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Although most active in the science fiction and fantasy fields, Anderson has also published mystery, historical, contemporary, and juvenile fiction, as well as nonfiction, poetry, and translations. Among his better-known books are
Brain Wave, The Broken Sword, Tau Zero, Operation Chaos, Harvest of Stars, The Stars Are Also Fire,
The Time Patrol,
in whose universe “Death and the Knight” is set. Honors include seven Hugos, three Nebulas, and investiture in the Baker Street Irregulars. He is a past president of Science Fiction Writers of America and a knight of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Debra Doyle
was born in Florida and educated in Florida, Texas, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania—the last at the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her doctorate in English literature, concentrating on Old English poetry. While living and studying in Philadelphia, she met and married her collaborator, James D. Macdonald, and subsequently traveled with him to Virginia, California, and the Republic of Panamá. Various children, cats, and computers joined the household along the way.

James Douglas Macdonald
was born in White Plains, New York, on February 22, 1954, the second of three children of W. Douglas Macdonald, a chemical engineer, and Margaret E. Macdonald, a professional artist. After leaving the University of Rochester, where he majored in medieval studies, he served in the U.S. Navy.

Doyle and Macdonald left the Navy and Panamá in 1988 in order to pursue writing full-time. They now live—still with various children, cats, and computers—in a big nineteenth-century house in Colebrook, New Hampshire, where they write science fiction and fantasy for children, teenagers, and adults.

Deborah Turner Harris
was raised in Florida and gained a doctorate in English literature from FSU. As well as collaborating with Katherine Kurtz on the
series of novels, she is also the author of the
Mages of Garillon
trilogy. Her latest novel is
Caledon of the Mists,
a fantasy inspired by the legends and history of Scotland, which is soon to be followed by
The Queen of Ashes
The City of Exile.
She plays the guitar and Celtic harp and enjoys riding. She lives in St. Andrews, Scotland, with her husband Robert and their three sons.

A native Scot,
Robert J. Harris
has in his time been a classics scholar and a bartender, but is perhaps better known as the inventor of the world’s best-selling fantasy board game
His hobbies include gaming, fencing and always backing the losing team in the Superbowl.

Tanya Huff
lives with her partner and four cats in rural Canada. After spending three years in the Naval Reserve (she was a cook; no tattoos) she got a degree in radio and television arts that she’s never used—although there are those who say it’s responsible for a certain visual quality in her work. With
Blood Pact,
she thought she concluded the Vicki/Henry/Celluci books, her vampire series which definitely could use a series name. Her most recent book is
Sing the Four Quarters,
a heroic fantasy much like
The Fire’s Stone
in feel, out from DAW in December 1994.

Katherine Kurtz
is the best-selling author of the
series, now comprising the
Deryni, Camber, Kelson,
Heirs of St. Camber Trilogies.
She is also the creator of the
series, coauthored with Deborah Turner Harris, in which she first began exploring the background of the Knights Templar. She lives in Ireland, where she and husband Scott MacMillan are restoring a gothic revival house that strongly resembles a castle.

Scott MacMillan
is best known for his
Knights of the Blood
series—referred to among family and friends as “Nazi Vampires from Hell.” He is a collector of vintage motorcars, antique edged weapons, old movies, orders of chivalry, and ghosts. He and wife Katherine Kurtz share their Irish country house with at least three of the latter.

Elizabeth Moon
grew up in south Texas, on the Mexican border. Two universities share the responsibility for her warped imagination: Her history degree is from Rice University, and her biology degree is from University of Texas. She has had the usual writerly patchwork of occupations, including computer programmer (while in the Marine Corps), math tutor, sign painter, ambulance jockey, and city alderman. She lives on the edge of a small town in central Texas with her husband, son, horse, and piano.

Lawrence Schimel
lives in Manhattan. He has sold short fiction to more than forty anthologies, including
Black Thorn, White Rose; Grails; Visitations of the Night; Excalibur;
Tales from the Great Turtle,
and his stories have been translated into Dutch, Finnish, Polish, German, and Mandarin. He played polo while attending Yale University, where he studied English, and is learning to dance flamenco.

Richard J. Woods
was born and reared in New Mexico, works in Chicago, where he is on the graduate faculty of Loyola University, teaches and learns at Oxford University when he can, and lives mostly in Ireland. A Dominican friar with a particular interest in Meister Eckhart, he has published eight original nonfiction books, edited three anthologies, and authored a number of articles on spirituality, sexuality, and Celtic studies. Close friends include two cats and one dog who tolerate his efforts in art and music.


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BOOK: Tales of the Knights Templar
10.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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