Tempting Her Best Friend's Father

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The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to


—Oscar Wilde,
The Picture of Dorian Gray







Jenika Snow


Copyright © 2012




Chapter One



Mona stared at her best friend through the
mirror she sat in front of. Karalina lay on her bed, the newest edition of
splayed out on the mattress. Mona
lifted her hair and grabbed a rubber band to hold the thick, dark locks in. She
couldn’t help the thoughts that tumbled into her mind. They were thoughts she
was embarrassed by, ones that had her face heating and turning red every time
they flashed through her mind. They were like a porn movie, dirty, lascivious
in nature. She couldn’t help it, though. She had a thing for her best friend’s

Karalina and she had been best friends since
elementary school. Never before had Mona seen Mr. White as anything but
Karalina’s dad, but something had changed. Only two summers ago, Mona had spent
the night over at Karalina’s house and had inadvertently seen Mr. and Mrs.
White having sex. That had been when everything changed.

Mona hadn’t meant to watch, honestly, but when
she had gotten up to get a glass of water and heard the deep groans and moans
that came from down the hall, curiosity had gotten the better of her. That was
when she had tiptoed to her best friend’s parents’ room, stopped by the halfway
closed door, and seen a sight she would never forget.

There, sprawled out on a bed devoid of sheets or
blankets, lay Mr. and Mrs. White. Mrs. White had been on her hands and knees
and Mr. White had been behind her, his hips moving back and forth so fast they
seemed like a blur. It had been a full moon that night. Mona remembered because
the room had been filled with the silvery glow, almost making it seem like
daylight. She had even been able to see the sweat that dripped down Mr. White’s
surprisingly muscled chest. She shouldn’t have been surprised, not the way
Karalina always talked about how her father would work out in their basement
for hours at a time. But because Mona’s own father had a beer gut that seemed
to go on forever she’d just assumed all fathers were like that, but it was
painfully clear Mr. White was most certainly
like other fathers.

Who knew how long Mona had actually stood there
and watched them having sex. When Mr. White had finally given one last deep groan,
that was when Mona had felt her eyes widen. His wife had made a few mewling
noises, but Mona had been more riveted to the sight of Mr. White. When he’d
finally pulled away from Mrs. White, Mona had seen cum leaking from the tip of
a penis that looked like a monster. Now, Mona had seen dicks before, not a
whole lot, but enough in movies and books that she wasn’t a prude. None of
those had been nearly as long or thick as Mr. White’s dick, though.

She had then snuck back to Karalina’s room,
water forgotten, but not the scene she’d just witnessed. She hadn’t told
Karalina, but if the roles had been reversed and Karalina had seen Mona’s
parents having sex and revealed it to her, well, Mona would be mortified.
Keeping the secret to herself was the best option, the safest one.

Blinking several times, she brought herself back
to the present. That had been two summers ago. Mona was now nearing nineteen
and had even just graduated high school. Maybe sleepovers were a little
overrated at their age, but Karalina was her best friend, and besides, a lot
had happened in the last two years.

It had only been a short time after Mona had
seen Mr. and Mrs. White having sex that they had ended up getting a divorce.
Mr. White had found out his wife was sleeping with the man she worked for. It
had been a rocky year for Karalina and her father, but Mona had been there the
whole time, determined to help her friend through what was probably one of the
roughest times in her life. Things were looking up, though.

All of that was behind everyone now. Mr. White
was even dating some woman far younger than him. He wasn’t old,
thirty-something, but this woman, from what Karalina said, was only in her

“You think things are serious with your dad and
what’s her name?” Mona still watched Karalina from the reflection in the
mirror. Lifting her gaze from the magazine, Karalina looked at her with

“You mean Holly?”

The name even grated on Mona’s nerves. Maybe she was acting
childish, but ever since she had seen Mr. White having sex all those years ago,
she hadn’t been able to get him out of her mind. She compared him to every guy
she dated, as ridiculous as that was.

“Yeah.” Trying to keep her tone neutral, Mona
fixed her hair. The long, dark strands seemed unruly today. “You think maybe
she is after him for his money?”

Karalina pulled herself up on the bed and
crossed her legs. “You think?” Genuine curiosity laced Karalina’s question.

It was no secret that Karalina’s father was a
renowned lawyer who brought in high profile clients. Isaac White was in the
news on several different occasions for the cases he won, and how he had never
lost a case.

“Well, I’m not speculating on anything. Your
dad’s good looking, so maybe she likes him for other things besides the hefty
paycheck he brings in.”

Karalina scrunched up her nose in disgust.
“Ewww. You think my dad’s hot?” Karalina started laughing and then a look of
horror crossed her face. “Oh gross, Mona. You think my dad’s hot!”

Swiveling in her seat, Mona felt her face heat,
a telling sign that she was either embarrassed or was about to lie, which in
this case would be both. “Listen here. I
find your dad hot. I mean, he is
much older than me. He is my dad’s age. Gross, Karalina.” She felt her face
become hotter and hotter and wondered if her best friend could tell she was
lying. By the look on Karalina’s face, that would be a

“You forget I’ve known you your whole life.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mona stood and
placed her hands on her hips in mock hurt.

Karalina rolled her eyes. “Seriously, Mona. I
can tell when you’re lying.”

Mona felt her face heat even more and walked
over to the bed. She sat on it with a little more force than necessary, which
caused Karalina to bounce a few times.

“Okay, I’m not saying your dad isn’t good
looking, but that isn’t the point.”

“No?” Karalina raised an eyebrow at her before
turning her attention back to the magazine. “Then what is the point?”

Mona had no response to that, and when she saw
her friend smirk, she could have screamed in frustration. A knock on the
bedroom door saved her from making an even bigger ass out of herself.

“Yeah?” Karalina didn’t look up when the door

“You girls want to go out to dinner with Holly
and me?” Isaac stuck his head through the opening of the door and smiled. Mona
couldn’t help the way butterflies started in her belly at that one look.

“Where are you going?” Karalina finally looked
up from the magazine.

Isaac shrugged. “You girls can pick. Just make
it some place that Holly will like. You know how picky she is.” He winked. “How
are you doing, Mona?”

Mona’s heart started to flutter in her chest.
“I’m doing fine, Mr. White.” She knew she sounded like a dork, because her
voice stuttered on the last word.

“Please, Mona, call me Isaac. Mr. White was my
father.” He flashed that straight white smile again. “Okay, well, be ready in
about an hour. We have to swing by Holly’s place and pick her up.”

“Alright, dad.” When the door closed Karalina
started laughing. She looked over at Mona and nudged her in the side with her
arm. “You sooooo have the hots for my dad!”

Mona covered her face with her hands and fell
back on the bed. She didn’t try to lie about it, not when her face felt like it
was on fire and her feelings were clear as day.
This is bad, so, so bad.



Chapter Two


To say
the evening was awkward was an understatement, although Mona knew no one but
her was feeling that tension. It was as if now that Karalina knew Mona found
her father attractive, Mona was even more attuned to it. Like now for instance,
just sitting across from Isaac and Holly, listening to her giggle and lightly
slap him on the hand grated on Mona’s nerves.

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