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Chapter 26


I'm sure my wife was wondering if I'd lost my damn
mind, but for the rest of that day after I returned home I stuck to her like
glue. My parents were gone and my guys were turning the Sanders residence
upside down looking for anything they could find that would help in our quest
to find and return those poor unfortunate kids who had fallen into the clutches
of these demons.

We all agreed that time was of the essence, most of
the victims had been gone for years already but that didn't mean it was too
late, or at least that's what we were hoping.

everything alright Gideon?"

"Yeah baby why?"

"Well, you've been acting strange since you got

All I could do is look at her beautiful face and just
enjoy the fact that she was here and safe and mine.

"I missed you that's all."

Her face broke into one of her amazing smiles and my
heart felt full and warm. She'd come so close, every time I thought of it my
blood ran cold. She'd come so close to being destroyed, I would've never have
gotten to know her, her beauty, her warmth. What would my life be like without
that? In the short time that we've known each other she's come to mean so much,
she'd become everything. I picked her up from the bed and sat her on my lap so
full of love for her at that moment.

"What would you like to do today? You've been
cooped up for days now, would you like to go out somewhere babygirl?" I
held my breath as I awaited her answer.

"No I don't think so, not until we have figured
everything out at least, maybe I can sit out on the balcony though that would
be nice." Thank heaven for that, I wasn't sure how I would've survived an
excursion, but the thought of her being afraid didn't sit well with me either.

"Are you afraid baby?"

"No, because you won't let them hurt me."

"That's my good girl."

We sat like that for what seemed like hours just
holding each other. Me reliving the horror of her father's words while giving
thanks that I had her and my Blossom was just enjoying being close.

I finally sat her outside wrapped in a light blanket
with her magazines and iPad and anything her little heart desired to pass the
time. I sat at the desk I'd set up in the bedroom so I could still keep an eye
on her as I caught up on work. My business had been neglected a lot lately,
something I would never have done in the past but had no qualms about doing
now. Where she was concerned there wasn't much I wouldn't do consequences be
damned. At least I was sure things were running smoothly under the watchful
eyes of the men I had in place for just such an occasion.

I didn't spend too much time on my own business as I
was drawn more and more to the mystery of just what the senator had been up to
for the past thirty years or so. I had a program running on my computer, it was
kind of like connect the dots type of thing. What it did was find similarities
and compared them, so far there were hundreds of them popping up, which meant
this mess was going to take a while. Hopefully the guys will find something
helpful in Sanders' reports, I was almost tempted to get the Feds involved but
as things stood I didn't trust anyone. This shit, if Sanders was to be believed
seemed to reach very high up in society, I know how these people think, there's
nothing they won't do to hide up their shit. Human life meant nothing to these

My phone went off with a text the guys were heading
back. I'll have to meet them in the office downstairs again. I took a peek at
my babygirl and she was dozing in the warm sunshine. I should just leave her
there, there was no way for anyone to get to her up here, but somehow I didn't
feel comfortable leaving her out in the open.

I walked outside and picking her up as gently as
possible I laid her back in the bed. She hardly stirred as I covered her and
kissed her brow. "I'll be back soon baby nice nap." She mumbled
something before cuddling into her pillow and falling into sleep.

"What have you got?" That was my greeting
for Gage and the others as I entered the room.

"He kept good records it looks like, before he
just stopped like he said. The good thing is he was able to get ahold of
newspaper headlines about some of the missing kids so we might be able to link
them up if we're lucky enough to find them."

He threw a thick folder on the desk and some pictures
and old faded newspaper clippings fell out. There were notes with times, dates
and places going back almost fifteen years.

"Get your shovels boys, let's try to get through
some of this shit before the day is over. I want to get started on finding
these people as soon as possible, I'm sorry but it looks like some of you might
have to do some traveling in the not too distant future, I can't go right now
for obvious reasons...."

"There's something you should know boss."
Stefan cut me off.

"What's that?" He gave the others a look
before clearing his throat and turning back to me.

"The senator's in town."

"Excuse me?"

"He landed this morning after we brought Sanders
in so we don't know exactly why he's here but according to his office he
doesn't have any official business in these parts, he's on personal

I hit the buttons on my computer that would pull up
the bedroom so I could see for myself that she was just where I'd left her,
safe and unharmed.

"Okay I think we pretty much know why he's here,
looks like he's going to force my hand. I want to help all those kids that
these sick fucks fucked over but my wife comes first, if he comes anywhere near
her I'll kill him plain and simple." My wife would have no sentimental
attachment to this fucker at least; him I can off without compunction.

My phone rang again my dad was on the line which was
surprising since he'd been headed to the hospital after leaving here.


"Son, Cliff Sanders is dead."

"What?" I looked up at my men.

"Seems he came in claiming to have been attacked
in some sort of ambush, had a gunshot to the knee. The docs here patched him up
and were planning to keep him overnight for observation but when the nurse went
back into the room he was dead, shot to the head. It had to have been a
silencer because no one saw or heard anything."

"Ok thanks dad." I hung up the phone with a
heavy heart, not because that fucker was dead, good riddance I say, but because
if the senator was eliminating threats then Ashley was in even more danger than

"It would appear the senator has already struck,
Sanders is dead." There were a lot of grumblings following my

"Boss if a United States senator is going around
offing people himself then this shit might go higher than we thought, this
could get really ugly."

