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TEMPTATIONS (Temptations series book 1)

By Kristin Michelle Adams

To my husband Derrick for his love and support

Table of Contents


1 Connor

2 Heather

3 Connor

4 Heather

5 Connor

6 Heather

7 Connor

8 Heather

9 Connor

10 Heather

11 Connor

12 Heather

13 Connor

14 Heather

15 Connor

16 Heather

17 Connor

18 Heather










1 Connor


It was like any other night the music was blasting and the girls were going crazy.  The oil on my skin started to run down my back and the only thing stopping it was my red Speedos which was part of my costume.  Yes that's right a costume.  Fully clothed I look like a firefighter.  But, I feel like an imposter I am not a hero in any way shape or form. I am an ex prostitute and now a male dancer at Temptations.  Well, me along with eleven other men that is.  My best friend is also a stripper he goes by the name Woody. I know I know right a male stripper named Woody really. Well, that is what he says his name is and in the three years I have known him he still won't give me his real name.  So, Woody it is.

Anyways, it is Friday night and I just got off the stage dancing to you got it I'm Sexy and I know it.  The song is a big hit around here.  I dance to the song every night with four other men and the money is great.  I don't care about all the girls that come in all they want is a well build chiseled body and a pretty face.  They don't care that it sickens me when they paw me.  I hate to be man handled. I know if I don't like it why I do it. Simple, I need the money to live. 

I was walking up to a big group of chicks to do a lap dance for the girl that looks to be a bride-to-be.  She had blonde hair and was wearing a cheaply made veil. Suddenly, my eyes lay on the prettiest girl I have ever seen.  She was hiding in the back and her cheeks were flushed with red like she was embarrassed to be here.  She kept looking at her hands in her lap. I couldn't believe it an angel in this place. 

I was so lost in thought of this goddess that I didn't pay attention and ran right into Woody...this was just my luck. "Sorry man I didn't mean to run into you."

"It's cool Connor. What got you so worked up anyways man?"

All I could do was point at my angel. Why was I thinking of her as mine?  I haven't even talked to her.  She looked up suddenly and caught my eye.  I gasped I was looking into the most exquisite green eyes I have even be held.  She quickly looked away.  Oh I wish she would look at me again.

"Connor dude snap out of it. She is just a chick I have never seen you go crazy like this before. "

"She is not just a chick she is my goddess, my angel, my love." my air.

"Umm okay man whatever you say I want to know what you are on and where I can get some. Oh, and what is her name since you know her so much to be in love?"

She is my goddess, my angel, my love. She doesn't need a name but, I don't tell Woody that." I don't know Woody I haven't talked to her yet."

Ha ha ha ha Woody slapped his knees. "You haven't even talked to her yet. Dude you are so fucked."

"I know Woody, what am I to do she is just so... sexy and good and well, you know my past man. How am I ever going to be able to talk to a girl like her?  What do I have to offer her?  I mean what do I do go up to her and say hello my name is Connor and my mom died when I was fifteen. I was a prostitute since then till I was eighteen and now I am a stripper. Do you want to go out with me?"

Woody chuckled. "No man you go up to your "angel" Woody made air quotes.  and ask her what her name is. Then you ask her out don't bring up your past yet.  You don't want to scare her off so soon." I know Woody  is right  I just need to take a deep breath and go to her.

"Your right Woody, I will go talk to her."

"Go get her dude. Best of luck by the way." he chuckled.

2 Heather


I can't believe Krystal talked me into coming into Temptations for her
bachelorette party. What was she thinking? She knows I am a virgin and even the talk about sex makes my face look like a tomato.  I should have just bailed but, what kind of best friend would I be if I did that?  Grr, I am so nervous and scared I hope everyone doesn't see how embarrassed I am for being here.  Oh my God is that a g-string on a man?  Oh my, that can't be his package in their way to big.  This can't be real.  All I can do is shake my head this just can't be real.

The man sauntered up to us and said, "Hello ladies can I get you a drink?" Krystal yelled out "Shots of Sex on the Beach for all". Before I was able to get a word in the man quickly turned and strolled back to the bar. Go figure I guess water was out of the question. 

The next act came on and oh my lordy there were five of the hottest men I have ever seen on stage dancing and gyrating to the song  "I'm Sexy and I know it".  One man was in a police uniform with a black club around his hips. He was also wearing a hat and mirrored sunglasses.   He is an extremely large man with blonde hair. Oh and what a body he had too.

The next man was in a construction workers outfit.  Boy that man had some moves. Every time he thrust his construction belt would move with him.  He has a buzzed red hair and pretty green eyes and a little smaller package then the police man but, big all the same. My face felt like it was on fire why do I keep looking at their packages?

