The Billionaire's Healing

BOOK: The Billionaire's Healing
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The Billionaire's

By K. Matthew

copyright 2012 by K. Matthew

rights reserved.

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picked me up from work to take me to another session with Dr.
Iserman, his psychologist. The excitement of seeing him didn't wear
off on Charlise, the intern at the office, and I was more than sure
she'd try to steal him from me if given half the chance. I was
determined never to leave the two of them alone together.

Eddison, my boss, was still bitter that I hadn't converted Garret
into a client. I tried to reason with her that it was good enough for
people to see him leaving our office. It gave the illusion that he
was working with our PR firm.

we?” Garret hooked his arm into mine. The best part of my day
was when work was over and I could walk out the door with him by my
side. “How was work?” he asked when we were pulling out
of the parking lot.

Every day I go in there, I worry it will be my last,” I replied
glumly, taking a few minutes to admire the way the sun made his
blonde hair shine.

could always quit, you know?”

could. And then I'd be broke and struggling.”

gave me a glance as if to say I should know he would take care of me.
I didn't dare to assume though. His trust issues with women were
deeply rooted around money.

was your day?” I quickly changed the subject.

I was in stuffy board meetings for most of the day.”

I'm sure this session won't be much more fun.”

be honest, I dreaded seeing Dr. Iserman when we had group therapy.
Perhaps I was afraid Garret would suddenly decide that he didn't like
me or didn't trust me. I wasn't exactly sure, but they always made me

better than a board meeting, trust me,” a lighthearted laugh
escaped his lips, and I had to smile.

Iserman met us at Garret's mansion. As always, she looked perfectly
poised and professional, with her long brown hair held up in a bun
and her square framed glasses making her look even more intelligent.
She greeted us warmly, and her and Garret exchanged some idle chit
chat before we all took our places in the living room.

how's the relationship going?” Dr. Iserman asked.

good,” I shrugged. Getting started was always the hard part
with these things. I never knew what to say.

are the trust issues coming along?”

she hasn't stabbed me in the back yet, so all seems well so far,”
Garret joked, but I didn't find it funny.

wouldn't do that,” I replied, trying not to make it sound like
I was barking at him.

know.” He smiled warmly, and then wrapped his arm around me for
a gentle squeeze.

the self-confidence issues?” she directed the question to me.

working on them,” I said apprehensively, feeling the tension
building as they both stared at me.

still won't let us have sex with the lights on.” Garret's
honesty was going to put me in the hot seat.

you remember what we talked about in our sessions?” Dr.
Iserman's voice was firm, almost reprimanding.

I sighed.

had come up with all sorts of self-esteem building exercises for me
to do in my free time. One was to put a sign on my vanity mirror that
said, “You are beautiful,” and read it aloud every time I
was in the bathroom. Another was to make a list of everything I found
attractive about myself. The exercises were silly to me, and though I
had tried them a few times, they didn't seem to be improving
anything. The best confidence boost I got was having Garret by my
side, but even that wasn't enough to make me want to get naked for

give up on yourself. These things take time,” she gave
encouragement. “I have an assignment for the both of you. Every
time you go to bed together, I want you to change something—something
that exposes your body more to him.”

cringed at the thought. As it was, I forced Garret to move around
blindly in the dark when we made love, and the places on my body that
I'd allow him to touch were limited.

what?” I asked, trying to keep the displeasure from my voice.

there a dimmer switch in the bedroom?”

but I can have one installed,” Garret said quickly.

I want you to work with changing the light setting in the room each
time you have sex. Adjust it a little bit at a time so that the room
is brighter with each time that you're together.”

He nodded enthusiastically.

I want you to start letting him touch you, even if it makes you
uncomfortable,” Dr. Iserman's voice was stern again. “Take
things slow. Maybe one body part at a time.” She turned her
attention back to Garret. “And you should give her
encouragement. Tell her what you're feeling and why you want to touch

were we going to get to his issues? I grumbled internally. This was
only our second group therapy session together, and I already felt
like they were all about me.

we talk about him now?” I blurted out.

could, but most of his issues get covered in our one on one sessions.
Garret has made great progress. It's you that I'm worried about. Is
it true that he hasn't even been to your apartment yet?”

