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Authors: Lou Fant,Barbara Bernstein Fant,Betty Miller

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BOOK: The American Sign Language Phrase Book
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My name is ________

I'm happy to meet you

Where do you live?

Where are you from?

Where were you born?

May I introduce my wife?

Additional vocabulary

Where do you work?

What kind of work do you do?

I'm a doctor

Additional vocabulary


Do you go to school?

Are you married?

I'm single/divorced

My husband/wife is dead

Do you have any children?

How many children do you have?

How old are you?

Do you mind if I smoke?

It's all right/OK

Smoking is not allowed


How do you feel?

Do you feel all right?

I don't feel well

Where does it hurt?

My stomach is upset

I have a cold

My nose is runny

My head aches

I have a toothache/stomachache

I need a dentist/doctor

Do you have any aspirin?

I've run out of medicine

I have to buy some medicine

I have to take pills

You need to have an x-ray

It's time to take your temperature

You have to have a shot

I feel better now

I was in bed for two weeks

Were any bones broken?

You lost a lot of blood

They have to draw some blood

Have you ever had a tooth pulled?

I had a physical last week

My husband had an operation

My wife is in the hospital

My father passed away last month

Call the ambulance

Do you have hospitalization insurance?

I have an appointment at 2:30

Where's my toothbrush?

I want to brush my teeth

I already took a bath/shower

Wash your hands/face

I haven't shaved yet

May I borrow your hair dryer?

Brush your hair

I lost my comb


It's beautiful today

The sun is hot

I enjoy sitting in the sun

It was cold this morning

It will freeze tonight

Maybe it will snow tomorrow

There was thunder and lightning last night

It rained yesterday

Do you have a raincoat?

I lost my umbrella

Where are your galoshes/rubbers?

It's windy today

Yesterday evening at sunset, the clouds were beautiful

I hope it clears up this afternoon

I like spring/summer/autumn/winter best

You have to have chains to drive in the mountains in winter

I'm afraid of tornados

What's the temperature?

Has the snow melted?

There was a flood last year

The temperature is below zero

Have you ever been in an earthquake?


Your father is nice looking

You look like your mother

My brother is younger than I

My sister speaks several languages fluently

His son wants to be an astronaut

Her daughter works here

My uncle is a farmer

My aunt lives in town

Your nephew gave me a book

His niece will help you

Her grandfather gave her grandmother a book

My cousin is a pilot

Who is that man?

Did you see the woman?

The baby is cute

The girl told the boy that she loves him

Father told the little boy to play outside

The little girl's doll is broken

How many children are coming?

Our family is large/small

We had a family reunion last summer

We met at Grandfather's farm

Additional vocabulary


Do you go to school?/Are you in school?

I go to college

I'm majoring in English

Additional vocabulary for majors or courses of study

Special education

Physical therapy

Computer science

What course are you taking this semester?

I'm a student

Additional vocabulary

I graduated last year

I'm in graduate school now

I like to study

Where's the administration building?

You've got to go to the library and do some research

I got an A on my paper

I studied all night

Where's my calculator?

My roommate and I live in a dorm

I have a question

Did you ask him?

The teacher asked me a lot of questions

No talking during the test

We have a test tomorrow

Close/open your books

Begin/stop writing

I lost my pencil

Please don't erase the board

Did you pass or fail/flunk?

Any questions?

You haven't turned in your paper to me yet

She and I discussed it

Let's take a break

When you've been absent, you must bring an excuse

Food and Drink

Have you eaten?/Did you eat?/Are you finished eating?

I haven't eaten yet

He eats too much

Are you hungry?

Let's you and I go to a restaurant

What are you going to order?

Do you want a cocktail?

Do you want red or white wine?

I'll have a scotch and water

They have a lot of different beers

He never drinks whiskey

Do you want a soft drink?

I want a tall Coke/Pepsi

I like sandwiches and hamburgers

Where's the waiter/waitress?

The service is lousy

BOOK: The American Sign Language Phrase Book
5.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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