"I hear what you're saying Maurice but none of
that changes anything, it doesn't matter who's involved I'm going to bring them
all down one way or the other. Right now my main concern is my wife and child,
making sure that any threat to them is taken care of quickly."

"You want me to nix the fucker I have no problem
offing him if he's guilty of half the shit we've uncovered."

"I'm with you there Gage so let’s figure out how
to get to him before he gets to her, if he walked into a hospital full of
people and capped Sanders I’m thinking there’s nothing stopping him from coming
after her next." I watched on the screen as my Blossom turned over in her
sleep with a frown.

"Excuse me gentlemen I have to go tell my wife
that one of her tormentors is dead."

I know Ashley well enough to know that for all that he
was a monster, the death of her father will affect her deeply. She'd just
become an orphan and although I was secretly glad as fuck the piece of shit was
no more, I hated that this would hurt her. I’d wanted to spare her this
heartache, and it fucked with my head that she was going to shed even one tear
for his undeserving ass, but that’s who I’d fallen in love with, a girl with a
heart of fucking gold.

"Hello baby, short nap huh?" I climbed onto
the bed and pulled her close.

"Had a bad dream." She rubbed her face in my

"You did, what about?"

"They were here and they were looking for me,
don't let them get me Gideon." She clung to me in fear and tore the heart
right out of me.

"No one is going to touch you ever again I
promise." There's no way in hell I'm telling her about her father after
that, it'll have to wait right now I had to get her mind off of her fear.

Chapter 27


For the next few days I kept her close to me at all
times, I was so fucking paranoid I slept with a gun under my pillow, that's
when I did sleep that is. I'd spent the last three nights watching over her as
she slept in peace, my wife and kid all snuggled up against me safe, and I'll
make damn sure they remained that way.

She knew everything now, about her father's death,
everything including my suspicion and almost certainty that the senator, the
monster from her childhood nightmare, was the one responsible. She now knew
about the others as well, it was the hardest thing I’d ever done but in the end
there was really no way to keep it from her. As I expected it hit her hard to
learn about the other children. I didn’t tell her about the sacrifice bullshit
that was a horror I will take to the grave with me. She'd been afraid at first
when I told her that the senator was here in the city but I explained the
security measures I’d taken to her and that had calmed her down a little.

Thankfully the school semester was almost at an end
and she could finish up on time online, which we’d opted for. I’m going to make
sure she finishes her education after the baby, my girl is too damn smart for
anything less and I had no doubt that she could handle it all, motherhood and
school. When this shit was over I plan to start looking into a few private
colleges in the area since going away had never been an option. As long as she
got the same caliber education I was happy with that. She could even take
online courses if she chose to since that seemed to be the new in thing.

She hasn't
stirred yet this morning so I'm killing time laying here with her on my chest
thinking of my next move. I had a man on the senator, his every move is being
followed and documented. So far we’ve intercepted some pretty explosive
intelligence between him and some of the other high players involved but I
wanted it all, wanted them all. My guys were chomping at the bit to blow his
head off but I'm not sure that's the way I wanted to go just yet. I want this
bastard to suffer, I want his name dragged through the mud until there wasn't a
place left on earth where he wasn't known for the monster he is. Him and
whoever was a part of this sick twisted fuck enterprise.

"Your heart's beating really fast Gideon, are you
okay?" She ran her hand soothingly over my chest making me smile.

"I'm okay sweetheart go back to sleep, you still
have at least another hour before the sun comes up." She stretched and
glided her body over mine; silky smooth and sleep warm.

"Don't wanna." Uh oh, she had that look in
her eye that meant she was about to put me to work.

She caught my morning wood between her thighs pressing
her bare young pussy against me. This habit of sleeping in the nude did have
its benefits. It didn't take much to reach under the covers and raise her just
that little bit needed to get things lined up just right. When my cock tip
touched her wet entrance I pushed down on her hips until I slipped inside. Smooth
and unhurried; her hips were moving before I was fully imbedded inside her.

A slow sleepy kiss was shared as we moved gently
against each other. Her body felt fucking amazing as I ran my hands over her,
like nothing I could have ever imagined. My heart threatened to explode in my
chest with the love I felt for her, the strong emotion she dragged out of me by
just being.

"I love you Blossom." That telltale
clenching she did around my cock always got to me. The fact that she came from
just my words of love whispered softly in her ear made me feel like a king. I
worked her slowly up and down on my cock as she
on my chest. I kept things light and easy even though I wanted to fuck her hard
and deep. I always want to fuck my girl hard.

I can't wait
‘til she’s better, 'til the cast is off. Because when she reacted this way to
me I just wanted to plunder. As it was I had a hard time not throwing her to
her back and digging in. Instead I lifted her head holding her hair back with
my hands and looked into her eyes as she rode me harder. She moaned as she
moved her tight body over mine, taking me in all the way her lip caught between
her teeth as she concentrated on the feeling of having me buried inside her.

When her eyes glazed over and her head went limp on her
neck I knew she'd seen what was in my eyes, all the love and adoration I had
inside for her. There's nothing I wouldn't do to right the wrongs done to her,

" I'll
never stop loving you, never stop wanting you, needing you, my heart." I
kissed her like she was the air I needed.

BOOK: The Billionaire
13.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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