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Chapter 12


I had to fight Blossom off all night. She was like a
little temptress trying to lure me with her wiles. I knew if I took her anymore
for the night she'd be very uncomfortable the next day and as hungry as I was
for her there’s now way I would hurt her. I finally exhausted the little tease
by sucking on her little kitty until she was too sensitive for anything more.

I damn near fractured my tongue and my dick was ready
to revolt, but at least she wouldn't be too sore to walk tomorrow, of course
she saw my predicament and pounced.

I spent a very delightful forty minutes giving her a
blow-by-blow tutorial on all the ways to pleasure me with her mouth, her hands
and finally her tits, which I felt a little guilty about. For some reason it
felt almost like I was corrupting her by jerking cum all over her tits. Her
first foray into sex and I’d practically debauched her. When I voiced my fears
to her she laughed them off. According to her, and I quote 'who else is going
to teach me silly?' Well when she put it that way I guess she had a point.

She played with my cock, pulling and releasing him
against my stomach, squealing with laughter whenever he bounced back. She
kissed, licked, sucked and even bit me a few times playfully until I fucked her
tits, cumming all over my innocent girl's breasts and lower chin. And what did
this sensuous creature do? She wiped it all off with her fingers and sucked
them dry. The way she closed her
as she tasted my
essence you would swear she was a practiced courtesan.


We slept curled around each other. I felt more
peaceful than I had in a long time if ever knowing that I’d done everything to
protect her. She was
now all of her, everything
that she was now belonged to Gideon Thorpe. This was one powerful little girl
and she had no idea. Ashley Thorpe was now co owner of half the city at
eighteen. Shit that’s better than even I had done, it had taken me until
twenty-four to become as powerful as I am now.

I kept getting up in the night to check on her I read
somewhere that a woman’s first time can sometimes make them a little ill. I
checked her for fever but she seemed cool to my touch. When I wasn’t making
sure that she suffered no ill effects of her husband’s plundering I just
watched her as she slept. Making promises in the dark, my heart had never felt
so full, so complete. Like all that I’d done all I’d accomplished up to this
point paled in comparison and therein laid her true power. She’d brought the great
Gideon Thorpe to his fucking knees. I finally fell asleep in the early hours of
the morning when I grew too exhausted to stay awake.

I woke up to a playful nymph who'd already got things
started without me. Damn I must’ve been out cold.

"Blossom...what're you doing?" I know damn
well what she was doing, I could feel what she was doing.


My greedy girl couldn't take the time to release my
cock from her mouth so she tried to talk around it.

"Turn around here." She gave me a puzzled look
as I tapped her hip. Oh yeah, the nymph was still an innocent.

"This is another way to love each other." I
pulled her ass around so she straddled my head. I inspected her pussy, it
looked relatively fine, no redness or puffiness, and when I licked her she
wriggled her ass in pleasure and not pain.

I ate her pussy until my face was covered in her
juice, running my tongue back and forth between her newly awakened sex and her
ass, she was no longer as uncomfortable with ass play, which was good.

"One day soon I'm going to take you here." I
ran a finger down her ass, tickling her rosebud before pushing just the tip
inside her, which made her swallow more of my cock.

I smacked her ass when it was time to switch up I
didn’t want to cum in her mouth yet. Helping her get into position I entered
her as she sat on me.

"Ride me baby." She bit her lip in
concentration as she tested her newfound position of power. Up, down, up, down,
until she got the hang of it.

With her ass in my hands I squeezed her cheeks pulling
and pushing her as she fucked herself wildly on my cock, which was now as hard
as it had ever been.

"Fuck babygirl, so good, so sweet." I could
barely form words, her pussy held me in its grip as she fucked me. The joy on
her face made my heart feel full. I fell more deeply under her spell as she
enjoyed me. And when she came and I turned her over onto her back so I could
pound into her the way I needed to, I fell over the cliff and all the way in
love with her as I emptied my seed inside her.

"I will love you my sweet Ashley until my dying
breath." I whispered to her softly before burying my face in her neck. Her
thighs clasped my hips as we calmed our breathing together. “I’m so happy
Gideon, thank you.” I held myself up on my arms as I leaned over her so I could
see her smile. “Always.” I started moving inside her again. “Can you take me
again baby? I’ll stop if you’re too sore.” She shook her head no and pulled me
down for a kiss. We spent the next few hours making love until it was time to


We made it home in the early evening, I'd decided to
take a few days off and keep her home from school after all. Her tests were
over anyway and they weren't really doing anything more of importance before
summer break or so she said. For all I know she could be lying to me so she
could stay on my dick she hadn’t left it alone once since they’d become
acquainted. I’d had to take her to the private bedroom away from the prying
eyes of her detail on the plane because she’d whispered that she was ready
again. I’ve created a monster for sure.

Now we were home and back to reality, there was still
a lot to be done to solidify things and send the message that she was now
completely off limits. Anyone not heeding the warning should be prepared to
bear the consequences.

I'll have to see about her name change and things like
that but that could wait until after the weekend. I had enough contacts to make
such things easily seen to so I wasn’t too worried about red tape.

I had pressing matters that were glaring me in the
face but I couldn't see leaving my young wife alone to see to them just yet.
The specter of her father and Starks loomed large in the forefront of my mind,
but they will be dealt with in time. I could certainly afford to spend a few
days with my wife away from the business we both needed it. This was a big
change for both of us and besides I felt the need to forge the bond that we’d
only started the night before.

Ashley was very clingy that evening as we prepared
dinner together. I'd offered to take her out to dinner but she preferred to be
home alone with just the two of us.

