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Passion. She had lots of it.

I was beginning to see Josie did nothing without putting all of herself into it. Even the parts she kept hidden.

I wanted to know her, not just pieces, but entirely. I’d never wanted to know anyone this way. I’d never felt equal parts of wanting to stand beside but also in front of someone before.

I loved my brother. I’d do anything for him.

But this was different… more intense.

Thankfully, the press I had to do today wasn’t until noon. Because of the race, we scheduled it later than normal. Race days usually ended in late nights.

Even with it not being until later, I was still tempted to cancel the shit. I wanted to prolong the time I had with her. I wasn’t sure when I’d see her again once we left today. We didn’t live in the same town; we didn’t have the same racing schedule.

It made me feel grouchy and, frankly, pissed off.

As I lay there and considered how irate my manager would be if I told him I wasn’t coming, Josie stretched against me like a cat. Her warm, supple body curved into mine, and desire crawled up the base of my spine.

I’d just had her an hour ago. She’d brought me awake by climbing over me and sinking down on my dick. The heat of her core was scorching, but in the best way possible. The way I felt sheathed inside her body with nothing between us was the closest thing to heaven as I’d ever gotten.

Josie wasn’t shy with her body, her wants, or her needs. The whole time she rode me, I watched her. The shape of her body was all woman. I loved the way her body curved in and out, the way her hips rotated, and the way her flat stomach would clench when she bore down on me to rub against that perfect spot inside her.

Her tits were full and real. They bounced when I thrust up into her, which I considered an invitation to wrap my hands around them.

And right before she came, her teeth would sink into her lower lip. Like she was bracing herself for the overpowering pleasure about to befall her body.

It didn’t matter it had only been an hour. I wanted more. My dick was going to be raw by the time I let her out of this bed, but fucking A, it would be worth it.

I palmed her ass, giving it a pat. She purred and pressed her face into my neck. Without thinking, I turned my face, kissing her forehead. She didn’t say anything, but I felt her smile against my neck.

It seemed to me people forgot she was a woman. How anyone ever could was a goddamn mystery to me, but it’s what I sensed. Josie wasn’t used to someone taking control or showing her tenderness of any kind.

Hell, I wasn’t used to giving tenderness. Yet I couldn’t help but want to shower her with it, because even the smallest gesture put just a glimmer of awe in her emerald eyes.

What she needed was someone to treat her like an equal, but not forget who she was. Women had needs just like men, but women were a lot more complex.

Frankly, women were pains in the ass.

But not the one in my arms right now. Not the one rubbing her chest against my side while her hand slid down between my legs and cupped my sack.

I kinda liked this one… In fact, I might like her a little more than that.

“I need a shower,” she murmured, her lips brushing my chest.

“That an invite?” I asked.

“Yes.” She continued to massage my sack while I ran my fingers through her long, soft hair. Neither of us made a move to get out of the bed.

“What time does your plane leave?” I asked after a few minutes

One long sigh expelled from her lips. “Just after breakfast.” Her body jolted a little. “I’m supposed to meet Drew and Trent downstairs to eat.”

I made a sound. “Tell them you aren’t coming.”

“They’re my ride to the airport.”

“I’ll drive you over.”

“You don’t have to.” She pulled back a little, and I rolled, pinning her beneath me.

“I know I don’t,” I growled. “I want to.”

“You do?” Her voice was soft.

“I’m not ready to let you go yet,” I whispered, then kissed her gently.

“What about Arrow?” she asked around my kiss.

“Can’t you see I’m trying to get some?” I quipped and pulled back.

She grinned. Her hair was a tangled mess around her head. Her face was flushed and had a hint of beard burn on her cheeks from my stubble.

“Arrow can ride over with my manager to the interview. I’ll meet them there.”


“Okay?” I confirmed.

She nodded, and I lowered back down to kiss her, but instead of her lips, I got her cheek because she turned her head. “Hand me my phone.”

I groaned and rolled off her.

“Where is it?” I grumped.

She shrugged.


Josie pushed up into a sitting position, the blankets tangled around her waist, her chest bare and fully exposed. With a view like that, I wasn’t about to complain, so I went about searching for the damn phone.

It was under the bed.

I tossed it to her, and she sent out a text to, I assumed, Drew. A few seconds later, it made a sound, and she laughed at the screen.


She typed something else and sent it off before looking up.

“I told them I’d meet them at the airport.”

“They know you’re with me?” I asked, feeling sort of like staking my claim. It was idiotic. She was texting a gay guy.

“Yes,” she said, her voice a little shy. “I told him.”

“Him who? Drew?”

She shook her head once. “Trent.”

“He gonna come beating on the door to try and kick my ass?”

“Trent wouldn’t do that.” She defended him.

“If you believe that, you don’t know him like I do,” I said, thinking back to the time I caught him and Drew in an… intimate position and he slammed me up against the locker. By my throat.

“He’s my friend,” she announced. That stubborn glint in her eye made an appearance. “Besides, he’s the one who told me to—” Her lips slammed shut.