The firefight caught my eyes next. He was the most spectacular man I have ever laid eyes on.  Dark chestnut hair and bright cobalt eyes that you can get lost in forever.  His pecs looks like something a Greek god made. And oh my, his abs just kept going.  He has that wonderful   V thing going in the front and the lights are just dancing off his well oiled body.

I felt wetness on my chin. Oh my, was I actually drooling? Turning redder than I thought I could, I looked further down his body. What an eye full he had the biggest package out of them all. Oh my, oh my, what I would love to do with him. Oh my God, I can't believe I am actually thinking about this man like this.  What is wrong with me? 

“Heather!” yelled Krystal.

"Huh? What?" I replied.

"I was calling your name a few times. I asked you if you are enjoying the show but, I can guess by how distracted you are that you are in fact enjoying it." Krystal laughed.

"Oh… umm, yes…yes I am. In fact umm.... I would kill you if you tell anyone this but, I am enjoying it a little too much. " I lick my lips.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, umm... "I felt my face growing even warmer."I can't stop looking at the fireman.  I um actually want him." I want to take his clothes off and...

"Oh my goodness! This is great! Heather you finally found a man you can't keep your eyes off of you have to talk to him."

"NO! NO! NO!  I can't talk to him look at him he is just so sexy.  What would he want with a school nurse anyways? Nothing that is what! I can't talk to him." He is way out of my league. That is for sure.

But, God do I want to.  I want to run up on stage and kiss him so passionately that he wouldn't have to say anything and would just know I was made for him and vice versa.   I can visualize him pulling the clip out of my hair and letting my long black hair fall down to my lower back.  Then he would grab my hair and pull my neck up to meet his lips and kiss me like I have never been kissed before.  Then he would slowly pull down my spaghetti strap dress and suckle on my nipples till I got wet for him.  I can feel his hands slide up my thighs and pull aside my pink panties to get to my core and, then I blinked and the song was done.

I couldn't possibly be any more embarrassed than I am right now...   What is wrong with me and worst yet Krystal was staring at me like I won a million dollars or something.

"What!" I snapped.

"Wow! I think I know where your mind was and oh my you have to talk to that man. And if you don't I will talk to him for you."

"NO! You will not. I am twenty one years old I can handle talking to men myself. "

"Oh and then why is it that you have only ever gone on three dates in your life? It isn't because you aren't pretty enough you are. You are just to shy.  You need my help Heather. "

She is right I am to shy and most guys don't want to talk to someone that can't even get out a couple of words. "Krystal... I'm scared what if he doesn't want me.  I mean look at him and look at me.  He is a God. Oh my, he is heading this way. Don't say anything. "



Damn she looks scared to death of me.  I want to see her smile not cower in the chair. If I go to her now I think I will only freak her out even more but, I can't just stand here starring at her all evening.  Can I? No, that would be even creepier.

"Connor dude go get her."

"I will."

I started to move closer to her. I was within ten feet when I was grabbed from behind. "Hey baby do you want to give me a lap dance?" Shit this chick was drunk and waving a fuck load of cash. She smells like a vodka factory too. But, can I give up that much cash to talk to the girl of my dreams? I could use the money though and with how drunk this chick was it would be like taking candy from a baby. Damn what the fuck should I do?

"Hey I got this Connor you go get your girl."

"Oh thanks Woody you're a life saver dude."


I turned back around to look at him. "Yeah what's up buddy?"

"I'll even give you half of what I get from this chick."

"You rock Woody." Okay now that that was taken care of off to my dream girl.  I turned around to start heading to her but, she was gone.  What the fuck?  Where did she go? I have to find her I can't lose her that is for sure.

"Hey fireman!"

Oh, it's the bride to be.

"Hey I'm Krystal I wanted to talk to you about my friend."

Interesting just the person I wanted to talk about. "What about her Krystal?"

"Umm okay do you have a name or should I call you fireman?"

"Connor the name is Connor"

"Well, Connor my friend Heather needs to talk to you once she gets back from the ladies room."  "Hell, she would kill me for talking to you but, I just had to she is just way to shy and she wants you. Truly she does."

She wants me! Yes! My dream girl wants me.  But, why was she so scared of me? Why did she run to the ladies room when I was going to talk to her?  How do I know this chick is telling me the truth? Why would Heather want me? Oh Heather, what a wonderful name I just want to say it over and over again.  Heather, Heather, Heather, oh it just rolls off the tongue. Snap out of it dude.  "What makes you think she wants me?"

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