.

‘Ms Jacobs?’

‘Oh yes, yes of course, do come in.’ Where the hell had that voice come from.

I shut the door,
Oh my god!

Six foot three or four, jet black short hair, blue eyes that could steal any woman’s heart, stubble around his picture perfect face... must I go on about this sex on legs. The gods were definitely smiling down on me.

‘Straight ahead.’ I gulped.

He walked into the kitchen directly to the washing machine and pulled out the machine, his biceps tensed as he did so.

‘Is it hot in here or is it just me?’ I honestly couldn’t believe I’d said that but something took over my brain, the lust demon or something but I was really hot, no seriously, I was burning up.

‘Perhaps it’s just you.’ He smiled lightly. ‘What seems to be the problem?’

‘Urm...urm...’ I scratched my head. What was the problem again? ‘Urm...’
Oh yes, the... the start button isn’t working.’ I explained to him what happened when I tried to use the machine. He nodded and looked at me a little amused.

‘Okay, I’ll just disconnect it and have a look.’ He stretched over to disconnect the appliance, my eyes could not move from his hot body. He turned to me and caught me red-handed with my lower lip tucked into my mouth. He smiled then proceeded to look at the machine.

‘You don’t mind if these clothes get wet?’ He pointed at the clothes in the washer.

‘No no that’s fine.’ I sounded like I was singing.

Again he smiled then pressed the start button and wala, it worked.

‘Nah, it didn’t work yesterday,’ I said watching as he started it over and over again.

‘It seems to be working today.’ He opened the top of the machine and checked the button from behind. ‘Everything is in working order Ms Jacobs. This machine is pretty sensitive; all you have to do is give it a light push.’

I felt so embarrassed.

‘Come here let me show you.’

I moved close to where he crouched gazing at the machine.

‘Just a simple push like that.’ He demonstrated. ‘Come down and have a look.’

Was it really necessary? No, but who would say no to such loveliness. I crouched down nervously and our eyes met. We both felt the heat, the unspoken lust that came from our bodies.

‘Press it and see.’ He breathed heavily his voice low.

He waited and I pressed it a little harder than I should have and the button jammed again.

‘Ah, that’s a little too hard, all it needs is a gentle push.’ He pulled out the button again and pushed it to demonstrate.

He stopped the machine again then without any words took my index finger and used it to push ever so lightly on the machine. I wasn’t listening anymore, I noticed the light go on and the machine kick into life again but I wasn’t listening or interested in that. All I felt was his hand against mine, I felt my heart beat hard against my chest. I swallowed back hard and before I knew it the strangers lips were on mine and mine were on his. We took each other in as if we knew each other. It was odd and yet my body wouldn’t pull away or let go but instead my hands crawled down his torso, lifted the shirt and pulled it off him.

We stopped for a moment as I gazed at the tightest body I’d ever laid eyes on. He was so glorious I could scream. He smiled but didn’t say a word. Was this his thing? Seducing single vulnerable women every opportunity he got? Well then I didn’t give two hoots, the man was divine, I would deal with everything else later.

His strong hands ventured down my dress and he lifted it off me, the rest of my clothes were off me in a flash. We kissed in the process as if we needed air from each other. My clit clenched so many times I had an orgasm before he’d even ventured between my legs. I was hot for this man, the man I only knew as Mark the engineer. He could’ve been anyone but here I was stripping for him, panting for him, running my hands through his short black hair. I wanted him so much!

He stood to his feet and helped me to mine, I stood stark naked in front of him. I watched as he undid the belt to the jeans and pulled them off. My eyes spotted the enormous hard on and I felt my body heat up again. He pulled down the boxers and stood naked in all his glory. He took my hand and placed it on his rock solid cock and I almost fainted. I squeezed it hard, wanting that thing to enter me as soon as possible. He put his hands to my face and pushed back my untamed hair then planted his warm lips on mine.

‘Oh god!’ I breathed as my hand stayed on his cock.

I moved up and down it the best I knew how but my body weakened by the second as his hands began to explore my body. At first he dropped them to my shoulders, then moved to my breasts. The big manly hands captured my small breasts into them. He pulled on the hard nipples and I felt my middle let go again. Such hands, such beauty against me was so overwhelming, not forgetting it had been two years since a man had touched me! His lips moved from my mouth to the hard nipples. One at a time he took them into his mouth and sucked hard. With my free hand I ran my fingers through his hair, it was soft and silky and all I wanted to do was cry out.

Mark the engineer dropped to his knees and began to plant kisses on my stomach. I was in heaven; I threw back my head and took in the tenderness as I felt like the most beautiful woman in the world. I kept both hands on his head as he licked up and down my belly, teasing my belly button with his tongue.

‘Who knew?’ He kissed further down me, ‘I would be tasting you right now?’

‘Oh god, yes, who the fuck knew?’

He laughed at my statement then said, ‘Open up wide.’

I opened my legs and let him view me from below. Oh my goodness who was I right then? I’d totally lost myself to this guy, to this god who was unashamed of his lust. He licked his thumb and ran it over my flaps.
The pressure was just right; he rotated it on the tip gently and then moved up and down my pussy lips with ease. My toes curled, I grasped onto his head with all the strength I had and closed my eyes to the sensation; to the finger rubbing my clit gently, to his other hand slowly finding it’s way to my bum and rubbing it gently. Mark lowered and sat down, took my left leg and lifted it to his shoulder, blew up my pussy then added a finger into my hole.

‘Shit!’ I couldn’t hold back any longer.

He moved in and out slowly at first, his hands twirling a little each time, his thumb on the outside rubbing my clit. I was lost in the emotion and the whirlwind of it all. I had totally lost my mind and loved it. While he played below me his free hand moved to the washing machine and as with any expert’s hand he switched it on. I had no idea what that was for until... I couldn’t focus on the machine; his lips had suddenly landed on my pussy.

BOOK: Strangers
2.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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