The Dom Unites Wolf and Panther [Unchained Love 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) (3 page)

BOOK: The Dom Unites Wolf and Panther [Unchained Love 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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Nicholas crunched the carrot then said, “You know, that wasn’t what you were supposed to do.”

“I’m glad I’m not totally predictable.”

“Woman, anything less predictable than you is hard to imagine,” said Curtis.

“I wasn’t aware you lacked imagination.” She couldn’t resist teasing him.

“You left yourself wide open for that one,” said Nicholas.

“How about this one then?” Curtis picked up Autumn, slung her over his shoulder, and paddled her butt with the flat of his hand.

“Hey, not fair. I haven’t had any fruit yet,” complained Autumn.

“If we’re moving this to the bedroom, I’ll bring the fruit with us,” said Nicholas helpfully.

“Bring the dipping sauce as well.”

“Oh, good idea. I like the way you think.”

From her upside-down position, Autumn just giggled. It looked as though that was the end of the meal and the foreplay. The sex was coming up next, and she was always ready for sex with these two delicious men.


* * * *


When Curtis had planned this scene he’d always intended for them to finish in the bedroom with the food. He’d thought they may have eaten rather more than they had actually consumed, but hell, the time for fucking—or at least tying up and teasing—had most definitely arrived already.

He pulled the dramatic red velvet quilt off the bed with his free arm, displaying a rather more mundane plain white cotton sheet. Much easier to launder, and if it got covered in fruit stains he could bleach it, so he wasn’t aiming for pretty bed linens tonight, just practical ones.

He’d padlocked long chains around the four bedposts and attached handcuffs to the end of each chain. He dropped Autumn on her back in the center of the bed and quickly snapped a handcuff around her nearest wrist, hurrying to the end of the bed and cuffing her ankle before she could jump up and complain. She didn’t complain, though. She lay there and laughed. All the better. It gave him time to handcuff her other ankle, then her wrist. All done. She was nice and secure now and at their mercy. So far they’d only done BDSM-lite, but Autumn always seemed to enjoy herself and he was planning on them delving more fully into the lifestyle real soon. He knew he wanted Autumn permanently and Nicholas did, too. It was time to crank up the intensity of their sex as well as take the entire relationship up to the next level. As long as Autumn agreed, of course.

“You’ve forgotten one tiny little thing,” Autumn said.

“What’s that?”

“I’m still fully dressed, and now you’ve chained me here and can’t get my clothing off.”

“I didn’t forget,” said Curtis. He’d already thought of that possibility. He opened the top drawer of the nightstand and along with lube, gel, wipes, and some sex toys was a large knife. He took the knife out of the drawer and said, “Problem solved.”

Autumn stopped laughing. “Absolutely not. Cutting people’s clothes off may work fine in the movies, but it took me forever to sew the pin tucking on this shirt and you are most definitely not cutting it off me. You can uncuff me and I’ll get undressed then we can start again.”

“Well, look who’s the party pooper,” teased Nicholas.

“I don’t mind you calling me names, but you aren’t destroying my clothes.”

“Now that’s ruined a nice dramatic start to our evening’s entertainment,” said Curtis, unlocking the nearest handcuff before walking around the bed to unlock the other one.

Nicholas was already unbuttoning Autumn’s shirt. He placed a finger on some raised stitching. “Is that pin tucking?”

“Yes. You need to use twin needles on the sewing machine to get the effect, and keeping your rows perfectly straight is a devil of a job.”

Meanwhile Curtis unzipped her skirt and wiggled it up over her head instead of uncuffing her feet to push it off downward. Sliding her shoes off was easy. He left her panties on her for now but let Nicholas remove her bra.

“All right. Where were we?” Curtis joked once the handcuffs were back in place.

Autumn lay back on the bed. “You were about to feed me.”

“Or maybe you’ll feed us,” said Curtis, squeezing some orange juice into her bellybutton then licking it out again.

