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Now it was too late.

He hammered into her, shoulders flexed, concentration fierce. And still his gaze locked on hers, forcing her to connect with him, to show him exactly how he affected her stroke for stroke.

Inside her, pleasure pummeled her. A tingle built on a shiver, deepening the unrelenting ache between her legs. He capitalized on that ruthlessly, pounding, pounding her most sensitive spot.

The pleasure was like a chain reaction as it built, fed on itself, then took on a life of its own. Suddenly, the need for release swallowed her whole, and Kata feared how far under it would drag her. How far under Hunter’s spell it would put her.

“C’mon, honey. Let it happen. I’ll be here to catch you.”

Wildly, she shook her head. “It’s too—
. . .” she whimpered, throbbing everywhere. “Too much!”

“Then it’s perfect. Come for me, Kata.”

As if her body had only needed that last stroke and his rough encouragement, the restraints around her pleasure sprang free. She screamed his name again as her entire body clenched with unrivaled pleasure.

“Yes! That’s it,” he chanted. “Watching you let go makes me so . . . Fuck!”

As the climax exploded, fracturing her, his entire body tensed, broad hands clutching her hips, keeping her suspended in the sort of ecstasy she’d never believed existed. Until Hunter. He shuttled deep and emptied into her, delving so far inside her, she’d never be able to look at him again and not think of how thoroughly he had controlled her body. The supernova he’d detonated inside flashed her even hotter—with no end in sight. The wrenching pleasure had her crying out until she lost her breath, her voice.

As soon as the climax slowed, leaving behind languid, liquid satisfaction and his addicting male scent, his gaze locked in on her, steady, open, letting her see forever into his psyche to glimpse his grit, his determination—and the fact that he only wanted her more.

A moment later, the aftermath of her orgasm split her wide apart, ripping her open from the inside out. Vulnerability crashed over her. A hot splash of moisture filled her eyes, burning like acid as her throat closed up. Tears were coming. There was no goddamn way she would expose her raw feelings to anyone, least of all the man who’d just stripped her down to her soul. Being with him when they’d talked and danced, fine. They’d simply been having fun. But now ... he’d affected her emotionally, controlled her in a way that made it impossible for her to control herself. Shades of Mamá and Gordon. Game over.

For her sanity, there was no way she could ever lay eyes on him again.

Chapter Four

ENEATH Hunter, Kata shoved, trying frantically to dislodge him. She pushed with an intensity that hinted at panic. Her whole body shook. Was she sick? Had he, God forbid, hurt her somehow?

Frowning, he rolled aside, zeroing in on her. “Kata?”

But she was already off the bed, grabbing her clothes, refusing to turn his way.

Kata slipped on her sexy hot pink panties. The visual of her in naughty lace and nothing else made him instantly hard again. He tore off the condom and trashed it, restraining the urge to drag her back to bed and tie her to it.

Instead, he watched as she threw her sweater over her head, every movement rapid and stuttering. She was upset. Hunter scowled. Her mood wasn’t about the lamp. She hadn’t been thrilled, but whatever bothered her now went deeper. She reached back to the foot of the bed for her leather mini. The silent treatment had gone on long enough.

He clamped a hand around her wrist. “Kata, talk to me. Look at me.”

In silence, she tossed her head back, and her dark tresses brushed that sexy back, making him want to get her flat on it again. But not until he knew what the hell was wrong.

“We’re done here.” Her voice cracked as she yanked her wrist from his grasp, then ran out of the bedroom, picking up her bra and shoes as she went.

The hell they were

Getting deep inside her had been the most singularly amazing experience of his life. For him, sex had always been just that. Kata reached him on a chemical level he couldn’t explain and didn’t bother to try. Coming deep inside her while staring even deeper into her eyes, he’d known for the first time in his life what it was to feel something beyond desire. No way was he letting her walk out of his life without a fight. He wouldn’t be the same brokenhearted fool as the Colonel, who had no one to blame but himself for his misery. Hunter knew Kata didn’t feel the same devotion right now, but he damn sure hadn’t thought she would dart out of his bed like her ass was on fire.