“Told you what?” I pressed, staring at her.

She shook her head.

I dove on her, tackling her into the mattress and tickling her ribs. She squealed. It was a carefree, light sound. So I tickled her some more. She wiggled and twisted, trying to get away, but all she managed was to make my cock hard.

“Tell me,” I demanded.

“Okay!” She laughed. “Okay!”

I relented but still kept my body against hers.

From beneath dark, lowered lashes, she gazed up. “I talked to him about you, about stuff.”

“Sex?” I pressed.

I really didn’t care if she told him we had sex. Hell, she could tell the whole world. I’d own it. I’d be proud.

“More than that,” she whispered.

I swallowed. Even so, my voice was raspy. “Feelings?”

She nodded once.

I ran the back of my knuckles across her cheek. “He tell you to stay away from me?”


That surprised me. There was no love lost between Trent and me. We never had gotten along, and we might never, but I did respect him.

It was sort of nice to know he respected me.


“He just wants me to be happy.” Her eyes were the vibrant shade of green grass took on after a heavy rainstorm when everything was saturated.

“Are you happy right now, Josie?” I whispered.
Do I make you happy?

“Happier than I’ve been in a long time,” she admitted, looking away.

My heart swelled. I kissed the place beside her eye, letting my lips linger against her skin for long seconds.

“Come on,” I said. “Let’s take that shower.”

She wore her “shower shoes” in the shower. They were black flip-flops, and it amused the hell out of me. She told me I needed a pair and, when I laughed, resolved to buy me a pair
then insisted I promise to wear them.

I promised. Only because she looked so damn cute with soaking-wet hair and water droplets clinging her eyelashes and trailing over her heart-shaped lips.

Plus, I figured it was a win for me. She’d want to make sure I was keeping said promise, and that meant more co-ed showers with her.

I treated the shower like a prolonged foreplay session. Sure, we got clean, but I made sure I teased the shit out of her while we did it.

The sounds of pleasure she made in the shower stall echoed through the tiny bathroom when I shoved her up against the tiles and sucked her tits until she begged me to stop.

In retaliation, she soaped up her hands and used the slick suds to jack my rod, until the soap was completely rinsed away and my thighs were quivering. Then she dropped to her knees in front of me and sucked my dick into her mouth.

Water rained over her lips and trailed down my cock. She lapped at the water with her tongue, staring up into my eyes.

By the time the water ran cold and we both were wrapped in towels, all I could think about was burying myself inside her body.

In the shower, I noticed she was slightly swollen from all the times I’d gone at her the night before. It held me back until she was combing out her damp hair and the towel fell away and left her standing there completely naked.

“Josie,” I groaned.

She smiled, understanding in her eyes.

“Your body’s had enough, baby.” I forced the words past the desire clogging my throat.

“I’ll never have enough of you.” She took my hand, leading me out of the bathroom and back toward the bed. I followed along like a puppy who wanted fed.

At the foot of the bed, she released my hand and grabbed the towel tied around my waist. When it was gone, she stroked my still rock-hard length and smiled.

I started to tell her no, but she kissed me swiftly and climbed onto the bed. On all fours.

Her round, luscious ass was in the air facing me. I groaned. Her eyes beckoned me from over her shoulder; the curvaceous ass right before me wiggled.

I grabbed her by the hips, stepped up behind her, and caressed her cheeks. Before sliding inside, I tested her center with two fingers. She was wet.

She was offering herself to me. And she was ready.

I took her from behind. I went in deep, until my hips hit her ass, and then I ground against her. Josie bore down and pressed against my dick. My fingertips dug into her hips. Then I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide.

I pulled out, thrusting back in. Her face fell into a pillow; her muffled groan filled my ears.

“I’m not gonna last,” I warned her.

In response, she pulled away, then thrust back down on me.

After that, I started banging into her, holding her ass and hips while I fucked her furiously from behind.

Looking down at her back, flaring hips, and drops of water dotting her skin from our shower made my balls hurt they drew up so far.

“Josie,” I ground out. “Goddamn, what you do to me.”

“Fuck me harder, Jace,” she demanded.

I followed her orders and reached around to her clit. Her sharp intake of breath was all I needed to hear.

Using some of her silky desire, I coated her clit and worked it while I humped her from behind.

“Come with me,” I rasped, trying hold myself back. “Right now!”

My body bent forward with my last surge. My chest came up against her back, and both my arms wrapped around her from behind.

Josie rocked onto me as I exploded inside her, and then she was panting and gasping with her own orgasm.

Her body basically collapsed in my arms, so I lowered her onto the mattress before pulling out and collapsing beside her.

It was probably a good thing we had to be places. If we didn’t, we’d likely kill each other with sex.

It wouldn’t be a bad way to go. Am I right?

I’m totally right.

“I’m gonna walk funny for a week.” She moaned.

I knew she was joking, and part of me was pretty fucking pleased with myself I could satisfy her that way, but the other part of me was concerned.

BOOK: #Swag (GearShark #3)
8.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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