He used the knife to make a little slit in a couple strawberries before pressing a strawberry onto each nipple, then he and Nicholas sucked them off. Curtis made sure he gave the nipple a good long suck, too, and knew Nicholas would be teasing Autumn as well. They thought alike so often, and they both wanted to mate with Autumn. At first they’d just been attracted to her and had used the excuse of the rogue panthers to get closer to her. But the more they knew her the more they wanted her. Now, it’d reached the stage that Curtis absolutely had to have her, to build a meaningful on-going triad with the three of them together.

It would be rather unusual for a wolf, a panther, and a human to join together, but Carnal Connections seemed to specialize in mixing the species together, and besides, he’d never wanted a woman before the way he wanted Autumn. And he sure as hell was going to have her.

Curtis considered Autumn’s body to be the perfect playground for him and Nicholas. Her breasts filled his hands, ripe and full yet soft, her skin sensitive and delicate. Her hips were lush and rounded as was her ass, an ass he was determined to take later tonight. Her legs were long and straight, not fat but not spindly thin, either. Just right. And her cunt was warm, wet, and welcoming, a perfect fit for his aching dick.

Curtis looked at the platter of fruit then at the dipping sauce. He took the bowl and trickled a little sauce between her breasts and down to her navel. Then he picked up a small bunch of grapes and dragged them through the sauce, using them as a sort of paintbrush to make patterns across her ribs and belly. Finally, he placed one grape in her belly button and another one in her mouth. “Hungry, my sweet?” he asked.

She flicked her tongue out then sucked the grape inside her mouth. Damn, that was sexy. His dick grew another inch and begged to be let out of his pants.
Not yet
, he told his cock,
but later for sure.

Curtis sat back and watched Nicholas. He was making a pattern on Autumn’s arm with little pieces of banana intermingled with pieces of orange and strawberries. Autumn twisted her head to watch him. “Do you know what you’re doing there?” she asked.

“I’m making a fruit salad for you. Curtis fed you a grape, now you get a banana, some orange, and a strawberry. Watch.” Nicholas picked up the piece of banana closest to her shoulder and placed it in her mouth. Then he used his nose to push a piece of orange up higher, grabbed it in his teeth, and held it out for her to take with her own teeth.

While Nicholas played with the fruit on her arm, Curtis quietly got out the large knife. When she was fully absorbed in what Nicholas was doing, he severed her panties with one cut then bent his head and licked her slit. If she complained, he’d buy her a dozen new sets of underwear. But he wanted his scene. The drama and excitement and sheer unexpectedness of it were part of his plan for this evening.

She tasted so much better than the food. She had a rich female scent, slightly earthy, possibly because of her panther genes, but also sweet and delicious. He slid his tongue inside her to get more of her taste. Heaven.

“You’re lucky I wanted to match the color of my panties to my skirt. You owe me a pair of Walmart cotton panties. If I’d been wearing my black lace ones I wouldn’t be lying here as happy as I am right now.”

“I’m happy to replace them with lace. Or crotchless ones. They’d have distinct advantages,” said Curtis before gently licking her clit and sucking it out of its hood. Why hadn’t he thought of crotchless panties before? He could see her now, sitting beside them in a short skirt and crotchless underwear. He and Nicholas could have their fingers inside her pussy at any time of the day or night and only the three of them would know it. Yes, definitely, he needed to buy half a dozen pairs of crotchless lingerie for her.

But right now her scent was driving him crazy. He had to have her. He rested his nose against her mound and dragged her aroma deep into his lungs. He pushed his shoulders between her legs, lying flat on the bed, then held her pussy lips apart with both hands. Now he could swipe his tongue along her from side to side and from top to bottom and then insert it as far as it would go inside her.

Autumn wiggled and moaned, but he didn’t know if it was because of his ministrations or because of what Nicholas was doing. He no longer cared what games Nicholas was playing. Everything he wanted was right here against his lips.

Curtis nibbled along the edges of her labia then sucked the lips into his mouth. They were soft and plump and very sensitive, too, but didn’t have the heady aroma that he smelled farther inside her cunt. He gave one last deep, pulling suck on her clit then thrust his tongue in and out of her while his nose pressed on her clit and his fingers held her wide apart. She fidgeted underneath him. Good. He wanted her to come. He wanted to taste the flood of her honey on his tongue. And after she’d come he’d fuck her hot cunt until she came again and again. Then, later on he’d fuck her ass as well. Oh yes, he planned a lot of orgasms for his cute little panther tonight.