Stark naked, Hunter vaulted out of bed and raced down the hall after her. “What’s wrong?”

She didn’t answer, just kept running until she disappeared into the kitchenette. He followed her around the corner to find her slipping her shoes on, her purse perched on her shoulder. She splashed water on her face—and her hands trembled. She still refused to look at him, but he
she’d felt the connection between them. Then he understood: He’d reached her on a level that disturbed her.

Shoving down his triumph, he approached her on silent footfalls. “It’s okay, honey.”

Finally, she turned to face him. Her eyes were red, slightly puffy. She’d been crying.

“Of course it is.” She flipped her hair over her shoulder. “It was fun. Thanks. But now it’s over, and I’m still in the mood to party. See you around.” She shouldered past him, focused on the suite’s front door.

Hunter hooked an unyielding arm around her waist and reeled her close again. He didn’t believe her for a second. “Tell me what I did to upset you.”

Kata hesitated, then tossed him a stare full of mock confusion. “No idea what you’re talking about. I had to get you off of me. You were heavy, I couldn’t breathe, and time is wasting.”

“And you’re going to party with who? Ben is passed out, your girlfriends are out on the prowl, and your sister is asleep.”

“What is this, an interrogation? You may be used to calling the shots when you go on your missions, but I told you, no one controls me. I’m ready to leave, so unless you want me to scream down the entire floor of this hotel, take your fucking hand off me.”

Everything she’d said since crawling out of bed made his bullshit meter ring. What she didn’t say was even more interesting. Her entire body was taut. She tried damn hard to repress a shiver as she licked her lips, looked at his. Definitely, he’d reached her on a level she hadn’t expected. That connection between them had her panicking. Even if he couldn’t get the why out of her now, he’d be god-damned if he was going to let her leave this suite alone wearing that curve-hugging sweater sans bra and those fuck-me shoes.

“Give me a minute, and I’ll get dressed. We’ll find a party and have all the fun you want.”

She leveled a stare at him as if he’d lost his mind. “Look, thanks for the bedroom tango. But I’d rather spend my birthday with people I know. No offense.”

He tightened his arm around her waist. “We’ve been as close as two people can get. Why don’t you get to know me better? I want to know everything about you.”

Kata shoved at his hold. “There you go again with your ‘everything’ talk, like this is some meaningful relationship. We fucked. It was nice. Now go away.”

He snorted. “Walks on a sunny day are nice. Orgasms so powerful they incite tears aren’t. We both know what’s going on.”

“I think you may have overestimated your prowess.” She raised a dark brow.

“Yeah? So all the gasping, clawing, and screaming were you just stroking my ego? Okay . . .” He shrugged. “I think you’re lying, but I’m more than willing to fuck you again if you’d like to prove me wrong.”

Her mouth pursed with fury—then suddenly she went limp. Had she fainted? He nearly stumbled at the unexpected shift in weight but found his balance and brought her upright.

As he lifted her hair aside and whispered her name, she elbowed him in the belly. He released her to clutch his middle. The tricky woman darted out of the suite.

. Damn, he was used to fighting enemy combatants, not sexy females.

But by the time Hunter worked into his clothes and hit the door at a run, Kata was nowhere to be seen. He charged down the hall and made his way to the elevator, but all of the cars had moved to lower floors. He watched the indicators as one of the cars descended to the lobby. The ugly certainty that she was on that one sliced through him.

No way he could leave her upset. He’d come on strong, he knew. He was a soldier, and subtlety wasn’t his forte. But once he found her, he could let her breathe a little. He just needed to know exactly what had spooked her so they could work through it. And he couldn’t know that without getting her to open up.

Glancing at his watch, Hunter wondered where the hell she would go at this time of night, even in Vegas, alone and on her birthday. She’d said that she wanted to party. Pounding on the elevator’s down button, he waited. Finally, a
announced its arrival. Empty. He prowled inside, hit the button for the lobby, then scanned all the hotel’s advertisements for its many bars and restaurants. In short order, he found one for a club that looked trendy and loud, with pretty people dancing and lots of alcohol. His money was on that place.