God, not this too.
“Yes,” I replied between gritted teeth.

hasn't he seen where you live yet?” Her straight forwardness
was unnerving. But I suppose that's what he paid her for.

it's kind of ghetto,” came my honest response.

why don't you move?”

my lease isn't up for another three months, and I'm not made of
money.” Rich assholes. They acted like everyone in the world
had a billion dollars to blow. Did they actually think I would stay
where I was at if I could afford to move? The session was quickly
making me grumpy.

worried that I had touched a nerve with her, but she just stared at
me blankly. “Well, I'm sure Garret would like to see it

I would,” he agreed, and I felt my heart sink at the prospect
of having to show him my tiny little efficiency that faced a busy

clammed up for the rest of the session, angry that it was all about
me and what I needed to fix to make our relationship better.
Apparently, his trust issues were resolved simply by taking me on as
a girlfriend and staying with me. It didn't quite seem fair. I was
never happier when she left and we were alone together.

that was a productive session.” Garret stretched.

it?” I glared at him unintentionally.

do you want to start working on those exercises she gave us?” A
mischievous grin crossed his face as he threw his arms around me, and
I couldn't help but smile.

with Garret was a dream come true. He was smart, funny, sexy. I felt
horribly bad that I couldn't give him the type of sexual relationship
he deserved.

let's get to work.” I looked over my shoulder to give him a

led me to the bedroom and backed me up until I was seated on the bed.
Enthusiastically, I lifted his t-shirt to grab his belt buckle. He
placed a hand on top of mine, stopping me before I could get to his

naked for me first,” he suggested.

off the light.”


supposed to be taking things slow, remember?” I giggled at him
as I lowered his zipper with one fell swoop.

isn't one of my virtues,” Garret admitted.

it's going to have to be if you want to be with me.” I reached
into his pants, rubbing against his flaccid cock.

things are worth waiting for.” He smiled down at me warmly
before pulling away to turn off the lights.

began undressing before he even hit the switch, secretly pressing my
own boundaries. If he turned before he got to the switch, he would
have caught a glimpse of my bare stomach, something I never would
have dreamed of showing him before this night. Garret didn't turn
around though, and I was ever grateful, left in the shadows to
undress the rest of the way.

the time he returned to me, he was already growing hard inside his
pants with anticipation. I hooked my fingers around the waistband of
Garret's jeans and pulled them down, then did the same with his
boxers, releasing his manhood for the viewing pleasure of my trained
night eyes.

spread my legs, allowing Garret to step between them as I wrapped my
hand around his shaft and guided his glans to my mouth, sucking his
sex with much vigor. Garret groaned as I moved back and forth on him,
massaging the underside of his length with my tongue. Occasionally,
I would take a break from spearing the back of my throat to
concentrate on his tip, popping it in and out of my mouth.

were a few disadvantages to blowing Garret in the dark. For one, he
couldn't see my eyes, which were always fixed on his face. It also
made my aim a bit less accurate when he slipped out of my mouth.
Plus, I couldn't see his gorgeous muscled body. There were a handful
of times when I had gotten to see Garret walk around the mansion
naked, but he was rather fond of denying me the view, since I denied

so sexy,”Garret whispered into the darkness as he fidgeted with
my hair tie. He preferred me to wear my hair down, but I was
endlessly stubborn, preferring to keep my hair away from my face. It
almost seemed pointless. As soon as my long black hair fell over my
shoulders, Garret was using his hand to pull it back so it wouldn't
get in the way of my sucking action. Occasionally, he'd clutch a
fistful of my hair in his hand, but he never forced me onto him,
which I was thankful for. Then, after a few seconds, Garret's hand
would relax again, and he'd switch to petting me, or running his
fingers through my hair, or gently pulling it away from my face.

wish you'd let me look into those beautiful green eyes of yours,”
Garret said before I took him all the way to the back of my throat,
forcing a moan out of him.

surprised you even know what color my eyes are,” I pulled off
with a short giggle.

course I do. They're very unusual. Bright, like emeralds.”

talking, more moaning,” I teased, taking his balls in my hand
to fondle them while I continued working his shaft with my mouth. He
was happy to comply, and his pleasure noises sent shivers straight
down to my pussy.

the need for stimulation of my own, I twisted one of my nipples
between my fingertips as I sucked him off. My clit instantly began to
moisten, hungrily awaiting his cock inside of me. I allowed the same
hand to slip down to my lips and began petting between them, teasing
the small sensitive bulb of my clit.

BOOK: The Billionaire's Healing
5.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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