I learned why when she kept teasing me while I was
busy chopping veggies for the salad or boiling water for the pasta. We were
always either kissing or touching in some way.

"Here, have a carrot stick."

"Uhm, I'd rather have this." My innocent
Blossom palmed my cock through my jeans while snagging the carrot stick from my
hand with her teeth.

"You're asking for trouble again Ashley."
Damn I’d just had her in the shower she couldn’t be hungry again.

"Hmm, sounds like fun." She licked my ear
and ran out of reach when I tried to smack her ass.

Who was this girl? I would never in a million years
have guessed that this hot seductress existed under that tortured soul. Thank
heaven her father's plans had been thwarted. I felt cold just thinking about
all this beauty and vivaciousness being squandered on some perverted fuck


"What? Oh." I hadn't even realized that I'd
grabbed her while my mind had wandered to that place.

"Sorry baby, let's eat and then you can play with
me all you want okay."

She smiled wide at that and went to set the table.

I watched her as she moved around the room humming.
She looked happy, carefree, young, and so perfect.

My heart clenched with a small fear when I thought of
what laid ahead. No mater what I will keep her safe, I would shield her from
anything to do with her father and the horror he'd had planned for her a horror
I hope she knew nothing of.

"Come 'ere Blossom."

She skipped over to me and right into my arms her lips
lifted for my kiss.

"I love you Gideon, thanks for saving me."
She laid her head against my chest.

Fuck, always straight to the heart.

"I love you more."

Chapter 13


I wondered how long this would last. Last night I'd
fucked Ashley after her teasing had brought me to the edge. I'd been so rough
on her I was afraid I'd damage her somehow but no, she'd been right there with
me the whole way.

I love the way she takes my cock, if I go deep, even
when I’m telling myself to ease off that it might be too much nothing was ever
too much for her no matter how much I pushed her. It's as if all her sweet,
shy, innocence disappeared once the bedroom door was closed. Then she became a
wild thing.

When pulled her over my face while I ate her pussy,
she reached behind her and jerked my cock with her tight little fist while she
rode the fuck out of my tongue. She’d let it be known in no uncertain terms
that liked having her pussy sucked especially when I bent her over and ate her
from behind. She liked watching me stroke my meat until pre cum seeped out the
top, then she’d pounce and lick it up like her personal lollipop. The first
time she called it that I laughed so hard I thought I’d crack a rib. The little
tease used my cock as her own personal fuck stick. I was more than a little
pleased though that she had no sexual inhibitions. She was a wild one who
didn’t shy away from anything when it came to fucking.

If I stood over her and face fucked her, she diddled
her clit, and when I spent ten minutes just teasing her pussy with my cock, she
fed me her tit. She was the most naturally sensual being I'd ever met.

I hadn't spent all night fucking in years there was
always something more important to take care of. But with her I couldn't seem
to get enough. Each time I thought we were done for the night I would end up
pulling her under me again, or over me or in front of me. And each and every
time she welcomed me. So yeah, I had to wonder how long this shit would last,
how long could I be this fucking lucky?

She loved riding my cock best I think because she
always went a little wild when she took my cock all the way into her tight
body. Then she would bounce and twist to her heart's content while fucking the
shit out of me. I gave it about a week before she’d worn my ass out completely
because she didn’t seem to have a turn off switch. It was fun trying to explain
to her the mechanics of the male body. She thought it was hilarious that I
needed to recharge so to speak while she could just keep going and going. Of
course while my cock was out of commission she fucked my face and filled my
mouth with her sweet pussy juice while trying to suck some energy back into her
new toy. We spent the first few days as husband and wife fucking that was her call.
I kept giving her baths so she didn’t get too sore but she didn’t seem too
worried about that. She’d found something she liked and she gorged herself
until we both fell asleep too exhausted to move a muscle.


Yesterday morning had been full of surprises, first
someone had leaked the news of our wedding to the papers, which led to my
mother calling me and giving me hell. Not only for getting married in a quickie
ceremony instead of the bash she would've preferred but also for getting
married to someone she'd never met.

I'd calmed her down and given her a little background
on my bride without going into too much detail. Afterwards she'd spoken to
Ashley on the phone for a while, ending with a planned shopping trip. She'd
pass on the news to the others I had no doubt and then we’d be bombarded with
family members.

I'd spent the rest of the day fielding calls from
friends and business associates wanting to know if the rumors were true. I’m
not in the habit of to explaining my actions to anyone so those conversations
were short.

Yes I was married no I didn't want to make a
statement, that was for the local society columnist who wanted a scoop.

Now it's Monday and there's a lot to be done. I
already started the ball rolling on the name change and new IDs. Next step was
house hunting, which my girl seemed especially jazzed about. She'd already
started scouring the Internet over the weekend for local real estate as soon as
I told her.

It thrilled me to see her
as she'd stare wide-eyed at the different places in the areas I told her to
concentrate on. Giving me a detailed account of all the pros and cons of each
place she was interested in as I tried to catch up on some paperwork.

I hid my smiles whenever she'd see something she liked
only to become dejected at the price tag. There was one place in particular
she'd gone all dreamy eyed over. I'd earmarked it for her and planned on
calling the listed realtor as soon as I reached the office to set up an
appointment for us. I guess it will take her some time to get used to the idea
that she could now afford anything she wanted and that there was nothing I
wouldn’t get her.

It was a twelve million dollar eight bedroom eight and
a half bath with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a tennis court and English
gardens sitting on four acres. It resembled a European castle with its turrets
and spires, with marble walls and flooring. It was good to know my baby had
excellent taste.

BOOK: The Billionaire
7.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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