After picking up another person or two on the way to the bottom floor, the doors opened. Hunter surged outside, scanned the area, and cursed. Fucking people everywhere, milling around the lobby, checking in, flooding the casinos that flanked the bank of elevators.

As a bellman stepped past, Hunter waylaid him for directions. In less than thirty seconds, he was jogging through a casino, up a flight of stairs.

As he reached the top, the electronica music throbbed through his body. Ahead stood a set of frosted double doors. The club’s name sparkled across them in glittery paint: SIN

Hunter stepped inside, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness, then scanned the area for Kata. Thirty seconds later, he spotted her at the bar, drink in hand, tossing clear liquid back with one swallow, then sucking a lime.

Shit, what exactly had he done to fuck with her head? He flipped through their encounter mentally, but nothing stood out except the explosive connection and earth-shattering orgasm that had obliterated any in his memory. She hadn’t gotten her ménage, didn’t like the lamp on. She hadn’t seemed
disturbed about anything until the sex was over. But something about their connection had made her cry.

She’d panicked a little when he’d gotten possessive. That, Kata was going to have to learn to live with, because it wasn’t going to go away.

Slowly, Hunter circled the room. He watched her push her glass forward, order another, then suck it down immediately, chasing with a lime. She repeated the process. Thank God for one small favor: She’d paused somewhere to put on her bra. Not that it kept guys from leering.

A tall punk in a baseball cap and baggy-ass jeans approached her, a come-on based on his body language. Hunter was close enough to read her lips and bit back a chuckle. His Kata knew creative ways to say no.

Then his smile fell. He couldn’t let her use those creative ways on him. He wanted her again, bare skin sliding against his as he slid as deeply into her body as possible. In fact, “want” was a weak word. He itched, craved, needed.

When the would-be Romeo stalked off, and Kata was sucking down her next drink, Hunter approached. “If you’re looking to get trashed, you’re doing a great job.”

She snapped around to meet his stare. “Why can’t I get rid of you?”

Hunter considered his possible answers, then went for the one least likely to cause more conflict. “You can’t party alone, honey. And you just pissed off the last guy who approached you. Looks like you’re stuck with me.”

“This isn’t funny, Hunter. I told you we’re done. Stop stalking me.”

So she preferred straightforward? Fine by him. “I got to you enough to make you cry. What did I do to bother you so damn much?”

She ordered another drink from the bartender, refusing to look at him. “Just because we spent an hour between the sheets doesn’t mean I owe you any answers.”

“How about a little common courtesy, then? I won’t leave until you tell me what the hell is wrong.”

As soon as the bartender set down her drink, she tossed it back in one long swallow, following with another lime that made her wince. “That, right there. You demand and push. You try to control me. I told you I don’t roll that way. Now fuck off.”

An independent woman like Kata? No surprise she’d feel that way. But her body had said something totally different. When he’d taken control of her orgasm and granted it on his terms, she’d been afraid ... right before she’d gone off like a killer fireworks display. She might not want to be controlled, but a big part of her got off on it.

“You can tell me to fuck off all you want, but I’m not leaving you. First, I’m pretty sure you’re drunk. Second, you’re alone, which makes you a target for any predator looking for an easy victim tonight. Third—”

“Third, I’m a grown woman and I won’t put up with this shit.” She shook her head. “I moved out of my childhood home the day I turned eighteen and lived in terrible rat traps to avoid more of the kind of shitty mind games you’re playing with me. I don’t need a carbon copy of my stepfather.”

Her stepfather?
. She had family issues. Ugly ones, from the sound of it. That changed everything—including his tactics.

He softened, coming closer, encouraging her with a caress. “Tell me about him, honey.”

At her signal, the bartender handed her another drink. With a toss of her head, she poured the shot down her throat. “Tell me where to find your off button.”

Stubborn, independent, funny. She’d be pissed off if he told her how adorable she was right now. Not that she wasn’t frustrating the fuck out of him. But no matter how grouchy she was . . . well, he’d been called a mean motherfucker more than once because he’d earned it.

“Did your stepfather hit you? Because I’d never lift a finger to you, ever. I’ll beat the shit out of anyone who tries.”

BOOK: Surrender to Me
4.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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