Autumn’s legs were thrashing now, so she must be close. Just as well he’d chained her ankles then. He wanted her flat on her back and powerless so that the orgasms raced through her without her doing anything to either slow them down or to enhance them. He wanted her to understand they were his gift to her. He was the one orchestrating her pleasure tonight and she was going to be pleasured most thoroughly indeed.

He licked her clit. It was hotter than before, so he bit it gently before sucking on it again.

Autumn screamed then rose up off the bed, thrusting her cunt into his face before sagging back down again, shaking, as his mouth filled with her honey. He licked all around her entry then lifted up onto his forearms to look at her. She was so beautiful lying there, her body smeared with sauce and fruit juices and sweat, her mouth open, her chest heaving with her release. He caught sight of his face in the mirrored headboard. His lips gleamed with her juices and his eyes were filled with lust. Next time he must remember to chain her the other way around so her cunt was displayed in the mirror instead of the top of her head.

He quickly undressed, letting his clothes drop to the floor beside him, then he slammed his cock into her hot, swollen, still-throbbing pussy. She gripped him so hard it was almost painful, but he drove into her fast and strong, holding her hips to push as deeply as possible into her depths.

He tilted her ass up higher to get more penetration and felt his dick sink deeper into her. She was so perfect for him, for them both. He and Nicholas had been together as business partners for so long they almost instinctively knew what the other wanted. Sometimes they thought of the same plans at exactly the same time. Other times one of them would be mulling over an idea and the other one would suggest something almost exactly the same. For example, he knew Nicholas was going to get Autumn to suck him off. That was fine by Curtis. All this was just the lead into the main event, which would be him fucking her ass and Nicholas fucking her cunt.

Right now he wanted her nice and warmed up and with plenty of orgasms so this would be a night she remembered with pleasure. That way when they asked her to move in with them she’d agree. He could easily make them a bedroom of their own here on set. They’d have to lock their private possessions away somehow, in a storage room perhaps, but there was plenty of space and plenty of furniture in this building. They could pretty much live here on set. They could cook their meals and eat in the lunchroom, relax on any of the sets not currently filming, and all he needed to do was build them a bedroom. A matter of a day or two’s work once she agreed to move in with them both.

Once again she was moaning beneath him. His dick was aching from making himself wait. His balls couldn’t possibly get any tighter to his body. Nicholas was playing with her breasts and Nicholas’s cock was in her mouth, as Curtis had known it would be. Curtis pinched her clit and felt her come around him for the second time that evening. Gratefully, he unloosed his seed, pumping into her cunt over and over again as she shook all around him.

He watched as Nicholas pulled his cock from Autumn’s mouth and sprayed his essence on her breasts. His own dick pumped a few more times as Nicholas decorated her delightful breasts with streams of cum.

“Just as well we’ve got a shower here. We’re all really going to need it,” he said.

“I hope your wardrobe mistress has underwear in my size. You didn’t tell me to bring a spare pair with me,” said Autumn. But she sounded a little giggly rather than cross.

“We don’t actually provide underwear at all. That’s not hygienic. But trust me, you won’t be needing them tonight,” said Nicholas.

Curtis unlocked the handcuffs then pulled Autumn into a sitting position as he and Nicholas massaged her shoulders and knees. Nicholas helped her climb off the bed as Curtis rolled the sheet into a ball and dropped it onto the floor. He’d grab a clean one after they’d cleaned themselves up. Then it would be time to move on to the main event of the evening.

Chapter Two


Nicholas gazed around the shower room. If they were going to live here on the set they’d need to get their own bathroom. This one was clean and functional but seriously unsexy. It looked like something from a cowboy ranch circa 1960. Or maybe a prison. The only bathing facilities were a long tiled area with half a dozen showerheads and sets of taps so any number of extras could get cleaned up all together.

BOOK: The Dom Unites Wolf and Panther [Unchained Love 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
13.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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